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The Last Hellsing

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Summary: Rewrite. Xander leaves to have a new life in England as Lord Hellsing. Pairings Alucard/Xander.

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Anime > HellsingSpiritravenFR2128,3077616,36530 Jan 089 Nov 12No

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Chapter One

Title: Xander's Choice

By: Spiritraven

Disclaimer: I don't own Hellsing or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am writing this for my own enjoyment and am not earning one cent from this.

Warnings: PLEASE READ. I have no beta so there will be mistakes you have been warned. If anyone is interested please let me know I would love the help. Slash, weirdness, and AU.

Chapter One:

"Hello." Xander said blinking his eyes at the older well-dressed man standing in his doorway. He had to be English because he had the look of Giles about him only his tweed looked more expensive. He wondered if the guy was apart of the Watcher's Council. And if he was a member then he wanted the guy no where around here. The Council was nothing, but trouble and that was the last thing he needed right now. Xander had enough of that by being Buffy's friend and the weak link of the group. He lost count of the times someone tried to use him to get to the Slayer. It was starting to become annoying. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, you can young man." The well-dressed man smiled at the young boy. It was him Walter came to see, but first he had to speak to his mother. "I am Walter Dornez a friend of your mother. Will you please tell Lady Jessica I'm here."

"Lady Jessica?" It must be an English thing, but he never heard Giles call anyone Lady before unless he was yelling at Buffy and then it was 'young lady'. Something strange was going on and Xander wanted to know why this guy wanted to see his mother. And another thing Xander never heard her mother mention a man named Walter Dornez as her friend. His eyes narrowed not wanting to trust this man. "My mom is married. It's Mrs. Harris."

Walter's jaws harden at the thought of Tony Harris. The man wasn't good enough for her and he knew Harris used to beat her and Alexander. Alucard wanted more then to rip Anthony Harris apart. It was only because of Integra's order that he didn't. Walter never agreed when a fake marriage was done between Jessica and Harris. All it did was cause Lady Jessica and her son even more pain. "Yes, forgive me Alexander. Please tell Lady Jessica I'm here." He refused to call Lady Hellsing by Mrs. Harris. He would never insult her in such away. The man she was married too was a brute and was not worthy of Lady Hellsing or her son.

"Yeah." Xander stepped back leaving it to the man whether he wanted to come in or not. It was nighttime and Xander wasn't about to let a stranger into his house when he could a vampire. Xander might be a zeppo, but he wasn't totally stupid. He learned a few things while hanging out with Buffy and the others.

Smart boy. Walter thought as he entered the house. Alexander knew about the nightlife in Sunnydale. It was no wonder he lived as long as he did in this town. Of course Shadow helped to keep him alive, but Alexander had to have some skill. The boy was a friend with the Slayer and Watcher. Surely they thought Alexander how to protect himself. Thinking about Shadow he wondered if the boy knew about the hellhound yet? Alexander would have impressed Sir Integra. And that woman was hard to impress. Almost like Alucard. "Thank you."

"Have a seat while I go and get mom." It was a good thing Xander's father wasn't home he wouldn't have reacted well to a man no matter how old who asked for Jessica. Tony Harris was a very jealous man and wouldn't think twice if he hurt his wife or son. Xander waited until the guy sat down then entered the kitchen where his mother was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. Xander was very proud of his mother. She had stayed sober for over a year now all on her own and was working as an L.V.N at the E.R during the day. Xander was glad his mother worked the morning shift and not the night. It would be hard to lie to his mother should he ever end up at the ER at night. He wished his dad would do the same and get his life together, but he didn't love them enough and Xander was used to it. "Hey mom someone is here to see you."

Jessica looked up from her coffee cup into the dark brown eyes of her son. She was tired from a long day at work and was glad Tony was out drinking with his friends. She really didn't want to deal with him now. "Who is it, Alexander?"

"Some guy named Walter Dornez, he says he's a friend of yours." Jessica head flew up her eyes wide. Xander could see how shocked his mother was at the mention of Walter. "You okay mom?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Jessica stood up forcing a smile on her face. It has been almost seventeen years since she had seen Walter and the rest of Hellsing. There was only one reason why he would be here now. Hellsing wanted Alexander and that could mean only one thing. "Where is Walter?"

