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After Action Review

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Summary: Various people react to the events of the Transformers movie.

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At the Airport

After Action Review
By Nopporn Wongrassamee the Evil Author

Summary: Various people react to the events of the Transformers movie. Some people have a different theory on what happened.

Disclaimer: All things Transformers belong to Hasbro. All things Buffy belong to Joss.

Hopkins International Airport
Cleveland, OH
Three Days after a Major News Event

Barricade quickly came to the conclusion that he hated airports. The traffic conditions were horrendous. What was worse was that there really was no way to get around it without doing something that would attract attention. And after the battle over the Allspark, giving his position – or even his existence - away was not something to do lightly.

Stealth, not battle, was his forte after all. Hence he had elected not to engage Optimus Prime in one on one combat. The Allspark didn’t make him as an idiot unlike some of his more enthusiastic fellows.

Still, with Megatron dead and the Allspark destroyed, Barricade was at loose ends. Starscream had taken off for the stars, but Barricade didn’t want to leave this world quite yet. He was an investigator by nature after all and this planet had several strange anomalies.

Currently, he was tracking an energy signature that looked a lot like the signature given off by the Allspark. But while it was similar, it wasn’t identical. At first, Barricade had thought it was another false signature created by Sector Seven to lure any surviving Decepticons into a trap. But the more Barricade looked at the signature, the more he doubted that this signature was a trap.

He knew the Allspark had been destroyed. Undoubtedly, Sector Seven knew that as well. And even these insignificant fleshlings couldn’t be so stupid as to bait a trap with something all the relevant parties knew no longer existed.

But if this energy signature was genuine, then the source it came from may very well be a source of power to rival that of the Allspark. And someone must have realized that fact, because the signature was amazingly hard to detect to begin with.

Someone or something had set up some serious ECM to mask the energy signature’s very existence. It was far better than anything humans should be able to put together. In fact, it looked better than anything his own species could do. Barricade doubted that any other Decepticon - or Autobot for that matter – would even notice its existence. The ECM was constantly shifting and adapting, trying incessantly to convince the observer that everything was normal, that there was nothing significant here to see.

It was taking nearly all of Barricade’s processing power just to maintain a lock on it.

And that brought him here. The source of the signature was constantly moving. Currently, it was in an airport… somewhere. The closer he got, the more difficult it became to pinpoint the source’s location.

“…don’t really believe that it was really military robots, do you?”

A scrap of human conversation snagged Barricade’s attention. Due to some alien logic, the local human government had decided to lie to the public. It was claiming that the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons was about some experimental military robots had gone berserk. Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the limitations of current human technology would have laughed at the idea. In fact, a number of conspiracy theorists on the Internet were claiming that Earth had been invaded by aliens and the government was in league with them. The majority of humans seemed to have decided that this vocal minority were deluded at best.

Barricade found the whole thing funny.

“So what? You think they were aliens?”

“Of course not,” the first human replied. “But I think I figured out what they are.”

Barricade could not help himself. He had to eavesdrop on these too. Not aliens and not Earth made robots? What else could this human think his people were?

“You think they were demons?”

Demons? A quick query of an Internet dictionary brought up the definition. Barricade took it as quite a complement.

“Titans actually,” the first human specified. “They were the Titans of Greek myth.”

“You’re kidding,” the second human said skeptically. “They don’t look like any of the giants we’ve seen or had on record. From all the amateur video footage on the news, they’re pretty clearly made out of metal.”

“Hold on, let me explain,” the first human said quickly. “The Titans of legend were a specific type of giant. According to legend, they were sometimes friendly with humans and sometimes not. The Greek gods seemed to consider them largely enemies. Some were said to be made of one kind of metal or another. Most important of all, some Titans such as Promertheus reportedly had shapeshifting abilities.”

“Nice theory, but the problem seems to have solved itself,” the second human said.

“They’re Titans,” the first human persisted. “They gotta be.”

Amused, Barricade wondered if other Decepticons or Autobots had landed on this world beyond the ones he knew about. If they had, why hadn’t they sought out the Allspark? In any case, he had the source of that energy signature to run down and…

ARGH!!! He had lost lock. The humans had distracted him, diverted just enough processing power for him to lose the energy signature. Now he had to start all over. Who knew where the source would move to before he found it again?

“We’ll deal with them if we run into them,” the second human replied. “Come on, Dawn, we have a plane to catch.”

Stupid humans...
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