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They Will Pay

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Summary: You should never mess with a werewolf's cub. Especially if said werewolf is involved with a member of the Scourge of Europe. Rating to be safe. Some swearing and mention of abuse.

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Harry Potter > Drusilla-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinBloodPhoenixFR2111,2273151,25628 Jan 0828 Jan 08Yes

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They Will Pay

Disclaimer: I don't own HP or BTVS. This is purely for entertainment.

A/N: I just wrote this because I wanted to see how it would play out. Don't expect too much.

Drusilla was creeping quietly through the hall, being careful not to hit the creaky parts. She had no desire to disturb the peacefully sleeping werewolf the morning after a full moon. But while she was lost in her reflections a certain someone crept up behind her. He grabbed her, spun her around, and snogged the hell out of her. After breaking apart due to his need of oxygen, Drusilla giggled and jumped into his arms.

"Mmm you taste like chocolate my wolf," Drusilla purred. She took one long, manicured blood-red nail, dragging it down Remus' face and neck all the way to his pulse. He growled softly, nuzzling her and breathing in her scent. She smelled of blood and insanity, a combination the wilder part of him enjoyed.

"I have to go Dru. I will be back shortly; I'm just going to get the cub." He gave her a quick peck on the lips and strode out the door. Remus was normally a patient and gentle man, but when he got the note from Harry saying that his Uncle had given him a black eye and he hadn't had anything to eat in four days, Remus' inner wolf got pretty pissed off. Moony wanted nothing more than to rip off Vernon Dursley's head and piss on his corpse, but he had better things to do; things like rescuing his cub and seeing that he was properly taken care of. Dru would certainly enjoy having another to fuss over. He took a calming breath and focused on his destination.

With a quick turn he disappeared from his family home in the mountains, and reappeared on Privet Drive with a quiet 'pop'. The werewolf crept closer to the house, listening intently for any signs of Vernon beating on his cub. He stiffened when he heard the unmistakable sound of flesh hitting flesh and a small yelp. Remus' eyes narrowed, and they changed from their normal warm fire whiskey color to golden amber. He growled softly; Dursley would pay for this. He stalked to the door, moving like an angry predator.

He wrenched open the door, ignoring the protests of Lily's horse-faced bitch of a sister, and stormed angrily up the stairs. He stopped at the doorway, seeing Vernon's back was turned to him. Remus had a devilish smile cross his face, the little devil on his shoulder who looked suspiciously like Sirius Black, was cheerfully egging Remus on. He saw Harry look around his fat lard of an uncle, pleased to see not too much damage had been done. But Dursley would still pay.

Devil-Sirius was cackling evilly by this point, reminding Remus of Lily's patented Testicular Twister and its most unwanted discomforts. Vernon Dursley must not have been entirely stupid however, for he noticed the look on his nephew's face and turned, seeing a very devilish man advancing towards him.

"Hello Vernon," the man growled, "Remember me? I was one of the friends of your late sister-in-law and I must say she would be most displeased with how her son has been treated."

Vernon's face was currently turning a nice shade of puce as he listened to this little speech and far from being frightened, he was outraged at the nerve of this freak to talk like that to him in his own home.

"How dare you come into my house you FREAK!!!," he shouted. He wasn't intimidated, not in the least. Just goes to show how dumb he really is huh? Remus struck, one clawed hand wrapping around the fat bastard's neck.

"I don't give a flying fuck if this is your house or not Vernon. All I care about is the fact that you've laid your grubby, slimy hands on my cub. And if there's one thing you should never do, it's touch a werewolf's cub. Do you want to know why Vernon?"

Vernon Dursley was starting to realize that this freak meant business. But before he could strain his tiny little brain any further, he got whacked upside the head, and all he knew was blackness.

Remus however, was laughing his furry little arse off at the triumphant smirk of his little cub. Harry had waited until his Uncle's focus was completely off of him before taking his old sneakoscope and conking ol' Vernon's skull open like an overly ripe melon.

"I got the son of a bitch huh Moony?"

"Yeah cub you did. You should rest now; Moony's going to take you home. Merlin help the stupid bastard that tries to stop me." Moony picked Harry up in his arms while waving his wand at Harry's things, causing them to quickly pack themselves neatly in the lad's trunk. After that was done he shrunk it and placed it in his pocket, and let Hedwig out of her cage, instructing her where to go. Harry yawned at that point, and nuzzled into Remus' chest, murmuring unintelligibly. Remus smiled softly and activated the portkey.

When they got to the cottage, he quickly strode inside, looking for Dru. He found her a few minutes later, humming as she made up their bed, adding extra pillows in the middle which were most likely for their cub. Dru turned, and upon seeing Remus, motioned him forward and indicated he should place Harry on the bed. After doing so, Dru bent down carefully, hovering just slightly above Harry's black eye. Her little pink tongue darted out as she began to lick the bruised skin, purring as she did so.

Remus wasn't surprised at this, but he was surprised when Harry began leaning into the caress, also purring quite loudly. Dru giggled, and crawled into the bed beside him and used one long manicured nail to scratch the skin around the bruise to open a slight gash. She pricked her finger and allowed a drop of blood to enter the wound and grabbed Remus' hand. Remus understood, and let a drop of his blood fall into the wound as he spoke softly.

"Child of our hearts, cub of our demons, you belong to us now. You are now of our blood, now and forever. Those who hurt you will meet a bloody end. We swear by our life's blood, our magic, and our demons, that we will always protect you and cherish you. For now and forever, as the Goddess deems it, as your parents deem it, and as your godfather deems it, so mote it be."

There was a soft white glow that enveloped the three of them and then it subsided, leaving Harry's features slightly altered. His fingers were more slender, and his hair had streaks of sandy brown. His lips were slightly fuller, and a shade redder. His eyes fluttered open, and Remus could see little specks of gold outlining the green. All in all, he was stunning. Remus smiled warmly at his little cub, gently cupping his cheek as he rumbled soothingly to help him back to sleep.

Dru giggled; she just couldn't wait until that meddling old bumblebee found out what they'd done. She needed to call Daddy right away and let him know there were two new members of the Aurelius Clan. Miss Edith reminded her of just how big a wrench this would be throwing in many nasty wizards' plans. All the chaos; it was perfect.

The End

You have reached the end of "They Will Pay". This story is complete.

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