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the vulnerability of faith

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Vulnerability of Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: She was chosen for a reason. To protect and save the world from evil. She shunned her calling & welcomed the darkness. Who knew she was the one that could save the world from the evil that actually could end it; evil that had a face of a friend.

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Part Two: Freedom Always Comes With A Cost

For Disclaimer and Notes see first chapter.

Part Two: Freedom Always Comes With A Cost

After she left Cordelia went and talked with Gunn and Wes. After a heated discussion for several hours over the pros and cons of having Faith released into society they finally decided that allowing her to be released to kill Darla and Dru would be the best option they had. She was the only one that could do it because she was the Slayer. Buffy refused to come up to L.A. because she said it was Angel's city and she had been told more than once that it wasn't her hunting ground. Angel was, of course, MIA still and none of his former employees knew his whereabouts or what his current mindset was. Cordelia went the following night, after their group decision, over to Kate's apartment to inform her of what she was going to be doing over the next few weeks. Cordelia held her own against Kate's wit and remarks and convinced Kate it was for her own personal benefit just to go along with everything that was being asked of her. Kate was completely shocked at Cordelia's threat and blackmail, but ultimately did as she was suggested to do. She agreed to pull every string she could and have Faith out as soon as possible.

Cordelia returned the next week at her normal visiting hour to see me and update me on everything. I sat there at the table completely nervous. Butterflies were dancing around in my stomach and I felt a little dizzy. My fate and future were on the line. It was going to be decided by the woman that was currently flirting with one of the guards who was checking her in before she came over to tell me. She looked better than she had a week ago; the bruising had gone down and her arm was out of the sling. She finally walked over to me and sat down across from me. I took a deep breath and looked up at her. She smiled. I felt all the dizziness and butterflies go away – I was getting my "get out jail free" card soon.

"Kate is working on it as we speak," Cordelia simply said to me. I just smiled at her. I reached across the table and touched her hand gently. "I'm not sure that you are going to like how long it will be. It could take a month, several months, or even a year, but you will be getting out. Kate is pulling every string that she can to get you out as soon as she can. But she isn't a miracle worker. I'm not guaranteeing anything; I am just saying that she is working on it."

"Thank you. You won't regret this," I told her, honestly.

"Yeah, you keep saying that, but I still have a bad feeling about this Faith."

We talked for the remainder of the hour. Cordelia told me that Kate was going along completely with everything that she had told her to do. The plan was once Kate got me out of jail that I was going to be living in Cordelia's apartment. I was free to live there as long as I wanted to; I just had to follow all her rules. I was ok with that. Kate had given Cordelia the list of meetings in the area and had found a private shrink for me to go to. I really wasn't too thrilled about having to go to meetings but anything was better than jail at this point. Gunn and Wes were using every contact that they had to figure out where Darla and Dru were currently residing. The plan after they were found was simple. I slay.


Kate pulled every string that she had and some that she had to make threats to get. She got me out a month after her initial meeting with Cordelia. She got me off just like I said she could. During that time, I got in touch with connections I made working for the Mayor, connections that I thought were long dead, through a block mate in jail. The girl was dating one of the Mayor's crew before she got put in. She got in touch with him and he found someone else to throw the blame for the murders on. I got early release from the assault conviction on the guy at the bus station a year ago because of *good behavior*.

I have to admit that I was definitely impressed. As it also turned out Kate managed to make herself my probation officer. She was going to be in charge of me when I got out, and if I fucked up again then I was going back in and she wouldn't be able to get me released again. Cordelia was generous when she helped me settle into the house. They picked me up from the jail and Cordelia brought me a new outfit to put on once I got released. It was way too nice of her. She even bought me leather in my size; I was impressed. Gunn drove with Cordelia to come get me in his truck. All three of us got in, and we drove away from the jail. He parked outside of an apartment building which I recognized to be Cordelia's.

"This is it Faith. Get out," Cordelia said and I grabbed my jacket and jumped out of the truck. All my worldly possessions were on my body. "We are going shopping with Kate, Wes, and Gunn tomorrow ok? We have a little money budgeted at Angel Investigations for our newest employee. So we are going to get you some things, you know clothes, makeup, and just stuff in general. It is all about what you want tomorrow Faith, of course, within reason, we are by no means rich," Cordelia said to me.

"You don't have to do this," I told her.

"Yeah we do. Besides I am doing this for my own benefit as much as yours. I don't want you all stinky and skanky in my house," Cordelia admitted with a smile and I laughed at her.

"Glad to know you were really not doing this for me all along," I told her and she unlocked the door to her apartment.

"Phantom Dennis I would like you to meet Faith. She is cool this time please remember that. She is going to be living here with us for awhile until we are sure that she isn't all crazy anymore or until she finds her own place…whichever comes first," Cordelia said to her 'ghost' and I took a deep breath. The 'ghost' had really tried to kill me the last time I was here. Fortunately for me, he didn't. There was no flying furniture so I figured that he was ok with me being in the apartment, for the time being.

"Let me show you your room, follow me," Cordelia said and I just stood there in shock. "Come on Faith. Yes, you have a bedroom. I'm not going to make you sleep standing up in the closet or anything. Come on," she said and led me down the hall to my room. She pushed open the door and led me inside. The bedroom was great, it was a simple little quaint bedroom, and the best part was that it was all mine. I looked at her after I got done looking over the room. She was leaning against the doorframe watching me with an amused smile on her face. I walked over to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you Cordelia. This is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me," I told her honestly. She hugged me back and just said everything was cool.
She took me shopping with Gunn the following day. It was nice to get out and be outside of the jail and outside of a small cell with bars to look out through. I didn't buy very much; however, I was tempted to steal a few things, but Cordelia kept her eye on me. She bought me enough clothes for about a week, mostly jeans that I could re-wear and a few shirts, bras, underwear – the basics.


Over the next week that I was living in her apartment we became closer than we were when she would come to visit me in jail. I was really happy with where the friendship was going. I also spent hours training at Gunn's place because he had a workout area whereas Cordelia and Wes didn't. I trained every day preparing for the time when I would meet up with Darla and Dru. I needed to make sure that I was ready for battle with them and prepared to die as well. Mentally preparing oneself for death was not an easy task to do. Wesley and Gunn were still using every resource they had to find out where Darla and Dru were staying and if they were planning anything big in the near future. I was out every night beating the shit out of any and every demon that I came in contact with. It killed two birds with one stone. I got in my daily exercises and worked myself back into shape, and I was able to gather some small Intel on Darla and Dru.

I found out through a vampire that Darla and Drusilla were throwing a big party to honor a new arrival to their team. I decided this was the perfect time to attack. We got everything ready to make our attack and we mapped out our plan of action. The night that the fight happened, as we left Cordelia's apartment to meet up Wes and Gunn in Gunn's truck, I left a simple note for Cordelia on my pillow: "Cordy – I’m sorry, forgive me – Faith." I walked out of that apartment knowing that it would be the last time. Cordelia shut the door behind us and locked it; the sound of the door slamming shut and the key turning the lock rang through the stone hallway with finality. We walked downstairs to the truck. I was silent the whole time, running over the possible outcomes of tonight. I had my whole plan mapped out in my head; I just had to implement.
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