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Summary: A bunch of drabbles. Mostly Femslash. Crossovers with Supernatural x CSI x CSI: Miami x CSI: New York x Heroes x Grey's Anatomy x Charmed x Veronica Mars x Harry Potter x Underworld x One Tree Hill x NCIS

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralRavenMorbiskFR153021,58323314,8649 Feb 089 Mar 08Yes

Secrets (BtVS/Supernatural)

These drabbles could *possibly* be used in the future for an existing fic or a new fic.

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: Secrets
Disclaimer: I don’t own, you can’t sue.
Author’s Note: Day two, drabble two
Fandom: BtVS/Supernatural


“I can’t believe you lost the scythe!” Buffy hissed from her location in the bushes. She knew she shouldn’t have given Vi the scythe for a runoff-the-mill patrol. But no, with the combination of Vi’s puppy eyes and Dawn plus Faith’s reassurance that nothing would happen she just relented and then, barely two hours after she left they got a call. She lost the goddamn scythe!

“I already told you I didn’t lose it.” Vi insisted. “I dropped it.” She added a little more meekly. Buffy rolled her eyes and stared at the rundown bar with a few cars parked around the place. She along with Faith and Vi were currently watching two guys standing behind their car with the trunk open.

“Look, you sure those guys got it?” Faith asked nodding her head in the two men’s direction. For some reason she just didn’t think of those two as weapon dealers but according to Vi, they hadn’t done anything with the scythe yet.

“Yeah, when I went back for it the tall hottie picked it up and showed it to the other guy.” The redheaded Slayer replied. She didn’t mean to just drop it but the hellhound was about to take a bite out of her arm if she didn’t.

“Why didn’t you just take it back? You are a Slayer, you know.” Buffy sounded irritated and she was. When they got the scythe back she was going to make sure that no one ever takes it with them on a normal patrol again. Even better, the only Slayers allowed to even touch it would be her and Faith.

“I tried but they didn’t believe I was human and actually pointed a shotgun at me.” Vi replied thinking back at the memory infuriated. She had never been threatened with a gun before and decided she did not like it one little bit. “They put it in their trunk but I couldn’t get within a few feet of the stupid car so I called you guys.” She gave a small shrug.

“Fine, me and B’ll distract ‘em, you get the freakin’ scythe back.” Before Buffy could reply she was being pulled up by the dark-haired Slayer and walked over to the two men. When they got in Slayer earshot they heard just a small part of their conversation until one of them noticed them.

“… left trails here and here but-” The taller one got elbowed in his side and shut up seeing Buffy and Faith walking in their direction. Acting on instinct he threw in the map he had in his hands before slamming the trunk shut and gave the two women an uneasy smile.

“Woah, don’t let us stop you from your hot man-loving, boys.” Faith held up her hands shooting them a sultry smirk. The two young men grew wide eyed and jumped away from each other while stammering out negative responses to Faith’s insinuation.

“No, we’re not…”

“We’re brothers.” The shorter of the two finally stated leaving no room for any doubt. He took a glance at his brother then shuddered at the thought of it. He then turned his attention at the two young women and couldn’t help but smirk.

“Then why the closeness?” Buffy asked sweetly taking a few steps closer to the shorter one. “Secrets maybe?” Buffy knew the look in the guy’s eyes. She had seen that look so many times and never grew tired of it. “I like secrets.” She purred as she halted right in front of him.

“Yeah, secrets can be pretty hot.” Faith concurred giving the taller one her infamous smirk. She had to give it to Buffy, when she was good, she was really good. She already had the shorter one practically eating from her hand by the looks of it.

“I like them even better with drinks.” Buffy tilted her head lightly. “You know any…” She paused for a second, tip-toeing her fingers over the guy’s chest. “Secrets?” A mischievous glint crossed her eyes when the young man’s lips grew into a wide grin.

“I got plenty.” He exclaimed and put his arm around the blonde’s shoulder, leading her to the now very appealingly rundown bar. Buffy whooped for joy inside at her success and shot a wink over her shoulder at Faith.

“Dean.” The taller one called after him. Coming out from behind the car Faith was immediately in front of him with her hand on his chest and a sultry grin played on her lips.

“What’s wrong, pretty boy?” Now it was Faith’s time to play. “Turn a girl like me down and I might actually think you’re not playing the right team.” She leaned up a bit and ran her tongue along his neck, smiling when a tiny whimper erupted from his throat.

“Yeah, come on, Sam.” Dean called back grinning widely. “Let’s buy these fine ladies a drink.” He glanced down at the blonde still snuggled fitly under his arm. “Or two.” He breathed out as Buffy gave him a slow wink.

“Tell us a secret?” She asked sweetly moving her hand across his behind and giving it a firm squeeze causing Dean’s grin to only grow wider.

“Yeah.” He said, his eyes darkening. “I’ll tell you a secret.”

From the bushes Vi could only roll her eyes at the two older Slayers’ diversion tactic. They could easily just have pummeled the two men and forcefully taken the scythe but apparently Faith and Buffy were in the mood for something else.
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