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The Atlantis Expedition

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Summary: What if there were a slayer contingent on the original Atlantis expedition?

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisDamiaFR1534,25413811,2853 Feb 084 Oct 08No


Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize.


Andrew sighed loudly and tapped his foot, letting everyone know that he was irritated. After all, he was a very important person, a Board Member of the New International Council of Watchers. His blonde hair was gelled perfectly, his suit pressed just so, his loafers shining bright and pretty and perfectly matching both the color of his coat and his leather briefcase. Sure, it was obvious that he was gay, but he'd gotten over trying to hide it and he enjoyed looking good. Enjoyed being able to get along with the girls much better now. He and Willow went out sometimes and referred to each other as The Beard. It was fun. His foot started to tap a little harder as he waited. The secretary at the desk gave him a pointed look before turning back to her computer screen. Andrew's eyes narrowed, so she thought she was something special? He knew he should have brought Faith with him, she was so good at giving threats without opening her mouth or even pulling one of her many weapons. He felt his cellphone vibrate and pulled it out of his pocket.

"Hello?" He asked huffily. He did not enjoy being ignored, and sure, he wasn't THE most important person in the world or anything, and he wasn't even the most important person on the Council Board, but he was still pretty damn important! ... and he was throwing a temper tantrum in his head.

"What did he say?" Dawn's voice demanded over the phone. Dawn was just as eager to see this deal go through as Andrew was so she wanted to know everything, she had wanted to be there but there had been some problems with the translation of a new possible-Apocalypse-inducing prophecy. Sure she was a complete genius who had the gift of knowing a language perfectly after reading a few pages of it. It was like the knowledge just seeped into her. However this prophecy was written in at least 4 languages, only 2 of which she knew. It was slow going to say the least.

"I haven't seen him yet," Andrew told her stiffly, shooting another nasty look at the snooty secretary.

"Are you serious? Who does he think he's dealing with here? We could have gone directly to the source, it's a mark of respect that we're dealing with a glorified middle-man in the first place, we don't need his permission to do something that involves the safety of the world," Dawn shouted. Andrew took a calming breath as he heard more voices chiming on Dawn's end.

"Look, you know the rules. Sit pretty, be patient, all will come out in the end. Besides, I plan to let him know just how annoyed I am. I knew I should have brought Faith. Next time I'll bring Fred," Andrew was feeling petty, and sicking Illyria on the pompous bitch at the desk would make him feel better. Well, sicking Fred anyway, because that was who she was in public. After they had discovered that Fred's human soul hadn't died, but actually been molded into Illyria it had been much easier molding the two together. She was still scary, but not nearly as bad as when she'd first hopped over to the side of the living again. The Secretary gave him another cold look and glared at the cell phone. Andrew had enough.

"Andrew?" Dawn asked, she had asked him a question and he had missed it. Andrew didn't bother hanging up, just put the cell phone against his shoulder as he walked over to the perfectly coiffed woman and put his other hand on his hip.

"I don't care what kind of a power trip you're currently gliding on, you need to get over it. I don't have time to sit here twiddling my thumbs. I have important matters to be dealing with and I don't need your boss trying to prove he's more powerful than I am by making me wait either. He knows full well that this was a complimentary 'here's what we're doing' kind of meeting so that he's aware and doesn't have to be surprised when he's called in to soothe ruffled feathers. If he wants to play who's stick is bigger, I am going to win. I don't care what the hell he's doing right now, but I have a plane to catch so he needs to see me in the next 5 minutes," Andrew then turned and stomped over to his chair, sitting gracefully and putting the phone back to his ear as the woman went over to the office.

"Very nice," Dawn said, clearly impressed with him. Andrew smiled bashfully.

"It wasn't too over the top? I mean, I know I'm like important and all, but really, I'm not Giles," He said quickly melting into a bundle of nerves. The others sitting in the room looked at him askance.

"Totally fine, I'm going to tell everyone how great that was," Dawn promised. Andrew sat a little taller.

"I was good wasn't I? Besides, as hot as she thinks she is, she has lipstick on her teeth. I haven't told her 'cause she's acting like a snob," Andrew said snidely, preening a little bit. He was no Brad Pitt, but he was cute enough.

"3 minutes have passed, start picking up your stuff as if your going to go," Dawn told him. Andrew did as he was told and headed to the door just as the secretary came back through the door.

"The President will see you now Mr. Wells,"


Note from the Author:
Hey all! I know, a new fic, but I've updated 3 others in the last two days, so I don't feel to bad. Hope you've enjoyed. Next chapter the crew head to Antarctica.
- D
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