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It Could Happen: Faith

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This story is No. 3 in the series "It Could Happen". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith makes a wish and a new vengeance demon is listening.(Suicide attempt)(Read the first chapter of "It Could Happen: Buffy" before reading this story.) Cole/Faith

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-Centered
Charmed > Faith-Centered
toowhiteprincessFR1546,166043,3944 Feb 0827 Jul 09No

Coffee Fix

One week later….

Faith found her job taxing but she spent most of her time trying to figure out how she, a slayer could not have broken the spell on her before she was given this job. How could someone like herself be put in a room with all those children?

She didn’t want any of those brats in her home. They still had problems that most teenagers could not even imagine. There zits sometimes talked. There hair had all sorts of magical problems. (glowing, color changes, flaking.) Then, there were the magical pranks. Faith felt like she was in a fairytale land where the wizards had no idea how to do their own magic.

Cole, her new boyfriend, and coffee became her only escapes. He sometimes brought her coffee. Wow. The man was a saint among demons.

She could use spells to keep her up but she loved the taste of coffee. “Faith. Here is your coffee. Faith?”

Faith looked up to meet the eyes of her new boyfriend, Cole. “I was thinking about coffee. Thank you.”

He placed the coffee on a napkin, on the table next to her. “Going for some sort of record on coffee cups, Faith?” He teased.

She held the cup up to her noise. Oh, how she loved the smell. “It smells so good.” She did not answer his question. The old faith would storm out and leave him to wonder what he did wrong.

Cole took the liberty of sitting across from her. “I was wondering since I have time, this weekend if you would like to go out to eat again with me?”

Faith hated to pay for her own food. In the past, she would have put her feet up on the table told him, ‘sure’. “That sounds fine.” Her legs fidgeted to move into a more comfortable position. Part of her wanted to tell him to, ‘back off’. “You know where to find me.”

Cole let the edges of his face curl up a little into a smile. “Here?”

“It is my favorite coffee shop.” Faith in some way didn’t want to be reminded that she lived alone. This place held all sort of people that did not bother her but she didn’t have to feel all alone.

Faith gathered up her books. “I have work this morning.” She saw something in his eyes, an emotion, but she could not make it out.

He wrote down the time and place of the dinner on the back of one of his business cards while she waited for him. Faith eyes went strait the coffee he brought for her. She could not leave it.

Faith picked up the coffee. She heard Cole warn her. “Careful, it is hot.” And, she did something that would have sculled a normal human. The drink burned her throat but as a slayer she felt more alive. The pain made her forget about her current life.

Cole was reminded that once again this woman was indeed a demon. Why did he warn her in the first place? He felt like such a moron. If he did not get that she was a demon before with the strange job he didn’t know about, and the demonic coffee shop which she loved….This should not have come to a shock to him.

Maybe, he did want a normal relationship for once. This woman seemed to be available, at least. He did have reserves about her demonic nature.

His thoughts drifted back to the entire demonic female population that wanted to mate with him to create strong demon babies. This woman didn’t want that, she had not even touched him in an inappropriate way.

Still, he did not know her for very long. Faith might be smarter than most.

The day for Faith dragged on and on…. Children could be amusing some times. Magical children were beginning to get on her nerves. Love spells equal detention. If this was true why do they keep trying to prefect them? There parents didn’t like the idea of waiting an hour so that their perfect child could be put in a magical recovery room. That was almost every day occurrence.

Today was extra special. They were testing their own magic for special class selection. This was a test for the students to know more about themselves in a magical sense.

Lots of crying. Lots of parents yelling on phones. Lots of yelling in general.

Parents didn’t like to hear that their son or daughter was different from them. Some didn’t want to know what was right in front of their faces. Tests did not matter. There child could be a conjurer even if the child could not do conjuration magic. Every type of magic had a school but did the parents care? No.

Faith ended up taking a shower in the gym before she left. Magical gym? Faith didn’t want to think about it.

Leo caught up to her before she left. “Wait, Faith!” He called after her.

Faith held her breath for a second then turned around. “Oh, Leo, I have not seen you a week.” She didn’t want to be late for her date. Time seemed to hate her.

Leo approached her with a smile on his face but she knew something was wrong. “Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Eris wanted to speak to you tomorrow about their children.”

Faith had had enough already. “There children are suspended.”

“They wanted to talk to you about make-up homework.”

Faith let out a sigh of relief. “Is there something wrong with my notes that I sent them about it?”

“They think it is a little extreme.”

They walked down to his office. He didn’t know how to approach the thoughts he had in his head. “I want to be strait with you, Faith.”

“Am I dieing?”

“No. This is about something else, entirely.”

