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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Vulnerability of Faith". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Charles Gunn left L.A. in 2006 to get away from the Angel Investigations. Twenty-three years later his son shows up in L.A. to find Angel -- to let Angel and Company know what really happened to Charles Gunn. Sequel to "the vul. of faith"

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Chapter Three: Meeting Faith

For Disclaimer and Notes see first chapter.

Chapter Three: Meeting Faith

I remained at the store for the rest of the night until it was almost closing time. I got to meet several more of the group members as they came into the store before it officially closed. I met Adam, Mac, and Richie. Adam and Mac were obviously dating from the way they interacted with them and I got the weird vibe that Richie was Mac’s son of sorts. But that was before I knew they were all three Immortals. A few minutes before nine p.m. when the store closed a young girl, eighteen or nineteen came running into the store.

"Oh god you have to stop her. She is evil. She won't leave me alone!" The girl cried out as she came hurriedly through the door. I jumped to my feet alarmed and didn't notice that none of the other people were alarmed or even remotely concerned. The door was pulled open a moment later and a young woman came through. My skin was absolutely crawling telling me that something was *very off* about this woman. She was very powerful. It was then I noticed she was in game face. I had thrown the stake that was in my pants at her before she even acknowledged my presence. I was tackled to the ground from the side. I slammed my head on the chair as I fell. The last thing that I saw before I blacked out was the girl looking at the stake in her heart in horror. Her game face slipped away and she pulled the stake out of her heart. The blackness slipped in at that moment.


I woke up several hours later tied to a chair in the middle of another room somewhere. I looked around as I tried to clear the fuzziness in the back of my head. I must have groaned or made some sort of noise for the people in the other room to come in and check on me.

"You want to explain why I'm tied up here?" I asked, clearly pissed off.

"You are tied up here because you tried to kill Faith!" Dawn yelled at me.

"You came into the shop screaming about something chasing you and being evil. How was I supposed to know that you were kidding when the next thing to come through that door was a vampire?" I yelled back at her. My head was starting to throb and all the screaming wasn't helping any.

"Ask questions first if you are in doubt. No one else jumped up to save me. That was my sister that you almost staked!"

"Your sister is a vampire?" I asked in horror.

"Well…um…you almost staked her!" She rambled and then finally yelled at me.

"I did stake her. I know that went into her heart. I saw the look of horror on her face. She should be a pile of dust. What is with you telling me I *almost* staked her? I did stake her!" I argued back.

"You obviously didn't see right. You didn't hit her heart; thankfully you are a suck shot! If you had though and you had dusted her, we would have killed you…or better yet you would have wished we had killed you. You don’t fuck with Faith, ok? She is a very important member of the team understood?" She yelled at me and at that moment Faith came into the room. She leaned up against the doorframe just looking at me, judging me perhaps. Her gaze was unnerving.

"Dawnie," she called out finally. Dawn turned to face her. "Let it go. I got this one," she told her gently.

"He almost killed…" Dawn argued.

"Almost Dawnie, almost. Go ahead out there with the others. I wanna talk to Wesley alone," she told her. Dawn looked hesitant to leave us alone. "Please?" She asked her.

"Fine," Dawn answered and slapped my face hard before she left the room. Faith chuckled as she saw the exchange and then shut the door to the room, leaving us alone together.

“You tried to kill me, boy,” she stated as the door lock clicked shut. I glared at her over the name she gave me.

“I staked you,” I told her and she smirked at me.

“Did you? Cause I still seem to be here,” she told me as she moved to lean back against the wall next to the door, her legs crossing at the ankles, her body seemingly relaxed looking but I knew there was power beneath that calm exterior.

“I saw you pull the stake out of your own heart. I saw the look of horror on your face as well. But your little sister tells me that I missed. That I’m a suck shot. Tell me Faith…is she right?” I taunted her. She shoved herself off the wall and the forward motion propelled her towards me. She walked up in front of me and lifted up her tank top. Not only did I get a good view of her chest, which at a different time would have definitely done something for me, but I got to see that there was no scar at all from where I had staked her hours before, no scar or mark at all. “But…how…?” I managed to stutter as she pulled her top back down over her breasts. The last thing I actually noticed was a tan line.

“Your father ever tell you about Slayers?” She asked me as she backed up a little away from me. She reached over and grabbed a chair and pulled it over in front of me. She spun it around and sat down backwards on it to face me. Her arms folded over the back with her head resting on her arms on top.

“I am a vampire hunter if that’s what you mean,” I told her.

“No, no you have it all wrong. You are a punk ass thug trying to slay vampires. I’m surprised you aren’t a little happy meal yet,” she shot back at me.

“I can defend myself!”

“That is why you are tied up right? Cause you can defend yourself?” She mocked me. I struggled with the ropes and she just laughed again. “Let me tell you a bedtime story Junior, and then you will perhaps grasp some of reality. I’m a Vampire Slayer…or least I was. A Slayer is a girl who is born into every generation with the strength and power to kill the demons and destroy the darkness in the world. That was my life. I was a living breathing human being up until 2005 during the Apocalypse that almost destroyed the world when I died. My friend had a different idea though, he gave me his blood to keep me alive and here I am today,” she told me.

“How did your friend’s blood make you into a vampire?”

“Cause he was a vampire,” she answered like I was stupid.

“Angel did this?” I asked her. Her eyes locked with mine.

“No…Spike. Perhaps you have heard of him…William the Bloody…son of Angelus, the Scourge of Europe,” she said with a bit of awe in her voice that disgusted me.

“Nope, sorry, evidently he wasn’t gruesome enough for me to hear about him.”

