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A Flame for You

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Practical Journey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Wesley and Gillian had an unexpected reunion in Boston 3 years after they last saw one another. The attraction was still strong, but Gillian was determined to walk away with no strings attached.

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Movies > Practical MagicPhoenixRaeFR718730361029 Jan 0829 Jan 08No
Disclaimer:  I'm just borrowing these characters, except for the other original characters that might crop up.

Summary:  Wesley and Gillian had an unexpected reunion in Boston 3 years after they last saw one another.  The attraction was still strong, but Gillian was determined to walk away with no strings attached.

Timeline:  3 years after Don't Know What to Do; Don't Know What to Say.  Gillian already ran away from home, but Sally hasn't nor married Michael yet and Wesley's in training as a Watcher.

PhoenixRae's Notes:  First I'd like to thank everyone who read the first story in the series (Don't Know What to Do; Don't Know What to Say).  I needed something to setup the plot for the next few installments in this series.  Now we pick up three years after the end of the first story and...well, just read on and find out what's in store for Wesley and Gillian in this story.  As always constructive criticism's appreciated.

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 a flame 4 u
(artwork manip by PhoenixRae for the Pictures of Practical Journey collection)

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I.  3 Years Later...

WESLEY!"  SALLY OWENS' SURPRISE was genuine when she answered their front door and found the last person she expected to see standing on the other side.  "Oh my God...hi!"

        Wesley Wyndham-Pryce smiled and tipped his head in greeting.  "Hello, Sally.  I hope I'm not interrupting."

        "Oh, no.  I was just surprised to see you, that's all."

        "I would've called, but I'm not staying in town long," he explained.

        "I understand.  Why don't you come in," Sally stepped away from the door and gestured him inside.

        "Thanks," Wesley crossed over the threshold and stopped just inside and waited for Sally to escort him to wherever she felt like escorting him too.  The last time he was here he was often directed to go to the backyard, but that had been three years ago.

        "Come into the kitchen with me.  The aunts and I were just about to have some lemonade out back," she led the way to the kitchen.

        "Gillian's not home?"

        Sally was surprised at his question.  Her steps faltered until she came to a full stop before reaching the kitchen and turned to face him.  "Didn't you know?"

        Wesley stopped, his forehead creasing to a frown.  "Didn't know what?"

        "Gilly doesn't live here anymore.  She ran away with some guy she was dating after high school and she hasn't been home since," she explained.

        "Oh,"  Wesley quickly concealed his disappointment and the sudden pang of pain that clawed at his insides at the mention of Gillian running off with her high school boyfriend.  But he wasn't quick enough in concealing his emotions before Sally saw his disappointment.

        "I'm sorry, Wesley.  I thought you knew.  Gillian's been updating us of her whereabouts since she left."

        "I haven't received any postcards or letters from Gillian since Christmas three years ago," he replied, keeping his tone leveled and hoped his emotions won't betray him.

        "I'm sorry," Sally apologized again.  She reached out and gave his upper arm a light squeeze.  "But come on, join us for some lemonade and cakes while you update us on what you've been up to this last three years," she smiled encouragingly.

        Wesley followed after her, reacquainting himself with Aunts Jett and Frannie and indulging the three remaining Owens women by joining them on their afternoon snacks.  They were all full of questions and wanted to know what the emergency was that made him leave the US right away three years ago.  Of course Wesley knew he couldn't divulge the real reason behind him being pulled out of the country so soon, but he gave them a vague enough answer about some family emergency that he couldn't quite remember now.

        He remained at the Owens' house for the rest of the afternoon, declining Aunt Frannie's invitation to stay for dinner.  He had to be on the road to Boston early the next day to meet up with a colleague of his father's for more Watcher training, but of course he didn't tell them that last part.

        "It was nice chatting with you again, Wesley," cooed Aunt Jett, placing to loud and affectionate kisses on each cheek.

        "Do come visit us again when you happen to be in the neighbourhood," Aunt Frannie invited and gave him a maternal hug and kissed his cheek.

        Wesley returned her hug and promised he'd try to swing by the next time he finds himself in Massachusetts.  The two older Owens women disappeared back to the kitchen to prepare for dinner shortly after that, leaving Wesley in the vestibule with Sally.

        "Well, it was really a treat being able to hang out with you today, Wesley," Sally smiled.  "Too bad Gilly wasn't here.  I know she's the real reason why you stopped by," she grinned.

        Wesley opened her mind to deny that, but he caught the knowing twinkle in Sally's eyes and shut his mouth again.

        "Would you...would you tell her I said hi and wish to resume our botched communication once again the next time you write to her?" he requested.

        "You know I will," she agreed and reached up on tiptoe to wrap her arms around his shoulders.

        Wesley returned her hug, thanking her for helping him get in touch with Gillian once again even though his gut told him she might not write back to him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Flame for You" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jan 08.

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