“Go on.”

“You have set off every demonic detector in this building. Do you have any comments about why?”

“I have no comment.”

“I don’t know if anyone asked you this or that you even know about it. But, are you aware that in order for them to set off you must be a demon.”

“What are you saying?”

“I am saying that you are a demon.”

“Why are you telling me something that I already know?” He stared at her in shock. “What do you really want to tell me? Is there something wrong with one of my students?” He watched as she became even more panicked. “YOU can tell me.” He watched as she became more worried about him. “Are you alright, Leo?”

“I didn’t expect you to admit you where a demon.”

“Leo. What is going on?”

“You should not be here if you are a demon.”

She laughed. “I know but do that powers want to hear that? No. I was not born to be evil. If you are looking for something else in me, you will find it is not there.”

“But you are a demon. You are dangerous.”

“Anyone can be dangerous, Leo. I am sorry but I have to go.”

“Faith. Can you tell me something about yourself that no one knows?”

“Leo. I have been fighting demons since I was very young for the powers. Now, you know something that noon most people know.” She left.

Faith tried to get back to her apartment as fast as she could and shimmered to the restaurant. Cole was already there looking at his watch. She gave him a shy smile. “I know. I am late.”

No demon female had ever made him wait before. “Long meeting?”

“Long day. Very long day.”

He wanted to ask her but he didn’t know much about her. “Would you like to talk about it?“

“It shocked me to find out that someone had to ask me if I was a demon.”

“You don’t exactly have horns growing out of your head, Faith.”

“Do you have that problem as well? People thinking that you are human.”

“Most demons know who I am. You must not have grown up with demons.”

“I try not to make it seem so obvious.”

“You were not born a demon where you?”


There was silence then he started to wonder what type of demon she was. “How did you become a demon if I may ask?”

“The powers did this to me. They decided that killing myself was a bad idea.”

“I have not heard of them doing that before.”

“I felt powerless for the first time. I was so confident about myself before this happened. Now, I find myself drinking coffee all day, a job that is challenging, actual reading and trying successfully to avoid everyone.”

“I am sure a part of you wanted to be a demon.”
“No. I don’t think I acted human. I was not very good at it.”

“You like being a demon then?”

“The coffee is a definite plus. I would have been down here in a second if I knew about that place.”

“They should advertise more.”


They left the room together.

They watched a fight that night. They laughed and yelled as the crowed cheered. They were done with that went they went to a dinner. Then, someone noticed her.

“Faith?” His friends stared at her.

“It is her.”

They went over to her table, “How long has it been?”

“Years.” She recognized him as one of the demons that protected the major. “We just came from the fight.”

“I was in the front row.”

“We were in row four.”

“You should conceder fighting. I am sure the crowd would not mind a fatality or two.”

She smiled, “I have a job to conceder, responsibilities.”

“Are you working for him?”

“No. We are dating.”

“You date?” He was in shock.

She just laughed. “Ok, I get it. Leave before I do get angry.”

They laughed and left her table. Cole waited for her to explain how she knew them but she didn’t, she just looked at the menu. “How do you know them?”

“We worked together on a project.”

“They seemed to think that you could win a couple of fights.”

“That was the old Faith. My job would not understand me fighting.”

“You could be making more money.” He said. Greed moved most demons. He wondered if she fell for that sort of thing.

“I care about my job more then killing a few demons in the ring.”

“You think you could win?”

“Oh, I know I could. I was designed to fight. But, I have a job that is important to me.”

“You where designed to fight demons?”

“That was the only thing I was good at for a long time until the job I currently have. Maybe, the powers actually did something right.”


“I have a new life that I don’t mind and coffee.”

“Coffee is important.”

They ate then she went back to her apartment.

The next day at his work, “So, you like Faith?”


“I heard that she only wants one think then she will throw you away. She has humiliated so many guys before.”

“Most only want to mate with me.”

“Not Faith she will use you once or twice for sex then that is it.”

Cole looked at the man. Did Faith want to trick him? Bed him? Was she like all the rest of the other demonic females that wanted a demonic child with him?

Maybe, Faith only wanted to say she dated him as to look better than most females demons. If she could not have a child, Faith might be the type to trick him into thinking that she was like his last love.

If she could someway work her way into his heart, what would become of him? Would she sacrifice him to her god or other demons?

What a fool he must look like to her. Paying for her coffee. Swooning over her like some sort of love sick puppy.

He had walked right into her trap. She was so sweet and tempting with her stand-offish ways. Cole had fell for all her tricks but not any more.

Someone would pay for this, that someone would not be him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "It Could Happen: Faith" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Jul 09.

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