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Once Upon A Broken Heart

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Life in A Minor". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith deserves a second chance, she's looking for it in Las Vegas.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasDamiaFR1312,408094,1993 Feb 083 Feb 08Yes
Artist: Beu Sisters
Song: Once Upon a Broken Heart

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Buffy or CSI

Note: The final installment of RavenMorbisk's birthday present. If anyone else would like to request a pairing or song or whatever, I would be happy to hear from you.


Faith had been in Las Vegas for 3 weeks. The very long weeks. She was leasing a condo that overlooked the strip. She didn't actually like looking at the bright blinking lights and the milling masses. It reminded her that everyone had vices and she wasn't sure she was over hers. Robin hadn't been over his ...

The way he'd talked down to her, as though she should be ashamed of who she was all the time, instead of being proud of all that she'd become. She held Giles' words close to her heart, but they didn't stop the pain. She'd never cheated on Robin, but he didn't seem to think he should cleave only to her.

Once upon a broken heart
I was walking alone in the dark

So Faith was in Las Vegas, now the permanent slayer for the greater area's. Demons and Vampires seemed to like the all-night buffets. She even had a day job. More like a morning job. Sure, the IWC (International Watchers Council) took care of it's slayers, but she was lonely. So now she was a bouncer at a local strip club. After her nightly patrol she took off for work. She was allowed to wear whatever she wanted. Her job was to look pretty and keep the girls out of trouble. She even had her own stool at the bar, halfway between the main stage and the door.

"Faith!" One of her fellow bouncers shouted to her from the front door. That's when Faith noticed the unmarked car and the CSI trucks. Great.

"Who is it?" She asked with a sigh, ignoring the short balding man with the notebook.

"Jasmine," Tony told her. Tony was a good guy. Former marine, discharged because no one asked and he still told. She liked his boyfriend, the three of them went out for Beers sometimes. Faith shook her head. That kid , 19 years old and looking for love in all the wrong places.

"She was a baby," Faith said tiredly. Her life was all about death.

Looking for a way to start again
What I wouldn't give for a friend

"Hi, I'm Detective Brass, I'd like to ask you a few questions," The other man told her. Faith nodded.

"Do you work the same shift as Jasmine Kaye?" He asked. Faith smirked a little and noticed 2 men in CSI vests come out of the club.

"I'm not a dancer. Dancers and bouncers have different shift arrangements, but yeah I was here when she got off," Faith told him, noting all three law-men glance at her black leather pants, combat boots and black wife beater under the black leather biker jacket. The top had been a present from Dawn, it had a cartoon vampire on the front.

"Did you notice anything odd during her shift," Brass asked. Faith nodded.

"I got here at 4 yesterday morning, she was off at 8. Around 6 this guy came in. He waited at the bar until Jasmine was up and then went to the front and stuffed 20's. She didn't seem to like the guy and gave me a signal to watch him. He left just before 8 and I followed him. He went to the employee exit and waited for Jasmine. When she came out he started yelling some shit about how she was evil and he still loved her and she should come back to him. Then he grabbed her and I grabbed him. I made him take off and called the kid a cab. I'm off at noon, so I stopped by her place to check on her, but she wasn't home," Faith told him.

There was no love in my life
There was no light in my eyes

"Do you make it a habit of checking on the girls after work?" Brass asked. Faith raised an eyebrow.

"Only if they're freaked when some ass hat tries to take them home and doesn't like the answer no," Faith shrugged.

"That actually happens more than you'd think. The girls like Faith," Tony broke in. Faith shrugged again and Brass glanced between the two for a moment.

"You two work the same shift?" He asked. Faith and Tony nodded.

"Tony, could you go in and let them know I'm here," Faith asked the big man beside her. He nodded and went inside. Faith watched him go in and turned back to Brass. She took a deep breath and didn't go on.

"There something you don't want your friend to know?" The taller of the CSI guys asked her. He was good looking.

