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Taking the Initiative

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This story is No. 4 in the series "What If?". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Initiative shows up in Season 2. (Response to a challenge from an author in a BtVS Yahoo Group)

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramacmdruhuraFR183144,133112278,4839 Feb 0812 Dec 14No

Things could be worse.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
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Summary: The Initiative makes an appearance in Season 2.

AN: Thoughts = \\This is a thought.//

Joshua looked around nervously as he and Cordelia walked the short distance from where he’d parked the car to Giles’ apartment door. Of course, being on The Hellmouth at night made it seem to take forever to traverse the 50 or so feet. He didn’t doubt that that even if it had been only 5 feet he would have felt differently.

The wait after he’d rung the bell also seemed to take forever and when the door did finally open he almost jumped out of his skin from his nervousness.

“Joshua, what are you doing here?” asked a surprised Giles who hadn’t seen Cordelia standing just a bit behind her ‘Uncle’.

Knowing he wasn’t going to get a verbal invite at this time of night, Joshua just walked in with Cordelia in tow and said, “There’s a prophecy that I think concerns you and your Slayer.”

Giles didn’t see the face of the young woman who entered with his friend, and was too startled by the pronouncement of a prophecy when he was still reeling a bit from the one he’d just heard from Willow and Oz.

Giles closed the door as Joshua and the young woman abruptly stopped when they noticed the others in Giles’ living room.

Before Joshua could think of something to cover his faux pas over mentioning prophecies in front of strangers, Willow stood up and shouted, “Cordelia?!”

The outburst caused Joshua to take a closer look at the people in Giles’ living room. The standing young woman was the one identified in Cordelia’s drawings as The Spirit and by Cordelia as Willow. He did not recognize the young man with the strangely colored hair, though thinking about hair caused him to remember that according to Cordelia’s drawings Willow was a werewolf.

Joshua took a half step forward to impose himself between the two girls even though he knew the Full Moon had passed and it was unlikely that someone who was to be part of the solution to the upcoming problem would be a danger to Cordelia. However, he still reacted on instinct to protect the young woman he’d felt concerned for and there was the fact that Cordilia’s drawing had shown the young woman changing even though the moon depicted was not full.

“Rupert,” said Joshua. “I do hope you are aware that Willow is a werewolf.”

Slightly surprised at his friend’s knowledge of Willow’s condition, Giles nonetheless replied, “Yes. She and her companion, Oz, have just returned from a monastery where she has been taught methods that help her control her bestial nature. Oz also ensures that she is safely contained during the three nights of the Full Moon. Might I inquire how you knew of her situation?”

“That’s part of the reason I brought Cordelia here,” said Joshua. “She has produced a series of drawings that lead me to believe she is a Seer and one of the drawings depicts Willow undergoing the transformation. Her drawings also foretell dire things happening to The Slayer that are related to your missing colleague, Xander.”

That got everyone’s attention.

“I’ll get more tea brewing,” said Giles, with a bit of a resigned sigh. “I gave up on believing in coincidences on The Hellmouth long ago and have no doubt what you have to say will mesh with what Willow and Oz have just finished telling me. Please make yourselves comfortable. I won’t be long.”

Joshua directed Cordelia to some chairs opposite from where Willow and Oz were seated. Silence reigned as they waited for Giles to return.

Giles returned shortly with more tea and extra cups.

First he recapped what he’d told Willow and Oz about what had happened in Sunnydale and the info that Xander had provided him. He then let Joshua read the transcript of the monk’s dream to catch him up on what everyone else knew so far. Joshua in turn only hesitated a few seconds before handing it to Cordelia for her to read as well.

Once they’d both read the transcript, Joshua said, “I can see why you said you don’t believe in coincidences on the Hellmouth. I believe the drawings that Cordelia has rendered from her visions mesh with at least some of the monk’s dream and what you’ve indicated has already taken place.”

Joshua then proceeded to hand out Cordelia’s drawings in the order she’d drawn them.

After everyone had viewed Cordelia’s drawings, Giles said, “With the exception of the last drawing and maybe the one showing Willow’s transformation away from the Full Moon, the drawings show pretty much what has happened up to this point. Accurately enough that I agree that Cordelia is indeed a Seer, though without a time reference it is hard to tell how much of a help her ability will be.”

At this, Joshua pulled out his notebook and read what Cordelia had said on the plane.

Giles got up and paced, biting the earpiece of his glasses.

“Buffy’s condition does make her extremely vulnerable at this time,” he mused aloud. “It’s this Pretentious One, whom I presuming is Maggie Walsh putting information from Cordelia’s drawings and the name of Xander’s captor, and the two Servants that would seem to be the danger. How Walsh can be close to taking control of Buffy is puzzling though.”

“Could it be that she has spies around town on the lookout for things that might interest her?” asked Willow.

“Well according to Xander, she does use Hunter/Capture Teams so it would be logical to presume that they might have an Intelligence/Research Group as well,” replied Giles.

“You said that Xander told you they were doing experiments on him and possibly the people working for her as well without their knowledge,” stated Willow. “Maybe she’s looking for other people to experiment on as well that she can get hold of without too many questions asked.”

Giles stopped pacing. His face showing stunned awareness and horror.

“Sharp Servant,” he whispered, then said louder, “Dr. Angleman is the doctor who offered Buffy the Spinal Bridge. When she comes home from the hospital, she’ll be accompanied by a female member of his staff to help Buffy with her therapy and any sanitary issues that might arise from wearing the Bridge and associated backbrace.”

The implications of Giles’ statement was obvious to all.

Buffy could very well be already in the clutches of Maggie Walsh.

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