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Summary: What happens when one small detail is changed during a typical day on the Hellmouth? One young man finds out what it means to step up to the plate and become the hero he always dreamed of being.

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Chapter One: Explanations

Part 1- Explanations

Disclaimer: see prologue, you want to you know it.

AN: Many thanks for the wonderful comments I received on the prologue and to those who made the connection to Doctor Fate and Jason Blood (aka Entrigan) I congratulate you. This is a crossover with the DC universe, however I’ve always been fascinated with the more bizarre and lesser known heroes and villains of this universe which is whom I’ll be using for most of this story, don’t worry I will feature some of the mainstream characters we all know and love, but for those wishing to see the Man of Steel, sorry if he pops up at all it will be only as a cameo. I’m still kicking around ideas on who to pair him with and am more than open to ideas, I’m not sure if I want to have him with Faith though or one of the characters from DC anyway that will develop over time with that said onto the next part:

Nanda Parbat, Tibet

“-I license thee to withdraw.” Called the female voice in the chamber, with a flash of light three former rats now took the form and shape of three naked young women, one brunette, one blond, and a red head.

“Oh, my head, oh my god the fire Buffy, Amy are you okay!” spoke a very disoriented Willow Rosenberg.

“I’m okay Willow, but I feel really weird. Where are we?” Replied Amy Madison while standing up and stretched muscles that had otherwise been inactive. “Hey wait we’re human again, we survived.” Amy said happily.

“Uh guys not to rain on anyone’s parade, but first where is everybody and more important where are our clothes? I really don’t want my mom or Giles seeing us in our birthday suits.” Stated Buffy Summer.

So disoriented the girls were they did not notice the figure in the chamber with a slightly amused grin on her face. She spoke up, “Ms. Summers there is clothing next to your cage and you have little to worry about as to Joyce or Rupert seeing you au natural as its termed.”

The three girls looks all darted to the entranceway of the chamber where stood a woman in her lat 20’s smirking at them. She looked very out of place in the stone room that Buffy guessed was in some kind of basement. In fact as Buffy observed she looked like she belonged on a stage or a cruise ship, she wore what looked like a magicians outfit, fishnet stockings, including what looked like a magic wand and top hat.

The woman bowed before the three and replied with a bow, “Allow me to introduce myself, Zatanna Zatara at your service.”

Before Zatanna could respond further she found herself pinned against the wall by Buffy who screamed, “Where are we, what is this place, start talking you-”

Willow was shocked when she saw the women Buffy was attacking say “ezeerF yffuB” followed with “esaeleR eM” and found her friend letting the woman go.

“As I was saying before your friend here decided to attack first and question later. My name is Zatanna, there is clothing next to your cage, get dressed then we’ll explain where you are and what is going on.” The slightly annoyed woman started to leave the chamber then stopped where Buffy was doing and excellent impression of a statue and said “ezzerfnU yffuB” and left the chamber.

The slayer dropped to the floor and looked around confused wondering what had just happened. “Where is she?!” Looking around like she was ready to tear the woman’s head off.

It was that moment that Amy finally spoke up, “Buffy she froze you and then unfroze with a word, maybe instead of trying to pound someone’s face into a wall and then interrogate we should get dressed then ask really nicely what’s going on, okay.”

“She’s right Buffy, I don’t know what magic she was using, but it looked like she had just hit the pause button on a movie and you were moving anymore. Also she looked kind of pissed at you for doing that and who knows what else she can do.” Willow tried to explain to her friend.

“All right I’m sorry, let’s get dressed and see what the David Copperfield groupie did to us.” With that the three women dressed in silence and started making their way out of the chamber. They had no idea where they were, but it felt old to both Willow and Amy. It was also cold and the air was very crisp. As they walked out of the room they came to a set of stone steps and started climbing when they reached the top it opened into another room that had a huge fire place and comfortable cushions for sitting on. The room was lacking any form of decoration and the few windows showed that it was night and also that it was snowing.

Amy turned from the window that she was looking out of and said, “Guys this looks like we’re in the mountains where are we?”

A male voice called out, “Welcome to Nanda Parbat.” The girls saw it was an old man with a bald head and Asian features. “I am the abbot of this temple and you have nothing to fear in these walls all who come to this place are friends.”

