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Summary: It was Friday afternoon and she was leaning against the same wall she always leant against. Drabble-fic. COMPLETE

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered(Past Moderator)FaithUnbreakableFR155436,613106903540,4672 Feb 0830 Mar 08Yes
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Micah growled as he flung his notes down on the desk and squeezed his pencil until it broke. He dropped the sad yellow remains in he trash can with a sigh and started digging splinters out of his hand with frustrated resignation.

He was getting absolutely nowhere. He had tried working out questions for Richard’s strange student. Questions about the Coalition. What do you think about the Coalition? Or better yet, In case of an emergency, would you call the Coalition?

Completely idiotic and useless questions. He had a whole stack of them. Kind of like the question some of the professors in college had asked. What do you think of my class? What the hell were you supposed to answer to that and even better: What the hell was anyone supposed to learn from the answers? Nothing, that’s what.

So what was he supposed to do to make the Coalition better? The tiger’s words had made him angry at first but when he thought about it, he had to admit the kid was right.

He was currently sitting in his office in an empty office building in the more rundown part of town. The building belonged to one of the bears, who had no success in renting it out anymore, so he’d given the Coalition free reign over it. There had been a plan in the beginning, to turn the upper two floors into a sanctuary for shifters who lost their apartments, their jobs or just generally got into trouble and needed a place to crash.

What had happened to the plan? It had been discarded as unnecessary because all the big groups had a network set up to make sure their own people had a roof over their heads. But what about those who didn’t belong to groups? Those like Jay?

By Micah’s count there were currently three tigers, two foxes, seven hyenas, almost a dozen wolves, two lions, five rats, one bear, eight different breeds of snakes, four coyotes and another ten or so even rarer shifters within the city limits that had no group they belonged to. Some of them were outcasts by their own choice, some had been kicked out or never accepted into their clans and others were simply too rare to have clans. More than fifty people that had nowhere to run to and no-one to turn to. And that estimation did not include the fringe groups every bigger pack had. Omegas that no-one paid much attention to, who had no friends within their own group or were so deep in the closet they could not afford to be seen with any of their own.

A lot of helpless people that the Coalition had promised to help but hadn’t. Instead they spent their time playing peace maker between the big groups, which was mostly unnecessary. Wolves and cats got along through Anita and Richard, Rafael was Richard’s friend, Narcissus had the hots for Jean-Claude and Jean-Claude had a good standing with all major parties. As long as the leaders stayed the same, the cooperation was pretty much guaranteed.

It was the loners that needed help. The loners that Micah could help, had promised to help after Chimera. He and all the others under Chimera’s iron fist had been picked up because they had been alone and easy prey. If they had had a support network, Chimera never would have gotten his claws into them.

He finished pulling the splinters out of his hand and flexed it carefully. The cuts were already healed over and would be gone within minutes. He leaned back in his chair, surveying his office. So what would he do now? He could call Anita and share his epiphany with her but he didn’t think she’d really appreciate it. By the time he had left, she had still been asleep and from the concentrated look on her face, she wasn’t dreaming happy dreams. He knew she had fought with Jean-Claude the night before and it was better to let the two of them work out their troubles alone.

Who could he call and share with? He spent a few minutes considering people who would be happy that he had come to a conclusion but the people it concerned were also those that were, if Jay was any indication, sort of pissed off at him. In the end he dialled Nathaniel’s cell.

After three rings the younger leopard answered the phone and Micah asked, “Want to help me furnish a dozen rooms?”

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