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Miss Kitty Fantastico's Charmed Life

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Adventures of Miss Kitty Fantastico". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The further adventures of Miss Kitty's life after Sunnydale

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AlyssaraFR71767081,06625 Jan 0825 Jan 08Yes
Disclaimer: Not mine…wish it was…not gonna happen *sigh*

Miss Kitty Fantastico tapped at the computer keyboard with soft paws then tensely stared at the stream of information that appeared. After reading for a few moments her whiskers lifted in satisfaction and she relaxed; it looked like Willow had made it out of Sunnydale before the earthquake after all.

Shortly after being briefly reunited with her Father -Zunar J5/9 Doric 4-7, or “Jake” to his humans- things had gone downhill between herself and Willow quite rapidly. Although she loved Willow and had loved Tara almost equally as well, she just couldn’t stay after the “Crossbow Incident”. Miss Kitty knew that Dawn hadn’t meant to fire in her direction, and she knew that Dawn had been properly horrified by what she had thought she had done; but when that incident was coupled with Willow’s descent into dark magic, Miss Kitty had known that it was time to reluctantly pack her bags (metaphorically speaking) and depart.

After moving out, Miss Kitty did remain in Sunnydale for a while. Her Father had given her a collar identical to his own that allowed her to harness her telekinesis and telepathy as well as he did…although the first thing she had done was cover the crystals with a thin sheath of non-reflective, black metal– it wouldn’t do to have glowing crystals announcing her every mental move, especially on top of a Hellmouth. She took a couple of months to do her best to help her former human, and her human’s Slayer friend, by cleaning up the town as much as she could.

Mostly, she would hide high up in a tree and use her mental powers to attack any stray vampires with flying stakes. And, of course, she broke up any and all Kitten Poker games she could find. Even just remembering those games had her fur standing up on end and her entire body shuddering in horror. Of course, it had been kind of fun to rearrange the cards and watch the game dissolve as all the players began accusing each other of cheating. And while they were busy eliminating each other she would quickly and quietly escort all the kittens out of the area and help them on their way.

But eventually she had left Sunnydale for good and over the next couple of years slowly worked her way up the coast; occasionally moving in with a kind human, or family of humans, and doing what she could to make their lives better – although as a cat, just BEING there often made things better! Unfortunately, none of them had felt like “home” to her and she had moved on as the whim took her.

It had been shortly before the “Sunnydale Sink-Hole” (as the media had dubbed it) occurred that she had arrived in San Francisco and taken up residency with a very nice family of female humans, two sisters and a half-sister, that lived in a lovely, old Victorian house in the city. She was still learning the rhythms of the household and adjusting to the comings and goings of Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. It wasn’t very difficult to disguise her other-worldly nature from them so far, as they seemed to spend quite a bit of time away from home.

In fact, she had been home alone when she had heard on the radio about Sunnydale. Immediately she had powered up the downstairs computer and begun frantically searching for any information about the survivors. Luckily, she had quickly found an amateur video clip of the last vehicle out of Sunnydale before the collapse and Miss Kitty had relaxed as she recognized Willow exiting a school bus along with several other people, most of whom she hadn’t recognized. Just because she wasn’t with Willow any more did not mean that she didn’t care about her.

She did wonder briefly about what had REALLY caused the sink-hole since she wasn’t buying for a minute the vague explanations about underground crevices and a previously undiscovered fault line. But that didn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things, so she put her musings aside pretty quickly and powered the computer back down.

After all, her new humans would probably be home soon and she wanted to get some quality snuggles from them when they arrived. It was so comforting to be with nice, safe, normal humans.

A/N - If you have any other crossovers that you think may benefit from a feline addition please let me know - I somehow don't think that Miss Kitty will stay too long with the Charmed Ones once she encounters Demons...

The End

You have reached the end of "Miss Kitty Fantastico's Charmed Life". This story is complete.

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