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Not Predestined

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Summary: They were never destined to be joined, and yet all of the steps in their lives had led them back together.

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Prologue: Learning

Title: Not Predestined
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: J.K. owns them all. I just happen to see them slightly askew from her vision.
Spoilers: Deathly Hallows and the stuff she made up at the end-of-it-all-press-conference…honestly, it shouldn’t be considered canon unless it’s physically written down in the main canon source. That and the fact that it makes no sense given what we’ve been shown in both the movies and the books.
Summary: They were never destined to be joined, and yet all of the steps in their lives had led them back together.
A/N: Inspired while I was reading Kathryne Kennedy’s Enchanting the Lady which is just spectacularly written, and after numerous viewings of Stardust - because honestly, Charlie Cox and Claire Danes are so my grown-up versions of Neville and Luna.
A/N2: and of course, it’s music inspired too. Outro: Learning by India.Arie

Not Predestined

Prologue: Learning

Luna took a turn around the warm wood-paneled private office of the boy she had once been closely linked to in her youth. Her defining years, years of great pain and trial. Years of loss and blossoming love. Now they were both older and sadder, despite the joys that had come into their lives.

Neville watched her from the corner of his office nestled deeply in the changed grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry‘s old greenhouses. Old Number Three to be precise. Twenty-six years had passed in their shared memories, and yet Neville wondered if it had really been that long. He hadn’t paid her much mind until his fifth year, so really it was only twenty-two years. His chest tightened at the sight of her long blonde hair cascading freely down her back, over the shimmering silver robes. She was barefoot, and that shouldn’t have surprised him at all. He smiled at that. For all the changes the years had brought, she had remained relatively unchanged.

“He suspects, you know,” Luna’s fingers trailed gently over the wood carving in the panel, her wide eyes peering at him across the office. Sadness and regret clouded her usually serene eyes. “So must she.”

“She never was blind, Luna,” Neville murmured quietly, guilt gnawing at his chest. “We’ve made such a mess of it all, haven’t we?”

“You’d think we’d have learned by now that this can come to nothing,” Luna sighed softly. “But our hearts, Neville, can they have been so very wrong?”

“We should know better, this is wrong of us, Lu.” He wanted to cross to her, but he could see the error that lay in that path. “There’s more than just us to consider. Them, the children.”

“His children, her children and our children.”

“Six innocent children who don’t deserve this, Luna.”

“Eight,” Luna murmured. “There will be eight come this winter.”

“Lu?” Neville breathed, crossing that distance he never should have in the first place.

“My fifth, and her third,” Pain was etched clearly in her eyes and Neville felt shame for putting that pain there. Even he didn’t know that both of them were expecting. Wide eyes clouded as her fingers trailed over his cheek. “I shouldn’t make you feel guilty for this, I don’t wish to, my love.”

“I am guilty, Lu. I should never have started any of this.”

“We never should have, you mean. You did not accomplish this all on your own, dear.”

Neville bowed his head to hers, eyes closed to the pain and confusion this had brought them all. They were not two singular entities unto themselves. There were others in their hearts and realms of interest. Others outside their immediate circle were beginning to notice, and Ginny Potter had commented on their closeness too often. Luna drew back, tears clinging to her pale lashes. It was time to end this madness.

“I should let you get back to your work, Professor Longbottom. Give dear Mrs. Longbottom my congratulations on her good news.”

“And my congratulations to you, Mrs. Scamander. Congratulations to both you and Mr. Scamander on the conception of your fifth.”

Luna smiled tightly at Neville before turning to leave. They had really never learned. Not one thing in these sacred halls of Hogwarts had prepared them for the future they had faced together. But then, only the best lessons could be learned through trial and error.
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