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the vulnerability of faith

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Vulnerability of Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: She was chosen for a reason. To protect and save the world from evil. She shunned her calling & welcomed the darkness. Who knew she was the one that could save the world from the evil that actually could end it; evil that had a face of a friend.

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Highlander > Faith-Centered(Moderator)DemonaFR183381,0290422,0062 Aug 032 Aug 03Yes

Part Three: Switching Teams

For Disclaimer and Notes see first chapter.

Part Three: Switching Teams

We arrived at the warehouse fifteen minutes after leaving Cordelia's apartment. I led Cordelia, Wesley, and Gunn into where Darla and Dru were holding a bunch of humans captive before they were killed in the big party that was supposed to go down a little later on that night. I walked in, kicking in the side door, with total confidence over what I was about to pull off.

"Hello ladies," I said out loud to the vampires that stared at me in complete shock. "What…isn't this the ‘all you can eat’ human buffet all the demons have been raving about?" I asked while they remained quiet, apparently still in shock. Darla remained confused while Drusilla stepped forward towards us, towards me.

"Dru get back here that is a Slayer," Darla hissed at her.

"It’s all right Grandmum…this one is a naughty like us," Dru cooed and my smile grew across my face.

"That's right Dru. I'm Faith, the *renegade* Slayer," I told her as I stepped in front of the group towards Dru.

"Faith?" Cordelia called to me, confusion evident in her voice. I took a deep breath and slipped a cold mask over my face before I turned around to face her.

"Yeah Cordy?" I asked coldly.

"What's going on?" She asked. The betrayal evident across her face. I hoped that someday she would forgive me for what I was about to do. I punched her in the face hard. Her head snapped back quickly causing her to lose her balance. Gunn reached out to catch her before she fell.

"Change of plan gentlemen. I decided to bat for the winning team this time. I suggest you leave because I'm not going to be so nice next time we meet," I informed them. Shock and horror were visible on their faces.

"Grandmum, we have a new black princess coming to play. Can I keep her?" Dru cooed to Darla excitedly.

"We aren't through Faith," Wesley said as Gunn carried Cordelia out of the warehouse.

"Count on it Wes. I can't wait to see you again. Perhaps pick up where we left off last time?" I asked him. His eyes were the only things that betrayed his fear to me, Dru however.

"Little drummer boy beats faster and faster – I am getting all dizzy from the thumping," Dru said. Wes left and I was finally alone with the vampiresses.

"So you have come to play huh?" Darla asked me.

"Oh yes Darla, I've come to play. So do I just get to join the tea party you are throwing here or what?" I questioned. She began to circle around me.

"What makes you think that I'll let you in and that I believe you are really here to join us?"

"Well for starters Dru sees things. Ask her if she sees me as a traitor," I suggested.

"We already knew you were coming to us Faith. We played the shocked role well, didn't we? Dru already saw her "little black princess" as she calls you, coming into the fold. So, my only thought was why? Why us Faith? Why come to us? Last I heard you were living in jail after you confessed to murder, after Angel saved you. Why now; why us?"

"I heard you were the new big thing. I thought that I would come to you to see if you wanted another person beside you. But if you don't want me then you can be against me. I'll form my own gang here. Only one of us can rule this town if it comes down to that. I think we both know that I am that person," I told her honestly. "I like to be the center of attention Darla. So you either have a position for me or you don't. Decide," I told her and locked eyes with her, spinning with her as she walked around me. "Besides I'm always going to be Buffy's shadow, never able to compare to her at all. So hell, fuck it, bad is so much better anyway." Darla stopped circling and got in my face.

"Well then my dear I have a mission for you before you are fully a member. Call it initiation."

"Let’s have it Darla," I challenged her, smirking slightly.

"Kill any one of them. No neck snapping either. I wanna witness a bloody gruesome death," she told me. I froze and couldn't swallow or breathe.

"Any one of them?" I asked after I got my voice back. I swallowed hard to keep from throwing up at the thought of killing someone again. I thought I was ready for this but I suddenly wasn't sure.

"Yeah, any of them. I heard you do beautiful work," I nodded slowly. I reached down and pulled my knife out of its ankle sheath. I took deep breath and again swallowed heavily. "What's the matter Faith? Forgot how to do it?" Darla taunted me.

"No Darla, you don't forget how to kill someone. It isn't like the spelling list in the third grade. Killing is an art form; you never forget what it's like to kill someone – ever!" I snapped at her. I walked up the first guy.

"Good Faith for a second there I had my doubts about you!" Darla voice mocked me.

