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Finding Willow

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Summary: Five years after closing the Hellmouth, Willow sets out to find her place in a whole new world. (Indefinately Suspended due to lack of's still a good tale so far tho.)

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: RichardSaiyaSithFR1875,67411819,92130 Jul 037 Nov 03Yes

Chapter Six

Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, et al. Anita Blake belongs to Laurell K. Hamillton. I make no claims to their copyrighted material. I just borrow it to play around. The story idea is all mine, though.


Somewhere between the sausage and the poached eggs, Richard decided it was time to share his secret with Willow. His tension was obvious, and the red-head was intensely curious as to what could have her man in such a state. His hands were white-knuckled, gripping the utensils like a lifeline. Every few bites, he would take a deep breath and start to say something but be unable to make any words come out. Willow began to worry what terrible secrets weighed so heavily on her man. She couldn’t figure out what secret could possibly be so horrible to make her lover act this way. Her look of caring concern finally gave the Ulfric the strength to speak up. He met Willow’s eyes with a forlorn smile. “I’m not really sure how to say this, especially after all we talked about earlier. I hope this won’t ruin things between us. I mean, I don’t want to change anything. God, this is so hard to say! ” He took a deep breath. “I don’t know what I’d do if you decide that it’s too much and that you don’t want to see me anymore…” He was cut off by a soft finger on his lips.

“Richard, there is nothing you can tell me that would change how I feel about you.” She placed such a tender kiss on his lips that he let himself believe her. The werewolf took his girlfriend’s hand and gently kissed her palm. He cradled her hand gently to his face and spent a minute just savoring the contact.

Dark eyes met green. Finally the Ulfric whispered, “Willow, I’m a werewolf too.”

Silence reigned over the room for about five seconds before the woman’s laughter began echoing off the walls. The laughter started as a tiny giggle, but it quickly snowballed in to a roaring belly laugh. Every time she tried to stop, she found herself laughing harder. The look of confusion on Richard’s face fueled her fires even more.

Eventually, she regained enough breath to pant, “Oh baby! I can’t…I can’t believe it!” She paused to wipe the tears from her eyes. “How could you think that something so little would make me stop loving you? Didn’t you hear me when I told you that love conquers all?” She shook her head and pulled Richard into a hug. “You silly, silly man! I thought you were going to tell me that you had some fatal disease or that you were some cross-dressing pedophile from Montana.” She laughed again. “How could you think that something so minor as a little fur would come between us? As for Oz… remember that He left me, not the other way around.”

She leaned in until her forehead rested on his and their noses were touching. “Let me say it clearly one more time, so that I can be sure you understand. I LOVE YOU. Every part of you, fur and all. Besides, now I know you’ve been holding out on me in the bedroom.” She pressed her mouth to his. Their tongues met and dueled. When they finally pulled apart, she whispered, “I think I’ve got you beat on secrets by a long shot.”

Richard was torn between relief and residual worry. Anita had claimed to love him despite the wolf, and that turned into the biggest disaster of his life. Willow had already dated a wolf, and it hadn’t worked out for her either. He wasn’t sure if any of it was good or bad news. He wanted things to work out with Willow. He desperately hoped that their relationship would prove strong enough to stand the rest of the secrets they had yet to reveal. He cradled his woman in his embrace; each sat quietly for a minute lost in their own world of thought.

Willow looked up with a curious expression on her face. “Do you think I’ll ever get to see you furry sometime?”

Richard hadn’t even thought about that yet. He opened his mouth to reply but couldn’t figure out what to say.

The red-head’s face fell. “Oh I’m sorry. I mean, I guess it’s too personal or something. I didn’t mean to pick on a sore subject. It’s just…I was just was wondering if you made a cute wolf and what color fur you have and whether you’ve got short hair or long hair and I am so sorry for asking. I shouldn’t be so curious and I’ll just shut up now.”

Richard regained his composure during Willow’s babble. He turned up her chin so that she was facing him again. “It’s ok. I’m not upset. I was just surprised. Most human people tend to be anxious around transformed lycanthropes. Plus, it’s not just every day you tell one of your darkest secrets to the woman you love and find that she’s totally ok with things.” Something in his eyes gave away the pain his admission caused.

The woman’s eyes darkened as she realized what he was referring to. “That Anita bitch dumped you for being a wolf, didn’t she?” His silence told her all she needed to know. “Why that prejudiced, bigoted, hypocritical, two-faced…” The Ulfric found her outrage sexily amusing. Her ranting was stopped by an onslaught of kisses raining down across her face. It felt so good to be loved and wanted. Richard had to claim her right there. His oral caresses quickly progressed to frantic tonguing, and soon the room was full of the sounds of their passion. He used all his skill to thank her for her comfort and indignation on his behalf.

The End

You have reached the end of "Finding Willow". This story is complete.

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