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The Wonder of Reading

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Summary: Xander reads a book he shouldn't. Slash

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Movies > Mummy, TheSioFR1513,61710346,68428 Jan 0828 Jan 08Yes
Summary: Xander reads a book that he shouldn’t have.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Mummy or The Mummy Returns. I make no money from this fanfic. Don’t sue me…

Rating: FR15 (I think)

Warning: no beta…slash don’t like it don’t read it, nothing graphic.
Author: Sio
Pairing: just guess, I promise it’s not hard…

A/n: After the success of my other fanfic Hearts Uneaten (Hannibal/Xander), I’ve decided I should find a few other pairings that are unusual and write them. Keep in mind guys that this fanfic was written for a laugh and may not be entirely true to the characters.




The Wonder of Reading


Imhotep held on for dear life as the temple collapsed around him. O’Connell beside him was in a similar situation but for one thing. His love was risking her life to save him, while Imhotep's ran in an effort to save her own. After all he had endured for her, hundreds of years of torment, being buried alive suffocating while insects ate at his flesh. He had endured all that yet this was worse. A betrayal of their love. How blind he had been. Lovely Evelyn had pulled O’Connell to safety and they were fleeing, leaving him to a fate he justly deserved for being such an fool. Evy looked back regretfully. 'Enough of this' thought Imhotep 'I die a man' Imhotep willed courage up from the depth of his tattered soul and threw himself backwards, his last thought before he was ripped apart was 'I will never love another woman.'


Sunnydale High library

Xander sighed again or for the tenth time but who was counting? No one. Cause no one else was in the library and even if they were it wouldn’t matter. No one but Giles was talking to him. Not since Oz and Cordy had found him and Willow kissing. Xander supposed he felt angry, whenever he could sum up enough energy to feel. It did take two to do the kissy tango. didn't it? So why was he the only one being blamed? Xander shook himself out of his thoughts he had a pile of books to sort, which he was doing as a favor for Giles, not to mention that it kept him out of the way of the rest of the Scooby gang.

Books on demons in one pile, books on Ghost in another, books of death, books on torture. Books on curses in a special box since it wasn't unusual for the books themselves to be cursed. Xander had a dilemma, a big black book with gold bindings sat on his lap, where did the Black Book of the Dead go? It had curses, could raise ghosts and the dead...and maybe some demons too. So where to put it? Maybe if he read a little he could figure out where it should go? His alone time with Giles had taught him a little bit about other languages...he just needed to find that reference book. Ah there it was. Xander hunkered down to read. He'd figure this out even if it killed him.

After a half an hour Xander had the first three line translated into English and was working on his pronunciation of the original language. Xander ran his fingers over the hieroglyphs as he practiced saying the words out loud. Of course shortly after this a strong wind blew through the library scattering books and papers everywhere. “Creepy!” yelped Xander. This was not usual behavior for a draft of any size. The hairs on the back of Xander’s neck stood to attention and goosebumps broke out all over his body. His hellmouth radar was going off the charts. He turned slowly.

Behind him was a pile of sand that was slowly transforming itself into a very ugly mummy. The mummy was juicy and had bugs crawling over it and in it. Xander shuddered. Gross. Xander hated bugs.

The being looked around seeking the person responsible for its new freedom. Xander stared in shock as muscle and skin began to cover what Xander now knew to be a body of a man. The now naked man moved towards Xander, a smirk on his face. Xander backed up, hitting his ass against the library table. The former mummy pressed himself against Xander and stared into his eyes. Xander was having a mild panic attack thoughts raced in circles around his head. ‘Not happening! This is a dream…no…no nightmare. Eeek! Naughty body parts touching! Not good. Personal space!’

So this was the boy he owed his reawakening too. Brown eye’s wide in panic, haphazard dark hair, and a lovely mouth. Hmmm he may keep this one alive. The boy was trying to talk to him. Stuttering out words in a weak voice. He sounded a lot like O’Connell. The thought made him frown. The boy brought his hands up and place them on Imhotep chest in an effort to push him away. Imhotep once again smirked at the handsome young man before clamping a hand behind the boy’s head bring their faces closer together.

Xander strained against the strong grip, he could feel the bones in his neck creaking. It was no use Imhotep easily won the tug of war. Xander breathed out shakily and all at once he had a tongue in his mouth and lips against his. The invading tongue swooped around his mouth leaving nothing unexplored.