For reasons she couldn’t explain Willow believed the old man. “Sir why are we here and where is Nanda Parbat, where are our friends, we-”

Willow was cut off by the old man’s hand being raised when he stated, “All will be explained please have a seat.” As he said this he had taken a seat on a cushion closest to the fire. With a smile on his face he motioned the three to sit on the other cushions near him.

The girls looked skeptical at the old man, but when he sat they followed suit. After he had settled, he smiled at the three. “This realm has had many visitors over the years of all shapes and sizes, but never has it had the honor of hosting a Slayer and two witches of such power.” At the shocked looks on the faces of the girls he continued, “Yes I know of what you all are and I must say the forces of Good have triumphed that the three of you have been returned to continue the never-ending fight against the forces of darkness. Before I continue further there is someone you met earlier that can explain as to why this place was necessary in the return of your human forms. I would ask you three to please listen to her.”

The magician from earlier had entered the room and taken a seat on one of the cushions near the fire, “I’ll say this Alex was right you do have quite an impulsive way of introducing yourself to people Buffy.” She smiled.

“Alex? Wait you know Xander where is he? Where are our other friends?” Willow said panic in her voice.

“Willow, Al-Xander is all right and he is on route now, he wanted me to say sorry that he couldn’t be here, unfortunately he’s on a mission for the Justice League and couldn’t be here to greet all of you. That is why he had asked another of his friends to explain what was going on.” Zatanna wasn’t looking forward to what was coming, but realized it was the only way to make the girls understand.

“Justice League, what’s that Xander’s bowling team?” Amy said with a smirk.

“The Justice League has absolutely nothing to do with bowling and rather than make flip comments about things you do not understand he asked me as a personal favor to “show” you rather than tell you what has been going on while the three of you were away for so long.” She stood and in the same look she had earlier when facing the slayer Zatanna uttered the words, “laeveR ot eht slrig!”

All three women froze where they were sitting and looked like they had been placed in a trance. Suddenly they started to move and Willow jumped up shot Zatanna a look of both disgust and shock, “10 years! We’ve been trapped like that for 10 years!” Willow screamed.

Amy Madison eyes went blank and she hugged her knees to her chest and started rocking back and forth. “Oh God no, oh please no.”

Buffy looked like she was ready to either pass out or scream, instead she looked at the Abbot praying inside that this Zatanna person was wrong and asked, “This isn’t some kind of joke we’ve really been gone that long?”

The Abbot looked at her with both sympathy and kindness and answered, “I am sorry Elizabeth, but it is very true. Now that you three know we can begin.” The Abbot placed a comforting hand on Amy which seemed to calm her down. “Do not worry little one all is about to be explained. Willow please sit and be patient.”

The girls retook their cushions and Zatanna began. “The night you were all turned into rats Alex, Rupert, Daniel and Cordelia gathered you three and took you all to the library to research returning you to normal. They discovered that when a witch or warlock invokes a god for dark magic the only person who can reverse the spell is the same person who cast it. Amy what happened was not your fault; you did the only thing you could that allow the three of you to survive. Your entire group did not take this news well and Rupert immediately began to contact his former colleagues from the Watcher’s Council as well as his old friends from his days in London’s occult world. Everyone they saw kept saying the same thing over and over until a friend of Rupert’s suggested bringing you three here to Nanda Parbat.”

She paused and allowed the information to be processed and continued, “It was theorized the mystical nature of this place would help reverse the power of the Hecate invocation and allow someone else to reverse the spell. The problem though was how long it would take, Rupert’s calculations showed it would take 10 or 20 years for the chance, luckily this was the first try and it worked.” Zatanna smiled.

“But what happened while we were gone?” Buffy asked in a small voice.

Zatanna looked towards her and said, “Your family is all right, but much has changed. With your permission I can begin to show you some of what has happened, but I must warn you there have been many changes in the last 10 years not just to the world in general, but to most of your family and friends. Do you still want to know?”

All three girls looked at each other, Amy had tears in her eyes and Willow looked as though she wanted to throw up both nodded and then looked at Buffy. She turned to Zatanna, “Please show us.”

Zatanna reached into the pocket of her coat and pulled out what looked like blue sand and then threw it into the fire. The second it hit the flames a bright blue light enveloped the room blinding everyone. When it dissipated the three girls found themselves in what looked like the Sunnydale High School Library.

