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Summary: Don's stalker reveals a secret that Don has been keeping from his friends and family for some time - a boyfriend. Xander/Don. SLASH. Some Violence.

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Television > Numb3rs > Xander - CenteredKatHarrisFR182531,33776672229,2671 Feb 0814 Jun 12No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I own neither Numb3rs nor Buffy – I wouldn’t be an exceptionally poor uni student if I did! I am in no way profiting from this story or the use of these characters.

Chapter Two

Don headed for the conference room, it was empty at the moment and therefore offered the most privacy. Instead of immediately making the phone call he instead closed the door and drew the curtain. Then he sat down in a chair and stared blindly at the desk.

He had never told his family that he was Bi. Never told anyone he worked with about it either. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of it, or that he thought his family would be angry or disown him or anything. It was really just that it had never come up. He was in college by the time he had realized his sexuality, and even back then he had never been serious about a guy. Guys were just for fun, were one-night stands. They definitely weren’t worth calling home about. Then he grew up and joined the bureau, and he didn’t think testing the anti-discrimination policies of the FBI were a practical way of advancing his career, and besides, guys were still just for fun. Then he had met Xander.

He met Xander one night when he was in Florida for a conference. A pickpocket had made Don his newest victim and Don hadn’t even noticed his wallet was gone until he heard a commotion behind him. He turned to see that some guy had grabbed the kid who had just walked past him and was demanding something be handed over. The kid gave up all too quickly, not really surprising, he supposed, as Xander did have the ability to come across as scary as hell. Don was surprised to realize that it was his wallet the kid was handing over. The guy let go of the kid and smirking at Don walked the few steps to him and handed over his wallet.

“I think maybe you lost something. Should be more careful of who you let grope you in the middle of the street.” Don about choked on his tongue at that as the guy just continued smirking and walked right on by Don.

Don kept walking, heading back to his hotel room. He didn’t even realize that he was following his Good Samaritan until he heard that smirking voice again. This time it was asking if there had been any messages for him while he was out and Don suddenly realized he had been so busy thinking about the man he was unknowingly following that he hadn’t realized he was at his hotel until now, some observation skills Quantico had taught him. They ran into each other again an hour later in the hotel bar, and again at reception the next morning and before he knew it, they spent the rest of the week together.

Xander had commented several times on having to travel a lot for business, a job Don never did get a straight answer on during that first week together, but before Don left Florida he gave Xander his number and told him to call if work ever took him near New Mexico. It had. Or maybe it was more like Xander’s breaks between work started taking him to New Mexico, and then later to California, which was even easier since Xander’s work had a main base near there.

He had eventually found out that Xander was a “Problem Solver” as he put it, for various places and peoples, organizations and governments. He was called in to deal with certain situations in which his special skills could be useful. Don to this day didn’t know what these situations were or these special skills, and he had learned that it was better not to ask.

He finally gathered himself and placed a call to one of the many numbers he had for Xander, it was the ‘it’s important but not important enough to distract you from a life-or-death situation important’ number – Xander had a lot of different definitions of important and emergency. He wasn’t surprised when he was redirected to a secretary of some sort at Xander’s company.

“Hello, Council, Maggie speaking.”

“Hi Maggie, this is Don Eppes. I was hoping to speak to Xander.”

“Mr Harris is out of the country at the moment, but you are welcome to leave a message.”

“Umm, okay… could you please tell him that someone is trying to kill anybody close to me and it appears his name is on the list.”

The girl didn’t even seem to flinch, she merely continued on in the same bubbly, polite tone of voice. “Okay, I’ll let him know the next time he calls in for his messages. Does he have your contact information?”

Don quickly assured her that Xander did have his information and ended the call. Just what he needed, a perky secretary passing on his message to Xander. And now he had to go and face his team, who had just found out he was Bi. He braced himself and headed back out to the bullpen.

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