Imhotep didn’t seem deterred by the lack of response, he used his free hand to pull the now frozen Xander more firmly against the hard line of his body.

Xander wished he had eaten garlic for lunch maybe then this super strong gorgeous…er strange man wouldn’t be kissing his lights out. Speaking of lights, pretty lights flashed in front of Xander’s vision then dark spots came out to play. This was when Xander realized that the mummy dude wasn’t letting him breath. Xander struggled but to no avail the mummy held on tightly. Xander had a flashback to Ampata, the Inca mummy girl, when she tried to suck out his life force. The black spots where joining together to make a blanket and Xander was getting tired. Finally his entire world went black. Imhotep smiled at his unconscious prize. The boy had awoken more than his immortal soul, he could now feel the desire for the boy stir in his body. Imhotep shifted the boy in his arms and grabbed the book then in a whirl of wind and sand they disappeared. Leaving an eerie silence behind them.


Not to long after Xander’s abduction a preoccupied Giles walked into the library rubbing his throbbing head wearily. A very dangerous book had been accidentally sent with all the other books he’d had Xander sort. If the book was read out loud it could be a great deal worse then when Moloch the Corruptor had been accidentally released. The scene Giles came across caused him to tsk in distaste. “Really Xander, I asked you to be careful with the books not throw them around the library.” grumbled Giles. Giles began picking up the books, careful which book he put where, after all some of these books just couldn’t be placed side by side with out dire consequences. It wasn’t until he was done that he notice Xander had left his rucksack behind him. The next thing he notice was that the book of the dead and it’s key was missing. This caused a slight case of panic. Then he noticed the fine layer of sand that was on the floor and that now covered his hands from the books. The slight case of panic turned into a full fledge mind numbing case of panic. Giles cussed, went to his office and poured himself a large glass of scotch from his hidden supply. Giles contemplated putting a brown paper bag over his head and waiting for the end, because not even his Slayer could save them all if Imhotep was awake. Xander, the poor boy was most likely lost to them forever.


Unknown location


Xander yawned upon waking and stretched tiredly only to find himself hindered by the manacles that secured him to a soft surface. The sequence of events that had lead him to this situation flashed through his mind. This was so not of the Good. In fact Xander would say this was the worst thing to happen since that Valentines day incident. Xander tested the strength of his bindings, but they held firm. He did his best not to panic but he could feel fear already constricting his lungs. It took him a full minute to relearn how to breath when he realized that he was completely naked. Xander wondered if he was gonna be a virgin sacrifice, not that he was a virgin or anything…nope not the Xanman, he was a hunk-a-burning-love for the lady’s. Yeah, a hunk in deep shit if he didn’t get out of here because he suspected that what he was lying on was a bed, a big massive bed with silk sheets. He couldn’t help but think that a person could have an orgy on this been, he quickly killed that thought since it was him tied to the bed and he was pretty sure it was a man that had tied him to said bed. And the Xanman was a lady’s man not a man’s man so there, this whole situation was inappropriate!

Xander eventually over came the stigma of being tied to the bed to observe his surroundings. He was obviously in a bedroom but everything seemed to be made of marble and gold. The air was hot with no hit of moister from the ocean. If he turned his head to the side he could see that the room opened out onto a balcony and that the sky was the clearest blue he had ever seen. This room must have cost a fortune, which raise the question, where the hell was he? Not in Sunnydale that was for sure. He was also sure that a man carrying an unconscious man would have raise a few eyebrows, even in Sunnyhell. Xander reminded himself that he was thinking like a human after all he was pretty sure that the man was in fact a demon of some sort, and a demon would have killed anyone who had risen an eyebrow. Xander also concluded it was safe to assume that a rescue would not be forth coming. Whoa, he really had been hanging out to much with Giles, forth coming? What self respecting teenage thought words like ‘forth coming’? Ok, so Xander was a little hysterical at this point in time. Wouldn’t you be?

Xander’s whole body tensed as the ‘Demon-mummy-dude’ walked into the room. The guy’s skin glowed in the sun and Xander realized that the guy had oiled himself up like a body builder. Not that Xander paid any particular attention to the oiled biceps of body builder’s nosiriebob he sure didn‘t cause he like women! Xander struggled with his bindings. ‘uh-oh’ thought Xander ‘now the guy’s smirking at me!’. Imhotep was indeed smirking at him in the cat that ate the canary way. Xander was pretty sure that this cat had also had the cream the smirk was so smug.

