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Bound out of Time

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Summary: Tossed into another Dimension by another demon, Willow ends up in Santa Carla, Murder Capital of the World, before Star and the movie. *set after Season Seven*

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Movies > Lost Boys > Willow-CenteredFionfeeFR1832,768062,1555 Feb 085 Feb 08No

Chapter One

~+~+~+~None of this belongs to Fionfee, as it is impossible for it to be owned by someone who doesn’t make thousands upon thousands of dollars in profits.. NOT MINE!~+~+~+~


Walking along the Boardwalk, another night in Santa Carla, the Boys are looking for prey. “How ‘bout that one?” asked Dwayne pointing to a little blonde eating cotton candy with a friend.

“No,” replied David. “You can take her later if she’s on the beach. We aren’t group hunting today.”

“We aren’t?” asked Paul.

“No, we’re not. Go, play. I’m going to sweep the beach for my prey now. You can go later,” said David.

“Okay, David. Eat well ” shouted Marco as the group split up.

David walked down the stairs to the beach. David began his sweep of the secluded areas, looking for prime prey. It took several coves and cliffs to find the one he would take. It was a little red haired girl, sitting in a ring of rocks. She was wearing a peasant blouse and jeans; her shirt giving the clear view of a pale white neck. She was sitting Indian Style, not moving or speaking, even as his chains jingled. He stopped just outside of the circle and walked around until he was standing in front of her. Her eyes were closed and her lips were moving soundlessly. He couldn’t understand what she was saying, it didn’t seem to be English. He moved to step into her circle, but he was blown backwards as soon as his foot went into the circle.

When David got off of the ground, he was still in shock, ‘What the Fuck was that?’ he thought.

“Don’t do that again,” he heard, but it took him a second to realize it was the girl who spoke. Her voice had dripped power and he looked at her to see her eyes were open. They were pitch black. No light seemed to escape the darkness.

“What are you?” he asked in awe.

“A witch and you are a vampire. You’re not like the ones I usually deal with. You seem more controlled and intelligent,” she said studying him.

“Uh... Right. What the fuck did you do to me?” he asked in an ‘answer me now or suffer’ voice and was surprised to see her snicker. He watched as her eyes turned emerald green.

“I didn’t do anything. You broke my concentration and tried to enter my circle. My spell was interrupted and you were hit with the recoil. Your fault, not mine,” she replied. He watched as she stood and dusted off herself. “Well, might as well just try again tomorrow. Hopefully no vampires interrupt me then.”

She stepped out of her circle and up to David, studying him. “Are you a Master Vampire? Or are you a normal minion in this world?” she asked.

“This world?” David repeated cautiously.

“Yes this version of Earth. Didn’t you know there are different dimensions? And you’re avoiding the question,” she said.

David shook his head, dumbfounded. “I am still young, too young to be a Master. I’m not that powerful yet,” said David, still in shock.

The girl snorted. “Yeah, and I’m Catholic,” she said sarcastically. “You aren’t weak, you are obviously powerful enough not to have died when my spell backfired. You just seem a little inexperienced and ignorant.”

“What do you know of power and vampires? You’re just a human,” David said scathingly. He watched the girl just sigh and turn away from him.

“If I’m ‘just human,’ why am I still alive, Vampire?” she asked as she walked away from him. “I’m not from around here you know. ‘Bye, Vamp.” Then, she was gone. Disappeared into thin air. He couldn’t even hear her heartbeat. David was shocked, not literally this time.

“Well, fuck,” he said before flying back to his bike to wait for his boys.
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