"I was in jail for murder in California for 3 years. 99 to 2002. I plead guilty and then broke out," She told them. Brass didn't move, but the other two took a step back and put a hand on their guns. Faith laughed mirthlessly.

"I assume that since your admitting this that there's a reason you aren't back in jail," Brass continued.

"Presidential Pardon," She told him. His eyebrows lifted and she grinned a little, "He owes me," She told him. Brass opened his mouth and then closed it.

"Could you come down to the station, talk to our portraitist?" He asked her after a few moments. Faith grinned a little.

"No prob, let me go tell the boss," She went into the building, Brass following behind a ways.

"Background check?" Nick asked. Brass nodded.

All the tears that I had cried and cried
Seemed like they'd never end

At the station Faith drank her bottled water and smiled a little as she sat in the interrogation room. Nick Stokes, the short of the two CSI at the club was sitting with her. She finished off most of the water and held it out to him.

"I'm good, thanks," He told her.

"Uh huh, just saving you from dumpster diving later. Could you take care of this for me?" Faith asked. Nick grinned and pulled a plastic bag out of a pocket, opening it and gesturing for her to drop it in.

"Bring back memories?" He asked curiously. Faith shrugged.

And I never believed fairy tales came true
But now I know that they really do

"It wasn't her," Grissom announced, holding up a piece of paper.

"I didn't think it was," Brass admitted.

"Bolo got a hit on Clarke, PD is bringing him in," Nick announced. Brass smiled humorlessly. They waited for Ryan Clarke to show up and got a surprise when Faith was brought it with him.

"Faith?" Nick asked, a frown crossing his face.

"Don't blame me. I spotted the guy and yelled for the cops. He thought he could take me," Faith shrugged lightly.

Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you
Just look at the sunshine, and you
Showed me a world
That I'd never seen

"What happened to you?" Brass asked with a laugh as the man came in, a black eye sprouting and a bandage over his nose.

"That bitch broke my nose," Ryan complained. Brass glanced down at the file he had been handed and raised an eyebrow.

"Says here that the police saw you attack the lady first. She hit you in self-defense," Brass told him.

"She broke my fucking nose," He shouted.

I woke up and fell into this dream
Happily ever after just took time
Once upon this broken heart of mine

"You alright?" Nick asked the brunette. Faith grimaced.

"I wish those cops had taken a little more time to get over. It would of been nice to hit him a couple more times," Faith told him. Nick laughed and handed her an ice pack.

"That's for your hand, it's looking a little bruised," He told her with a wide grin. Faith put the ice on her knuckles, reminding herself that it was stupid to punch concrete.

"You want to go for breakfast when your shifts over?" Faith asked him after a few moments. Nick looked surprised. Faith chuckled and looked down. "It's cool, convicted felon and all, I should probably go," Faith told him. Nick grabbed her arm lightly.

"Breakfast would be nice," He told her, She grinned a little.

"You aren't just saying that not to hurt my feelings, are you?" She teased. He shrugged.

"Could be," He grinned and Faith smiled before leaving, glancing back and catching him checking out her ass.

Long ago and far away
I could never dream of the day
That your love would come my way and stay
And sweep me away and I

"Who is he?" demanded Willow over the phone. Faith grinned, holding her cell away and trying not to let her delighted laughter be heard. She had never before felt so giddy over a man. He made her feel like she'd never felt before. He didn't hold her past against her, didn't ask her leading questions, and after finding out about her being a Slayer, had been infinitely proud, if more than a little worried.

"How did you know?" Faith asked after a few moments.

"Uh, 5 months Faith, you have been giddy and happy and smug for five months. I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out. Andrew thought you'd been possessed when he was out there last week. No one has been able to figure it out. You weren't like this with Robin. You've never been like this," Willow told her.

"Don't I know it. I've been trying to keep him all to myself. He makes me feel beautiful and good and perfect," Faith told the witch with a little sigh that was completely out of character.

