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Warriors of Light

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This story is No. 4 in the series "New Beginnings". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to New Beginnings. The Master of San Francisco decided to pay the Master of St. Louis a visit. After a long rest, Buffy Summers and Julian Luna had awakened to a new world. Can they get used to this world or will it be too overwhelming?

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Chapter Twenty-four


Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belonged to Joss Whedon, while the characters from the world of Anita Blake belong to Laurell K. Hamilton. Also the world of Kindred the Embrace belongs to FOX, Spelling Television Inc, White Wolf or the copyright individual....


“Can a walking corpse hold the keys to my heart?

 No. Yes. Maybe. How the hell should I know?”

(Burnt Offerings, page 392, paragraph 3)



Chapter 24



At nightfall, the group known as the Followers of Set or Setites stood basking in front of a rare fire. Each of them was diverse, not only by the color of their skin, but by species, backgrounds and circumstances. But one thing they all had in common was their loyalty to the one they called Master and their god Set.


A gong sounded, and the room fell silent while an acolyte ran to open a door.


He bowed low and flung out an arm in a sweeping gesture.


The man known as the Master glided into the room as if he was floating on air.  He moved to the middle of room, his face and body covered by a voluminous robe. He stood silently for a few minutes, his clasped hands hidden by the robe. Then he began to speak.


“My children of the god Set, tomorrow, on all hallows eve, the veil between this world and the next will be weakened,” he intoned.


There was silence.


A young Setite ran up to him and gave him an ornate goblet fill with red liquid. It was blood.


The Master held the cup towards the heavens, muttered something under his breath, and drank deeply. After drinking, he handed the cup back to the young Setite.


His voice was a thunderous rumble, when he cried out. “Oh god Set of the ancient house, I call on your power. Come to me Set. Come to me. Fill me with your presence.”  He waited a heartbeat and the room began to vibrate.


Someone gasped.


“In your resurrection, I will claim power over life and death,” he said loudly as the wall and floor began shaking.


He swayed, back and forth, muttering an incantation under his breath. “Yes, yes,” he moaned.  “I can feel the power! Yes! He’s with us.”


The Setites dropped to their knees and bowed their heads.


“I feel the power of life and death,” The Master announced gesturing around as the building continued shaking.  “Hail mighty Set!” he shouted.


“Hail mighty Set,” the Setites repeated. “Hail mighty Set!” they chanted.


”I am your vessel,” cried the Master, his voice rising. “Use me, as you will. Spirit of Set, I am yours.”




Several hours later, Buffy and Anita both were being driven to the Circus after completing their investigation. 


Buffy, who was sitting across from Anita, gave a small sigh.  She leaned back into the headrest and closed her eyes.


Both women were feeling dejected after finding no obvious clue to the where about of one Miss Lindsey Masters. True the blood that was found was her blood. However, was the apartment a crime scene? Buffy didn’t think so. But she felt hesitancy in mentioning that fact to Anita. Who like everyone was being territorial about everything? She snorted under her breath. Their city, their crime scene. That‘s all that she been hearing since she got into this town.


She wondered if it were her city, would she be as territorial. Probably, she mused in acknowledgement.


From the drops of blood found in the apartment, something had happened there. But was it murder? Buffy couldn’t sense anything like that. Lindsey Master probably cut herself. That could account for the blood but it couldn’t account how she ended up missing.


No one could tell when she was last in her apartment and indeed the blood that they found wasn’t fresh. In fact, it was several days old.  


Buffy wanted to point all these fact out to the cops, but she didn’t. Her reason was this, they would resent it coming from her, plus they were the police, they should have reason it out like she did.   


But the question remains. If Lindsey Masters had left on her own, wouldn’t she call her friends or mother, instead of worrying them? Buffy frowned. She visualizes the apartment in her mind. Nothing had seemed out of place…with one exception…the blood.


And just like the other cases before, they came away with nothing. She could have said this was all a great coincidence that this girl was missing like the others. And both the family and media were making big deal out of it.  But Buffy doesn’t believe in coincidences. With the exception of one fact, Lindsey Masters fit the criteria of the other missing and dead girls. Plus she could feel it in her gut. The Summoner has her.


There was a comfortable hum of silence and the car bounced up and down the street. Buffy barely stifled a yawn when Anita voice intrudes in her thoughts.


“I could sleep for a week,” Anita announced, fighting her own yawn.


“The same,” Buffy admitted; blinking her eyes. She felt as if she could sleep for days.


Another ten minutes of silence passed between them when Anita voiced a questioned that had been nagging at her mind since she left Lindsey Masters apartment. “Do you think the girl is dead?” she questioned.


There was no response to her question.


Anita frowned. Summers must be sleeping, she thought. She sighed, and settled herself more comfortably in her seat. How can anyone sleep at time like this? she mused. Even tired as she was, she knew that she couldn’t let herself relax enough to enjoy sleep. She hasn’t slept in a moving car since she was a child. Even then, she kept waking up every few minutes.  And right now as a passenger, she needed to be alert in case of an accident.  So intent she was on her inner musing, that she was surprised when Buffy finally answered her question.


“I don’t think so.”


Startled Anita glanced over at the other woman, who still hadn’t open her eyes. “I thought you were asleep?” she stated.


Buffy shrugged and looked over at Anita. “Just resting my eyes,” she admitted.


“Why don’t you think so?” Anita wondered. “The girl has been missing for four days now.”


When she had questioned Zerbrowski, she found out that the Congressman’s daughter had been missing for four days, but she wasn’t reported missing until earlier that day. Apparently, the girl doesn’t keep in contact. If someone who going to be missing before anyone notice, it would be this girl.  Lindsey Master was on vacation from her job, so no one expected her at work. She had broken up recently with her boyfriend, so he was not expecting to see her either. And her friends wanted to give her space had left her alone.


Was that a great coincidence or what? It was when the mother, who had a standing dinner engagement with her daughter, found her apartment empty with blood trails, that was when they found out the girl was missing. Of course, the police will look at the boyfriend, but Anita knew that they would find no evidence linking him to the crime.


“The other victims were found forty-eight hours after they went missing. What’s so special about this one?” she demanded. “Beside the obvious of course,” she admitted, gestured negligently.


Buffy frowned. “It’s just a gut feeling,” she admitted. “Lindsey Masters is different in the sense that she is daughter of a high profile person. I don’t think he will be in a rush to kill her just yet. How long has she been missing?


“From the information that was gathered, we think maybe four days.”


“See you have it,” Buffy said, with false cheer. “We would have found the body by now if he killed her.”


“So you really think he’s looking to summon a demon?”


“I still do. Everything he does, reek of death magic.”


Anita clicked her teeth with her finger in a thoughtful manner. “That was must be taken a toll on him.”


“It might be,” mused Buffy, knowing in her heart that the Summoner…a lack of a better word is getting stronger not weaker. She saw that when she had connected to him.


“Or it could be the other way.  Doesn’t it take a lot of magic to have vampires rise before their time?” she asked dryly.  “Plus he has the grimore and the athame. There must be…,” her voice trailed off as she thought it thru. Suddenly something clicked. “Oh my God!” Buffy exclaimed. “How stupid I could get? I never put it together and it was so obvious. October,” she announced triumphantly.


“What!?” Anita questioned, eying the other woman in puzzlement.


“It’s Samhain,” Buffy announced excitedly.



Chapter was un-beta…

The End?

You have reached the end of "Warriors of Light" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Sep 10.

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