"Stand up!" I instructed him angrily. He stood up, shaking visibly. I looked him over and saw fear in his eyes. I could practically feel and breathe in his fear. I took another deep breath and exhaled slowly. "You know Darla I'm really beginning to think I can't do this," I told her spinning slightly to face her. She looked pissed and a little too smug about my inability to do this. But confusion was visible on her face when my face lit up in an evil smirk. "Then again," I said as I spun back around and embedded my knife in the man's throat. After I pulled it out he grabbed his neck in shock and fell to the floor. He began his slow, painful journey into death as he chocked on his own blood. "Just kidding D, it's great to be back. You can't get rid of me that easily," I laughed and bent down to wipe the blood off the blade on the dying man's pants leg. I wanted to throw up and kill myself for killing that man but I held it in, deep inside of me where Dru couldn't uncover it. The sound of clapping brought me back to reality. I looked up to see Darla clapping as she walked over to me.

"Well done Faith. I was really wondering about you though. Even though Dru had this wonderful vision of you joining our team I really wasn't sure about it. I'm glad that you were able to alleviate my doubts."

"By killing one human you think that I could be evil like you? You think you know me well enough by one test to know that I'm not going to betray you still?"

"I know you Faith. I know how your face just looked in anticipation of the kill. The reluctance of wasting a human life, but you got off on it. You and I are a lot alike Faith." It was too familiar for me. Angel had said the same things to me when he was trying to save me from the darkness. She was saying the same thing to save me from the light.

"How so Darla?"

"We're evil," she said simply and I forced a slow smile to my face.

"I guess we are alike Darla, cause you are right I got off on that," I told her. Dru was beaming and looked like a giddy schoolgirl.

"Good Faith, good."

"So I heard this was supposed to be a banging party! Where are all the guests?" I asked to get away from the issue at hand. Darla laughed and then smiled at me.

"They are due to arrive now actually. You will join us then? You, my dear, are the honored guest for this occasion. I threw the party for you because Dru knew you were coming to us. I just had to be sure you were really in before you get to have your cake and eat it to." I smiled in response and bowed my head in a short nod of acceptance.

The doors suddenly flew open behind me and I spun around with my knife poised for battle. I made myself relax and slide the knife back into the sheath around my ankle. The group that came to the feast was a large one. Mixed demons, vampires, etc. were all in attendance. Darla instructed them to all "dig in". They all happily feasted on humans while I stood on the outskirts of the blood bath and just simply watched, committing it all to memory. Darla called their attention after most of the humans were dead.

"We have some rather important and exciting news. I would like to introduce everyone here tonight to the newest member of my elite crew. She is now one of my family. This is Faith, learn her face, protect her, die for her because she is now one of your superiors," Darla said to them. She slipped her arm around my waist and pulled me in close to her. I relaxed in the embrace and melted to her side to show that I had no fear and was completely comfortable with her.

"You are aware that she is human correct?" One demon yelled out creating a disturbance in the crowd below me.

"Yeah and I'm sure that she will have no problem fitting with us. She was meant to lead and meant for battle so where else should she be?" Darla defended me.

"She is a Slayer," a vampire yelled from the floor and a complete hush fell over the crowd of demons.

"So? Does it look like she is slaying any of us right now?" Darla challenged him. "You will look up to her and respect everything that she says. Cross her and she will kill you. I have no problem with her going through here and getting rid of the weak links. She is my equal now; treat her according," Darla instructed them.

"I don't take orders from a Slayer," one demon said and others started to join in with their own comments. I grabbed the knife out of my ankle sheath and threw it at the demon that had just made a comment about taking orders from me. The knife landed right between his eyes and he pitched backwards to the floor, dead. Everyone moved and left a circle around him, silently looking up at me.

"Anyone else have any comments about me? We can do this the hard way if you want. I'm flexible. Either you are with me or you are against me. I don't care either way," I finally said. No one else commented at all after that. I jumped off the stage that we were standing on. The demons parted so that I could walk where I wanted without running into them. I walked to the dead demon on the floor and pulled the knife out of his head. I wiped the blade off on his shirt and placed it back in my sheath. "Good, now someone needs to take care of his body. I don't want anyone to find him," I told them and no one moved. "I said I wanted it done…that means now," I told them. About five demons scrambled forward to grab his body and carry him outside to take care of him. I walked back to the stage and hopped up there. Darla was grinning at me.

"Well done Faith. I have to say that I'm impressed." Darla told me beaming. Drusilla came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and rested her head on my shoulder. She kissed my shoulder gently and rubbed her face against my neck.

"My princess is very naughty. She won't stand for insolence in her group. Everyone must respect my black princess or else she will kill you all," Dru preached to the crowd below her. They all were silent, still afraid to say anything.

"All right this party is over. I just wanted you to all know that Faith is one of us now. Respect her and pass that information around the underground chain. I don't want any demons coming after her. If anyone comes after her they will have to deal with Dru and me as well, understood?" Darla instructed and everyone agreed and then departed.

I was one of them now. I hunted with them; I became their equal partner in everything. Each day I spent with them I felt my control slipping further and further away from me. Killing and wreaking havoc with Darla and Dru felt too familiar. Every murder I committed I slid further away from humanity. In the beginning I had to originally guard my thoughts from Dru because of her psychic abilities but at the end I didn't even have to guard them. My thoughts were their thoughts and their thoughts were mine.
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