"Sitting down in the living room." Xander watched his mother with worried eyes. This guy really shook her up. "You want me to tell him to leave?"

"No, it's fine." Jessica had always thought she would be ready when this day comes. She was wrong. How can you tell your son that his life was a lie? "Xander I need you to go to your room and stay there until I call for you. Can you do this for me?"

"Mom I don't feel right leaving you alone with this guy." Xander didn't like how this Walter shook up his mother. She looked worried, defeated, and so very tired.

Jessica smiled at her son sitting her hand on Xander's shoulder. He was worried about her and she could understand that, but would he understand what she would have to tell him later on? "Xander, I've known Walter for a long time and he is a good friend and would never hurt me. It has something to do about the past. After I spoken to Walter I will call you in and let you know everything." Jessica gave her son a quick hug. "Now go upstairs and don't worry everything will be fine." And she could only hope he would forgive her.

"All right, but if you need me yell and I'll come down and teach that Giles wannabe a lesson." Xander gave his mother a small smile. "You know I'll slay dragons for you mom?"

"I know." Jessica watched her son leave the kitchen to go to his room. She was very lucky to have such a son knowing she hadn't always been the best mother to him. The years she wasted away by drinking herself stupid beside Tony because she didn't want to face her life. "Protect him, Shadow."

A shadow pulled itself from the wall and formed a six-eyed hellhound. Jessica was used to Shadow having him since Alexander was born. Tony never knew about Shadow and neither did Xander, she had to keep it a secret they wouldn't understand. Xander was too young to understand about the Supernatural and Tony would have tried and kill Shadow only to have himself done in. And blood was too messy and something she hated to clean up. Alucard sent Shadow when Alexander was only a couple of minutes old. She sighed as she remembered how Alucard forced Shadow from his body. It wasn't a pretty site and Jessica would never forget it no matter how much she wanted too. Shadow was literally a part of Alucard and could hear and see everything he did and it made Jessica feel safe. She knew Alucard would never hurt her or her son. With a sigh and a determine look on her face she entered the living room finding Walter standing by the window. "Hello, Walter."

Walter turned around a pleased smile on his face. "It's been a long time, Jessica. I'm sure you why I'm here?"

"Something has happened to Integra?" It would be the only reason why Walter would be here now. Hellsing would come for Alexander only when something bad has happened to the Organization and he was needed. "You want Alexander?"

Walter nodded, he didn't want to do this, but it had to be done for Hellsing. Alexander was the last of the line. It couldn't be helped. "Sir Hellsing was killed three weeks ago in her cell at the Tower of London. The murderer had been found and Alucard took care of him and those that hired him. However Hellsing is in need of a Leader." Walter knew Jessica didn't want him to beat around the bush. She always preferred the news straight up.

"I'm sorry to hear about Integra." True Jessica and Integra never saw eye to eye not even when Integra was a little girl. She only saw Jessica as the wife of her evil Uncle Richard and wanted nothing to do with her. Not that Jessica could ever blame her. Jessica was afraid of Richard and stayed out of his business. "Alexander is the last Hellsing heir. You want him to take the Head of the Hellsing Organization?" The very spot Richard always wanted and never could get. Alexander was the only son of Richard and Jessica Hellsing. After Arthur was killed Richard tried everything to take over Hellsing even tried to his kill his only niece. Jessica knew she had to get away from Richard, he was too dangerous and evil. Walter with the newly waken Alucard helped her to get away with her newborn son. True Richard was dead, but Integra didn't want a reminder of her Uncle. It was the best choice at the time.

"Yes, Alexander is the last of the Hellsing line and must take his place as the Leader." Walter placed a hand on Jessica's shoulder to offer her some form of comfort. "I know Alexander is young, but he is strong and now Hellsing needs him. Without an heir Hellsing would be fought over and torn apart. We can't let that happen, Jessica. Hellsing is too important and the Queen knows this as does the Round Table."

"And of course my father would be at the lead to tear Hellsing apart." Jessica frowned at the thought of her father. William La Ville the Head of the La Ville Organization was a hard man and wanted Hellsing as long as she could remember. It was one of the main reasons he had arranged for her to marry Richard. Should Richard ever get control of Hellsing then William would control Hellsing through his son-in-law. The planned never worked because Arthur made sure Integra would get Hellsing and not his brother. "I'm sure he's searching for me?"

