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The Wonder of Sequels

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Summary: sequel to 'The Wonder of Reading' What happens after Xander reads a book he shouldn't. Slash tiny dash of Angst

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Movies > Mummy, TheSioFR1812,6646215,19329 Jan 0829 Jan 08No
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Mummy or The Mummy Returns. I am not making any money off this fanfic so please don’t sue me, I am a poor college student so you wont get anything anyway.

Author: Sio

Warning: Slash!!! Unbetad, This is a sequel read ‘The Wonder of Reading’ first.

Rating: FR18 for the one tiny sex scene… if you don’t think the rating is high enough let me know and I’ll change it.

A/N: and back by popular demand…This was written last night the writing is in fragmented drabbles with every separator the scene changes and we advance in time. Enjoy.


The Wonder of Sequels


Xander had been in Imhotep’s keeping for three days and boy did he not feel well. Sun stroke had taken it’s toll, Xander was just not used to the weather. He felt weak and restless at the same time. Laying face down in the bed he concentrated on breathing, while Imhotep laid a cold clothe against the back of he’s neck. Shivers ran down Xander’s spine and he sighed in relief. Xander couldn’t remember that last time someone took care of him when he was sick. Not since he was a small child anyway. Xander heard the clothe being remerged into water and rung out again. Blessed coolness traveled down the line of his spine. Xander would be fine if he never had to move again. The clothe was left to soak up the heat coming from his back. The rim of a gold cup was brought to his lips.

“Drink.” Urged Imhotep. Xander sipped the water, it tasted funny but Xander drank it anyway confident in the knowledge that Imhotep wouldn’t harm him with out due cause, like oh say trying to knock him unconscious with the Book of the Dead. Xander had learned his lesson. Still Xander found it surprising that he was being taken care of by the boss man himself when Imhotep had the entire population of Egypt at his beck and call.

“Thanks” Xander managed to whisper after drinking his fill. The bed shifted as Imhotep once again renewed the clothe.

Imhotep sat on his thrown as one of his subjects grovelled before him. Xander watched from the archway, leaning against the wall in an unconsciously sexy way. He didn’t notice the admiring looks he was receiving his eyes were for Imhotep only. Imhotep dismissed the man that had been on his knees before him with a wave of his hand, he leaned back in his chair. The servants by his chair fanning him because of the midday heat. It was time for lunch but Imhotep didn’t look inclined to stop his audiences anytime soon, that was until he noticed Xander lounging by the door. A smile lit the Ruler’s face, Xander couldn’t help but return the expression. Xander approached the thrown.

“It’s time for lunch isn’t it?” asked Xander standing in front of the raised dais.

“I must see to state affairs.” relied Imhotep looking down indulgently at Xander.

“Ah come on take a break. Its lonely eating without you.” Xander wheedled, with a grin.

“Very well, a short break.” Imhotep’s heart and soul lightened seeing the honest pleasure on Xander’s face at receiving his company.

Xander relined on his stately sofa that sat beside Imhotep’s thrown, it was a recent addition. Xander had expressed curiosity at how Imhotep was running things, so Imhotep decided to show him. Xander reached for the grapes on his little side table, he popped one into his mouth and chewed thoughtfully. Imhotep’s hand was gently carding through Xander’s hair, the motion had a surprisingly calming effect on both of them. Imhotep’s finger’s occasionally brushed Xander’s temple making Xander shudder in pleasure.

Xander was the very opposite of happy, in fact he was furious. Some bitch was trying to steal his Imhotep. Okay so Imhotep wasn’t exactly his, but damn it that woman was up to no good, she obviously just wanted power. Xander watched her prowl around Imhotep, her fingers trailing over his exposed skin. Xander felt helpless, like a wall flower, like he was back in Sunnydale, not worth the doughnuts he was bringing to the meeting. Suddenly something snapped in Xander’s mind bring reality into sharp focus. This wasn’t Sunnydale and he was going to have to fight for what he wanted, and he wanted Imhotep. Xander emerged from the shadows that were cast by the setting evening sun. Imhotep’s eyes turned to him. Summing up his courage Xander strode forward, the women obviously thought that he was some nameless servant because she ordered him out of the room. He ignored her, but saw the flash of anger in Imhotep’s eyes. Xander hoped that it was because the woman had ordered him out and not because Xander hadn’t followed the order.

Xander kept moving towards his goal, it seemed to take forever. As if the room grew larger and the distance between them became greater with each step forward. Finally Xander was standing in front of Imhotep, breathing raggedly. The woman snatched his arm to pull him away from Imhotep, Xander ignored her and the nails that were digging into his skin making him bleed.

