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Summary: Don's stalker reveals a secret that Don has been keeping from his friends and family for some time - a boyfriend. Xander/Don. SLASH. Some Violence.

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Television > Numb3rs > Xander - CenteredKatHarrisFR182531,33776672229,3111 Feb 0814 Jun 12No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own neither Numb3rs nor Buffy – I wouldn’t be an exceptionally poor uni student if I did! I am in no way profiting from this story or the use of these characters.

A/N: It takes a little to get into but then it starts to pick up – I hope you all like it! High rating just in case – it will probably get more graphic as I go.

Chapter One

It was getting personal now; well Don supposed it had always been personal. How could it not be when you were being stalked. It had been going on for weeks now, or at least it had been 3 weeks since Don and everyone else at the office had become aware of it. It had been simple at first, all his money had disappeared from his accounts; the Russian Mob had done it before so they were the obvious first suspects. Then someone had trashed his apartment, left some photos of him scattered around. Next someone had sent him body parts at the office – they had been traced to a funeral home break in and the mutilation of a corpse, but for a few days until they had managed to get that info things had been extremely tense.

But now it was getting down right personal. Charlie had been attacked. Oh, he wasn’t hurt bad, just bruised a bit. He had been working on a problem at home when he thought he had a sudden breakthrough and needed something from his office to confirm it. He had walked in on two guys trashing it and been knocked down as they fled. Scattered around the trashed office had been photos of Don and Charlie, some of each of them alone, some where they were together. It was obvious that they had been taken over an extended period of time.

The case was really stepped up then, surveillance was put on the Eppes family and everybody at the FBI was helping out on the case where they could. One of their own was being targeted and they all took it personally.

Even with the escalating attacks the next move had been unexpected. A witness from one of Don’s cases, a witness he had worked closely with, had assured the safety of, was murdered. At the crime scene FBI files were found detailing the case, in all of them Don’s name had been circled. Again multiple photos of Don were found at the scene. But so too was finally some evidence that could be worked with. The files weren’t the kind that should be easily accessed, they were the kind that was never supposed to leave the office, the kind that the murderer having access to was very telling, or that unauthorized access to should be easily traced. The team threw themselves into following the lead with vigor.

The next attack didn’t really come as a surprise to anyone. In fact it was almost a surprise it hadn’t happened sooner. The Eppes family home was attacked. Someone had waited until the Eppes men and their babysitters had all left for the day and then broken in and trashed the place, the only difference was that this time instead of leaving photos the killer left a single DVD, carefully stuck to the TV.

The DVD was taken to FBI headquarters to be viewed, all told there was a little over an hour of footage of Don ad Co engaging in various activities, a clip show of his life over the past several months. It was here that things got interesting, at least as far as the friends and family of Don Eppes were concerned.

To start with the DVD showed Don playing Frisbee Golf with Charlie, then actual Golf with his father, leaving a restaurant with the both of them, all laughing together over something, then it was a shot of the outside of Don’s apartment as a dark-haired young man carrying a duffel bag was dropped off by a plain black car. Don met him at the door and dragged him inside by the front of his shirt not even waiting until the door was closed before kissing his fiercely, the door was kicked shut behind them. The DVD cut to a nightclub and you could see Don out on the dance floor wrapped around the same dark haired young man. Another shot had the two of them jogging together in a park, keeping easy time with each other. There were more shots, ones of the unknown young man working out or practicing martial arts, ones of Charlie giving a lecture, ones of Alan shopping.

The silence in the AV room was so thick that Don would almost have been amused, if he weren’t so busy trying to keep his breathing steady. It didn’t really surprise Don that Megan was the first to get over her shock, nor that she went straight to business.

“Who ever this guy is, he is targeting people in your life in order to get to you. We should have protection on Him as well.” You could practically hear the capitals when she said ‘Him’ and no body had to ask whom she meant.

“He is out of town, on business. I didn’t even think of this guy being a threat to Him till now” Don seemed to be speaking through his shock, his voice sounded very far away to his own ears. He huffed out a little laugh “He is not easy to threaten.”

David seemed to have caught up by now. “Still Don, you should at least warn Him, and we should let the local office know, where ever he is, that a threat has been made against somebody in their jurisdiction.”

Don just nodded and started to walk away as he pulled out his mobile phone. He almost made it to the door before Colby came out of his shock. “Hey, Don? What’s His name?” Ahh, Colby – always big on basics.

“Xander” Don half muttered as he left the room.

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