"Yes, Lady Hellsing he is searching for you." Walter was able to keep Alexander a secret from William Lavelle, but the man believed since his daughter was once married to a Hellsing then she should gain control. It was the only reason William wanted Jessica. In Walter's mind William never loved his daughter he only used her to gain power. "Of course he still believes you in England. This is why we must leave soon and have Alexander take his proper place. Then Hellsing will be safe."

"Alexander has no idea about my past or who his real father is." Jessica never had the guts to tell Alexander the truth. "Now it's time to tell him everything."

"I'm sure he'll understand." Walter was sure the boy would know his mother wanted only to protect him. From what he learned about the boy from Alucard, he could be great leader. Having the No Life King's support spoke a great deal because not even Integra had Alucard's full support.

"Have a seat while I'll get my son." Jessica left Walter and went up the stairs.

Xander sat on his bed worried about his mother and wanted nothing more then to go down the stairs and check on his mom. That wasn't going to happen because Shadow was guarding the door. Xander smiled at the hellhound. He knew all about Shadow and that he was the protector of his mother and himself. It all started when Xander was six and ran from the house when his father tried to hurt him. It was dark and a man tried to take Xander. It was then that Xander learned about vampires and hellhounds. Shadow saved his life. "I'm worried boy. Maybe I should go down there?"

Shadow gave a deep low bark and placed his head on Xander's lap. Xander petted the black armor like skin on his head. "No, huh? Do you know this guy, Shadow?"

"Shadow does know Walter." Jessica entered her son's room surprised at seeing Xander pet the hellhound. "How long have you known about, Shadow?"

"Since I was six." Xander admitted with a slight blush on his face at being caught. "At first I kept him a secret because I was afraid you and dad would make me get rid of him. It was later that I learned that you knew about him and that Shadow was our protector."

Jessica knew her son was always smart despite what his teachers thought about him. "I need you to come down stairs. There is something Walter and I need to tell you. Bring Shadow with you." Jessica was sure Alucard was watching and hearing everything though Shadow. The hellhound was apart of him after all.

Xander followed his mother with Shadow and found Walter sitting in a chair with a worried look on his face. He sat next to his mother on the love seat with Shadow's head in his lap. Something was going on something that was going to change his life. "Will this take long, mom? I promised to meet up with Willow, Buffy, and Oz at the Bronze."

Jessica wasn't stupid she knew that Buffy girl was a Slayer and that her son was playing Donut boy for his friends. She didn't say anything knowing Shadow was protecting Xander from the sidelines and wouldn't let anything happen to him. "The Slayer and her Watcher will have to wait Alexander. This is important."

Oh my God! Xander thought, his mother knew about the Slayer and the Watcher's Council. Really he shouldn't have been surprised since his mother had a pet hellhound living with them. "How long have you known?"

"Since Jesse's death." Jessica remembered the pain Alexander went through at the death of his best friend. A part of her wondered if Alexander was the one that staked him. "I'm sorry you had to go through all of that."

Xander forced a small smile on his face not wanting to worry his mother. "No problem, I'm over it."

"You never get over the death of a good friend." Walter said knowing what he was talking about. He never really gotten over Arthur's death and Integra's death was harder to get over. Walter raised the girl like his own daughter. "You can only move on."

"Yeah, got ya." Xander turned serious. "Are you going to tell me what's going on?"

This wasn't going to be easy to tell. Jessica thought as she took a deep breath. "This will be easy to tell you since you know all about the Supernatural. You are the only Heir to Hellsing now that your cousin Integra is dead. Walter is here to get you so you can take your rightful place."

"Hellsing? Like Van Hellsing that man that killed Dracula?" Xander did believe in vampires, but to him Dracula was a myth as were all of the book's characters. Really he shouldn't be surprised because hey, he was a friend of a Slayer, witch, and werewolf. Xander didn't count Deadboy. The vampire really got on his bad side.

"Yes, he was your great, great, great, grandfather on your father's side." Jessica watched the emotions cross her son's face. "And Dracula isn't dead he goes by the name of Alucard. Shadow is apart of him."

