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The Gibbson

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Summary: Who crashed the Gibbson? Willow Rosenburg, age 13. Why? She was visiting Razor and Blade while her parents were in a conference in New York.

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Movies > HackersFionfeeFR71275021,8835 Feb 085 Feb 08Yes
~+~+~+~None of this belongs to Fionfee, as it is impossible for it to be owned by someone who doesn’t make thousands upon thousands of dollars in profits.. NOT MINE!~+~+~+~


Cereal Killer glanced over at Razor and Blade, they were talking to a little kid. Cereal watched as Blade pointed her toward a computer and overheard him say, “Get into the Core and prepare to Broadcast.”

“Who is she?” Cereal asked Blade.

Blade looked up at him from his computer. “Her? She is a complete unknown. We just call her Little Red, but she usually won’t even give out that. She always types back saying that her parents told her never to talk to strangers and then terminates your connection. Clever little girl.”

“What is she doing here?”

“She just came in from finding the account for the money from the worm. She’s older than ZeroCool when he crashed 1, 507 computers. She’s the one who first got into the core of the Gibbson. She also managed to break into our system and kick us off the air when we interrupted her TV program.”

Cereal was impressed. “Is she a part of your group?”

“No, she just happened to be visiting for a week. She likes it that no one knows who she is. It means that the feds don’t have her on file.” Blade went back to his computer.

“Broadcast ready. I’ll scroll the number of the account when you say so,” ‘Little Red’ said from her computer. “Oh, and you shouldn’t use such a common password Blade. ‘ZeroCool’? Come on. Even I know better. Are you ready Cereal?”

Cereal nodded.

“Then lets got on the air!”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Gibbson". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking