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First Impressions

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Summary: It would be a match made in heaven... if it weren't for that whole 'not-gay' thing.

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Anita Blake > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersamusewithaviewFR1312,1680113,45924 Jan 0824 Jan 08Yes
Disclaimer: I own naught.

A/N: This idea has been bugging me. Not sure if got all the kinks out, but I like it as it stands. Sorry to all who read my stuff, spare time has been on a short supply lately... hopefully that situation will remedy itself soonish. Hopefully.

Also, thanks to Aomizuko for the French correction!


The brunette flipped her long braid over her shoulder and paged through the file. The motion of the car was ignored as she flicked her gaze back over the information. Each subsection was labeled for her viewing ease but not even the cheerfully-bright colored tabs could remove the frown from her face. One particular piece of information had struck her and lodged in the back of her head, nagging her thoughts like a hang-nail. Relenting to the inevitable, she whipped out her cell phone and dialed her Watcher.

"This woman dates vampires?"

Dawn let her head fall forward onto her latest research project as the dulcet tones of her most-irritable slayer-charge came through the speaker-phone loud and clearly annoyed, "Hello to you too, Ken."

"Dates. Vampires."

"Yes, a couple of them, actually."

"She dates multiple vampires? At the same time?"

"Another yes."

Kennedy stifled the urge to growl. "Why did I get tapped for Slay-bassador again?"

"Golgashu demon slime."

Oh, that. Right. "No word on a cure yet?"

"Nope, you'll just have to wait it out like the rest of us."

The slayer sighed, "Just how important is it that we meet with this woman?"

"She's the most powerful animator/necromancer in the western hemisphere, possibly the world."

"So she's Willow with a death connection."

"... Basically, yes. Except for the not-gay part, did I mention the not-gay part?"

"Dawn, you seriously think I'm going to try and hit on this woman? She dates vampires."

The younger woman stayed tactfully silent for a moment before giving in and embracing her inner Cordelia, "Well, you do have a tendency to go for the strong, older, female types. Don't get me wrong, I've yet to see any of your ex-whatevers go all psycho-evil-world-endage on us - "

"At least not because of me."

"Right, again, no evilness due to the Kennedy-lovin' but..." she trailed off expressively.

"It's not something the Council wants to deal with."

"Exactly. Besides, she's straight. Very straight, though from what we've been hearing, that's pretty much her only hang-up. Huh, maybe we should've sent Faith..."

The dark-haired slayer rolled her shoulders and settled back more comfortably against the taxi-seat. "Alright, so, she's a strong magical-type with orientation hang-ups, anything else I should know?"

A telling silence echoed down the line.


"... She uses guns. Lots of them."

"Guns?! Well, at least now I know why you didn't send Wills."

"Sort of, there's also something else."

Kennedy sighed deeply, "Lay it on me."

"There's been an odd sort of... power-merger? Change in fortune? I don't know how to put it, suffice to say that the Council - Vampire, not Slayer - has been poking into their business enough to be suspicious. There are a lot of big players moving in, around, and through St. Louis and - "

"Why add to the mess?"

"Pretty much."

"And Buffy actually thought that I'd be the best choice for this?"


"We must be pretty short on personnel back at HQ."

Dawn looked around the mostly-deserted main library of the London HQ and nodded before remembering that Kennedy was oceans away. "You've got it in a nutshell. But seriously Ken, aside from all that, you probably would have been close to our first choice anyways. This is a delicate situation, but at the same time from what we've heard, well... Let's just say we think you and Anita will have a lot in common."

Frowning down at her info-packet, Kennedy stifled a laugh, "Is that why you highlighted, underlined, and circled the whole 'not-gay' thing on her file?"

"... Maybe."

The slayer grinned wickedly, perking up as her car finally pulled into the parking lot of her destination. Who named a place the 'Circus of the Damned' anyways? "Talk to you later Dawnie-kins, looks like we're finally here. I'll give Anita your love!"


Anita was most definitely not happy. "Why do I have to be here?"

Jason rolled his eyes, Jean-Claude sighed, and Asher? Well, he might have been smirking, but with all that hair, who could tell? The three men were situated on and around the couch that was central to the Master's 'receiving room', and each had their eyes firmly fixed on the woman pacing a hole into the plush carpeting.

"The Council, they have asked specifically for you, ma petite."

"Do we really need their help?" Hearing how close that last question had come to being whiny, Anita winced, licked her lips, and tried to rephrase. "You're much better at this diplomatic stuff, why don't you do all the talking - "

"A bon suggestion, ma petite. I shall."

" - and I'll go do something else," she finished testily.

"Non, Anita," Asher finally spoke, his golden hair stirring slightly as his words traversed the golden barrier, "The alliance they seek is with you, if you give up your negotiation rights now then Jean-Claude will forever be your voice. Is this truly what you desire?"

Thinking of all the scrapes her vampiric lover had gotten her into over the last few years, Anita considered this before nodding. "You're right, Asher. Thank you, I hadn't thought of it quite like that."

"Nor had I," muttered Jean-Claude, somewhat mournful at the missed opportunity.

Jason's head canted to the side slightly, "They're coming."

Immediately three sets of blue eyes and one set of brown-black trained on the door. Within a few seconds the sounds of two sets of footsteps reached them, along with the quieter sound of a rather odd conversation.

"Stripper, huh?"

"Yeah." The second voice was one they all recognized as belonging to Gregory, that meant the delegate was the one asking the questions. The wolf sounded slightly amused, which made the four listeners wonder what had been said to open up this particular subject.

"How's that working out for you?"

"Pretty good."

"Pays well?"


"Does your - " The delegate blinked in the light of the room after the dimness of the hall before flashing a brief smile at the four people waiting, "Well, I guess we're here." She waved at Gregory as he headed back down the hall, "We'll talk later!"

