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This story is No. 1 in the series "Egyptian Legacy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Anya makes a wish for Xander to find his soul mate, with some interesting results. Xander/Imhotep, with some slash later on.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own The Mummy or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are the property of Universal Studios and Mutant Enemy (as well as other people, but none of them are me).
Warning: I plan to put in a warm and fuzzy smut scene in this story somewhere, so *slash warning* as well as varying degrees of anxst.
AN: While the plot is completely mine, I must give credit where it is due and say a huge thanks to Sio for the inspiration her “The Wonder of Reading” fic and its sequel “The Wonder of Sequels” (which is very good by the way, go read it!) gave me. Thanks!!!! *BIG huggles!*
AN2: This takes place after “The Mummy Returns” and in season six of Buffy.
Now, on to the fic! Oh, and this will sometimes take place in the Mummy world, sometimes in the Buffy world...I didn't see a mixture*presses mixture button* All better!

* * * * *

Imhotep watched. His heart was being ripped apart and all he could do was watch. A part of him was screaming at her, but the part that won just watched; immobile as his love ran from him.

He glanced over at the man that had given him so much trouble. Something passed between them though if you asked him, he would not have been able to tell you what it was exactly.

After what felt like eternity to the immortal mage, his eyes went back to watching his love’s back disappear around the stone corridor. Then, that part of him that was still screaming finally won, and he watched his hands let go of the edge of the abyss and watched as the sliver of light from above faded and vanished. His heart finally getting in reality what he had already experienced.

And the world darkened to him, though it didn’t leave, the only thoughts left that of his memories. Over and over he experienced. Saw and felt his love leave, never looking back. Many times he also watched his enemy’s own love save him against his wishes. Neither woman obeying their man; though one proved her love and one betrayed hers. Hell had that effect. Forcing Imhotep to see and experience that moment forever, until that one moment consumed him, leaving nothing left.

* * *

Xander watched. His heart was breaking in two and all he could do was watch. He could hear himself screaming in denial, but as Buffy wasn’t reacting to the sound with her right beside him, he knew it was only in his mind. Intellectually, he knew he was standing and silent, yet still he felt the world tilt on itself and the place where his heart lay dropping to his feet as he heard himself scream endlessly in dissent. His fiancé, his love, the woman he had dedicated three years of his love, was fucking someone else. And all he could do was watch.

Watch as the bleach blond man slammed into the woman he had made love to over and over again. With each jolt and sway of his love, he felt another piece ripped from his heart. Over and over, confetti rained down around his feet until nothing remained.

An unnatural calm settled over his mind, allowing him to see that Buffy had finally moved to yank the pair apart. He saw that Spike had casually lounged back against a bookcase even as Anya met his brown gaze and paled, starting to jerk on her clothes as the shame suffused her eyes. He just watched with a blank expression, nothing left.

After a second or two of meeting her own look with his own, he turned softly and walked away.

* * *

Hallie watched. Her heart, for what it was, was wrenched between helping her friend and helping the boy who was just, if not more, broken than Anya was. A small sigh escaped her as she made her way to her old friend and sat down beside her.

“How are you doing sweetie?” her voice was gentle and understanding despite the torn feeling in her chest.

Anyanka looked up at her and Halfrek could see the conflict. “I don’t know. A part of me hates him for leaving me there like that but another part of me still loves him. I think I wanted to make him hurt as much as he hurt me…” she drifted off, gazing into her drink as if the answers lay there. Maybe they did.

“You know all you have to do is say it.”

Anya nodded but didn’t meet her eyes. Hallie was able to feel her friend’s emotions and conflict and then, all of a sudden, it disappeared. A small smile filled Anya’s face, “I don’t love him. I never did. I just wanted what he could give me.” She paused a moment, then continued, “I wish—“

Halfrek’s eyebrows rose but she sat up straighter at the prospect of this job.

“I wish that Xander could find his soul mate. That one special person that’s just right for him. I wish that Xander would find his soul mate and that they fall in love with each other so that they can live a full and healthy life together.”

Hallie felt her nod and a small smile crossed her face as she thought for a moment, searching the cosmos for that perfect specimen for Alexander Lavelle Harris. She let her face shift to it’s true form, though it was more of necessity than anything else, and whispered, “Done,” before disappearing into oblivion. It was Sunnydale, no one would notice and she had work to do.

