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Summary: Don's stalker reveals a secret that Don has been keeping from his friends and family for some time - a boyfriend. Xander/Don. SLASH. Some Violence.

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Television > Numb3rs > Xander - CenteredKatHarrisFR182531,33776672229,4391 Feb 0814 Jun 12No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I own neither Numb3rs nor Buffy – I wouldn’t be an exceptionally poor uni student if I did! I am in no way profiting from this story or the use of these characters.

Chapter Three

His team were exactly where he figured he would find them, gathered around their desks muttering quietly to each other waiting for him. Colby was the first to notice him as he walked up.

“Don, what did he say? Should we call the local office? Set up protection?” He had the full attention of all three now.

“He is out of the country until further notice. I couldn’t get through to him so I left a message with his secretary, he’ll get it when he calls in for his messages. Not that I expect he will care about an unknown threat in LA, but still, I’ll warn him.”

“Why won’t he care?” Megan asked confused.

“Because Xan is Xan.” Don found he really wasn’t in the mood to get into it more then that with his team right now. He knew he would eventually have to explain more about his well – boyfriend – he supposed, for lack of a better term, but Xander was hard to explain even when he was right there for visual aides, explaining him to someone who had never met him would be impossible. Especially since they would probably ask questions about his job, and what took him overseas, questions that Don just didn’t really have answers for.

His team was eying each other over that response. It was clear they wanted to ask more but nobody was sure how to bring it up. Don was getting sick of it already and it had only been about half an hour since they found out, and worse he doubted they would be focusing on their jobs properly when they were busy thinking about this. He figured he would just have to jump off that pesky cliff and talk to them.

“Alright. Conference room, all of you, now.” Better to just get it over with in one shot.

The curtains in the conference room were still closed so he only had to close the door behind them when everyone was inside.

“Okay, I can see that very little work is getting done while everybody’s mind is on this instead of on finding the killer, so lets just clear the air here guys.” He paused, giving any of them the chance to speak up; none took it. “Yes, I am Bi. No, it is not exactly common knowledge. Not for any specific reason, there was just never any need for everyone to know, obviously now there is. Yes I am sort of seeing someone, as you all know I’m sure. Xander is complicated to explain at the best of times, and these are far from the best of times. The times that he is out of town far out way the times that he is in, and there is never any guarantee that he is coming back, like I said, it’s complicated. Now, is this going to be a problem for anyone?”

He supposed he was attacking because he felt defensive. This guy had caught him off guard by revealing his sexuality to the people around him. And now that the team, and probably the whole FBI office, knew he was going to have to tell his family. He bet that they would be less then thrilled. Not because he was Bi, but because he had kept such a huge secret from them.

The negative exclamations came fast and thick from his team, of course they didn’t care that he was Bi, don’t be ridiculous.

“I think Don, that our only problem is that we didn’t know before now. I mean it’s a matter of trust. Did you not trust us? Xander is clearly not a new part of your life but we never knew about him. And what if something had ever happened to you, we wouldn’t have known to notify him.” Megan spoke calmly, trying to remove the tension from the room that Don had put there with his tone of voice. David and Colby nodded along with her, this was their problem too.

Ha, guess the team was going to have the same problem as his family. “It wasn’t a matter of trust. It was just, guys, yeah, the occasional one-night stand at most. Certainly not worth a conversation, I don’t tell you all when I have a one-night stand with a woman either. And okay, Xander is more then that, but he is the only one. He comes and goes from my life at a moments notice, and I never know when he is going to be around. If I was hurt, he’d find out the next time he stopped through town, if I was dead, well he’d know.” Don didn’t feel like getting into the fact that he had actually added Xander to his will sometime ago - you don’t add random boyfriends to your will, you only added people you were serious about.

Don could tell that his team wasn’t really thrilled with his answer, they wanted more, and Don just couldn’t give them that right now. Colby was the one who broke the silence.

“I finished going through who had access, both authorized and unauthorized, to those reports. It’s fairly long, 37 people. We should start tracking them all down, and you could take a look at it, see if any names jump out as people who might have a grudge against you.”

“Alright, good job Colby. Let’s get back to work then.” He turned to leave, glad that that was over with and everything seemed to be getting back to normal.

“Hey Don, do we get to meet him, now that we know about him? And does your family know?” Thanks David, just what I needed to be thinking about just now, telling my family.

“No, to both.” But Don was smirking as he said it; he knew he probably would let them meet Xander. It would serve them right for making him deal with them today, to let Xander terrify them some night.

I’m working on the request for a Utube dance, but in the mean time – Will Bungy jump for reviews…
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