"So your saying I'm related to a book character and Dracula is real?" Okay this was too much. Why was he surprised? Xander faced vampires and demons on a regular basis. Xander looked down at Shadow not believing the hellhound he saw as a friend was apart of a vampire. Shadow seemed to notice his master was upset and licked his hand. "Shadow is a vampire's pet?"

"No, you don't understand Alexander, Shadow is apart of Alucard in a strange way Shadow is Alucard." Walter tried to explain the best he could. "He has been watching over you since the day you were born Alexander. If Alucard didn't think you were worthy then Shadow would be long gone."

"So dad is a Hellsing?" Xander couldn't picture his father coming from a noble bloodline. The man would always be a loser to him.

"No, Tony isn't your real father though your real father isn't a prize either." In Jessica's book Richard was worst then Tony. Jessica didn't love Richard and the only good thing he had ever given her was their son. "Richard Hellsing is your father however he has been dead before you were born. Richard was the youngest son and wanted nothing more then to take over Hellsing even kill Integra your cousin."

"Oh this is great!" It could only happen to Xander. Tony Harris was a drunk and now his real father was a man who would kill for power. It was safe to say that he took after his mother. "I can't be a Leader. I'm a loser mom a donut man and Zeppo of the group. I just destroy Hellsing. Can't you find someone else Walter?"

"You are a Hellsing and it's about time you take your place." Jessica's voice became hard. No son of hers was going to believe himself to be worthless. "It's my fault for not raising you the way you should have been raised. You can be great Alexander and it's about time you learn how to lead. I am the daughter of La Ville which is a Organization of vampire hunters like Hellsing." Jessica grabbed Alexander by the shoulders and forced him to look at her. "You have the blood of hunters going through your veins. It was you that saved the Slayer, Alexander. Don't you see what kind of man you are?"

"You mother is right, Alexander." Walter watched as Shadow's eyes glowed red. They were going to have a visitor soon. "Hellsing has been watching you and you are what Hellsing needs. You need to have faith in yourself."

"You will come to England." Xander jumped when the hellhound spoke. The hellhound was staring at him and Xander swore there was a smirk on the hound's face.

"Do show your true form vampire you are scaring young Alexander." Walter ordered though the vampire didn't listen to anyone. Oh, he wasn't a fool Walter knew the only reason Alucard took orders from Hellsing was because he respected the Leaders. If Alucard didn't like Alexander then he would have killed the boy the first chance he got.

Xander watched in shock as Shadow started to change shape. He became more human looking wearing a long red over coat and a pair of John Lennon sunglasses. It was the fanged grin that made Xander shiver. "Who are you?"

"The one who has protected you since you were a small brat." Alucard stared down at the human boy pleased at how he didn't back down. He took off the sunglasses. "Hello young Alexander."

"Mom I can't go Buffy and the others need me." Xander couldn't leave his friends.

"Do they?" Alucard purred placing himself on the arm of Xander's seat. "The Slayer and soulless one treat you like you are nothing. As Shadow I've heard the Slayer call you worthless. Why do you stay with them?"

Okay, that hurt. Xander sighed, he knew Buffy thought of him as worthless and how the gang tried to keep him from patrolling. Buffy had Angel and had that whole truelove drama going on. Willow was too busy with Oz and school. Giles only cared about Buffy and believed he got in the way like the others. Oh, Giles never said anything and did his best to make sure Xander felt useful, but he knew the Watcher believed he was only in the way. "Because they are my friends." That was reason enough for Xander.

Alexander was loyal, he would be good for Hellsing. Alucard thought with a smirk on his pale face. First he needed the boy to leave the Hellmouth. Alexander needed a lot learning and training before he could take his place as Sir Hellsing. Alucard would take care of the training part and Walter will make sure he had a strong mind. "You are needed somewhere Alexander and it isn't here. The Slayer has her friends and if you wish you can have a Hellsing soldier watch over her." Not that Alucard cared what happens to the Slayer.

"We can explain everything to the Watcher and leave them a way to contact you." If Sir Hellsing was still alive she would throw a fit at learning a member of her family was friends with a Watcher. The Watcher's Council and Hellsing hated each other. The Council hated Hellsing because of their favor with the Queen. And Hellsing hated the Council at how they took young girls from their families and treat them like tools.

Xander knew this was one war he wasn't going to win. At least he would be taught to take care of himself and that was more then he could say about Giles and the others. For the first time in his life Xander was needed. "You promise that if Buffy needs me I can return to help?"