The blonde surprised most of them - at least Anita, anyways - by grinning and waving back.

Satisfied, the newcomer turned back around and proceeded to study them each, intently, one by one in a manner that left the animator annoyed, the werewolf amused, and the two vampires very... stoic.

"Hi, my name is Kennedy, and I'll be your Slay-bassador today."

Anita raised a brow at the mock-chirpy tone, more put off by it than by the woman's stature. After all, she was used to having to deal with men who thought her dainty or incapable due to her sex and height, she wasn't prepared to make the same mistake.

After a short pause the woman spoke again, pointing to each person as she named them. "I'm going to guess that you're Anita, that's the Master, and blondie-one is a were, but blondie-two is a vamp... can I get an introduction please?"

Jean-Claude inclined his head regally, "Jason is my pomme de sang, Asher is my second in command. Welcome to St. Louis, madame. May I offer you a seat?"

"Nah, thanks," her eyes kept flicking from Asher to Anita in a way that was quickly making the animator either jealous or angry. Sometimes it was hard to differentiate the two, both put a fire in her gut. "So, let's get down to brass tacks - what do you guys want in exchange for protection from the Vamp Council, why do you want it, and are there any Big Bads around here that need killing?"

Anita tried to stifle a grin as she felt shock ripple down the bond from Jean-Claude. 'Brass tacks' indeed. Suddenly her amusement turned into suspicion, "What makes you think we need your help?"

"Ma petite," Jean-Claude interrupted, brought back to his usual control by his Servant's social blundering, "She means to ask what you have heard of our situation here that leads you to believe us to be in need of your assistance?"

The brunette smirked, eyes lighting with her amusement as she turned to speak directly to Anita. "Well, let's see," she put a thoughtful finger to her chin for a moment and then began to count off reasons on her fingers: "Your vampire boyfriend killed the Traveler but refused to take his seat, you've got a were-coalition that you're still working on getting off the ground, strange unprecedented mystical ties to two unstable allies, new powers, and more magical persons to deal with every day. That about sum it up?"

"It will do," Jean-Claude agreed impassively, mentally preparing himself for a long night of discussion. He loved negotiating!


"I didn't like her," Anita baldly declared a few hours later. Their guest was safely settled in her suite and the four were discussing the recent negotiations in the Master's private rooms after a small break to assuage their 'appetites.'

Asher paused in his stroking of Jean-Claude's hair, "Why?"

The animator scowled at him, "Did you see the way she was looking at you?! She practically undressed you with her eyes!" She stood and started pacing again, muttering in a voice that would have been inaudible to human hearing, "Why must I date such beautiful men?"

Jason exchanged looks with two of the men in question and promptly started chuckling. The vampire duo were much too self-controlled to roll about on the bedspread as the wolf did but they also sported small sharp-toothed grins.

"What? What's so funny?"

The dark-haired vampire quickly composed his features into a more serious mien to answer her annoyed query. "Ma petite, I do not believe you shall have need to fear for our, ah, virtue whilst in Miss Kennedy's company."

Jason muttered something incomprehensible to Anita that made both vampires grin again.

Close to stamping her foot in frustration, Anita merely glared, waiting for him to explain and never entertaining the idea that he might flout her temper. After a minute or two of giggles she shifted from foot to foot and finally relented, slipping back onto the bed but holding herself stiffly apart from the three men as she waited for some sort of clarification.

"Truly, you did not see it?"

"See what?" Anita demanded.

Asher brushed his hair back before speaking gently, "Her interest in me extended only until she saw my..." His lips twisted a bit as he finished delicately, "Malformation."

"That's stupid," the brunette declared loyally, "You're beautiful."

"Thank you, mon ange, but to go on, I believe that she thinks the same of you."

Brown-black eyes widened in shock, "What?"

Jason poked the gape-mouthed woman. No response. Turning amused blue eyes back to the vampire he informed him sadly, "I think we might have broken her."


"You crushing?"

The gusty sound of a heavy sigh accompanied the answering, "Yeah."

"Condolences?" Dawn offered, fingers tapping away at a keyboard as she searched for a prophecy as requested by one of her other slayers. Stupid Council, had to go and get blown up. Stupid Council-members, had to go and get stupid enough to let themselves get blown up.

"No, but thanks."

The Watcher raised her brows, "Am I sensing a scheme, Ken-dear?"

Kennedy rolled to her back on the plush bed her guest room offered, studying the semi-erotic painting on the ceiling absently. "Possibly. Thinkin' about becoming a spatula."

That brought the younger woman up short, her hands pausing at their work as she frowned at the speaker-phone. "You want to become a spatula? Ken, um, this isn't the best time but I'm sure I could arrange for you to go on vacation - "

"Calm down, Watcher-girl. Think. Use that language-stuffed brain of yours and tell me: exactly what do spatulas do?"

"Um. Make pancakes?"

"No, dummy." Kennedy grinned diabolically, "Spatulas turn things!" So saying she swiftly hung up the phone, after all what her Watcher didn't order her not to do she didn't have to ignore. Or something like that.

The brunette stretched luxuriously, her eyes were sparkling brightly with anticipation. If there was one thing Kennedy loved above all else, it was the chase. Whether hunting or flirting, it was the getting that mattered and she was very good at getting what she wanted. And if what she'd been feeling from this Anita chick's magic was true than the getting would be good...


El Fin

A/N2: As far as Kennedy goes: I like her and her character always struck me as determined and irreverent. Not bitchy and evil(ish) like so many people write her. Do tell me, though if you think the characterization is incredibly weak, yeah? So: like it, love it, loathe it intensely? Let me know!

The End

You have reached the end of "First Impressions". This story is complete.

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