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Equilibrium of Essence

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Summary: She slept and the world Changed. (Illyria-centered)

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Anime > NarutoArokkaFR182819092,8601 Feb 0814 May 08No

Two: Transition

Some more of this at my muses insistence. =)

Still not betaed. ^^


They screamed, curled into a foetal position, pain twisting their hands into claws. Claws they almost absently dug into the base of their throat as they felt their vocal cords tear from their anguished screams.

Through a brief lull in the pain they watched almost dispassionately as her former shell crumbled to dust as the last of her presence left her old form for the new, then agony washed over them like a cresting wave once more.

Moments later the pain receded briefly once more and she found herself cataloging the damage to their body in growing horror, watching helplessly as every single organ sought to self-destruct. Bile rose in their throat at the thought of a justu with such destruction inherit in it. Before pain overwhelmed them again she forced themselves to perform the seals for the Genesis of Rebirth jutsu, rasping the name out through bloody vocal cords.

Chakra erupted from them, forcing the pain into a crescendo as two warring forces fought throughout their body. The ribbons of purple chakra that curled across them slowly paled to a summer-sky blue as the opposing powers crashed together one final time, flowing into each other, thoroughly mingling.

They let out a soft sigh as the pain washed away, leaving them blissfully numb, not noticing the forest stirring around them, nor the roots and saplings rapidly growing beneath them, lifting them with it as it formed a bier of leaves and greenery. They relaxed further, their consciousness slipping into the pleasant darkness of sleep as their exhausted body finally succumbed to the rigors it had been put through moments earlier.


All over the region beings turned toward where they sensed the cataclysmic outpouring of chakra and shivered... Some in fear and a few, in happiness...


The End?

You have reached the end of "Equilibrium of Essence" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 May 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking