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DBL: India Bound

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Darkverse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 2 in Darkverse. Sequel to Dark Becomes Light. Complete. (Btvs/Gargoyle/Xena Crossover) Xander, Brooklyn, Xena, and Gabrielle are in India, and are now experiencing some new traditions. Gabrielle/Xander Chapter 13up. Author's Note Included

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Chapter 13 (Author's Note)

Title: DBL: India Bound
Author: Jonathan
Chapter: 13
Rating: Nothing worse than the tv shows. Think people around the age of 15 are mature enough to read this.
Category: Gabrielle/Xander
Spoilers: In Buffy, post: “Living Conditions,” In Gargoyles: Post “Journey” If Greg isn’t counting season 3 as canon, I’m not either. In Xena, post:
“Key to the Kingdom” In Darkverse, post fic, “Dark Becomes Light”
Summery: Xander, Brooklyn, Xena, and Gabrielle are in India, and are now experiencing some new traditions.
Disclaimer: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer is owned by Whedon, Fox, and UPN. Gargoyles is owned by Bueana Vista and Disney. Xena: Warrior Princess is owned by Renaissance Pictures, Tapert, and Raimi.
Author Notes: This is the second fic in the Darkverse. You don’t have to know “Dark Becomes Light,” to enjoy this, but it might help. It continues Xena Season 4 canon.
Crossovers Planned:
Buffy: the Vampire Slayer
Xena: Warrior Princess
Special Thanks: Nick, William, and Cyclone


Xander leant against the wall outside his wall. To his left sat Brooklyn in his normal night position. He smiled at his friend and ran a hand down the gargoyle’s forearm.

He sighted and gazed at the moon above him. The town around him looked so serene. It was definitely different from his nights back at Sunnydale. It looked actually quite peaceful.

Xander looked at his friend again, “That damn hyena.”

Even though he wasn’t behind his actions again, but he remembered everything that happened. He glanced at his sleeping friend, “Thanks Brooklyn.” He whispered to him. “Sorry about what happened.”

He remembered attacking Brooklyn. He remembered using Brooklyn’s warnings and bring Demona to India. The tattoos on his skin were haunting. The actions he and the gargoyle performed clearly within his mind. He knew what supposed to happen and was glad that his friends intervened when they did.

But that was only part of what happened. He also remembered how he acted towards Xena and how crude he was. There was still something even more haunting about the other day…his actions toward Gabrielle.

Try as he might to restrain his feelings, he did have feelings for the bard. He’s had them since the moment they first met but knew he shouldn’t act on them. And like last time, the hyena used his emotions and thoughts to its advantage. Now, like Buffy, the hyena took advantage to treat its own wants. Xander shook his head, and he wondered how he should act toward Gabrielle. Should he even tell her that he remembered any of this?

After all, the last time the hyena came out, that was the best course of action. He never wanted to be uncomfortable about what happened the last time, and if Buffy and Willow knew that he remembered what happened it would definitely make things uncomfortable.

That couldn’t work.

Gabrielle actually went into his mind to help stop Tataka. For that, he was grateful. Tataka took control of him, unleashed the hyena, and tried to own his body. If it weren’t for his friend going inside him, he honestly wouldn’t know if he’d be able to exist. Xander didn’t like her going inside, but she had to do it. And for that, he was grateful of his friend.

He wondered just how much did Gabrielle see though. And just how much did she know about him. He always distant himself because he didn’t want to alter history. He didn’t want Xena and her to get attached. Xander shook his head. That plan failed miserably now that he thought about it. He’s been in Greece and now in India for a little over three months. The opposite of what he wanted happened. Try as he might to distant himself, spending so much time together only strengthened the friendships more.

He turned around the corner into his room and looked at the bed. The bed was just waiting for him to get some sleep. And after what happened, he would defiantly love to get some sleep. But he didn’t feel like sleeping at that moment.

Looking at his friend once more he turned back and headed for the door. A walk might actually help him want to sleep more. Nodding to himself, he headed out and pursued the hallway.


“Lose something?”

A bundle of sparks appeared within moments as a god appeared.

“I didn’t think you made house calls.”