* * *

Xander sat in his apartment, staring blankly into space. He barely heard the country music the radio was playing in the background. It had been several days since the Incident at the Magic Box and he had yet to move from his recliner except to go to the bathroom. He had even slept in it, the little he did sleep. How could he sleep when all he saw was his love under Spike, gazing into his brown eyes, and not even caring that he could see. He knew the images weren’t true, but he couldn’t help it.

Then, for no reason that he could think of, he blinked. The blurred vision went away and he was able to see the black object on the otherwise white kitchen counter. His head cocked to one side as he realized he had been staring at a book. It was sitting high on the bar and he wondered how he could have missed it. It must have been one of the books he had “borrowed” from the Magic Box for a cramming session of research before the wedding and forgotten to take it back. It could have been sitting there for who knew how long.

Xander sighed and reached out, grabbing the book and pulling it into his lap. As the book was higher than his eyes, he didn’t see the hexagonal box laying on top and was hit in the head as it fell. “Ow!” One hand rose to rub the sore area as the other ran deft fingers over the black book.

It was black with brass hinges on the right side that kept the book from being read, as if it was a diary. Egyptian hieroglyphics covered the front and back except for a unique scarab design in the middle of the front that was slightly depressed from the rest, but he knew better than to read any of it out loud. He could reason out what it said with little difficulty though, years of research in a library stocked full of ancient books pretty much had made him learn several dead languages just from survival. The front looked like a summoning spell for “the honored dead to defend the righteous.”

He finished rubbing his head and picked up the hexagonal box made of the same black material as the book and began to turn it around. He noticed that one symbol, that of a scarab that looked remarkably similar to the one on the book, was split in half horizontally. He kept turning the box, and found the other half. Turning the box counterclockwise on the top while holding the bottom still, he aligned the two half-symbols. As soon as the scarab was complete, the top popped opened with a snap, making him jump a little. He let out a small breath and held the artifact so that he could analyze it. He raised an eyebrow at the way the unique shaped depression in the book exactly matched that of the new box’s form. Shrugging in a what-can-possibly-go-wrong way, he set the box in the hole and twisted.

He jumped again as the latches snapped open. “That happens a lot with this book.” He opened the front cover and began to read, silently to himself.

* * *

Eyes watched him, smiling gently. Since she was a justice demon, she had to make the wish have consequences. But before she could do that, she had to alter a little perception here, a little language barrier there and then get the boy to say the magic words…

* * *

Xander frowned at a particular passage and on impulse, began to read it aloud in what he heard as English. However, if anyone else were in the room with him, they would hear a long-dead language that only a few people could pronounce correctly, and most of them were dead.

“The life mate of the One Who Sees can be found dwelling in the darkness from which there is little escape. The Betrayer, after twice been set upon the sands, will once again be summoned in the Valley of the Sun, where he will earn his just reward.”

If another happened to be hearing what Xander actually said, it would be more like “Amun Ra. Amun Dei. Sueh ah harem uk toob. Sin matse betbiah Imatep supikeh setsueh. Yahtueh yahtueh yahtueh.”

The wind picked up and Xander’s eyes widened as he realized the windows weren’t actually open in his apartment. “Ooooh crap.” Sand seemed to come out of the walls themselves, creating a dust devil in the middle of his living room and coalesce into a vaguely humanoid form. The sand melted away to reveal a bandaged mummy, but before Xander could react to the disgusting image, skin and muscle folded over itself and into a…man. A very naked man. “Holy guacamole. Giles is sooo going to kill me.”

* * *

Hallie giggled to herself as she adjusted the parameters even more so, making sure that everything would go as she and Anya wanted while still having consequences. She sat back with a contented sigh and a bag of hot popcorn, settling in to watch the scene unfold. The rest was up to them.

* * *

Imhotep took the first few moments of his fourth incarnation to revel in the lack of pain, the sight of something other than his love leaving his side, and scrunch his toes imperceptivity in the carpet to get a feel for the surface. It took him a few seconds to realize that there was a man in front of him. After all, most ran from him, not stay and speak to themselves.

The man sitting before him was drawn and pale, as if he was malnourished and hadn’t seen the sun for many days. His brown eyes held a pain that Imhotep could relate to, as his heart felt the same, even as different emotions overrode the hurt, mostly amazement, denial, and worry. The style of dress had changed somewhat since his last incarnation as well. The man was wearing a bright, flimsy tunic that only covered him from the waist up and dark blue leggings from the waist down, while his feet were left bare. Imhotep recognized poverty when he saw it, as he had spent most of his growing years there. He himself had spent the first score of his years without sandals.

