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In the Family; Another Side

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This story is No. 2 in the series "In the Family". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: "Hello, Spike." Xander put the dripping saw down on the table. His eyes were passion-filled, but his voice was calm. "Welcome to Dexter's secret life." He stalked around the table. "Be careful not to get any blood on your clothes."

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Chapter 1

9/27/12: Folks, I still have writer's block on this story. I'm rather proud of this story so far but it seems to have halted in my head for a while. Like, for the last couple years. So read at your own risk, but if you do I would appreciate any reviews and/or ideas to get the juices flowing again! Thanks!

Disclaimer: Things that are not mine: a horse, an Xbox, a truck, the stuff from BtVS, a mansion, a slot machine, the stuff from Dexter, a lawn mower, a tiger, or anything from any other shows or whatever that might find its way in here. I get my info from books, TV, and wikipedia. Then I toss it all together and see what splats on the ground. Hope you like the splatter.

A/N: Welcome to story 2 of In The Family! I’m not going to state timelines other than to say it is after everything from the show, BtVS. This is mainly a crossover with Dexter, though Anita may wind herself into this a little later on – she can be unpredictable, you know?

One more thing: I don't do pics, but I'd love to have one to post with this story - something with Deb, Spike, and Xander or Dexter. If you are so inclined, I would be eternally grateful:)

Feedback: Please review! My muse needs encouragement. Thanks!


“Why can’t I meet him at lunch? I have things to do tonight.” Xander was sitting on his sister’s desk at the Miami police station. As Dexter, he was a cop – and a brother.

Debra threw up her arms and huffed at her brother. “Well, he has things to do during the day. And he’s kind of a night owl - You just don’t want to meet him ‘cause you don’t think it’ll last!” Her chair leaned back precariously.

“Look it’s not that.” Actually, she made a fine point, but he wasn’t about to admit that. “I just have some stuff to do tonight. How about …”

“What stuff?” She stared him down – that cop stare that they used to practice with Harry when they were kids.

The question stumped him. He couldn’t very well tell her he was going to dismember the man who’d been kidnapping and raping preteen girls all over the state. But it had taken him months to track him down, get the evidence, and be able to predict a time when the asshole would be accessible.

“It’s …” She was actually making him nervous. She really had that cop-stare down. Only one way out of this. He hated to do it because it meant a lot more work on his part and he was already so busy. But he’d be able to let up on his extra-curricular activities for a while after tonight.

“Look, I didn’t want to tell you, but I’m kind of planning a … thing. I have to see some people tonight about it.”

“A thing?” He could see the wheels turning as her angry-face turned into her ecstatic-face. “My birthday? Are you planning a party for me?!”

He nodded, resigned. She jumped up out of her chair and nearly knocked him over with a hug, all the while squealing with delight.

“Oh my god! That’s so great! You totally don’t have to come tonight. We’ll do it another time. You’re the best brother ever!” She jumped up and down a few more times before she realized the whole of the station was watching her. She quickly donned her serious-face and sat back down.

Xander decided running was the best option at that point. He walked over to his nice, quiet lab. Her birthday was still three weeks away – he should have time to get things ready. Just as well, really – he should do more for his only sister. Sometimes she was the only one that kept him sane.

Although, ‘sane’ might be stretching it a bit.

4:00 came and Xander was staring at blood. The drop on the slide belonged to an unknown person who did unknown things. All he did know was that the person had type A blood and had been in the elevator of a hotel by South Beach sometime the day before. It could just be a coincidence that a hooker was killed in that elevator around the same time.

He had found out all he could from that drop of blood five minutes ago. Now he was staring at it like a kid stares at clouds, seeing shapes of birds and butcher knives in it while he daydreamed of the night ahead.

His cell phone rang. Preoccupied, he reached for it and opened it with a “Yeah” that sounded as interested in talking to someone as he felt. The silence caught his attention though – especially since there was still a ringing phone.

Quickly putting that cell back in his pocket, he glanced around before bending down and getting the phone strapped to his ankle. He read the number as he closed the door to his lab.

“Willow? … Wow – how ya doin’? … Good, yeah I’m doing great – miss you guys! … Oh? What is the chip-less-wonder up to these days? … Wait – Here?! But ………. Wills! Wills, it’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll call if I see him. He still has a soul, right? … Okay … No – you don’t need to come…”

The rest of the conversation was filled with Willow babble, apologies, and Scooby news. None of which Xander paid a bit of attention to. It’s not that he wasn’t happy to hear from his bestest girl-that-is-a-friend, but the thing about Spike coming to Miami was a bit distracting.

Apparently Spike had been AWOL for a couple of weeks now, but Giles had only just learned he had headed to Miami. They all knew Xander wanted his own life now. Knew that he wanted time away from the apocalypses that followed the Scoobies around. They had no idea what his Miami-life was like because he had made them all swear to stay away. They hated it, but understood.

Except, apparently, for Spike.

“Yeah, love you too, Wills – Say hi to everyone for me … I’ll see you in a few months, K? …. Bye.”

Xander replaced the phone in it’s cozy little hidden home, glad he'd gotten the Scoobies their own line. His free hand rose to his left eye, rubbing it subconsciously before he caught himself. Willow had fixed it, made it heal and re-grow slowly and with much shared pain. She more than any of them understood his need to move on.

His hand dropped to his side. A deep breath. He was Dexter here, now.

“Besides,” he said aloud as he began putting things away for the night. “I doubt Spike’s here for me. He’s probably just chasing some piece of ass.”
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