He grinned, “Well when my son goes missing, I always have to find him.” The god told her as he took his son from Xena. “Bliss is always a handful.” He shook his head, “Especially when he steels his father’s bow.” Cupid explained.

Xena nodded as she went over to him. “Is Bliss the only reason you’re here?”

He smirked, “You wound me, Xena.” She gave him a look, “Alight, alright. If you must know your friend is in need for a shot.”

She looked at him sternly, “Gabrielle doesn’t need a shot, Cupid.” She glanced at Bliss, “And I really don’t need to fall in love with someone like Draco again.”

Cupid shrugged, “That won’t happen this time.” He un-strapped a leather pouch on his chest and placed his son within the pack. He fastened his son who giggled in returned. “Bliss is going to stay with me this time.”

“Good idea.” Xena informed him. “But I don’t think you need to shoot Gabrielle with that arrow of yours.”

He looked at her, “Hey, it’s not my deal. I just get the orders.”

Xena thought for a moment and remembered her previous conversation with her friend, “I’m just saying you might not need that arrow of yours.”

Cupid looked at her skeptically, “Oh really?”

“See for yourself.”

He shrugged and waved his hand. An image appeared out of nowhere and they both looked at. They immediately noticed Gabrielle lying on a bench.

“So is this happening now?” Xena asked him.

“No.” Cupid replied. “This is about to happen.”

They both looked at what was about to happen.

“I don’t think you need to use your arrow if that’s going to happen, Cupid.”

He shrugged, “I see what you mean.” He sheathed back the arrow that he had in his hands from moments ago. “I guess this means she won’t be needing this.”

Xena commented, “I guess I’m going to have to get used to them, aren’t I?”

The god replied, “At least it’s someone Mom says you can trust.”

Xena smirked, “You’re right there.”


Xander turned his third corner. He had spent about a good half hour walking the hallways. And the plan sadly wasn’t working. If anything, he was getting anxious. His mind was wired and sleep was something that he thought wouldn’t come.

Even though he spent the whole day unconscious, his mind was running a million miles a minute. Well, not truly, but that’s what it felt like.

He shook his head. This wasn’t working. Maybe if he had some warm milk. He smirked. He could count sheep. But did that really work?

He sighed and decided to head back to his room. Maybe sleep would come if he just closed his eyes and allowed his mind to slow down. Who knew? It could happen.

Turning around he soon spotted an occupant on a neighboring bench. Going toward it, he was soon rewarded to see a sleeping Gabrielle. There was a problem though. This wasn’t the calming slumber that he became accustomed to for the last few months.

Gabrielle was shifting around. She couldn’t find a comfortable position.

Xander approached her could see she must have been having a nightmare. Taking his hands, he grabbed her shoulders. “Gabrielle.”

He shook her a little. “Gabrielle.”

Her eyes immediately opened wide. She took her hands and grabbed Xander by the ears and pulled him down. Gabrielle brought his lips to her and captured them in a quick motion. She kissed him hard forcing him to shoot his eyes wide open.

Xander wanted to pull away but when Gabrielle repositioned her hands to wrap them around his neck, he gave into the kiss. He sat down in the new room that was given to him and returned the kiss. Both sets of lips danced around with each other

Her eyes widened and realized what she was doing. Even though she was enjoying what was discovered to be a real kiss, she had to stop. This was wrong her mind realized. She unraveled her arms and pulled away from him. “What’s going on?”

He opened his eyes, smirked, “Um…well…we kissed. Well, you kissed me.”

“We kissed?”

He nodded, “You were having a nightmare. I went to wake you up and you kissed me.”

She looked at the ground a second, “I did?”

Xander watched her sit straight up allowing him to sit next to her. “Yeah…” He answered. He looked at the concerned look on her face. It wasn’t what he expected it to be. He thought she’d be up in his face and arguing with him on how much she didn’t do what he just said.

“Is everything alright?”

Gabrielle tossed some hair behind her right ear. She looked at him and told him, “We never talked about what happened, did we?”

He nodded. “No.”

A moment passed.

“We didn’t.”

