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Summary: It was Friday afternoon and she was leaning against the same wall she always leant against. Drabble-fic. COMPLETE

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Anita Blake > Buffy-Centered(Past Moderator)FaithUnbreakableFR155436,613106903540,3582 Feb 0830 Mar 08Yes
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Shopping Encounters

A/N: Ya know what I'm really good at? Making notes in my criminally short shorthand and then not being able to figure out what they meant two weeks later. Thanks for all the reviews. I'll try to step up the posting but RL has been rearing its ugly head since yesterday.


Shopping Encounters


“Can I, please?” Jason asked as he waved a super sized pack of chips in front of Nathaniel’s face. The other shifter rolled his eyes but nodded, watching with amusement as the werewolf did a happy dance and then dumped his bounty in the shopping cart. After that, he made a mental note never to go grocery shopping with the hyperactive stripper again, best friend or not.

He pushed the cart around a corner and into the next aisle when Jason suddenly did a double take next to him. Following the blonde’s glance he saw what had him so surprised. Standing in front of the dairy products was no other than Elisabeth Summers, power house extraordinaire. Next to her, a brunette around Nathaniel’s age stood, a look of exasperated trepidation on his face. It seemed he didn’t like his shopping partner’s…. habits any more than Nathaniel did Jason’s. The constant dancing and shimmying really was annoying.

Speaking of the devil, Jason immediately waved and called, “Summers.”

For someone who’d felt the pseudo teenager’s strength first had, he didn’t seem very concerned. But then he lived at the Circus and had met the blonde a few times since the power show Nathaniel had witnessed.

The girl turned, pulling a face that turned into a wry smile as she greeted, “Jason.”

Nathaniel looked at her companion, exchanging amused looks with Chris over the smaller blondes’ heads. He was pulled from his thoughts when Jason announced, “You’ve met Nathaniel, right?”

She nodded, introducing Chris, who waved a Jason shyly before turning to the leopard and asking, “How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“You know each other?” Jason sounded outraged for some reason.

The boy really had to lay off the caffeine, Nathaniel decided and nodded, “We’ve met.”

Then he turned back to the werefox and asked in a low voice, “So you belong to her?”

Chris nodded, a proud smile gracing his features. Nathaniel relaxed. He had been worried about the other submissive since he’d found Anita and actually had time to worry about other people. Chris was much like he himself, unable to truly live on his own. He needed protection. He needed rules. He needed love. And from the look on his face, he seemed to have finally found it. Nathaniel was happy for him.

Suddenly Elisabeth interrupted their moment. “Chris, we gotta hurry. I have to get to work?”

He looked surprised, “You do? You worked all night yesterday.”

The look she gave him clearly stated ‘believe me, I know’ but she didn’t say anything. Nathaniel couldn’t help but ask, “Where do you work?”

“Billy’s Restaurant and Bar, we serve the biggest burgers in town,” she offered without a trace of humor.

Jason pulled a face. He had, for two months in high school, worked as a waiter. It was not something he ever intended to do again and he wasn’t female and prone to getting groped at every turn.

“You know, Jean-Claude owns half the Blood District. He could probably get you a better job.”

She didn’t even think about the offer, immediately shaking her head. “It’s not so bad and the tips are good.”

“You could at least consider the offer,” Jason demanded, despite Nathaniel’s hand on his arm. Chris pulled a face.

Elisabeth gave the werewolf a look that could have frozen lava and informed him curtly, “I don’t like owing people. Thank you for the offer. We have to hurry now. Bye.”

She took Chris’ hand, pulled him around and steered them and their purchases away to pay. Moments later, the two of them had left the shop.

Nathaniel glared at Jason and then, with a no nonsense look on his face, slowly and deliberately, put the pack of chips back onto the shelf. Jason pouted.


If your Mum asks you to 'help her in the garden'? Run. Fast!
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