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Winds of Change

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Summary: A grieving Willow suffering from Traumatic Stress arrives at Hogwarts to heal. Suspicions run amok about this new student. And one snaky Professor will stop at nothing to learn her secrets.

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredyakuitFR15810,59038121,58326 Jan 0830 Jul 09No

The Duel

Draco preened as he strutted up and down, holding court with his avid Slytherin classmates. It had been decided that the whole of the Slytherin house coming to watch a duel would draw to much attention besides it was predicted that this wouldn’t take long, so only Draco’s year were permitted. Although the after-sales of Pensieve memories were anticipated to be high.

“Ah mudblood, you come alone, no second?” Draco turned as he spied Willow come strolling nonchalantly along the parapet. “How uncouth, of course I should expect nothing better from a mudblood”.

Willow yawned, “Nope, don’t need one”.

Draco sneered, her complete utter indifference was starting to irritate. “No matter, it makes little difference. I presume you know the basics, lets begin. This won’t take long”. His Slytherin classmates all laughed as they circled like sharks ready for a feeding frenzy.

They faced each other not 20 paces apart, Draco, his face now steeled in concentration, made a grandiose wizards bow, wasted on a mudblood, he thought, but still appearances and reputation must be maintained. “What is this mudblood, you must bow, are you so ignorant you don’t the etiquette of a wizard duel”.

Willow sighed, “I bow to no man”. There was a shocked silence as the Slytherins looked at each other in stunned amazement. Though Willow noticed that Pansy and a few of the other girls gave small almost unnoticeable smirks.

Draco huffed in annoyance, “Very well, Pansy, count off pl…”, he never got to finish as Willow held up her hand. “What. NOW.”, he gritted out.

Willow smiled, and sauntered forward, motioning to Draco, as she came within arm distance, she smiled sweetly at him, ignoring his displeasure from this complete deviation from protocol. Really did this mudblood have no manners. Apparently not as Willow still smiling sweetly grabbed his wand arm twisted it around, in a slick co-ordinated move she grabbed his shoulder and with a foot behind his ankle and he went crashing to the ground on his face. With Willow firmly on top, straddling him.

“Ohh Draco, you should have told me you like to be on the bottom”, she whispered into his ear. Draco froze, the unexpected move, and then…. Did she just say what he thought she said. Bitch. He started struggling at the same time as the Slytherin crowd started to come alive to the realisation that the Slytherin Prince had just been bested by a sneak underhanded mudblood.

Boos and catcalls came up, Blaise, Draco’s second moved up with his wand held aloft, “There should be no physical contact, in a wizard Duel”, he gritted out as he made way to deliver a hefty curse at Willow.
“Boo hoo hoo”, she replied, her voice heavy with sugary sarcasm, “Does poor Draco need saving from this evil mudblood. I am sooo sorry did little old me use nasty tricks, …. Oh how unfair to poor Draco”.

Draco gritted his teeth, “leave it Blaise, I still have my wand”.

Willow smirked, for a few seconds looking utterly Slytherin. Before jerking Draco’s arm further up his back. “mmmm its so nice to be in control, to have the power, to do anything and everything I want, when I want it”.

Draco winced as bones and muscles strained in agony, sweat pooling on his forehead, “filthy mudblood, when I…”.

“When you what Draco? Its not nice is it to be on the receiving end is it”. Willow spoke softly into his ear, almost like lover. The awaiting crowd jeered their displeasure. They had been blood and they would not be cheated.

The boo’s and catcalls were starting to change, their malice being redirected at Malfoy. Slytherins did not respect weakness. And their Prince was not acting up to his reputation.
Draco face became red, his breath laboured, first with the flush of anger but then swiftly followed by humiliation. His eyes glistened, “Do want you want, it doesn’t matter now, but I won’t concede”, he spoke through clenched teeth, so only Willow could hear.

Willow breathed out slowly, her head tilted as she listened to the crowd baying for blood. She glanced at her wrist at her bracelet. Sighing she shook her head, muttering under her breath “I shouldn’t have done this, its not fair”.

“Draco, if you give me anything sorer than a jelly legs, well…. well… bad … bad very bad things will happen”. Willow stopped herself before she went nearly went into a Willow babble, but still she almost smiled to herself, Tara would have smiled at her and shook her head.

Closing her eyes and shutting out that thought before it could materialise. Putting her wand beside Draco’s head, she suddenly pushed herself on with a yelp as though she had been magically shoved back. Draco to give his due, never missed a step, rolling over he clambered to his knees, spinning off two very nasty hexes that narrowly missed her, but the third a jelly legs jinx hit her square on. As she crumpled to her knees. Draco stood up holding her wand aloft. The cheers on the Slytherins were almost deafening, their faith in their prince restored. The cheers and suggestions so loud that even the noise dampening spells struggled to cope.

“Finish her off”
“Yay, show that mudblood some real pain”.
“Entertain us Draco – make the mudblood bitch dance”.

Draco surveyed Willow. He held up his hand, the cheering coming to a slow stop. His face, his countenance calm and without emotion. Only his eyes showed his confusion.

“No… its ended, it was a good duel, the best I have had bar my father. There will be no disgrace on this Victory, am I clear ”. It wasn’t a question it was a command. The crowd looked at each other in bewilderment. But they followed Draco as he swept out without a backward glance, dropping Willow’s wand as he passed her.

Thankx for all my lovely reviewers and sorry this has taken so long.
Short I know but this was the worst chapter to write… will do better next time. But let me know what you think??

The End?

You have reached the end of "Winds of Change" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Jul 09.

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