Gabrielle ran a hand down her right forearm. She looked at him, “I know you don’t like the idea of what happened. I went somewhere where…”

Xander wrapped an arm around her shoulders, giving her the comfort that she needed. “I know, Gabrielle.” He smiled slightly, “I know…”

She nodded, “I saw things.” Gabrielle looked at him. “I know about what happened in Sunnydale.” She flashed him with tearing glazing eyes, “I saw what happened with Jesse. I saw you standing face to face with a vampire. I saw you stop a bomb. I saw you kill a man.”

He rubbed her side. “You saw all that, huh?”

Gabrielle nodded, “Yeah, I did.”

Xander let out a breath and glanced at the ground. “You’ve seen allot.” He then glanced at her, “And the kiss?”

She blushed, “It was your fantasy in reverse.”

“Ah…” Xander said in realization.

He looked at her, “Then you know that I…”

Gabrielle looked at him with a slight smile, blushed, and said, “Yeah, I do.” She took his hand that recently finished rubbing her arm. She took a breath and knew what she wanted to say.

Before finally falling a sleep on the bench, she talked about her discoveries with Xena. And even though Xena warned her what might happen, she knew what had to be done. And seeing how things went in Xander’s mind only made her feel more relaxed.

“I know what you’re going to say though.”

He looked at her, “You do, do you?”

She nodded, “I know that you feel like whatever you do will alter the course of history. You’re always worried about the outcome and how it’ll effect things in the future.”

Xander nodded this time, “I don’t want to screw up anything.”

Gabrielle’s right thumb circulated on the top of his hand, “But there is one thing you keep forgetting.”

He looked at her face and watched a smile creep up. “There is?”

She nodded, “Brooklyn told you before. When using the Phoenix Gate, you can’t alter time. Whatever happens while using it was always meant to happen.”

“Oh that…” Xander said slowly and looked at the ground, he didn’t want to look at her face.

The blond took a breath, “This is important, Xander.”

He nodded as he faced her.

Gabrielle scooted closer to him and took her other hand to envelop his right hand. She admitted, “I know that going inside your mind was wrong. But I’m glad I did.”

“You already told me that.” Xander recalled.

“I know I did. But…just listen ok.” He nodded. “I like you, Xander. And I know it will hurt when you go back to your time, but that’s alright.” She smiled, “I’m ok with that. When you’re gone, I’ll still have the memory of what we were like. And I rather have that then not know anything that could’ve been.”

He nodded, not knowing how to react.

“I want to try us. I want to see what it would be like for us.”

“Gabrielle…” Xander said slowly. “I…”

She pulled him to her and pressed her lips on his. She kissed him just innocently. A simple kiss, the meeting of two lips. Gabrielle pulled back and took one of her hands and caressed his cheek. “I want this, Xander.”

He withdrew his hand that she held and placed them on cheeks. Xander cupped her face and pressed her lips to his. He kissed just as simple. Her friend withdrew his lips from her and flashed a smile, “Are you sure you want this?” He looked her straight into the eyes. Brown eyes met green.

Gabrielle kissed him hard on the lips. She looked at him and smiled, “I do.”

Xander nodded. “I can give this a try.”

“Good.” Gabrielle said as she went for his lips again…


The End

Well, that end’s India Bound. Does that end the series? I dunno. Yes, I have ideas. But I’m going to leave the future of this series up to you. If you want me to continue, leave a review, send me e-mail, or even do a flame. Well, maybe not flame. I will take constructive criticism. Instant Message can work too.

I’ll tell you one thing though; I did learn some things from writing this installment. I view India Bound as both my worst fic and my best fic. I personally love how I brought the Gabrielle/Xander relationship to fruition. Even though the going into his mind might be cliché, I think I worked it in a way that make it more original. I hope so anyway.

I also learned that rewriting whole episodes isn’t needed. In a sense, the whole arc with Aidan took too long. It should’ve been a few scenes and not a whole re-write. That’s why the Xena episode, ‘Devi,’ was written differently.

I’m going to leave the fate of this series up to you. If you want to see it continue, let me know. There is more planned, but I don’t know if I’ll continue it unless its wanted.

In the meantime, a new fic will be started. It should be up within a week. I think people will remember the series that takes place in. If not, links to previous pts will be posted in the series introduction.

Until them, thank you for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you’ll enjoy my next fic.

AIM wolfwriter81
Yahoo whitewerewolf81

The End

You have reached the end of "DBL: India Bound". This story is complete.

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