"What's his name," Willow demanded, wanting to know everything before anyone else could find out. They would be so jealous.

"Nick Stokes. He's a cop here in Vegas, works CSI," Faith told her.

"And? Details Faith, I need details," Willow told her with a laugh.

"Details? New Demon?" Faith could hear Buffy in the background. All of the Scoobs were visiting Giles in England, with the exception of herself.

"Nope," Willow said, Faith could hear the smile in her voice.

"Oh my god, What does he look like?" Buffy demanded.

Never believed fairy tales came true
But now I know that they really do

"Faith?" Nick asked, stroking her hair as they lay in bed together, sweaty and naked and sated.

"Yeah?" She asked, her eyes closed. She was at peace. She'd never been there before, but Nick had showed her the way.

"I know you want to keep this quiet, but there's a kind of picnic thing that we do, and everyone in CSI is gonna be there. I was wondering if you'd go with me," He asked her. Faith opened her eyes and smiled at him.

"Sure. Besides, I kind of told the Scoobies today. They're probably gonna start showing up in a few weeks, coming up with crappy reasons to come check you out. It's only fair that you're friends get to meet me first. After all, they're already in town," Faith laughed. Nick grinned.

Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you
Just look at the sunshine, and you
Showed me a world
That I'd never seen

"Faith, isn't it?" Jim Brass held his hand out to her and she shook it as she stood with Nick. Nicks arm was around the young womans shoulders as he introduced her to his friends and colleagues. She smiled and tucked her arm around his waist. She had dressed in jeans and black tank top and flip flops and she was glad to note that almost everyone else at the picnic was in jeans as well.

"So this is the mystery woman," Warrick Brown was one of her boyfriend's best friends as well as a partner of sorts.

"We me a few months ago," Faith told him. Warrick looked confused for a moment and the realization hit.

"You're a bouncer at the Kitty Kat Klub," Warrick remembered.

"You're a bouncer?" Sarah Sidle asked, eyeballing the petite woman. Faith grinned mischievously.

"Don't really look the part, do I?" She asked.

I woke up and fell into this dream
Happily ever after just took time
Once upon this broken heart of mine

"I have an idea," Nick told her at dinner a few weeks later.

"Really?" She asked in mock surprise.

"Really," He promised with a laugh. "I think we should get a place together. Your lease is coming up and so is mine," He shrugged and looked at her hopefully. Faith laughed and threw her arms around his neck.

"Sounds fun," She said just before kissing him.

this is the way a fairytale feels
This is the way I know it's real
'Cause this is the way a broken heart heals

"You planned this, I know you did," Buffy accused her sister-slayer. The scoobies had come to visit, unannounced, just in time to help Nick and Faith move into their new house.

"Oh yes, it's all part of my devious plot to start a moving company made of slayers," Faith said dryly.

"He's ok with you being a million times stronger than he is?" Dawn asked as she came into the condo.

"It's actually kind of a turn on," Nick said with a grin. Dawn jumped guiltily and turned red.

"Now why can't I find one with a mindset like that?" Buffy demanded. Faith sauntered up to Nick and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"'Cause I found him first," She teased.

And I never believed fairy tales came true
But now I know that they really do

"So, first night in the new house," Faith started. Nick looked around. Almost everything was in boxes.

"Yup," He agreed, wrinkling his nose and tossing empty pizza boxes in a plastic garbage bag. Both of their groups of friends had stayed for dinner after helping them get all their things into the new place. Faith watched as he tied off the bag.

"Want to break in the new table?" She asked with a grin, hopping up on said piece of furniture.

"I think I could be roped into it," He agreed with a smile.

Now that I found you, now that I'm here with you
Just look at the sunshine, and you
Showed me a world
That I'd never seen
I woke up and fell into this dream
Happily ever after just took time
Once upon this broken heart of mine

The End

You have reached the end of "Once Upon A Broken Heart". This story is complete.

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