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Keys, Robin Hoods, Slayers and Feds

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Summary: 100 and 200 word drabbles in the Highlander-verse

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Highlander > GeneralsatuFR152254011,38231 Jan 089 Feb 08No

The Neverending Ballad of Corwin a'Green

title: The Neverending Ballad of Corwin a'Green
word count: 100
fandom: Highlander
disclaimer: Wanna see my 'not mine' dance?
challenge: # 71 a truth and a lie
rating: PG
summary: Cory takes a break from bank robbing to visit his teacher's new family.


"You'll never take me alive coppers!" Cory smiled mischievously and mimed firing a tommy gun into the air. Unfortunately his audience didn't look as entertained by his story as he'd hoped. "Then they shot me, I died, and Mackie-boy dug me back up again."

"Does that story usually work?" Dawn frowned. She didn't believe him; fair enough, he usually didn't get laid with that story anyway. Probably for the best since Matthew might just kill him if he slept with his new girl's little sis. He'd keep his head at least. Hopefully.

"Every time dollface. Didn't I tell you about the time..."
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