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Summary: Don's stalker reveals a secret that Don has been keeping from his friends and family for some time - a boyfriend. Xander/Don. SLASH. Some Violence.

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Television > Numb3rs > Xander - CenteredKatHarrisFR182531,33776672229,2321 Feb 0814 Jun 12No

Chapter Twenty-Five

Disclaimer: I own neither Numb3rs nor Buffy – I wouldn’t be an exceptionally poor teacher if I did! I am in no way profiting from this story or the use of these characters.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Don, being such a responsible upstanding FBI Agent, had re-set his alarm immediately after turning it off the day before. A habit he was now paying for when the blaring sound startled him awake far too few hours after he had finally fallen asleep. With a pained, pathetic sigh he started to drag himself out of bed, already hating the day. He was surprised when his boyfriend’s arm snaked around him, preventing him from getting up. Normally Xander just ignored him and settled back into, waiting to fall back to sleep.

“Day off. Sick day.”

Despite the voice being gruff with sleep it held a great deal of authority. And Don couldn’t deny he sorely did not want to get out of bed that day. Gods how he wanted to fall back to sleep, curled around his boyfriend’s body, enjoying the slight aches in his own body and daydreaming about how they got there. But he couldn’t call in sick. Not only was he not the kind of guy, in general, who called in sick on days when he was not in fact sick, but everybody at the office knew his boyfriend was in town and knew he had been perfectly well yesterday at work – they’d never buy it.

“Can’t. Never buy it.”

“Gotta see Council doc today, get him to write you a note. Stress. Need it. Mental health. After Cortez.”

Xander grip wasn’t loosening at all and truthfully Don did want to stay with him. A doctor’s certificate would solve several of his problems. Everybody would still know the truth but with a note nobody could actually make anything of it. He’d have to take some serious ribbing from pretty much everyone at work, but he had been doing that for the past week anyway and it would be more then worth it for a day in bed with Xander.

“Mmmm, kay. Let me call.”

He called David. He figured he was the least likely to make any actual comments over the phone to his boss when he called in sick on a day when his boyfriend was in town and he obviously wasn’t sick. That was Don’s theory anyway and he was sticking to it!

Yeah, he was kind of right. David didn’t say anything, but you could hear the god-damned smirk and his amusement was like another person on the phone line. Bastard. Oh well, at least he now had the day off. He wondered if he had belabored the point that he would have a doctor’s certificate a little too much on the phone? Nah. Phone call made he settled back in beside Xander and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Waking up warm and rested, with an equally warm and rested body next to you, after a night of great food, great music and phenomenal sex, was really the only way it should ever be done, Don decided some time later when he surfaced again. He could tell, just from the way Xander’s body felt against him, that Xander was already awake. He wonder long for but didn’t bother to ask. He just lay there, basking.

Xander had been awake since Don had called David. He had no idea how much time had passed, and he knew he should have been asleep, that his body needed sleep, but he also knew his psyche needed this quiet time with Don. Life was a hard thing some times, and the real world a hard place to live, especially when you spent most of your time traveling from one battle ground to another . Don was his good thing. A complication with out a doubt, but also his good thing. When he was out in the field a stray thought about Don could easily ruin his concentration and get him or others killed, but without Don he probably would have got them all killed anyway. Your brain needed a quiet place to come home too, a safe place to curl up and rest, without it you were dead. Don was his quiet place, his good thing, and he needed to spend a little while just soaking that up before he headed out again. He knew it was coming, soon. Holidays never lasted forever and sometime soon his cell would ring and he would have no choice but to head out again. Especially after today when the Council doctor cleared him, which he knew the doc would.

Knowing Don was awake, and knowing that they had laid about too long already, Xander finally moved.

“Let’s go. We should probably head out and get you that doctor’s certificate to save you from all the fun mocking at work.” Don rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s pronouncement.

“You actually think it will stop the mocking? Poor naive Xan.” Still, he smiled as he started to get up.

They headed out for breakfast after getting ready, found a little cafe just near the hospital. The doc may have worked for the Council when needed but he also did rounds at the hospital and had consulting rooms there. Don waited in the waiting room, reading a 3 year old magazine that claimed to be able to teach him how to make a chocolate cake that was so lite it was practically healthy yet somehow still tasted like the most decadent thing in the world. He wasn’t convinced, but it was that or start counting the water marks on the ceiling so he choose the lesser of the two boredoms.

Xander was only gone for 30 minutes or so before he wondered back out, a smile on his face an d a bounce in his step.

“I passed!”

“I didn’t think doc’s worked on a pass/fail basis.”

“Well no. But I am fit to return to work, though doc would still like me to ‘take it easy’” Xander actually did the air quotes much to Don’s amusement. He then held up a small piece of paper.

“AND, cause I am the best boyfriend in the world, your medical certificate!”

“Shouldn’t this doctor of your at least meet me before handing out a medical certificate?” Don was a little incredulous.

“Relax. I told him all about the stress you’ve been under, well the cliff-notes version, well... I told him you were stressed... anyway, and he agreed you needed a note and so he wrote you one. See, no problems.”

Xander was giving him one of those smiles again and despite that fact that Don really thought he should be concerned about the doctor handing out certificates like that he couldn’t resist smiling back.

“Right, no problems.” Agreeing was just easier, especially when it made Xander’s smile even bigger.

“So, where to now? Cause we have a whole day together and, Babe, I got no plans to waste it!”

God but Don loved that smile, and the way Xander’s eyes just lit up, and the way he sometimes called him ‘Babe’, and... well... it was a long list of things that he loved about Xander. He must have been quiet too long because the next thing he knew...

“Miniature golf – or maybe bowling. You decide.” Xander came out with the most random things when Don wasn’t fast enough with a suggestion.

“Bowling.” He knew if he didn’t answer him, Xander would just pick something even more random and drag Don along for the ride. That’s how the whole circus incident had started, but Don wasn’t going there right now. Besides, Don hadn’t been bowling in ages, and never with Xander.

Could be fun...

The End?

You have reached the end of "Truth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jun 12.

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