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Birth of a Merc

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Chronicles of a Freak". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: YAHF: Xander goes as a certain Spider-Man knock off for Halloween

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Authors Note: This is going to be the final chapter in this part of the series, but tune in later for the next story where the action is going to pick up.


Xander's House... Normal POV

"Hey mom," Xander said when he walked into the kitchen "what's for breakfast?"

"Well," his mother Jessica Harris said as she stepped away from a cupboard "it looks like we have cereal and water."

"The classic Harris meal," he said and grabbed a bowl from the same cupboard "where's dad?"

"He's in front of the TV," she replied and poured herself a margarita "where else would he be."

"Good point." He said and then began eating his cereal.

After Xander swallowed his first spoonful of cereal, he started feeling ill. At first he believed his mother must of accidentally sprayed the bowls with Windex again, but that thought was proven wrong when he looked over at his mom and saw that she was fine. He ignored the feeling and continued eating. Minutes passed, and the feeling intensified from an illness to sharp pains. He turned his head to his mother and said "Hey mom, I'm not feeling too good. Could I stay home from school?"

"Oh no," she said "if you don't want to take a test just skip the class, like you usually do."

"Bu-" he attempted to say.

"No buts," she said with authority "your going to school and that's final." He didn't say anything; he just sat there for a while and stared at his cereal. When his mom told him that it was time to go to school, he got up to put his bowl away, but when he got out of his chair all the strength in his legs gave out on him and he fell to the floor.

His mother saw this and said "Nice try Xander, get up or you'll be late for school." When he didn't answer her, she knelt beside him, felt his forehead and then yelled out "TONY!"

"WHAT!" Tony Harris yelled back at her while he lounged in his recliner.


Sunnydale Hospital a hour later...

Xander laid in the hospital bed, waiting for a doctor's diagnosis, while his parents sat in the assorted chairs in the room. They sat in an uncomfortable silence for what seemed like an eternity. When their anxiety was almost filled to its peak, the doctor entered the room. "What's wrong with my boy doc?" Tony Harris said while he sprinted out of his chair and to the doctor.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news." The doctor said as he took off his glasses "there's no easy way to say this, so I'll get right to the point."

"What is it already!" Jessica Harris shrieked.

The doctor sighed and said "Your son has cancer."

Jessica became hysterical. Tony began cursing. All Xander did was smile, thought of the chimichangas that was owed to him and asked the doctor "Do I get any lollipops?.


Short and devastating just like many of my romantic relationships.

The End

You have reached the end of "Birth of a Merc". This story is complete.

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