"Of course, it's our calling to protect the human race." With Alexander being an American it would seem Hellsing would be opening a branch here in the States. The Queen won't care as long as England remains the prime concern of Hellsing. It was the same of the Watcher's Council. "What is your choice, Alexander?"

Xander took a deep breath and answered. "I guess I'm going to England."

"Jessica?" Walter looked over at her. Surely she wouldn't stay here with Harris. There was no longer any need. "Will you be coming with us?"

Jessica smiled, she would be free of Tony and so will her son. "Of course, I'll start to pack now." Jessica looked over at her son. "Would you like me to pack for you, Alexander?"

"Just enough clothes for a few days." Walter eyed what the Hellsing heir was wearing. It wouldn't do at all. "We will have to go shopping for something better. Alexander must look the part and those shirts won't do at all."

"We must talk to the Slayer and her Watcher." Alucard chuckled at the glare Alexander shot at the Angel of Death. The boy will keep things interesting. "Lady Hellsing will take care of the packing."

"We're leaving now?" Xander thought they would at least give him a few days. This was too soon.

"The plane leaves in the morning and we must go to Los Angeles to meet up with it." Walter stood up and went over to the front door. "Shall we go, Alexander?"

"Yes, we shall." Alucard placed a large red hat on his head that seemed to come from no where.

"Oh, no, you are so not going." Xander stepped in front of Alucard and the door. "Giles would never forgive me if his books are destroyed."

Alucard threw his head back and laughed. "I promise to behave, Protector of Man."

Xander blinked in confusion. "Protector of Man?"

"Your name means Protector of Man." Alucard leaned in to Xander causing the human to back away. "It suits you."

"Alucard that's enough." Walter was worried. Alucard showed Alexander too much attention even more then he showed Integra. He didn't know what to think about it. "We best get this taken care of before we leave for Los Angeles."

"Alright you can go, but you better be good." Xander didn't know the vampire Alucard well, but if he was anything like Shadow then he liked to get into trouble. Buffy and the others were going to be in for a surprise.

"I promise." Xander didn't notice the fingers crossed behind the No Life King's back. Walter sent Alucard a knowing look. What ever the vampire planned had to be interesting.

"Are you going to go in or just stare at the door?" Alucard asked from his place by the tree. Alexander had been standing in front of the library's door for five minutes now. It was amusing and even the Angel of Death had a grin on his face.

"We do have to be going soon Sir. Hellsing." Xander groaned, ever since he agreed to go with them Walter had taken to calling him Sir. Hellsing. It would take getting used too because Xander didn't think Walter would stop any time soon, but it was kind of nice knowing he was someone. "Perhaps we should go in?"

"I know." Xander glared at the smirking vampire. "You will stay out here so Buffy or Angel can't sense you. Understand?"

Oh yes, Alexander will be very amusing. Alucard thought to himself the smirk still firmly on his face. "Of course, Master."

"Knock it off, Alucard." Xander had a feeling this was a bad idea. It would be so much better if he just went to England and sent the others a letter. Willow would understand and Xander could always call them later on. The thought of Buffy meeting Alucard gave him the chills. "Yeah, that's a good idea."

"What is a good idea, Sir. Hellsing?" Walter could see that Xander wanted to leave, but he wasn't about to let that happen.

"Yes, do tell us Protector of Man." Alucard was enjoying himself and he didn't even meet the Slayer yet.

"Can't I call or write them?" Xander asked with puppy eyes. They haven't let him down yet.

Alucard appeared in front of Xander causing him to jump with his back against the library's door. "Those eyes won't work on me young one. I eat puppies."

"Eww." Xander pushed against Alucard's chest. The vampire was too close for comfort. "Eating puppies is evil, but then you are evil." Xander looked up at Alucard. "You don't really eat puppies do you?"

"No he does not." Walter pulled Alexander away from Alucard. The vampire was trying to get on the young man's nerves. And by Alexander's expression it was working. "Alexander, if it make you more comfortable Alucard and I will stay out here while you talk to your friends."

Xander smiled grateful that at least Walter was trying to be helpful. "You can come in with me Walter, but I prefer if Alucard stays out here. There is no telling what will happen with Angel and Buffy in there." Again came the chills.