The girls looked around and then heard a voice come from the doorway, “Well if it isn’t my three favorite girls in the world.” They turned and saw the voice speaking was that of Xander Harris.

“Xander!” Willow screamed and ran toward him only to see him disappear right before their eyes.

After a second of wondering what happened they heard his voice again from behind them. There before them and sitting on top of the table at the center of the library Xander smirked, “Sorry Willow, but this is more of a vision so even if you had made it to me you guys wouldn’t be able to touch me. Don’t look so upset I asked Zana to do this because even with myself or Rupert there you wouldn’t have believed it being told so I thought showing you would be easier. Zana is an old friend, well she’s an old friend to me hopefully she’ll be a friend to you guys too.”

“First off I’ve missed you guys more than I can say, those first few couple of weeks after you three had gotten in touch with your inner rodents were bad, but the months following were worse because we had to deal with the Mayor who decided that it was time to shake things up a bit by transforming himself into a 60 foot tall demon snake at graduation ceremony. Let me tell you I still have nightmares about that night although more about my cleaning bill, let’s just say when you add several surface to air missiles followed by a large explosion of “Mayor Meat” it’s gonna be a large mess of dirty laundry. With that said though we won and most of the graduating class was able to fulfill every kid’s dream of destroying their school.”

The vision of Xander smiled at the three, “Don’t worry very few people were hurt and we had extra backup from the Council and Rupert’s friend Jason Blood, let me tell you when that guy gets mad you don’t want to be on the receiving end of his alter ego’s ire. By that time of our battle with the mayor Giles friend Kent Nelson had already transported you three to Nanda Parbat and I had personally gotten Mo-er Joyce and Dawn out of Sunnydale the day before the ceremony so I was happy knowing that if I died the people I loved most were safe.”

The three girls were stunned at the revelation made by the image of their friend. Xander looked at the three and continued, “Amy first and foremost I don’t want you beating yourself up for what happened, it wasn’t your fault you couldn’t have known and if you hadn’t done the spell all three of you would have died. Willow I know your wondering where Oz is and don’t worry you’re gonna see him again. Buffy, everyone you love is safe and I managed to get word to Angel and he’ll be there soon.”

Buffy smiled at this although she was puzzled why on earth did Xander almost call her Mom his mom, why did he talk nicely about Angel? Willow was excited she would get to see Oz soon she hoped he was okay and happy. She wondered if he still thought about her, it may have been a short time for her, but for him it had been 10 years. Amy looked at Xander and smiled glad that Buffy and Willow weren’t mad at her for the spell and that Xander understood what she had done.

The vision of Xander had looked at the three and suddenly the surroundings changed from the Library to the Buffy’s living room with all three girls on the couch sitting in front of the TV. Xander was lying on the floor in front of them and said, “As promised this vision was going to show you what has happened over the last 10 years so sit back relax and have some popcorn.” He stood up and made his way to the doorway. Before leaving he turned and with a sad smile on his face he said, “I love you all and I’ll see you three soon.”

After he left the three girls turned to each other and Buffy said, “Well what do we do now, he just leaves and we’re here back in my living room.”

“Buffy look at this.” Amy said pointing to the TV in front of them. Buffy turned and saw on top of her VCR was a large not that said “PLAY ME”.

Willow walked over and hit the Play button on the VCR. With another flash of light the living room had disappeared along with the three girls when the light had cleared they found themselves in a graveyard. They also noticed that they were not alone, over a dozen vampires were surrounding them and closing in fast.

Buffy, Willow and Amy looked around and Willow summed up her feelings on the situation with two words, “Aw shit!”

End Part 1

AN: hope you all are enjoying so far, don’t worry now that the ground work has been laid this story begins the Xander centric portion part of the fic. The reason I had this happen first was 2, first I didn’t want to write a fic where at the end the girls are returned to normal I thought doing this first freed up a lot of constraints I couldn’t get around. My second reason for doing this is I’m a huge fan of directors that use the concept of flashback in their storytelling, think Kurosawa, Tarantino, and Nolan. So from here on out Part 2 will start with the girls observing what happened to Xander and the rest of the gang. Feed back always a plus.
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