“Imhotep” He implored trying to break the sensual spell that the woman had woven. “Please.”

“What could Imhotep want with you? You are not even worth his attention!” The woman’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard.

“Imhotep!” demanded Xander putting his hand on Imhotep’s chest, muscles twitched under his hand. Xander moved closer pressing his body against the hard line of Imhotep’s unresponsive body. A turn about of their first meeting. Xander sighed his head laying on Imhotep’s shoulder. “If I’m truly below your notice,” Xander whispered “then as least kill me before you make this mistake, I can’t stand to watch you lose yourself in her.” The woman growled low in her throat, she drew a knife from her back and savagely stabbed Xander in the side. Xander screamed in pain, and slumped against Imhotep. Xander pressed his hand against his side, when he with drew it, it was covered in red, his blood. Xander looked at the floor were a puddle was collecting under his feet. Gravity took effect and Xander fell to the floor. He looked up groggily at Imhotep his vision blurry, Xander wasn’t sure if it was from the lose of blood or the tears that stung his eyes.

“Imhotep…I lov-” He sighed as darkness over took him.

Xander sat up and gasped in shock having regained consciousness. His hands went to his side but found only smooth skin were once there had been a ragged wound. A hand was suddenly cupping Xander’s cheek and he flinched away before he could realize that it was Imhotep. Looking at the Ruler, Xander could see the sadness that the flinch had caused in his eyes. It was Xander’s turn to reach out, to sooth the heartbreak in that face regardless of what had happed before. Imhotep came readily into Xander’s arms.

“What happened?” asked Xander. “I thought I was dead or at least dieing.”

“The reincarnation of my last consort stabbed you after casting a spell upon me, I broke the incantation through force of will when I saw you laying on the floor. I was to late to save you.” Xander looked confused and interrupted.

“But I am still here!” Imhotep placed his hands on Xander’s bare shoulders to calm him.

“I brought you back from the dead, made you immortal like me.” Explained Imhotep. Xander’s eyes widened, and he started shaking, Imhotep drew him into a tight hug. Xander pulled away slightly to ask a question that was bothering him.

“What happened to the woman?” asked Xander. Imhotep grinned.

“You will not need to worry about her ever again, She is no longer a threat to you.”


Oh how she hated latrines, and having to clean them.


Xander sighed and wriggled on the bed, he was uncomfortable, his arm was asleep and trapped under Imhotep‘s head. Xander tried to stay still and not wake his sleeping bedmate, but it was difficult with the pins and needles worming their way up and down his arm. Looking to the balcony Xander could see the sky, only slightly touched by the morning rays of the sun. Beside him Imhotep muttered and turned his body so that it was now facing Xander. His arm freed he quickly pulled it against his body so that Imhotep could not reclaim it as a pillow. He winced as the pins and needles became more pronounce with the blood rushing back into the circulation of his arm. Ew Imhotep had drooled on him.

The feeling was amazing, Imhotep sliding in and out of him. Sparks went off behind his eyes every time his love hit that special place deep within him. Xander’s hands clutched the silk bed sheets and he moaned at Imhotep’s increasingly harder and faster thrusts. Xander looked into the eyes of his love, he desperately wanted relief but this torture was to good to end so soon. Xander cried out as a hand encircled his throbbing manhood and pumped it in time with the thrusts. He begged words tumbling out of his mouth, with no structure or meaning. Finally, finally he was coming, he shouted out to his Imhotep, calling his lover’s name over and over. Xander could feel his muscles tighten around his lover as Imhotep drove in once, then twice more and came. Xander whimpered pathetically as Imhotep kissed him and gently pulled out to lie beside him. Xander was quickly gathered into strong arms, a leg was placed in between his own as Imhotep settled down to sleep. Xander ignored the wet and sticky mess coating him and followed Imhotep into the land of dreams.

When Xander woke, it was to a damp clothe gently cleansing his skin and sore anus. Looking up into Imhotep’s face he could see the consideration and concern there in those dark magnificent eyes. Xander sighed happily, it was official he was in love.

It was like being back at school, only this time Xander was the teacher’s pet. Okay so he wasn’t a pet and anyone who called him that would get death glared at very expertly. Imhotep was busy explaining the theory behind one of the spells he wanted Xander to learn in order to protect himself properly if Imhotep was in disposed at the time of crisis. Xander was busy trying not (and failing) to daydream about that gorgeous body and a bed big enough to have an orgy on. After all he knew exactly wear to find a bed that big.

