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By Blood

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Summary: Blood is a stronger bond then any other, most of the time. Can't give away too much without ruining the story. Ginny/Draco, Dawn/Luna

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredEvalynFR1847,8080143,91924 Jan 0825 Sep 10No

First Meetings and Reintroductions

Hi all, I'm new to the site, this is my first story I'm posting here, it used to be on, but I took it down to fix some problems I was having with it. I thought I'd try posting it here to see how the response is here. I love feedback so let me know what you think, even if it's not good!

I own nothing you recognize...if you don't recognize it, I probably own it. This story takes place in a world slightly different then the HP and BtVS worlds, the changes you'll probably notice right off. When it gets into the major change stuff, I'll take a chapter to explain what's happening, but that's not for a little while. Enjoy!

The First Evil was on its way. Buffy Summers watched from her kitchen window as Kennedy, the best of the potentials, trained the newcomers. She sighed and put her head in her hands. How were they going to be ready in time? She sighed again. Hands went around her shoulders and began to massage her back. “Mm, that feels good.” She said.

“You’re pushing yourself too hard, Buffster.” One of her best friends, Xander Harris, informed her. “You can’t take it all on yourself.”

Buffy neglected to respond. The doorbell rang before anymore words could be said. She sprang from her chair, fixed on a smile and went to get the door. Her smile dropped as she saw who was at the door. “Come in, come in.” She ordered, wrapping an arm around the person and leading them to the kitchen. “Sit, stay,” Was the next order. The person did so wordlessly. Buffy ran to get her first aid kit as Xander inspected the newcomer.

It was a boy, around 16, though it was hard to tell through the dirt and blood coating his face. His hair was in disarray, Xander thought that it might have been white blonde at one point, but it was so dirty he couldn’t tell. The thing that got Xander the most was his blue eyes, they were lifeless and dull, like he gave up, like he was broken by something, or someone. Buffy swept back into the room before he could contemplate the newcomer anymore. She kept soothing the boy as he twitched in pain from the anti-infection cream, and she was muttering nonsense to him, except he seemed to understand her and would nod or shake his head in response. Finally she looked to Xander, then outside, judging the sun (which was almost gone), and looked back to Xander.

“Get Spike,” Was all she said. “Tell him I need to ask a favor from him as soon as he can come up.” She turned back to the boy. “I told you I would look after you. Father can’t find you here; the Hellmouth distorts signals so you’re safe.” He shook his head in disagreement. “You’re with me. You’re safe; I’ll make sure of that. You know a Malfoy never breaks their promises.” The boy nodded listlessly. Buffy almost sobbed at his lack of response and hugged him gently; he leaned into her hug, taking the comfort and safety she offered.

“So pet, what do you need me for?” Spike asked from behind her. Buffy looked up at him, tears in her eyes.

“I have two favors to ask you.” She said, straightening to reveal the boy. “First, will you take the Potentials patrolling?” Spike nodded. “And second, would you mind a roommate?”

“Depends who it is.” Spike said, glancing at the boy.

“This is my little brother, Draco Malfoy, he’s Dawn’s twin, though he was taken by our father so she’s never met him. He won’t cause any problems; he just needs a place to stay, preferably with the only other male in the house.” Spike nodded his assent, and then went out to get the Slayers ready. Buffy turned to Draco. “Is that okay, baby? Or do you want to stay with Dawn or me?” Her voice was gentle, like a mother speaking to her child.

“Where’s mother?” Draco asked his voice harsh, like it had been used too much. Buffy knew it was from the screaming.

“She’s dead, honey. She got a brain tumor and died. I found her and there was nothing I could do,” Buffy said helplessly, her eyes begging for forgiveness. “I’m the Slayer, but I can’t fight diseases. I owled you, I’m sorry, your father must have blocked it.”

“It’s not your fault,” Dawn said from behind her. “Why are you trying to justify yourself to a stranger?”

“He’s not a stranger Dawnie,” Buffy said harshly, more harshly then she meant to. “I’m sorry, it’s just the stress. Dawn, Draco, Draco, Dawn. You’re twins separated at birth by our bastard of a father.”

Dawn walked up to him and stuck out her hand, he just looked at it. “You’re supposed to shake my hand. It’s a way of greeting people, it’s polite.”

Draco just stared wordlessly, before looking back at Buffy. “I need to talk to you. Warn you. Father.” He said brokenly.

Buffy nodded. “Dawnie, I just need to talk to him first, find out why this was done to him and so on. Are you mad?”

“No, but we need to talk later.” Dawn replied.