Walter turned to look at Alucard to see what he would do. The vampire leaned against the tree and said nothing. "Is this fine with you, old friend?"

"Yes, I can keep watch." In other words Alucard planned to spy on them. It was a good thing Alexander wasn't going to know. It might send the boy to an early gave. Walter would really need to make Alexander one of special guns. Perhaps shooting Alucard will make him feel better. It worked for Integra.

Walter opened the door and stepped back so Alexander could enter first. Xander took a deep breath and entered followed by Walter. Alucard disappeared into the shadows. This was one show he wasn't about to miss.

It was a normal Scooby meeting with Giles, Willow, and Oz sitting at the table with their noses in books. Angel was sitting quietly in the corner with Buffy pretending she was training when she really was sneaking glances at the vampire. Oz and Angel were the only ones that noticed Xander and Walter. It was sad really that a Slayer paid more attention to a vampire then what was going on around her. It was a surprise that she lived this long.

"Xander." Oz nodded once in welcome and went back to his book. Whatever was going to happen wasn't any of his business.

"Oz." Xander gave a nod back and watched as Giles, Willow, and Buffy finally notice him.

"You're late, Xander." Buffy huffed, she was in a bad mood because she had to train and not spend any time with her Angel. Not only that she ruined a new shirt during patrol. It was a new shirt that was made out of silk and it was on sale. She was never going to be able to find another shirt at that price again. It made Buffy want to dust that vampire again. "I want a latte and a jelly donut."

"I want a jelly donut too, Xander." Willow smiled and went back to her reading.

Giles sat his book on the table and pushed his glasses up on his face. He noticed the man standing next to Xander and knew who he was. Giles was nervous as to why a member of Hellsing was here on the Hellmouth. "What business brings a member of the Hellsing Organization here to the Hellmouth?"

"Rupert Giles, it has been a long time." Walter knew Giles having seen him a few times when he was Ripper and hung around with Ethan Rayne. He was a young troublemaker back then. Alucard thought Rayne was amusing and it was the only reason he let the chaos mage live. "I see you got your life together and became a Watcher with your very own Slayer."

"You know Giles, Walter?" Now this Xander wasn't expecting at all. He shouldn't be surprised though. They were both English, liked hot tea, and they both hunted vampires. A match made in Heaven or Hellmouth in this case. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't know Rupert was the Slayer's Watcher, Sir Hellsing, but yes I do know him." After the entire Watcher's Council is apart of the Round Table and Hellsing tried to keep track of all it's members. The Council was a bunch of old dinosaurs that used young girls as weapons. Hellsing saw them as part of the problem. One little girl wasn't going to do much against evil. Hellsing didn't see why young girls had to die when there should have been a way for them to live.

"Sir. Hellsing? Is Integra here as well?" Giles never thought Integra would ever leave England, but it could happen. He completely missed hearing Walter call Xander 'Sir Hellsing'.

Walter smiled sadly as he thought about the woman he raised since she was a small girl. Of course he had the help of Alucard in raising Integra which was why she had such a short temper. "I would have thought the Council would have informed all of its Watchers. Integra was killed in the Tower of London."

"Good God." Giles started to clean his glasses in super speed. He couldn't believe that Integra Wingate Hellsing was dead. She was a strong woman that no one wanted to cross or get on her bad side. Giles met Integra once and respected her by the work she did for England. Not everyone could control the No Life King only a Hellsing. Sir Hellsing was what Walter called Xander. Giles looked at Xander in surprise everything coming together. Walter called Xander, Sir Hellsing. "Xander what's going on?"

"Who is the old guy?" Buffy asked with cold eyes. English guys that knew Giles usually meant trouble. She didn't forget Holloween or Ethan Rayne. "And is he evil?"

"His name is Walter Dornez and no Buffy he isn't evil." Walter had to be dangerous for Giles to call him the Angel of Death, but he didn't seem evil. Xander believed it was because Walter used to be a weapon for Hellsing before he got old. Walter had to have been a great hunter with the respect Alucard showed him. Xander might have only met the vampire, but Alucard seemed like the type that was hard to impress. "Walter is a friend of my mom."