Xander hated traveling over long distances by sandstorm it made him dizzy and got dust in places you don’t want to know about. It was however the fastest way to get to the good ol’ US of A. Xander was sure that his friends were worried about him after their long separation, at least Xander hoped they were worried about him, because if they weren’t Xander was going to have a hell of a time trying to prevent Imhotep from killing them. Xander felt his feet hit hard library floor, though the world was still spinning Xander could make out Giles staring at him, the librarian’s mouth hanging open catching flies.

“Hey what’s up G-man” Asked Xander only slightly swaying back and forth. Giles spluttered and ripped his glasses of his face cleaning them harshly. That seemed to calm Giles down a great deal, at least until Imhotep rode in to the room on his own sandstorm. Giles seemed to get frightfully pale and faint. Now it was Xander’s turn to gape, then from deep inside giggles sprang forth, the giggles turned into great barks of laughter, it was minutes before he could calm himself down. Giles fainting, ha!


“Giles…Giles!…GILES!” yelled Xander, he’d sat Giles in a chair at the library table and gone to make some tea for the Englishman. Imhotep didn’t seem happy that he was playing servant to Giles. That made Xander smile brightly and kiss his love before he moved to wake Giles using the tea as an enticement. “Wakie, Wakie, sugar and Bakie.” Sing-songed Xander.

“God l-lord Xander! You’re here, you’re alive!” Giles gripped Xander and hugged him tightly. “I-I was af-fraid you’d be killed!” Imhotep looked mildly offended but remained silent. Xander smiled at Giles and patted his back trying to calm him down.

“I am fine Giles, never been better.” assured Xander, he became uncomfortable when he realised that Giles was actually crying into his shoulder. Where was that stiff upper lip Giles liked so much?

Eventually Giles calmed down enough to drink his tea while it was hot. Xander enquired after his friends and Giles told him how devastated Buffy and Willow had been when he went missing, and that Faith and gone rouge after killing a human. Giles also mentioned that Mayor Wilkins was trying to become an immortal snake demon. Xander had directed a looked at Imhotep as if to say ‘see I told you, something was up in Sunnydale, now aren’t you glad you listen to me?’.

Imhotep moved forward startling Giles, pressing a kiss to Xander’s lips before leaving to find the threat to his power. Giles looked like he was about to faint again before he could Xander encouraged him to take a few more sips of fortifying English tea.

“I s-see that you’ve ah ah gotten a suitor.” stammered Giles

“Yeah, isn’t he great?” Xander mused happily.

“Xander that man is extremely dangerous, his a plague upon mankind and completely immortal. You must get away from him!” cried Giles desperately trying to make Xander see the danger he was in.

“Giles, I love him, and I am not leaving him.” Xander did not look happy. “and since he is incredible powerful do really think there is anywhere I could run where he wouldn’t find me?” asked Xander. Giles nodded thinking he was talking some sense into Xander. He should have known better.

“Yes there are various dimensions where he would not be able to follow you.” Explained Giles illustrating with his hands.

“No Giles, I-” began Xander as Imhotep entered the room clearly furious, dragging a blonde teen behind him, a bloody stake in his free hand. “What happened?” asked Xander.

“This pest attacked me, on the way back into this building. She carried a stake, so I assumed she was your slayer friend which is the only reason she is not dead for moving against my person.” Growled the most powerful man on earth. Xander sighed, this was going to be a long, long day, a very long day.


Willow sobbed against his chest hugging him tightly, this was worse than getting drooled on in Xander’s opinion. It took an hour to calm her down and assure her that he was fine and happy, that Imhotep was treating him right, not that she could do anything even if he wasn’t. While Xander was happy to see he oldest friend, but he couldn’t help but wish for a break from all the tears.


Xander was very happy to get home, of course he promised to visit his friends again…soon, but not too soon. It was just nice to be in his own bed again. Giles had demanded that while and Xander and Imhotep stayed with him the sleep in separate beds as was proper. That might have been why they only stayed one day before heading back to the kingdom, after all Xander needed his lovin’. With the way Imhotep’s hands and mouth were doing suggestive things to Xander’s body he had a feeling that it was going to be along night of Xanderlovin. Bring it on, Xander could handle anything this crazy world threw at him…except clowns.

The End, again.


A/N Okay, this is done, BUT, if any of the drabbles I write strike my fancy I’ll add them. Thank you for all the reviews on “The Wonder of Reading.


Point out any glaring mistakes and I’ll fix them.







The End?

You have reached the end of "The Wonder of Sequels" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jan 08.

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