Buffy picked up Draco and frowned. “You’re too light.” She carried him down into the basement where Spike lived and sat him in a chair. “Baby, what happened to you?”

“V-Voldemort's’s back. Father went to Azkaban. My fault. He broke out. Found me. Not happy. Don’t want to be a Death Eater. Cruciatus. Stop the pain, make it stop.” Draco sobbed. Buffy wrapped her arms around him in sympathy. “Got to tell Dumbledore.”

“Shh, shh, calm down, shh.” She rocked him back and forth. “Once you go to sleep I’ll tell the professor.”

“Tell Dumbledore, Professor Snape.” Draco broke down again.

Buffy just held him and whispered comfortingly to him until he fell asleep. Then she stalked upstairs. Spike came down a little while later, after returning with the Potentials. He looked at the boy who was supposed to be his roommate. He was apparently asleep, though he tossed and turned, whimpering softly. Spike frowned, then lay down in his bed to try to get some sleep himself. About three hours later Draco woke up screaming, apparently in pain, startling Spike.

“Bloody hell boy, no one’s trying to kill you.” Spike grumbled, looking at the boy. Draco’s blue eyes were wide in terror and horror.

“W-who ar-are, who are y-you?” Draco stammered, trying to back away from the bleach haired man.

“I’m a friend of Buffy’s. My name is Spike; you just woke me up from a very pleasant dream with your screaming, care to introduce yourself?” Spike said dryly.

“D-dray. Draco Mal-mal. Draco Summers.” Draco finally managed to get out, terror still showing in his eyes.

“Are you okay, kid?” Spike asked, confused. “I can’t hurt you, you know. I have a chip in my head preventing that from happening.”

“You look like father.” Dawn explained, coming down the stairs. “Except his hair is longer.”

“Buffy, t-t-told you th-then?” Draco asked, Dawn nodded. “S-s-so-sorry about i-i-ignoring y-you.”

“It’s okay, I understand, well I don’t but I know why you did. Are you okay? I heard you from upstairs.” Dawn asked, approaching him in concern.

“B-ba-bad dre-dream.” Was the reply. “Wh-where’s B-b-Buffy?”

“Here, baby, I’m right here.” Buffy said, coming down the stairs.

“What is this, a bloody party in my room? Can’t a bloke get some sleep?” Spike grumbled.

“Sorry Spike. Draco’s my first priority, besides the First that is.” Buffy informed him, she went over to Draco and picked him off the floor and sat in a chair with him in her lap. “What was the dream about?”

“F-f-fath, Father a-a-and Y-y-you-Kn-know-Who.” Draco refused to meet her eyes.
Buffy’s eyes narrowed. “Does that mean what I think it means.” Draco nodded. “Oh, as soon as we kick this demons ass it’s father’s turn! No matter if I’m not allowed to kill him, some rules were made to be broken.”

“Buffy, why don’t you tell him your news now, it might make him feel better.” Dawn said.
“Wh-what n-ne-news?” Draco asked.

“Dumbledore said that after the summer Dawn and I could come to school with you, follow you around and such.” Buffy said.

Draco looked at her, hope in his eyes. “Rea-really?”

“Really. I promise, nothing will hurt you at Hogwarts, if I can swing it, since we’re gonna have our own rooms, you could possible move out of your dorm.” Buffy grinned as Draco hugged her fiercely. “Now sleep! Training starts tomorrow for you.”

“Ni-ni-night.” Draco called after her.

“Good-night baby.” Buffy called back. “Night Spike!”

The summer flew by. Draco mostly stayed in the basement, out of the way, while Buffy and the Potentials readied themselves. Soon the battle itself came and Buffy and the others triumphed, at a high cost. Spike sacrificed himself to save the world. And all too soon for Draco, Buffy, Dawn and he were at platform 9¾, Buffy there to see him and Dawn off. It had been decided that Dawn would join him at school first and Buffy would meet them there later. To put it plainly, he was nervous about what the new year would hold.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come?” Buffy asked for what seemed like the hundredth time.

“Y-you have to go s-set up your sch-school.” Draco reminded her.

“Yeah, I’ll be here too, don’t worry so much.” Dawn put in. The two of them had bonded and forged their ‘twinness’, now they could practically read each other’s minds. “Nothing will hurt Dusk as long as I’m here.”

Buffy sighed. “Okay, but you know how to reach me if you need me. Good luck Dawnie, baby.”

“Why do you call him ‘baby’?” Dawn asked.

“He’s younger then you.” Buffy shrugged. “When he was younger he used to hate being called that.” Dawn laughed and Draco tried to glare. “That looks like the Dray I know and love.”