Something strange was going on and Giles wanted to know now. There were too many questions that needed to be answered. One is how Walter knew Xander's mother? Two is why Walter called Xander, Sir Hellsing? Only a Hellsing can carry that title and Xander was not a Hellsing. Giles had met the boy's parents and there was no way they came from noble blood. "You have some explaining, Xander."

"You might want to sit down, Giles." After Xander was finished with his story he would be surprised if Giles didn't polish the lenses right off his glasses.

"Xander is something wrong?" Willow asked worried about her childhood friend. She sat next to Giles with Oz next to her. Buffy sat on the other side of Oz with Angel standing behind her. Angel seemed very worried about something and kept glancing around the library as if something was about to jump out at him. "Angel are you okay?"

"Is Hellsing's pet with you?" Angel asked Walter doing his damnest to keep the fear from his voice. During his time in Europe with Darla, Spike, and Drucilla they met the No Life King and was let go as long as they left England. Why Alucard didn't kill them Angel didn't understand and maybe he never will. Still Angel didn't want to see Alucard ever again. He was a soulless vampire's worst nightmare. It was no secret on how much Alucard hated the demons that call themselves vampires.

"If he listened to me at all then Alucard is outside." Xander smiled in Angel's direction he was so going to enjoy this. "Then again Alucard doesn't really listen to anyone. Why are you scared, Angel?" Yes, he finally got one up on Deadboy.

"Okay, now I'm confused and want to know what's going on." Buffy snarled making her look like a pit bull. Walter could see why she was chosen as the Slayer. This girl had an evil temper. "Start talking old man I don't like waiting for explanations."

"Buffy don't be rude." The last thing Giles needed right now was for his Slayer to insult a member of the Hellsing Organization. He wanted to know what was going on just like his Slayer did, but he wasn't willing to get on Walter's bad side not with Alucard around. Buffy might be strong and was able to defeat the Master. Alucard however was in a class all of his own. "Please begin, Walter."

"It's my story so I'll tell you guys." Xander took a deep breath and leaned against his chair. "Tony Harris isn't my real father and the reason my mom came here was to protect me. From what I learned I was born in England and my real father was Richard Hellsing. Will Richard wasn't father of the year or uncle for that matter because hey, he tried to kill his own niece. Mom and I were sent here for our protection against Hellsing's enemies." Oh yeah he was good. Xander was able to tell his story in just a few words.

"So who is your father, Xander?" Buffy asked not really paying attention.

"Richard Hellsing. Haven't you been listening, Buffy?" The pain Xander had to have gone through when he learned Tony wasn't his dad had to have been great. Willow laid a hand on top of Xander's letting him know he had her support.

"Would you like for me to take over Sir Hellsing?" Walter could see that Alexander was getting nervous and was about to babble.

Xander looked relieved. "Yeah, thanks man."

Walter clasped his hands together on top of the table. "Young Alexander is the son of Richard Hellsing and his wife Jessica La Ville Hellsing. Richard as you know Rupert wasn't a good man and in order to protect Lady Hellsing and her son they were sent here. Sir Hellsing had no idea about the truth until tonight. And now with Integra gone Alexander will take her place as the Head of the Hellsing Organization. Now do you understand, Miss Summers?"

"So the Hellsing Organization is like the Watcher's Council?" The thought was scary. Buffy hated the Council and didn't want to deal with another like them.

"Hellsing? You mean like the Hellsing in Bramstrokes Dracula?" Willow's eyes were filled with excitement. If Hellsing was real then so was Dracula. "So Xander's family was the one that killed Dracula?"

"It is said that Alucard is the Childe of Dracula." Alucard was known as the strongest vampire out there and the last of his kind. Giles didn't know much about Alucard and neither did anyone else. The ones that knew the truth were Alucard and Hellsing.

"Okay so who is this Alucard?" Buffy never read the book, but she seen the movie and not once did she see a vampire named Alucard.

"Alucard is the vampire servant of Hellsing only a true Hellsing can have control over him. Now that Xander is the last of his line only he can control Alucard." Xander snorted at Giles' words. It wasn't like Alucard would listen to him anyway. Xander had a feeling that Alucard let the Hellsing's control him because it amused him. The vampire was too powerful for a human to have any kind of control over him. "That means Xander is the Master of Alucard."

"So Xander got himself a pet vampire." Buffy smirked at the look on Xander's face. He hated vampires and now he was stuck with one.

