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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
This story contains digivice style profiles.
Like Digimon it gets repetitive.


Sankuro no Kuni

High above the skies of the land of black sand, the sky explodes with energy. The once peaceful sky turns black and shakes the earth with thunder. In the center of the darkness, a spiral forms like the eye of a hurricane. The island acts like in the grip of a monster storm, the waters of the ocean rising up and the trees torn from the earth. The black sand that gives the island it's name is sent by the fierce winds into the dark sky above.

In the center of the cyclone eye, a point of blinding light grows, crackling with a thousand continuous lightning bolts from across the sky.

Suddenly, a sphere of energy forms and shoots from the center. The sphere over twenty meters of diameter hits the earth at a hundred eighty six thousand miles per sec and creates an shock wave of flame that wipes out all life on the island.

In the center of the crater, rapid transformations are taking place.

When Angel, Drusilla, Spike, the Digidestined, and there Digimon were in the Digital World, a parallel universe created from data inside the Earth's electronic communication networks, they existed as pure energy. When they arrived in this world, they arrived as pure spiritual energy. Spiritual energy needs physical energy to remain stable in this reality, so they naturally absorbed an equal amount of physical energy into there pure spiritual bodies converting them into creatures of pure chakra. The chakra then changes and they become physical creatures once more with the excess chakra sealed within them.

It's interesting to note that theoretical total mass-energy conversion of one gram of matter is greater than the the yield of the Fat Man atomic bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan at the end of World War II. That is because a nuclear bomb only breaks atomic bonds, it doesn't convert matter directly into energy. If people could make matter to energy bombs, a dollar bill would enough to destroy a city.

The combined chakra of three adult vampires,eleven young humans, and fourteen Digimon converted directly into heat energy would be enough power to reduce the surface of a planet into molten glass several hundred times over

Inside the crater, the vampires, humans, and Digimon continue to change as there bodies adjust to having chakra flowing threw every cell of there body.

Digimon revert from there Ultimate forms to there smaller child forms except for Ryou's Digimon who after separating from there fused form of Justimon becomes Cyberdramon, Angel's Lucemon, which doesn't devolve at all, Drusilla's Lilitha who only reverts to her adult form, and Juri's Regulumon that becomes adult-level Leomon. As the energy swirls the air around them, glowing marking appear on there bodies, then fade leaving them with several odd tattoos.

The Humans can't move as pain and pleasure flash threw there systems. The chakra burns there skin, forms tiny tears in there muscle tissue, and causes micro fractures in there bones. Then the chakra accelerates healing repairing the damage. This cycle repeats for a hundred time, the only visible sign is the the seizures and skin flashing red-purple as it's destroyed and repaired over and over. Unknown to them, while there bodies heal rapidly, there cells don't age a second while in the crater.

The vampires are the most effected by the chakra.

In this world, Chakra is used by humans known a shinobi or ninja. In Taijutsu (body techniques), they use the physical aspect to enhance there physical abilities allowing them to jump great high, lift many times there body weight, and move at speeds beyond the range of normal human eye sight. In Genjutsu (Illusion techniques), they can manipulate the chakra in the body of another to alter there senses and perceptions. In Ninjutsu, they release there chakra in the form of elemental attacks such as fire, lightning, earth. water, or wind based attacks.

Vampires don't drink blood for no reason, they drain there victims energy. They drain the physical energy of a person to sustain there own physical existence as a demon spirit inhabiting an animated human corpse. The demons are also vulnerable to spiritual energy because it drains there physical power. Crosses and holy items gain spiritual energy from a person's faith in the them or from a higher spiritual being blessing them. Without energy the body is extremely weak and if the demon's spirit is removed, the body collapses into dust or ash

The chakra regenerate and destroys there bodies at the same time. The immense life energy grants power beyond the limits of the old ones, but the spiritual energy burns every trace of the demon taint from there cells. Finally, a compromise is reached.

Angel, Spike, and Drusilla collapse, breathing like the normal humans. Strange slash-like markings appear on there faces in the same places as the "game face" ridges and underneath there clothing more seals glow before fading back into the skin.

As the sky clears of the strange cloud, the sun shines down on the crater, but doesn't harm the former Earth vampires.

Hours later

The vampires are the first to awaken from the arrival.

"What happened?" says Angel pushing himself of the ground which is covered in near microscopic glass beads. He nearly slips on the strange surface.

"Shut up, Peaches." says Spike, "I haven't felt this bad since I feed on that druggie."


"Yes, Dru."

"It's Noon."

The three vampires look up and see the sun shining down on them. They feel warm from the sun's heat, especially since they are wearing dark clothing. In this intense sunlight, they should be bursting into flames. Now that they think about it, they shouldn't have even work up since they should be ash in the faint wind that's blowing.

"Are you going to sit there all day?" says Angel's Lucemon partner.

The young Lucemon has changed since his short time in the Digital World. All of his feathery wings have vanished leaving a blue-eyed blond human with blue tattoos. He's still dressed in his white clothing and gold bracelets.

