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Summary: A bunch of drabbles. Mostly Femslash. Crossovers with Supernatural x CSI x CSI: Miami x CSI: New York x Heroes x Grey's Anatomy x Charmed x Veronica Mars x Harry Potter x Underworld x One Tree Hill x NCIS

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralRavenMorbiskFR153021,58323314,8649 Feb 089 Mar 08Yes

The Ride (BtVS/CSI)

These drabbles could *possibly* be used in the future for an existing fic or a new fic.

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: The Ride
Disclaimer: I don’t own, you can’t sue.
Author’s Note: Day thirty, drabble thirty
A/N2: I’m sorry to announce that this will be the last drabble. Maybe when my head’s about to burst I’ll do another one but no more every day. Some time next week I’m going to post my first Charmed crossover and maybe my first CSI crossover as well. Depending on how the little bunnies in my head feel about it. But thank you so much for reading and reviewing everyone =)
A/N3: This one’s for zigpal as a thanks for the recs! Sorry for the shortness =)
Fandom: BtVS/CSI


Catherine checked her wristwatch for the umpteenth time this shift and sighed when it was still thirty minutes ‘til the end of her shift. Faith had called her some time during her shift to ask her what time she was off. It surprised Catherine a little that Faith was still up in the middle of the night but Faith told her she worked nights doing security back in Cleveland.

Today had been a slow night. One murder and Grissom took it because it involved insect eggs from some type of beetle. He had given her more than enough information about the things but years of experience had taught her how to zone out without Grissom noticing. She had been stuck doing a robbery with Sara who had been back just a few days after her suspension, uncomfortable silence the entire time on the way to and back from the crime scene.

Catherine glanced at her wristwatch and grinned seeing her shift was over in less than five minutes. She quickly wrapped up her paperwork and stood up from her desk. Trying to remain calm, at least on the outside, she exited her office and made her way to the locker room. She quickly changed her cream-colored sleeveless V-neck shirt for a dark red one with a slightly deeper cut.

“Hey Cath, got a date?” Warrick asked as he entered the locker room with a small smirk covering his features as he took in Catherine’s attire. She didn’t usually change her shirt after shift, only when she was covered in whatever dirt or mud she had to dig through or when se had a date. He knew she didn’t do anything that involved getting her clothes soiled so it had to be date.

“Maybe I do, maybe I don’t.” Catherine shot him a teasing grin followed by a suggestive grin as she closed her locker. Warrick laughed heartily and grabbed his jacket from his locker just as Nick and Greg came in the locker room. Sara was probably doing overtime again, Catherine figured, or she hadn’t realized shift was over yet. When the brunette was focused nothing could get her out of her reverie.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” Nick asked with a grin matching Greg’s when they noticed Catherine’s change of shirt. Catherine laughed but didn’t respond. She just winked at the boys and waved her goodbye as she left the locker room going straight to the parking. A few lab techs and the receptionist smiled and bid their goodbyes but Catherine only barely acknowledged them.

Exiting the Crime Lab she was immediately greeted with the sight of Faith leaning loosely on a pacific blue and black parked Harley Davidson. A part of her regretted her choice of date; seeing the brunette with a motorcycle suddenly made her realize that she wasn’t one of the youngest anymore but when Faith spotted her and shot her a smirk while holding up two helmets she felt a little better.

“You ready to go?” Faith asked her when Catherine had walked up to her and the heavy motorcycle. Catherine gave the brunette a nod and accepted the offered helmet. Faith held her hand as she straddled the back of the Harley followed soon by the Slayer.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been on one of these things.” Catherine chuckled and silently wondered what her co-workers would think seeing her on the back of a Harley with a woman almost half her age dressed in leather. Maybe she didn’t want to know but she just couldn’t help but wondering.

“You’re welcome to hold on tight.” Faith shot over her shoulder with a clearly noticeable teasing tone to it as she pulled the motorcycle to an upright position with a strength that amazed Catherine. Overcoming the initial slight shock Catherine leaned slightly forward and wrapped on arm around Faith’s waist.

“Like this?” She whispered in Faith’s ear. Faith turned her head slightly; just enough to look at Catherine whose lips were only inches away from hers. Faith smirked mentally noticing how Catherine’s eyes altered from looking at her lips to looking in her eyes but knew she wasn't doing any better.

“Yeah, this is good.” Faith whispered, her breath tickling Catherine’s lips. Their moment was rudely interrupted by the door to the Crime Lab opening and three CSI’s exiting the building. Faith and Catherine turned away from each other and pulled their respective helmets over their heads. “Time to go.” Faith announced and revved the motorcycle, reveling in the loud roaring that echoed through the underground parking.

Catherine wrapped both arm around the brunette for two reasons. Firstly because she had the feeling Faith wasn’t one for driving slowly and second because she loved the feeling of Faith’s toned abs flexing under her arms. As they passed her three male co-workers Catherine gave them a little wave loving their open-mouthed expressions.

The End

You have reached the end of "Drabbles". This story is complete.

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