Xander was slowly approached by the devilishly handsome man….No just devilish! Xander was very aware that he was naked and at the mercy of his fiendish captor.

“Uh hi” As a conversation starter Xander’s words were not the best but the were concise. They studied each other for a few minutes. Xander self-consciously tugged on his bindings again. Imhotep’s smirk widened into a smile as he made his way over to the bed. He sat beside his prize and laid a hand on Xander’s chest. Xander squeaked in protest then tried to wriggle away as fingers circled his nipple.

“Hey! No touching!” Cried Xander as the hand journeyed southward down his body leaving a tingling trail in its wake. Imhotep’s deep chuckle filled the air.

“Perhaps you are right.” Said Imhotep in careful English. “You are after all my guest. I would not want to impose.” Xander nodded frantically. The fingers on the hand which rested on his surprisingly toned stomach tapped out a rhythm. His captor seemed to be weighing the pros and cons. Xander began to hyperventilate, the hand lifted from his stomach to smooth the hair from his forehead. The gentleness startled him out of his breathing frenzy. “I am not going to hurt you” soothed the robed figure, Xander managed to hold in his hysterical giggle.

“Prove it!” Xander managed to force out from between clenched teeth. When Imhotep raised an eyebrow he continued in a somewhat calmer tone. “Unchain me.” With a wave of Imhotep’s hand the manacles fell off Xander’s wrists and onto the bed. Xander groaned in pain as he tried to move his sleeping arms from their position above his head, Imhotep gently grasped the limb and began to massage life back into it. When he was finished one he moved onto the other with the same gentleness. Xander couldn’t help but sigh in relief. Xander again studied the man who still had his arm in his grasp, strong fingers moved to relieve pain and numbness, this guy didn’t seem so bad. He was no Angelus that was for sure, attested to by the fact that Xander wasn’t currently eating his own liver. Of course he was still naked on this guys bed and that was wig worthy. It occurred to Xander that the reason he’d been released from his bonds was that his captor had enough power to keep him subdued. Not the most happy thought.

“Umm” Xander Hesitated but then plowed on “who are you and where are we?” asked Xander his tone made the otherwise rude words polite. Not a very good idea to make a powerful uh…guy angry.

“My name is Imhotep and we are in the restored city of Thebes.” Replied Imhotep.

“Restored?” Asked Xander in confusion.

“Yes, I brought the city back to its former glory as it was during my lifetime.” Xander was not ecstatic with that explanation but he nodded his head in understanding. Xander realized that he could not have been unconscious for more than a day or two at most. So the newly introduced Imhotep had made all the changes while he slept. Which meant that he was incredibly powerful and could probably snap Xander in half using his little pinky.

“Can I uh-ask you a few more questions?” asked Xander.

“I would be honored.” encouraged Imhotep, so far his prize had been nothing short of amusing. The young man’s breathing was normal now, and he seemed to forget that he was naked. “But first, perhaps you could supply me with your name?” Xander blushed.

“Xander” He replied recovery from his flush. “I woke you up?” Imhotep nodded and Xander continued “and that’s why you abducted me?” another nod from Imhotep “I am guessing since I woke you up I’m the only one that can put you back?” nod “which begs the question, why am I still alive? Not that I have a problem with being alive.” Xander was quick to reassure.

“You are alive because I wish it.” Xander made a strangled sound in the back of his throat, which caused Imhotep to smile. He hoped his captor kept on wishing cause he wanted to keep on breathing. It was a habit.

“Alrighty then, I have two questions left. Are you going to send the world into hell, enslaving the human race for nefarious purposes?” Imhotep seemed to think that question through.

“I do not wish to send the world into hell and my plans are not nefarious.” Okay so, that wasn’t the reassuring answer Xander had been looking for, but he could live with it. Imhotep couldn’t help but chuckle at Xander’s wide eyed look of disbelief. He received a glare for his chuckling.

“One more question. Can I have my clothes back please?” asked Xander his blush going all the way down his neck.