"What happened to your wings??" asks Angel

"They retracted." says the angel Digimon, "I can bring them out, but I feel like I'm conserving energy."

Lilitha in the form of the feline BlackTailmon runs into Drusilla's arm.

"Can we please find some shade. Black fur on a black sand desert under heavy sun is NOT a good idea."

"Too hot for you Kitty Cat?" says Blaze in his Impmon form. A Digimon based on a fire demon can handler the heat better than most creatures

"Go suck your tail."

Takato, Ruki, Jenrya, and Juri are the next to wake up with abrasions, sun burn, and friction burns. The Digimon are quick to help there partners. The red reptilian Guilmon helps push Takato to his feet and kitsune Renamon helps Ruki to her feet. Leomon picks Juri up bridal style, before placing her on the ground. Terriermon can't help Jenrya to his feet because of his small size, but he does jump on the boy's head and use his immense ears to form some shade.

"I feel like I was hit by one of Guilmon's fireballs." states Takato wincing at his burns.

"How would you know, Googlehead?" says Ruki

"Never tickle the nose of a fire-breathing lizard."

Cyberdramon helps Ryou to his feet. When Ryou looks around, he quickly determines his location.

"We are not in a Digital World."

He then gets hit in the head with a stick thrown by Ruki.

"My CD collection for some sunscreen." says Masaru, wiping off the volcanic black sand from his pants.

"Sunscreen?" asks Agumon

"I'll explain later."

Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi are next to wake up, but they are not only suffering physical pain. Another of the Digidestined died in the battle with Belial and now they are feeling the impact. In battle they could bury the memories to fight the darkness, but now the memory of Joe leaving a crimson trail on a wall and his partners end at the claws of the demon lord Digimon burns there minds.

Gobumon, Palmon, and Tentomon offer sympathy, but they are also grieving. Both humans and Digimon feel the same loss for those two friends.


Everyone turns to see Tailmon and Patamon looking at there partners, who are curled into the fetal position in pain. Sweat is pouring down there faces as they cry in pain. Slowly veins bulge and the back of there clothing bulge outward.

Then suddenly the tremors stop and they return to normal, and pass out again.

"I don't know what that was, but I know it isn't good."

The Beach

The group slowly makes there way to the Sankuro beach carrying the unconscious Takeru and Hikari with there partners, Patamon and Tailmon looking extremely worried

"This place is an island. " says Angel run up to Spike and Drusilla, "I managed to run around the entire rim..No signs of life except for a few pieces of rotting drift wood."

"What does that mean, Takatomon?" asks Guilmon

"It means we are stuck here unless we can build a raft or someone sails by on a boat." says Takato, "This is a big problem."

"I think there's enough wood for a signal fire." says Ryou, holding a few broken tree branches.

"There another problem." says Ruki, "How do we explain the Digimon. Renamon is good at hiding and it's easy enough to explain cats, dogs, and maybe a giant beetle, but how can you explain dinosaurs or a giant anthropomorphic lion in pants?"

"We need more information." says Juri looking nervous and almost hiding in Leomon's arms.

Suddenly, Spike Digivice glows and shows a holographic screen. As he touches the screen, the other Digivices beep like cell phones and all but the unconscious TK and Hikari answer.

The first picture is a world map. It shows a large land mass with peninsulas divided into different colored countries and different place marked. In the center in red is Fire Country with Konohagakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Leaves), Valley of the End, Otafuku Gai, Tanzaku Gai, Border town, and Port city marked. To the East, in tan, is Wind Country and Sunagakure (Hidden Sand), to the Northwest in brown is Earth Country and Iwagakure (Hidden Stone), and to the far Northeast in grey is Lightning Country and Kumogakure (Hidden Cloud). North of Fire Country in purple is the small Land of Rice Fields and Otogakure (Land of Sound), between fire and the Northern Ocean. Between Fire and Earth country is the Land of Grass in green with Kusagakure (Hidden Grass), between Fire and Wind is the long River Country in blue, and between Earth and Wind is Bird Country in cream. Rain Country in light purple with Amegakure no Sato (Hidden Rain Village) borders Fire, Earth, Wind, Grass, River, and Bird Country.

The map expands to shows a small group of islands to East called Wave Country and a group of larger islands in the Far East with the central one called Wave Country in pale blue and a place called Kirigakure (Hidden Mist). The end of Fire Country peninsula connects with a crescent piece of land called Tea Country in green with Degarashi Port marked. Opposite to the inner side of the crescent across the bay is Nagi Island with the Modoroki Shrine and O'uzu Island with Todoroki Shrine connected by an area marked Bridge.Finally to the South of both Tea Country and O'uzu island is a group of islands in sea green marked Sea Country with the central marked Haha island with the off center capital, an island to the North marked Taro Island, and one to the South marked Kiko Island. There is also a Jiro Island to the Northwest directly south of Tea Country's southern Port City.

