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Hellmouth Hyenas in Ancient Atlantis

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hellmouth Hyenas in Ancient Atlantis". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: In the aftermath of Duet McKay and Cadman talk.

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Stargate > GeneralcathrineroseFR71599052,2761 Feb 081 Feb 08Yes
Hellmouth Hyenas in Ancient Atlantis

Neither Stargate:Atlantis nor Buffy are mine, unfortunately.

“It has the potential to provide enough energy for…” Simpson was saying. Rodney nodded and waved her on. She had enough common sense to work unsupervised and he was still feeling drained from the events of the week before. And speak of his personal demon, Cadman rounded the corner at that very minute.

“McKay can I talk to you?” she asked.

The two made their way to the nearest balcony, conveniently isolated for privacy.

“I realize that what you chose to say is your business, and I really messed up your love life so I don’t really have anything to back me up, but if you could… not tell the colonel about…”

“Your furry little friend who really, really freaked me out? Who nearly took over from both of us during my date that you invited Carson on?”


“A little warning would be nice.”

“It was fifty-fifty. He might have got left in my body, or…”

“Or he could have fought the both of us for control of my body. Which is exactly what he did. So no warning. Why?”

“It freaked you out enough to hear me in your head. Then we started sharing each others memories, and i just didn't have a chance to explain. By the way, how did you not end up more fucked up with parents like that?”

“How do you cope having a wild animal in your head?”

“Normally he’s just an itch in the back of my head. Just Gate travel, full moon and intruders in his territory really freaked him out.”

“In your head I could feel the closeness to The Pack. How could you leave them?” he winced. “Sorry, I mean… I didn’t mean to remind you.”

“It’s fine. Do you remember much of the dynamics?”
“Not much, he really didn’t like me.”

“Well, there were two Alphas, Tor and Heidi. In a real pack they would rule the others and be the only ones allowed to have pups. I am Hunter, the protector, the one who does whatever it takes to protect the pack, and then there was Harris and Aiden.”

“Primal and Cub.”

“You‘re tearing yourself apart, thinking you could have saved him.”

“I‘m Hunter. I‘m supposed to protect the Pack. Cub is the survival of the Pack. Its that simple.”

“Ford… he didn‘t acknowledge the hyena.”

“Not in front of you, maybe not even in Atlantis but he didn‘t run from it like Heidi and Tor. They‘re married, they have loads of kids, but they don‘t even acknowledge what happened that day. If something happened to bring the hyena to the front, it could tear them apart. They high tailed it out of Sunny-Hell before Graduation. I don‘t think Harris ever forgave them.”

“About your graduation. Please tell me you were on serious hallucinogens that day.”

“’Fraid not ,doc.I was ROTC when I went to my brothers graduation that day. Easily the worst day of my life.” Lorne said coming up to them.

“We took a straw poll of the SHSG. 100% support for McKay joining us, when ever you like.” he said smiling at the CSO.

“Sunny-Hell Support Group or Support and Help for Star Gate . A bunch of us know about what goes bump in the night. We get together every so often, we‘ll answer your questions.”

“Thanks,” McKay said softly.

The three of them stood together on the balcony and stared at the stars of the Pegasus Galaxy and the swirl that held the Milky Way and their home.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hellmouth Hyenas in Ancient Atlantis". This story is complete.

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