“Haha,” she laughed and then caught my eye again. “Perhaps you aren’t a good enough ‘vampire hunter’ to know of a master vampire when you hear names. Angelus — was one of the most feared vampires in history. Spike — his son, a master vampire, deadly, dangerous, completely beautiful. His work…his passion…it was just…he was just. But I’m getting off topic. I am a Vampire Slayer turned vampire. Your pathetic attempt to stake me, it won’t work on me. I don’t die like normal vampires. Something to do with the Powers That Be and Slayers that are turned are not normal…dunno. I like it. I can get staked and it doesn’t bother me, I can be around holy objects, garlic, you name it. The sunlight doesn’t kill me either!” She gloated.

“I noticed your tan lines,” I threw out and she smiled.

“Yeah, unfortunately, sunbathing nude in LA gets you arrested, I have to wear clothes now,” she told me with a laugh and a distant look in her eyes like she was reliving the experience.

“Let’s cut the crap Faith. You going kill me or not?” I ask her, hoping she decided not to. A quick bitter laugh was my response.

“Kill you? Gunn would come back from the dead and kill my ass,” she says and stands up and walks around behind me. My breathing hitched as I felt her squat down behind me and put her head on my shoulder. She nuzzles against me and I can feel that she is now in game face. “Play with you, however, he might be more accepting of that since you tried to kill me,” she breathed onto my neck. I could feel her fangs running along my neck. I forced myself to remain still and keep breathing evenly. She licked me and then chuckled. “I taste fear Wesley…you afraid I’m going to hurt you? Kill you?” She taunted me. I shuddered after she licked me…that animal had just licked me.

“I’m not afraid of anything you have to offer me,” I shot back at her in the most confident tone I could muster at the moment.

“Liar,” the word rolled off her tongue in a gentle, teasing manner and then she snapped the ropes that were holding me to my chair. I was up out of the chair instantly spinning around to face her. She moved up from her squatting position and looked at me with a cocked head. “I would offer you friendship Wes, but you don’t…you just don’t look like the friendly type,” she admitted.

“My name is Wesley. I don’t go by Wes. Evidently that is the name my dead namesake went by, but I’m Wesley,” I angrily hissed at her.

“Fine, fine…calm down. No heart attacks please. The gang wouldn’t believe that I didn’t do it on purpose,” she quickly shot back with her hands raised up in the air in an attempt as a joke I presumed.

“Let me go.”

“You aren’t a prisoner – you never were. You tried to stake me and fortunately it was me that walked through that door and not Angel. Cause if you had staked Angel…Gunn’s child or not…New York - would - have - heard - you - scream,” she admitted. Her voice lowered an octave into a menacing voice for the speech. It did its job well; I shuddered again. “But you need to see Cordy. Stick around Junior…she’ll be here before you know it,” Faith told me and moved towards me. I kept moving away as she simply walked over to the door and unlocked it and swung it open. She paused in the doorway not looking back at me. “Try to kill me again or any of my team and I will hurt you. You are treading on thin ice, I hope you walk softly,” she threatened me and then disappeared down the hall.

I let out a huge amount of air. She scared the hell out of me. She probably wasn’t lying when she said she tasted fear…hell I almost peed myself when she was breathing on my neck. I had no idea what to do at this point. A few moments later that decision was once again taken from me when Cassandra walked into the room. I looked at her warily.

“I won’t do anything to hurt you. Or threaten you unnecessarily. Faith was right, however, about the staking her thing. If it had been Angel that you had staked, you would be heard screaming in New York. She’s completely over it right now, which is more than I can say for the rest of the group. Dawn is about to kill you herself despite the fact you are Gunn’s son. She is pissed that you tried to kill B…er…um...Faith. See – Dawn’s sister already died, Angel killed her after she became a vampire and tried to open the Sunnydale Hellmouth in 2005. It took awhile but Dawn finally came around to the whole accepting Faith as her older sister.”

“How is possible that Dawn was alive in 2005 and nineteenish right now?” I asked, confused now.

“I didn’t say that Dawn was alive in 2005 now did I?” Cassandra asked me and I mentally reviewed what she said and she was right. “But she was. Um…Dawn is a long complicated story in which I don’t feel like addressing right now. Perhaps later if someone is feeling generous with information they will tell you her story. Perhaps she will. Dawn’s story is horrid to say the least,” she admitted to me softly and then took in a ragged breath to regain her composure. “Here is some Tylenol for that headache of yours. Food is out in the kitchen…you are in my house in LA. Almost everyone is here. Adam, Will and Oz are on their way back for a debriefing of the sweep tonight but everyone else from the group is here to deal with the situation that has arose. You are the situation Wesley.”

“I sort of guessed I was the situation. Really you can just let me go and I’ll forget that you people even exist,” I tried to lie to get out of the house.

“You are free to go, but you won’t forget…we all know that. You will go back to Chicago and get your band of merry men and come out to LA to try to kill us. We know that and don’t think we aren’t prepared to kill a few humans. In the grand scheme of things your lives are nothing you know that right?” Cassandra asked me and I was shocked.

“You would kill me and other innocent humans?”

“Without blinking or a second thought Wesley. You threaten any of the group and you threaten it all. Simple as that — something like ‘one for all and all for one’…Musketeers or something, Xander said it all the time. You have a lot to learn Wesley, I suggest that you open your eyes and look around. You aren’t in Kansas anymore,” she told me and then exited the room.

“I wasn’t in Kansas to start with,” I snapped back at an empty room but I got the message loud and clear. I wasn’t on my home turf…there were things here I didn’t know about and if I didn’t play by LA’s rules then I would get killed.
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