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Watchman Xan

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Summary: Reading is dangerous. You never know where it will take you

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Literature > Sir Terry PratchettNerdgirlFR1374,62753323,0412 Feb 0826 Nov 09No

Chapter 2

I only own my own insanity. If it's all screwy and weird, blame my 100 degree fever. Reviews welcome! please? :)

Xander was finally settling in to his new life. Strange how a place so far away and so different could so quickly feel like home. In many ways, Ankh-Morpork was just as dangerous as Sunnydale- monsters everywhere, danger and death around every corner. The difference was, the people of Ankh-Morpork didn't have the same kind of blinders that Sunnydalers did. They actually SAW what was really there. Saw it, sold groceries to it, invited it to dinner on Sunday nights. The weird and wacky was just another part of life in the big city. So, in many ways, Xander felt like he finally had a place to belong, despite those darn black ribboners. Oh, well. At least if the vamps were going to play at 'just folks' they wouldn't be causing so much trouble. They did have the decency to dress the part, which was more than he could say about SOME vamps back home.

As life in the big city was expensive, Xander quickly settled into a job with the City Watch. Apparently, before Commander Vimes had taken over, the Watch had made even Sunnydale cops look competent. Now, however, the Watch had become extremely competent, not to mention very diverse. While it was a bit strange to work with so many men, the presence of the few women on the Watch was comforting, as were the werewolf, vampire, dwarfs, and other assorted supernatural beings. It felt a lot like home, except that he was accepted as an equal, expected to fight and handle himself. He wasn't put down or coddled for being too human, too...normal. As far as everyone here was concerned, the only normal was abnormal. His only real problem was learning NOT to kill his opponents. Of course, that was made a little easier by the truncheon he used on most criminals, human and non-human alike. Of course, the one that that had not changed, would seemingly never change, was that he was a demon (and other nonhuman) magnet. At least the demon women here didn't want to kill him though. In fact, it was rather nice to be around friendly nonhumans for a change...

"Hey, Xander, I just finished my shift. Are you ready to get out of here?"

"More than ready. I heard Gimlet's opened a new gourmet restaurant, wanna try it?"

"Definitely," replied Cherry.
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