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Not Predestined

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Summary: They were never destined to be joined, and yet all of the steps in their lives had led them back together.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR1531,561011,29326 Jan 0826 Jan 08No

Two: The Voice

Title: Not Predestined
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: J.K. owns them all. I just happen to see them slightly askew from her vision.
Spoilers: Deathly Hallows and the stuff she made up at the end-of-it-all-press-conference…honestly, it shouldn’t be considered canon unless it’s physically written down in the main canon source. That and the fact that it makes no sense given what we’ve been shown in both the movies and the books.
Summary: They were never destined to be joined, and yet all of the steps in their lives had led them back together.
A/N: And of course, it’s music inspired too. The Voice by Celtic Woman

Not Predestined

Two: The Voice

They looked the same from the back. Neville couldn’t get that thought out of his head, realizing that it held true for each of the individuals crowded around the small table at Hermione and Ron’s wedding reception. Luna had said it to him not half an hour ago, just as he’d realized it was the exact thought that he’d been having.

His date smiled at him, but looked entirely bored of the endless chatter of mystical creatures that flew rapidly between the other couple. In truth, it had bored him as well, save for the excited flush it brought to Luna’s cheeks. A small, irrational feeling of jealousy coiled in the pit of his stomach.

He didn’t know why it did, because Luna Lovegood was nothing but a good friend. Had it been his girlfriend, Hannah Abbot that had spent her whole night engrossed in conversation with Rolf Scamander, he would have been right to be jealous. But it was Lu, not Hannah, that had been giving Rolf all those special smiles of hers. It isn’t right. The thought had burned through him the entire night and he wasn’t sure why her admiration for the older wizard bothered him so much. He wasn’t even jealous when Rolf had asked Hannah for a dance, but his blood had been close to boiling when he’d swept Luna up a dance.

“Isn’t it odd?” Luna murmured, coming to stand beside him as Rolf spun Hannah around.

“Hmm?” Neville could barely speak, horrified that she might have guessed what it was that he was thinking.

“It’s almost like watching our doppelgangers dancing right in front of us, don’t you agree? The four of us look frighteningly alike from the back.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Not Predestined" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Jan 08.

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