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Equilibrium of Essence

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Summary: She slept and the world Changed. (Illyria-centered)

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Anime > NarutoArokkaFR182819092,8611 Feb 0814 May 08No

One: Beginnings

Disclaimer: Various characters belong to their owners, plot is all mine at the urge of my muse. X_x


She slept.

Unaware of the time passing around her shell.

Unaware of the shifting land around her as fire scoured the earth.

She slept to forget. Forget how her Guide had died. Forget how the allies she had made had perished to uncountable demons.

And while she slept the world was reborn.

And she alone remained, a sole splinter of memory of the world before.

And then...

She woke.


She stumbled out of the tomb in which she had lain, protected from the ravages of time, her shell shaking as it tried to remember how to move after eons of stone like stillness.

The being coughed, reflexively bringing her leather enclosed hand to her mouth, only to stare in confusion at the red liquid that had splattered on the dark material. She raised her eyes to the surrounding area, pupils dilating in shock as she took in the ancient forest around her, where when she went asleep there had stood a jungle of concrete and steel. All too sudden, the blood on her glove made horrible sense, she had stretched this shell to the breaking point and far beyond as she slept.

Spurred by this thought she forced her shell into a run, heading to the south, instincts guiding her to the closest settlement. She would have to find a new shell fast or perish.


Not too far away from the ancient beings tomb, lay a village, it didn't really have a name or any significant about it. It did have a bar though, and the weather was warm, which was all the blond woman who was downing a cup of sake in the aforementioned bar needed. After drinking her fill of the alcoholic liquid she staggered out of the bar, staring blearily at the sun before heading out of the village toward her camp.

Alcohol inhibited instincts flared at her moments ahead of a dark haired woman in red leather armor tumbling onto the path ahead of her, coming to rest on her back, dazedly meeting the inebriated females gaze. She stopped in shock, eyes widening in fear as experience pointed out the blood soaking into the armor on the woman's hands and chest. The blond whimpered in distress, even as she sank down beside the injured female, her medical instincts over-riding her fear of blood for the moment. She focused, pumping healing chakra into the unknown woman.


She froze in complete shock, staring up at the blond woman kneeling beside her as the unknown power rolled into her time ravaged shell. The stillness lasted only for a moment though before she lunged upward, awkwardly hooking an arm around the blonds neck, pulling her into a forceful kiss, absently tasting alcohol mingling with the blood in her own mouth, even as she forced her essence into the blond, using the power linking them as a conduit...

Then they knew only pain as they screamed, eerily in sync.


AN: Not betaed and written late at night due to my muses prodding. I hope some at least find it interesting. ^^
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