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Summary: It was Friday afternoon and she was leaning against the same wall she always leant against. Drabble-fic. COMPLETE

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered(Past Moderator)FaithUnbreakableFR155436,613106903539,9292 Feb 0830 Mar 08Yes
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Steel and Velvet


Steel and Velvet


Asher and Damien waited for almost a week.

Or rather, Asher waited and he convinced Damien to give it time as well. It was harder to do than one would think, convincing the redheaded vampire to stay away from the tiny blonde that had captivated them both.

As old as he was, Damien had only ever wanted and wished for one thing in his life. To be safe. And when she spread her arms and threw back her head as if welcoming an old lover he had found what he had longed for. Her power rolled over him like a warm wind, making it hard to breathe but telling him, without a word, that she was gentle. She would never hurt something that didn’t need to be hurt. She would never cause pain beyond necessity. It was not who she was.

Damien had found such people before. But none of them had, hidden under warm velvet and soft promises, the power this tiny person wielded. Inside, under the skin and gentleness, she was solid steel. Unbreakable. Strong enough to have mercy. Powerful enough to have no need for slaves and broken servants. Strong enough for him to believe in her with a faith he hadn’t known since his mortal years.

She’d keep him safe. She’d make sure he never had to go back to her. Anita was like that, too. Strong enough. Steel enough. And she cared. But Anita was a rampaging bull and her mouth a weapon. She was sharp and loud and harsh and even if she despised the big evils, she let the little ones go. A sharp word, a vile look, a screaming fit when she was angry.

Anita had no understanding of what it meant to be weak, to cower at any loud noise. To really, truly fear until you knew nothing but fear, breathed it, ate it and eventually forgot there ever was anything else. Elisabeth did. He saw it in how she treated Jay. Velvet and steel. Clear orders and soft hands. She pulled his hair for disrespect and she let go almost as fast.

Damien wanted to go to her. He wanted to put himself in her hands because he knew she’d keep him safe. She’d keep him…keep him. And for the first time, he’d belong really and truly.

Asher’s plight, he knew was similar. But Asher had not quite hit rock bottom like Damien had and he was too proud to come crawling and begging. Too angry and hurt and… simply too much. Damien watched him often as he raged and rampaged and sometimes, he felt pity because Asher had all this energy, all this love and passion and he’d forgotten how to use it. Elisabeth would make him right, too. Damien was sure of that.

She would show him how to not be afraid of himself, how to touch his own face with something more than disgust. She’d make Asher like he hadn’t been since Julianna and Jean-Claude.

Why was he so sure that she could fix it all? It was simple. She had been sent by God. She had come here, to St. Louis, to all of them, all the lost and confused and angry and lonely and weak, for a reason. He didn’t know whether or not she knew, but he did. He knew why she was here. He knew that she was meant to put all the wrongs right. He knew.

When Asher said that Jean-Claude had said they needed to wait, Damien did. He could wait a few more days. He had, after all, waited for centuries already.

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