Imhotep was driven out of his thoughts, which really didn’t take that much time, as the man got to his feet. He saw the man set the Book of the Dead and the Key off to one side on a nearby high table, when the man began to speak. Imhotep raised an eyebrow at the language that was similar to what the boy had spoken, but different. He had learned the boy’s language through his magicks and connection to the Bracelet of Anubis, but a few of this man’s words were so strange that he had to wonder if this was a different language entirely. But, the man had to know Egyptian to summon him, so they would have to settle on a common tongue.

As Imhotep watched the man pace back and forth, he couldn’t stop the small smile from his face as he recognized a fellow spirit in the young one. He didn’t even try to stop his obvious erection, but he doubted the other noticed as he didn’t pause in his musings. So Imhotep took the precious time to look at the man, to observe not just his clothing, but his posture and the way he moved. His dark eyes watched as the man paced in such a way that it reminded him of a cat behind bars or testing the length of its leash. He saw the muscles every now and then that the free-flowing tunic revealed at odd moments. He observed that while the man had been pacing, he had never actually let Imhotep out of his line of sight, turning toward him rather than away. This man was a warrior as well as a scholar and had the makings of a mage. What potential in such a deceiving package…but what a beautiful package it was! A part of the immortal mage had to wonder how he had gotten over his memories of Ankhsunamun so quickly, but he brushed the thought aside, as he simply lived in the moment.

Imhotep’s smile widened. There was more than one way to live in the moment.

* * *

“Okay, ummm…Hi? What are you doing Xander? He can’t understand a word you’re saying. Why should he? He’s a nude Ancient Egyptian man…who is now getting aroused for some odd reason…that just appeared after you read from a book. That doesn’t mean he understands anything you say at all. Okay, gotta think. How to deal with this? Ummm…call Giles? No, that’s a stupid idea, Giles will freak and do one of his ‘Good Lord’s and then want me to put the gorgeous naked man back into the book. What do I do, ask him? And did I just say he was gorgeous? Damn, need to get out more. What about…”

At that moment, Xander was accosted by the ‘gorgeous naked man.’ The man had his tongue down his throat and all Xander could think was “Great googly-mooglies this guy can kiss better than Anya.” But he had a good idea where the road went and put his hands on the man’s chest and pushed. After spending six years fighting on the Hellmouth, and another three years working in construction, Xander was a little surprised to find he couldn’t budge the guy. So, in typical Xander fashion, he pushed harder. It didn’t reap the desired results.

The man pulled back alright, but it was with amusement in his eyes and a boner that had gotten a lot bigger than the last time he had looked. But Xander knew that if he didn’t put his foot down, he would never get to later, and said in his limited Egyptian, “Hands off Xander.”

The man’s eyebrows rose as if he was king looking down on a subject and the subject suddenly had a interesting request. But as far as Xander knew, he could be Pharaoh…but by his state of undress he doubted it. Xander backed up a few feet as soon as the man’s hands were by his side, ignoring the smirk, before he continued, “I am Xander. No hands on Xander.”

The man suddenly barked a laugh and replied in flawless Egyptian, “I am Imhotep and I will touch you as much as I like.”

Xander’s eyes widened as he backed up more, but this time Imhotep kept pace and actually had him up against the bar counter, Imhotep’s hips and chest pressing into his own and he thanked every god he could think of that he had clothes on, because if he was honest with himself, this man before him flipped every switch he had. It was all he could do to remain stiff and not moan in pleasure as Imhotep swooped down for another kiss, his arms coming up and around to hold Xander in place.

After a few moments though, Xander realized that he actually needed air, and his nose was blocked by the force with which Imhotep kissed. Xander pushed against the brick wall that was holding him, but to no avail. In less than a minute, Xander slumped in the Egyptian’s arms, having fainted from lack of oxygen.

Imhotep looked down on his prize and gave his first real smile in over three thousand years. As gently as he could, he swung his boy’s body up into his arms and then disappeared in a swirl of sand, making sure to take the Book and Key with them.

* * * * *

So, what do you think? Please review, I love to hear what you guys say, it keeps me writing!
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