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When Myths Come Knocking

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Summary: Aahz decides to visit and the inevitable follows...predicaments and puns. Crossover with Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series.

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Literature > FantasyTelumielFR731,7740111,7819 Feb 0828 Feb 08No


Disclaimer See chapter 1

Thanks! for the reviews! No, Andrew isn't Skeeve. Who he is will be made clear in this chapter. Also thanks to Thedruid and TheatricalBarrister...slight editing has happened due to the constructive criticism.

May the myths begin...

“A rose by any other name is a Rosa chinesis or a Rosa rubininosa or… ”
C. Linnaeus

“So let’s get this straight.” Giles began.

Dawn took over. “Andrew’s great-great-great-great…”

“We get the point, Dawn.” Xander said.

“-grandfather is a demon? From some place called Klah?”

“Yes.” Aahz was only given time for a monosyllabic answer.

“And you are a demon too, only from a different dimension than Klah?”


“That sort of explains a lot.” Dawn nodded and sat down, satisfied.

Buffy was up next. “And that is why you are a demon, the whole dimensiony thingy?”


“Not because you are some soulless evil creature trying to destroy the world or eat babies.”

“No. I have a soul; I’m not evil. I don’t want to destroy the world. I don’t eat babies…unless you count veal.”

“Then why are you here?” Willow jumped in.

“I already told you, to see Andrew here.”

“Yeah, sure. And I’m a troll.”

“Technically, you would be a trollop.” Aahz grinned at Willow’s glare.

“Remember how we took Andrew into the kitchen and talked to him for a long time? His family was really big on telling stories about their ancestors.” Willow didn’t let up.

“Then you know what I am saying is true. We are family. I am sort of like Andrew’s many great’s uncle…”

Giles cut in. “What my young friend means is that we have notice a particular regularity in which you have an agenda other than the stated one, usually toward your own personal financial gain.”

“I will admit that I am always looking to make the best of a situation. But there is nothing wrong about that.”

“What I mean is you had better tell us what this ‘best of a situation’ or you are back to being a pizza delivery boy.” Giles stated slowly.

Aahz must have caught the steel in the British voice, because he wagged his head. “Ok, yeah, I was hoping I could hang out with you guys until a little problem goes away.”

Upon hearing this, Andrew jumped up from the couch. “Don’t worry. I will protect you. We are protectors of the innocent and downtrodden. We are a house of champ…”

An elbow cut off any further pronouncements. “Andrew, we don’t even know what his ‘little problem’ is.” hissed Dawn.

“And since when does that,” Buffy waived her hand at Aahz, “count as innocent looking.”

Aahz gave a wry smile of needle teeth “It’s nice to know a dozen generations and an immigration doesn’t change anything.”

“Hey, what does that mean?” Andrew looked slightly miffed.

“Can't make a diamond from a Klahd.”

Again, review I say review. :) For the un-initiated, the residents of Klah have the happy fortune of being known as Klahds.
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