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Winds of Change

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Summary: A grieving Willow suffering from Traumatic Stress arrives at Hogwarts to heal. Suspicions run amok about this new student. And one snaky Professor will stop at nothing to learn her secrets.

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I don own Buffy or Harry Potter. Blah de blah

SET IN BTVS between series 6 & 7

A traumatised Willow suffering from PTSD arrives at Hogwarts to heal. Suspicions run amok about this new student. (BTVS 6/OOTP) And one snaky Professor will stop at nothing to learn her secrets. For like butterflies wing beat in the Pacific - Willows arrival will bring the winds of a hurricane with her.

Bent & Broken

They were arguing, but it was meaningless to her, just a string of sounds coming from the holes in their face.

Willow was dead, she could hear sounds, but she did not listen, she could see, but she was blind. She was like a doll. They told her to sit, she sat. It was all meaningless to her. She was dead and so cold, she would never feel again. No pain, no laughter, no happiness, nothing ever again, it was all denied her. And love… no no she must not think of love, of her Tara …. Stop stop STOP STTTTOOOOPPP
The pain it consumed her, the blackness -the emptiness was waiting for her, she had just to let go. She bit her lip, blood welling up, nails digging into skin, leaving perfect semi crescents bloody indentations.

“Willow WILLOW…. Stop “, a cold cloth was pressed against her mouth, brown eyes looking at her in concern. “Please Willow, drink this it will help”. A warm mug was placed in her hands and like an automation she drank. Her eyes drooped as she fell into unconsciousness, her body going limp as the mug crashed to the floor.

“It is useless Giles, the witch is broken beyond saving and if she cannot be fixed she is too dangerous too let live”

“She is not a toy, too be discarded, you are talking about killing her, she is barely a women”.

“She is not a child Giles, She is a witch with unthinkable power. She has already turned to the dark arts.”

“She can be saved, she has a good heart a good soul. She just needs to go somewhere to heal, somewhere to learn how to use her magic safely - away from this cursed hellmouth”.

The Witch looked at him appraisingly. She was an old crone, wrinkly and old with age and magic use. She could have used a simple glamour but she disdained them. She turned to the girl - her third eye opening as she examined her with the impartiality of a surgeon eying a malignant growth. So much darkness there it would be a kindness to finish it now. But as she watched there was a spark of such beauty - surrounded by darkness to be sure. But such power such purity of strength, tainted yes but it could be tempered, like fine steel, this could be a weapon. The girl was surrounded by a soft rose glow, it seemed her dead lover was still with her in part.

Perhaps there was a chance to save her. She was so strange this one with her strange American customs, her self taught ways. Yes she had been watching this one for a while when her magic had first materialised. She had decided then to leave her instead of inviting her to the institute where she could be taught. It had been an experiment and one she was guilty of letting get out of hand. This child muggle born she may be, but her magic was strong and she was intrigued as to how this child would develop. The wandless magic had been incredible, the self taught potions amazing. She had been disappointed when the girl had taken up with nefarious elements and amused when she had gone cold turkey. But with the death of her lover the experiment had backfired catastrophically. But perhaps she could still be salvaged, but not here, not in her beloved Salem Institute.

Hogwarts… yes that would be perfect, she looked young enough, she could pass as a student. Inwardly she smiled, yes even she could be as manipulative as that old bumbling Dumbledore.

“And what will you give me Rupert Edward - Ripper- Giles, If I give you what you desire”.

Giles shuddered as she said his true name - all his names correctly “Name your price”.

“Your seed Rupert Edward - Ripper- Giles”. The crone smiled as Giles paled, Oh this would be sweet.


“You will be her Guardian de Soleil, her punishments will be yours”.

“There will be no contact, none what so ever, break this Giles and suffer my wrath”.

Giles nodded, his face grey in acceptance. Holding Willows hand he squeezed it for his or hers comfort he did not know.

“The girl will wear an inhibitor, it will limit the use of her magic whilst she … heals, it will also dampen the aura of darkness surrounding her. I have added a protection shield to give her a modicum of safety should she come under any serious dark attack. But under no circumstances must she remove it”

At Giles acceptance, she handed him a silver bracelet with black stone inset in the circle. It was plain, But as he unclasped it he could see Runes adorning the underside. He lifted her wrist and clipped it on. It closed with a snap. Willow raised her eyes and looked at it blankly, her face puzzled as she could feel her magic slowly drain out of her. It actually made her feel lighter like she had been suffocating, the heavy weight she had been carrying seemed to lesson. Willow stroked the stone - feeling comforted for the first time.

“She will remain anonymous, no one must know of her heritage or my involvement in this.”

“If the girl leaves before I consider her to be ready, her life and therefore yours will be forfeit”.

“Do you swear by her blood?”

“I Do”.

There was a muttering of Latin, a flash of light. The crone nodded in satisfaction. So Mote it be.

“Come Girl - time to leave, say goodbye and I have no time for long sentimental gibberish”.

Willow looked up and for the first time her eyes flashed. “My Name is Willow”.

The crone smiled “perhaps you are not so dead after all… Willow”.

Chapter 1

The crone watched her appraisingly they had gone by Floo network. First Diagon alleyway to collect supplies. Watching in approval as Willow roused herself to present a mask of indifference whilst they browsed the many shops. This had been the first test, if she had acted overawed or had cracked in normal day to day transactions, she would have called the whole thing off . But no Willow mindful of her warnings had presented a bland teenage witch.

She had bypassed the wands completely, that man was too astute and who knows what wand he would match up with Willow. Instead she gave Willow a wand that was her childhood one. Not powerful but then she was to come across as totally ordinary non powerful witch.

Now they awaited in her nieces hovel as she awaited her return. She had used the time to teach Willow of the many things she would need to know, how to be devious and cover her tracks and to divert attention. The girl was bright and even in her grieving she soaked up knowledge like a sponge.

The door opened and her mouse of a niece entered softly, clutching her bag and looking anxious. The Crone sighed inwardly the blood must have thinned considerably in this one.

“Good evening Trewalny - this is Willow, ….your ….your niece twice removed. You will write to me every week of her progress. And you will tell no one of my involvement”.

Trewalny looked terrified “But what about Dumbledore….”.

“Enough - this girl is family and as such she is also our responsibility. She has lost close friends and is in grieving - a stay in Hogwarts will do her good. You will do as I say, Dumbledore will not turn away a kitten in need, especially at a Professors request.”

“Now here is her documents, she has mostly been home schooled so her skills are some what eccentric shall we say”.

Trewalny nodded.

“That’s settled then, Willow - remember the rules, it is not just you who will suffer if you break them. And Trewalny do something about the hair - you are a disgrace”

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