“No” Xander gaped, his mouth hanging open in surprise. Imhotep could not help himself, he leaned forward and took possession of his prize’s mouth. Xander groaned, Imhotep was really good at kissing…a real knock out. The tingly feeling in his body drew Xander’s attention away from the slick feel of Imhotep’s tongue sliding against his own. He had never felt this way with Cordy or Willow. All to soon Imhotep pulled away. Xander’s breath became ragged for an altogether different reason. Imhotep’s hand was back on his stomach making soothing circular motions, that Xander kind of liked, the hand got lower and lower after every pass. Xander wasn’t sure what was wrong with him, maybe it was Stockholm syndrome, yeah that was it. None of this was this or his body’s reactions were his fault, it was all a syndrome. With that in mind Xander relaxed into the caresses fractionally. Imhotep’s deep voice continued and Xander found himself mesmerized. “You may not have your old clothes back. I have new garments for you to wear.” Xander nodded his head

Imhotep pulled Xander into a sitting position. “If you will stand, I will help you dress, I am positive that these garments are foreign to you.” Xander stood, almost as if he was under a spell. Imhotep’s fingers mapped Xander’s skin as he helped him dress. Xander was hopelessly aroused, but he felt better and more in control once he was dressed in the weird skirt thing. Better than a kilt not as good as shorts. Xander was brought out of his day dream by arms embracing him from behind and a wet kiss to his still naked shoulder “Come, I will show you the city.” What more could Xander do? He followed Imhotep out into the bright sun and his new future.


Several weeks into his abduction Xander realized that Imhotep wasn’t going to jump him and demand sex, which made Xander relax somewhat. This didn’t stop Imhotep from touching him at every opportunity however. Not that Xander minded to much, it was nice to have some one pay him attention, and okay so Xander got used to it and even liked it. Xander had asked Imhotep what his plans were and to Xander’s great surprise he had been told. Imhotep’s power was growing and as it did the sands of time shifted back.


After several months Giles had been able to relax enough to take of the figurative brown paper bag off his head. Xander had disappeared and the world had lost contact with Egypt, but the world hadn’t ended, so that was something at least. Giles had other problems, the mayor was trying to become and invincible demon and slayer Faith had become rouge after accidentally killing a man. Giles was feeling a little stressed, but no longer suicidal. Buffy’s morale was at an all time low, and Willow had cried for days when she realized that Xander was no where to be found. Both girls were subdued and Buffy went about her slaying duties mechanically and with out flare, if she kept on the way she was going Giles feared that she would not last the year.


Xander woke and stretched with a dreamy smile on his face. His body was full of pains, strained muscled from a night of strenuous activity. He couldn’t believe how quickly things had changed in his life. He’d found a place for himself in the world which didn’t involve fetching donuts for Buffy. Nope. His world revolved solely around Imhotep, okay Imhotep and great sex. It had taken a few weeks but Imhotep had finally lured Xander into his bed, and once Xander had gotten in, he had decided that he wasn’t leaving. Come hell or high water Imhotep was stuck with him, not that the Keeper of the Dead minded. Xander gave his love so fiercely and completely that no other person had managed to turn Imhotep’s head, and not for lack of trying. His ex-girlfriends latest reincarnation had come sniffing around, but Xander had stood firm. Imhotep was his.

His Imhotep treated him more like an equal than the Scooby gang ever had. Imhotep was even teaching him ancient magics! How cool was that? It was safe to say that Xander was deliriously happy. Still, he wondered how his friends were doing. He worried about them there on the hell mouth. Not only that he worried what the new big bad there could do to Imhotep’s power base. Xander couldn’t help it he was a worrier. Lucky Imhotep saw fit to indulge his prize with a visit to his old home.


To say that Giles was surprised by Xander’s sudden appearance would be like say ‘oh hey look badness spewing from the hell mouth!’. Unnecessary. The boy had certainly grown over the months that he had been away. The casual ‘Hey what’s up G-man’ had caused Giles to splutter for several minutes. Giles calmed himself down by whipping his glasses. Of course that was when Imhotep had made his grand entrance, which made Giles faint on the spot and Xander almost double over in laughter, after all it was every day that Giles had a fainting spell.

The End.

A/N: Now before you review and say “That would never happen” just remember that I did warn you that this wouldn’t be true to the characters and that this fic was written for fun. NO FLAMES!!!

Point out any glaring mistakes and I’ll fix them.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Wonder of Reading". This story is complete.

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