"Yeah, just like you, Buffy." Angel glared at Xander knowing what he meant. Xander smiled back sweetly. "Alucard isn't anyone's pet."

"You're leaving aren't you, Xander?" Willow could see the truth in her friend's eyes.

"Yeah, I am Wills." Xander clutched his friend's hand. "I'll write."

"You better." Willow gave Xander a teary hug.

"You can't go, Xander." Buffy felt like screaming. Who was this guy that thought he could take Xander? Xander was theirs first. "Who will get the donuts and call the pizza guy?"

"Surely my dear you can do that on your own." Walter narrowed his eyes at the Slayer causing Buffy to shiver. The man might be old, but there was something very dangerous about him.

Giles ignored his Slayer he could deal with her later. Right now Xander needed him more. "Are you sure this is what you want, Xander?"

"I think this is my calling Giles like yours were being a Watcher and Buffy being a Slayer." Xander felt like this could be his destiny. "I'm needed Giles."

Giles gave him a small smile. He was going to miss the boy. Xander was the heart of the group and with him gone what will happen to the others? "Do keep in touch."

"I will, G-man." Xander chuckled.

And for once Giles allowed Xander to get away with that nickname. He would never admit it, but Giles was going to miss that nickname. "Be careful young man because Hellsing has many enemies."

"It nothing I can't take care of Watcher." Xander groaned when he noticed Alucard walking through a wall next to Buffy.

Buffy had a stake in her hands the moment she heard it speak. Before anyone could stop her Buffy shoved her stake into the vampire's chest. She knew it was a vampire because of her Spidey Sense the weird thing was it didn't go poof. "Why aren't you dust vamp?"

Alucard grinned pulling the wooden stake out of his chest. "My dear it will take more then a piece of wood to kill me."

"Didn't I tell you to stay outside." Xander stepped in between Buffy and Alucard. He knew Buffy really couldn't harm the No Life King, but he didn't want Buffy hurt no matter how mean she was to him. The Slayer was still his friend no matter how she acted towards him.

"It was cold." Alucard said smiling at the Slayer over the boy's head. He was right. The Slayer was so easy to tease her face was already red in rage and the soulless one was trying to meld himself to the wall. "Ah, Angelus it has been a long time."

"It's Angel I have a soul now." Angel tried to keep the fear from his voice and his scent. He didn't need Alucard to know he was afraid of him.

"As do I Angelus." Alucard stepped away from Alexander and went up to Angel the grin never leaving his face. "And you should now a soul does not mean you are good."

Buffy growled not liking how this weird vampire was scaring her Angel. No one scared her Angel and got away with it. She forced her way in between them protecting her vampire and glaring at the other. "You leave him alone bully."

Alucard raised one eyebrow over his glasses. It would seem Angelus needed the Slayer as a bodyguard. The Angelus he knew wasn't afraid of humans even if said human was a vampire Slayer. It was he Angelus feared, but then again Alucard was feared by many. "You have fallen Angelus hiding behind the skirts of a woman even if she is a Slayer."

"Alucard stop." Xander grabbed Alucard by the arm pulling him away from Buffy and Angel before they started a fight. "Leave Buffy and Deadboy alone."

"Deadboy?" Alucard liked the name it was so much better then Angel. "Ah yes Deadboy I like the name."

Angel groaned knowing Alucard was going to call him Deadboy as did Xander. He hated that name and Xander for coming up with it in the first place.

"Don't call him that." Buffy yelled, she didn't like Alucard or Xander for bringing him here.

"Perhaps it's time for us to leave." Walter thought it would be a good idea for them to leave before a fight is started. Sir Hellsing would never forgive Alucard should he hurt his friends. "We need to leave for Los Angeles soon and we must pick up Lady Hellsing."

"Yep, we can't miss the plane." Xander turned Alucard around and started to push him towards the door. "We'll see you later."

"Have a safe trip Xander." Giles said grabbing his Slayer when she started after Alucard. "Let them go Buffy."

"Bye Xander." Willow waved with tears in her eyes.

Xander looked back and smiled at his friend. "Bye Willow." With that said he left closing the door behind him. He was sad about leaving everything he had ever known behind, but he was excited about the new life in front of him. It was a good thing that he didn't notice the smirk on Alucard's face or he would have been worried.
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