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Dawning Knight

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Summary: Dawn plays Xander's copy of KOTOR, purchased from Ethan Rayne. Dawn/Mission pairing, but pretty tame.

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Star Wars > Dawn-CenteredTheatricalBarristerFR1533,7410154,28826 Jan 0818 Feb 08No


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer [BtVS] or from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [KOTOR]. This is intended as an homage to them, and is in no way intended to infringe on their respective owners' rights. I don’t make any money from this, and I never intend to do so.

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Spoilers: Yes

A/N: This takes place at the very beginning of BtVS S5, just before "No Place Like Home", so Joyce is sick, and no one knows anything about the Key. Also for the purposes of this story, KOTOR (and the Xbox, for that matter) came out in the Buffyverse a couple of years before it did in my current universe. ☺

A/N2: I’m American, and I usually use American spellings and punctuation (except for the American standards for punction within quotation marks, which I feel is retarded and the British convention makes eminently more sense). If you spot something that you know is wrong, or something you think will improve the story or my writing, please let me know—I promise I won’t take offense at any help given.


Ethan Rayne, chaos mage at large, was busy in the back of his shop making preparations for the spell he'd be casting later that evening. He had recently read a magazine article about some nutter in Florida claiming video games caused people to go on killing sprees. What a load of crap, he'd thought, frowning at the idiocy. Americans.

Still, it had given him a brilliant idea. He could sell violent video games that would cause the impressionable youth of Los Angeles to behave violently. He had just the spell in mind. Ah, Chaos!

A few weeks and a few leases and contracts later, and Chaos-Ian Games (proprietor, Ian Raime) was open for business. Under an assumed identity, of course. Wouldn't do to let the local constabulary (or any self-righteous do-gooder with a modicum of magical ability) track him down once he'd scarpered. Well, “Ian Raime” wasn't much of an alias, but it'd do, for magical purposes. Ethan smirked at the idea.

The old-fashioned bell above the front door of the shop rang as a young, blonde woman pushed it open. Entering, she looked around the shop with bright curiosity. "Hello?" she called out, seeing no one else in the front of the store.

"Just a minute," came a muffled male voice from somewhere in the back.

The young woman walked up to the glass counter and glanced at the items within it. Seeing nothing of interest to her, she waited for the owner of the voice to appear.

The blonde woman watched watched the tallish dark haired man come through the door behind the counter. "Hello," Ethan greeted her in a slight London accent. "How may I assist you?" She was quite striking. He smiled warmly.

"I want to buy a game for my boyfriend, so that he will be happy," she replied. "He's been sad lately since someone that we know nearly died."

"Do you know what types of games he might like?" Ethan inquired.

"He wants something called Kotor, although I'm not sure why. He's never expressed any interest before in the Balkans, much less Montenegro. I suppose that it is a nice, scenic place, what with it being on the coast an all, but I don't know why a video game about it would be very exciting. I once knew a woman from Kotor. Her husband cheated on her with her younger sister. I suppose that a video game about what happened to him would be pretty exciting. Evisceration usually is." She paused in her babbling to look at the shopkeeper expectantly.

"Oh, err… quite." Ethan stared at the young woman in evident confusion. Bugger. What was she on about? Montenegro? Evisceration?

"I see," Ethan responded, trying to stall for a few moments to think. "No, wait. I don't see. What are you talking about?"

"Kotor. It's a town in Montenegro. My boyfriend wants a video game about it.”

Ethan's face suddenly lit up with understanding. He grinned.

"Oh! You must mean 'Knights of the Old Republic'! The initials are 'Kay Oh Tee Oh Are': KOTOR. Yes, that game was just released a few days ago, it's one of our most popular."

Her quick smile faded as the shopkeeper continued speaking, "Unfortunately, we're sold out."

"However, I do have some other lovely vio… err, video games." Ethan silently congratulated himself that his hasty self-correction went unnoticed.

"Oh, pooh! That's the one he really wants. I don't think that he wants any vio-ur video games, whatever those are. He's been talking about that one for several months, and he already has many others, most of them quite violent, let me tell you. I'd be happy with a game where you can run a shop and make money. I’ve recently discovered capitalism. Have you heard of it?"

Ethan tried to read her expression. She appeared to be completely serious. He pursed his lips in thought, "Well," he drawled, "I do have a shipment coming in later this afternoon. Perhaps you could come back then."

She shook her head dejectedly. "No, I'm just visiting Los Angeles for the day. I have to go back to Sunnydale after lunch."

Ethan's face slowly lit up with a grin. Sunnydale? That presented some interesting possibilities.

"Well, I could ship it for you, if you’d like. Just write down your address."

She wrote down her boyfriend's name and address on the form Ethan handed to her, then started digging through her purse to get out her wallet. Pausing in her search, she asked "Can you ship it to my boyfriend's apartment, or does it need to go to my home address?"

At Ethan's assurance that he could ship it wherever she wanted, she continued her search. "Will there be a charge to ship it?" she asked. "It might be cheaper for me to just come back to pick it up. Of course, I don't have a car, so I don't know when I will be able to come back. Maybe I'd better just order it online."

Ethan glanced down at the address, then did a double take. Xander Harris! He was one of Ripper's little drones. Oh yes, this did indeed have possibilities.

Ethan looked up and smiled at Harris's girlfriend with his most beguiling smile. "You know, since you've been so understanding about all this, I could ship it to you overnight … for free."
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