The twins hopped onto the train with one last hug to Buffy. The found and empty compartment and occupied it. Draco lay down, curled up near Dawn like a cat. Dawn petted his hair comfortingly and whispered soothingly. He was very nervous about going back to Hogwarts and was equally, if not more, glad that his twin was coming with him with Buffy on the way.

“P-p-potter and his gang are going to have a f-fi-field day with this st-stutter.” Draco muttered.

“Well if he bugs you I’ll zap him.” Dawn said, grinning down at her twin. “Nobody will hurt you, or bug you, with me around!”

“Thanks Dawnie.” Draco said.

“Your stutter’s getting better anyways.” Dawn pointed out. “That’s gotta be a good sign.” Whatever else she might’ve said was lost as the compartment door slid open to reveal a curly haired girl and a red head boy. “Yes?”

“We thought we heard Malfoy’s voice in here.” The girl said in a no-nonsense manner. “I came to remind him we have a prefects meeting now.” She turned on heel and left.
Dawn looked down to Draco. “You want me to come, Dusk?”

“Ye-yeah.” Draco nodded.

Dawn helped him up and they made their way to the prefects’ car. When they entered they saw that besides the other prefects, there was a greasy haired teacher there. He informed all the prefects of their duties and gave them their House passwords.

“Mr. Malfoy, would you and your guest stay for a moment after the meeting?” The teacher asked.

“Y-yes s-sir.” Draco said.

The teacher nodded and continued talking. About five minutes later they were the only ones in the car. Dawn glared at the teacher.

“Who the hell are you?” She demanded, standing in front of Draco.

“You can’t protect him you silly girl.” The teacher said.

“Wanna bet. Now why are you pretending to be Severus Snape and who are you?” Dawn repeated.

“No one can know that Severus is dead, so I took his place. As to whom I am, I believe you know me as Father.” The Severus Snape look-alike said smugly.
Dawn growled low in her throat. “What could you possibly have to say to us?”

“Is it a crime to want to see my only son and heir at his school? It’s just an added bonus I get to visit his twin as well.” Lucius tried to look innocent.

“Cut the bull bastard.” Dawn cut him off. “What the hell do you want with Dusk? And how do you suppose your going to get through me?”

“Fine. I want Draco back so remove your spell you and your blasted older sister put him under. He’s mine.”

“No he’s not! He belongs to himself. Neither Buffy nor I put any spell on him; he stays with us under his own free will. You try to lay one finger one him and you’ll wish I was never born.” Dawn stalked out of the car, closely followed by Draco.

They made it to the car before Draco broke down into silent sobs. Dawn gather him into her lap and rocked him back and forth. They stayed together, drawing off one another’s comfort, for a while before Draco stretched out using Dawn as a pillow. Suddenly the compartment door slid open again. The bushy haired girl and red-head boy were back with another boy who had messy black hair and glasses. Draco buried his head in Dawn’s lap.

“Who are you?” She asked politely to the newcomers.

“I’m Harry Potter; these are my friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.” Potter glanced down at Draco. “I’m sure Malfoy has told you all about us.”

Draco flinched unnoticeably at the name, well, Dawn noticed but he was in her lap. She glared at them. “Don’t call him that.”

“Who are you?” Weasley demanded, right back at her. “And why shouldn’t we?”

“Dawn Summers, or Dawn Malfoy, and you shouldn’t call him that because if you do then I will personally beat the crap out of each of you.” She said calmly, half smiling.

“So you’re related to him?” The disgust was clear in Potter’s voice, again Draco flinched.

“Yes, and proud of it, most of the time anyway, huh Dusk?” Dawn looked down and frowned.

“He’s not going to hurt you, not while I’m around and breathing. Even if I’m not breathing and I Vamp out he won’t hurt you. I promise.”

“But he’s h-he-here. Hog-hogwarts is sup-suppos-supposed to be s-sa-safe.” Draco argued quietly, stutter back full force.

“What was that Draco?” Weasley asked meanly.

“S-s-sod off.” Draco said, annoyed. “I d-don’t need y-y-your shit ri-right now. Ju-just sod o-off.”

“Looks like Malfoy,” Weasley put an emphasis on the name, “picked up a st-st-
stutter over summer.”

Dawn’s eyes flashed back. With a wave of her hand Weasley flew out of the compartment and into the wall behind it. Potter and Granger stared at her in shock. They couldn’t seem to form words as Weasley tried to get to his feet. Lucius disguised as Severus swept into the

“What’s going on here?” He asked coolly.
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