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Taking the Initiative

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This story is No. 4 in the series "What If?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Initiative shows up in Season 2. (Response to a challenge from an author in a BtVS Yahoo Group)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramacmdruhuraFR183144,133112278,5449 Feb 0812 Dec 14No

Day 6 Part III

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
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Summary: The Initiative makes an appearance in Season 2.

AN: Thoughts = \\This is a thought.//

Angleman sat back in the recliner that was in his personal apartment at the UC Sunnydale campus building the N.I.D. operated out of and smiled at the tableau in front of him. Jeanette and Mai Lo had been hired at the same time and became friends even before he’d selected them to be part of the Control Chip experiment as well as his ‘protégées’. So the view of them demonstrating the ’Benefits’ part of ‘Friends with Benefits’ with each other was a nice way to round out the evening after having sampled their talents himself earlier. He’d wasted very little time after the departure of the Oversight group to get the two of them to help him clear his head, both of them really, thus allowing him to be relaxed enough to more clearly map out how to handle Miss Summers and Mr. Giles.

Despite the amazing performance from Miss Summers’ tests, he figured it would be at least 6 months before she would have enough progress, in addition to the monitoring data that would be collected, to demonstrate the bare minimum of what could be achieved using the Spinal Bridge.

Of course the ultimate goal was to not only show that soldiers who had been paralyzed or even lost limbs could not only be rehabilitated through the use of the Bridge and other cybernetic devices, but be able to be sent back out into combat, to be as effective, if not more so, in doing what soldiers are supposed to do: Protect those more suited to advancing knowledge from the rest of the rabble who wouldn’t understand the importance of the work of their betters. The fact that combined with the Control Chip, the augmented soldiers would not only be more obedient to the commands of their superiors, it would also ensure that they could never be turned against him, and the others like him who helped develop these marvels of course.

He momentarily closed his eyes and pictured one of his favorite fantasies, Dr. Margaret Walsh being tied spread-eagled, standing on tiptoes as Jeanette and Mai Lo flogged her front and back with Cat-o-nine-tails. The Dom outfits he envisioned the two techs wearing were very arousing. The ball gag in Walsh’s mouth ensured her irritating voice would not be heard even as a scream.

He opened his eyes as he heard each woman moan out their release. He told them to go clean up and finish making arrangements for their assignment with Miss Summers. They would be given an exact date of when to start as soon as Miss Summers was deemed capable of returning to her home.

“Did you really have to give me a mullet?” Xander asked as they finally got out of the snarl that was L.A. traffic.

Jenny heaved a sigh. Xander had been complaining about what had been done to his hair ever since the dye job. Intellectually she knew it was just something to focus on other than his worry over Buffy and the situation facing them but it was becoming annoying.

“Jeremy,” she said with some exasperation, using the name they’d come up with for him to use. “Just dying your hair is not going to be significant enough of a change to keep people from recognizing you. You needed to have a completely different look that no one would ever expect you to have. And having you go bald or with an Afro would only make people pay attention to you instead of ignoring you. A mullet will get you ignored, which is what we want. Now, no more talking about your hair.”

The rest of the ride to Sunnydale was made in silence as both ‘Jeremy’ and Jenny decided to catch naps so they’d be better able to deal with the late night they expected to be having.

Kendra tried not to fidget in her seat. Granted it was more comfortable sitting in the passenger cabin than in the luggage compartment but she felt more hemmed in by the people. Having an aisle seat did go a long way towards reducing the feeling but she was still too far from any of the door exits to feel totally confident of reaching them quickly in case of an emergency. Too many people would be trying to fill the small aisle at the same time to allow her to move fast and trying to use her strength to move people along would only cause problems instead of easing them.

Still, the late night flight seemed to contain only humans at least. So, other than her feelings of mild claustrophobia, she felt nothing being picked up on her Slaydar, a term she’d heard from Buffy’s group as describing the ability of a Slayer to sense demons and vampires.

She decided to use the time flying from Jamaica to Houston, Texas to meditate, provided those around her didn’t try and engage her in conversation like had happened when she flew back from Sunnydale the last time. The woman she’d been forced to sit next to had not stopped talking about her grandchildren the entire trip back to Jamaica, as Kendra had the unfortunate luck to be seated next to the woman on both legs of her trip.

That was why she had insisted on a late flight where it was more likely the people on the plane would be inclined to sleep and not talk.

As she closed her eyes and began her normal mental meditative mantra, she wondered what sort of problem her sister-Slayer had encountered to request her presence back on the Hellmouth. It had to be something big to require the presence of 2 Slayers to handle it. It concerned her a bit that Mr. Zabuto had not sensed a rise of evil like the last time he sent her there. He was normally very attuned to when supernatural threats arose, though the distance that he could detect them at varied based upon the level of the threat. Something that he might sense at 10 miles wouldn’t even register if it occurred at 1000 miles.

Joshua was a bit concerned about arriving in Sunnydale after dark but he really didn’t want to wait till the following day to meet with Giles and his Slayer. He was fairly certain that the crisis Cordelia’s drawings hinted at was already upon them and time was short. Cordelia’s warning about the waning of the Moon as they flew to the States meant that time was of the essence and this was not the type of thing that could be handled over the phone as he was certain that Cordelia needed to be present for whatever was happening. Not to mention they needed Rupert’s help to research ways to keep Cordelia from suffering the same fate as Tammy.

As they drove past the “Welcome to Sunnydale” sign, he heard Cordelia mutter, “Into the valley of Death.”

He gave no indication that he’d heard her but silently hoped they would fair better than the 600.

AN: I own nothing written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

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