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Never Starless

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Summary: FFA Pairing Drusilla/Wash. ...The day Wash fell in love with the stars a voice had spoken up in his mind for the first time. A woman's voice, which had been strange, but he grew to like her. She liked to play with toy dinosaurs, she called them demons.

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Firefly > Drusilla-CenteredSeverusslaveFR1511,175048814 Feb 084 Feb 08Yes
Title: Never Starless
Author: Severusslave
Rating: R
Crossover: BtVS/Firefly
Pairing: Wash&Drusilla, past Wash/Zoe, Spike/Drusilla(/Wash)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Firefly". They're Joss'.
Notes: Omg. I wrote het. But this FFA pairing would not let me rest till I wrote its story down. Don't worry though, there is slash, too. A bit.


Wash loved the stars. Loved them more than he did his lovely wife, but he would never tell her that because she'd kick his ass straight back to Earth-That-Was.

He fell in love with their infinite vastness when he was six years old and old man Phillips from next door showed him and his best buddy an old holovid he'd made from one of his flights as a space pilot. He'd been raised on a planet with pollution so thick the stars were not visible and since that day he'd hated his former home.

That day was the day Wash had known that he would be a pilot, too, when he was done growing up. That day was the day Wash'd first heard the voice inside his head.

It was a woman's voice, which had been strange – and still was – but a girl from class had had an invisible friend she talked to, so it had been not completely crazy for him to talk with the woman in his head.

He grew to like her. The voice was clever and vicious and fun. As a teenager, when he'd started to realize that this voice in his mind was extra special, he'd asked her if she had a name – which had been totally insane, but his first girlfriend had called it quits and he hadn't been his best that day – and she had said, of course, and she was not going to tell him because it was the secret of the stars and suns and sparkles, but it started with a D. So he'd named her Dee.

She'd liked it.

Dee was good for him, actually. She was a brilliant guide and helper when it came to the ladies. She whispered the most fitting endearments into his ear, those amazing things that any woman would never forget and those extra special words that made his wife fall for him. Zoe! Fall for him!

She helped with his flying, too. Not when he was doing the flying, mind, that was all him, but when he slept or somebody else piloted Serenity. Dee did not really need any sleep at all, she had said. Or food or blood, but you don't worry about that, sweet ginger. So, she kept watch and woke him if anything was going to go wrong.

It was Dee that liked to play with the little toy dinosaurs so much, not that he minded them. She called them her fellow demons. They even had names. That bigger brown one with the curved horns was Fyarl, the small one with the curved claws at the feet was Hr'euh. Yeah. He would not let the voice inside his head name any future children.

Now though, all of that was history.

A month or so before… before he died, Dee had started growing stronger. Had told him that her Spike was coming for her soon. And that there was a way for him to come with her. Only one way, cause your legs won't walk anymore by then and your heart will be mourned but will not beat anymore and I like you, I like you, like you. You can't be my child, my sweet ginger, but will you be my voice, my very own one? He had said sure he would.

Dee was eerily knowledgeable about death. She saw somebody through his eyes and knew when he was going to die. She had said that she'd known about her own death as well. Which had been freaky to know. So, when she had told him about his own un-beating heart to be, he'd known he would die soon.

He did. And it had hurt. So much.


When he'd finally opened his eyes again, they were not his eyes anymore. It wasn't his body. That was entangled in layers upon layers of blankets with a man. Who had no heartbeat. Did not breathe.

His own hands had lacquered fingernails at their ends, the color of blood. He had breasts. He could see in the dark!

"I thought you had gone to sleep, Dru. Drusilla?" It took him only about 20 years and, heh, his own death to get to know Dee's real name.

He was getting hysterical, he knew it. …He was in bed with a man. Naked! Holy gou shi! Somehow this shocked him a trifle more than being inside Drusilla's head. He had had time to get used to that idea!

The man moved a bit and he got to have a look at his face. Blue eyes. Honey-colored, curly hair. Weird cheekbone structure. Nice. In no way up to the beauty of his wife, but …nice. At least Dee- Drusilla had taste.

He knew that he couldn't move – or so he thought, Zoe had never mentioned any sleep-walking, …well, as far as he knew. Hm. – because Drusilla was asleep. He was grateful that her eyes were open at least.

The guy looked at him. Her. Him. With a quizzical expression on his face. Then he suddenly raised both eyebrows at once and uttered an age old curse.

"So, my princess wasn't bat-shit crazy when she said that she brought somebody along with her to our little reunion, was she?"

Wash could only blink at him. Hey, he could blink!

"Well, hello then, little pilot. I guess I have to thank you for taking such good care of my dark princess those last few decades that we've been apart," the man seemed to make up his mind about something, his brows furrowed as he thought, "I probably don't know your real name, and if I do, then your parents were real cruel to name you Ginger seeing you were male, and I'm sorry. The name's Spike. You are on-board my ship, the Dawn. I have no idea how long it's been since you've died. Drusilla has been here for a week's time."

Spike let himself flop down on the bed again. Next to Wa- next to Drusilla. He felt himself gathered close to the man.

"And we have not slept an hour in that week. Nor left this bed. So, you might follow a great dame's example and go to sleep, too, mate, I'm dead tired."

A soft wheezy snoring started after a moment, a moment which Wash had spent freaking out over the fact that Drusilla's body was amazingly …sore down …there.

His face was resting- Drusilla's face was resting on Spike's chest and he let himself freak out over the general lack of breathing and heart beating on hi- her part as well as Spike's and then decided to ...go with it.

His name was Hoban Washburne, he was a leaf on the wind.

May they watch him soar.

Tomorrow he would make Drusilla look up Zoe and the Serenity.

Now he would go to sleep.

The End

You have reached the end of "Never Starless". This story is complete.

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