The Map then zoom in on a island between Wind and Tea Country, close to the Fire and River Countries. The place is marked Kurosuna-no-jima, Island of the black sand and there are flashing indicating for each Digivice.

"So, we have a map." says Spike

The others stare at him for a moment.

"Why are all the major places called Hidden villages?" asks Takato

Izumi clicks on the screen hitting a icon marked World Profile. The screen may be composed of light, but the Digivice sensors reacts to fingers and manipulate the images to show clicking buttons.

"Elemental Countries. A feudal Japanese style society divided into many countries each ruled by Daimyou with major powers sharing there power with the leaders of hidden villages. The hidden villages are NINJA villages that act as that country's military. Current technology is modern 20th to 21st Century, but lacks certain technology such as firearms and automobiles."

Izumi clicks on NINJA and the screen splits into three. There is a lower rectangular screen for text, a vertical rectangular display showing a 3D image of man dressed in a green flak jacket and black pants with black rubber sandals, fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back, and a weapon pouch secured to one leg by bandages. On the forehead of the faceless man is a headband with a metal plate. The third image is a eight sided (octagon) spider web marked Stats with the eight points marked Nin, Tai, Gen, Int, Str, Sp, Sta, and Seal.

Izumi clicks a key-shape icon and an explanation scrolls down.

Nin = Ninjutsu - attacks and defense techniques using chakra
Tai = Taijutsu - hand to hand combat
Gen = Genjutsu - ability to cast or see through or dispel illusions
Int = Intelligence - ability to plan, strategize,analyze and overall knowledge
Str = Strength - strength with or without chakra
Sp = Speed - speed with or without chakra
Sta = Stamina - basic equivalent to amount of chakra
Seal = Seal - speed of seal sequences, number of techniques, chakra control and channeling

"What's chakra?" asks Yamato

Izumi clicks on the world and more text appears.

"Chakra is the energy used to perform Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. Chakra is a combination of energies and comes from two places: (1) the body energy inherent in the trillions of their cells and (2) the mental & spiritual energy gained from exercise and experience. To perform a jutsu, the ninja will bring out and release these two energies. The amount of chakra required for a technique will vary depending upon its size and complexity. Each ninja has the potential to better utilize an elemental Ninjutsu style."

The 3D image of the ninja becomes a translucent red body with glowing blue lines and dots going threw out the body, forming a spiral on the stomach and loops near the upper arms. The figure becomes animated and the blue energy flows into patterns. The figure marks several hand signs, while inhaling concentrating the energy, the chakra in the chest, then blows out releasing the energy as a ball of fire.

"There are five chakra elements - Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Lightning - like the five largest shinobi countries. It is also those countries who have the most masters of that elemental type. "

Suddenly, another screen appears. It reads "World Clothing Upgrade is Ready, click to download."

Spike is the first one to touch the screen. As he does the screen completely shatters and dissolves into a shower of blue and purple light particles. The shower spreads across his body changing his clothing as they flow over. When the light clear, he's now shirtless with a long black jacket and have white bandage-style wrapping (sarashi) around his abdominal area. He's dressed in dark pants with black boots and fingerless black gloves with plates on the back.

Drusilla is the next to change. Her cross between a Victorian period look and the Kate Moss heroin chic fashion look transforms into a odd Miko uniform consisting of a hakama (pants), a kimono shirt, and tabi (traditional split toe socks). She also wears a thin white haori (thigh-length kimono jacket) called "chihaya". A traditional miko wears red and pure white with the long white sleeves representing purity, but Drusilla is red and pure black with red-and-black ribbon in her hair.

She does a spin in front of Spike to show off her new dress.

Angel's Upgrade screen bursts before he can touch it. When the light clears he's wearing a tight red shirt and black pants secured by a belt and black bandages around the legs and red tobi. He also has black arm protectors and a long black jacket with the red kanji for Tenchi (Angel) on the back.

Takato is now dressed in a black shirt and shorts with black arm bands and a dark blue with a pullover hood. His goggles have also changed from yellow rim to reinforced black rim.

Ruki is now dressed in a dark green shirt with fishnet sleeves, a wide brown belt, and black pants that stop several inches above the bandage wrapped ankles. She also has the same arm bands in dark red.

Jenrya Lee is now dressed in a black shirt with an dark orange flak jacket, grey armbands, and dark brown pants.

Juri is far different from her regular yellow shirt and green dress. She is now dressed in hooded tan coat and dark green pants. Her partner Leomon has also changed gain a long black coat that rests on his shoulders and a black sarashi (A/N: think Bantyoleomon)

Masaru Daimon is wearing a black shirt and black pants with an open dark red flak jacket. He has hands and forearms wrapped in bandages with fingerless gloves over them. The gloves not only have metal plates on the back and metal knuckle caps.

Yamato is now dressed in a tight sleeveless black shirt with a black scarf, black gloves, and black pants. His hair has also reverted to the wild spiky mess it was when he was younger and first entered the Digital World.

Mimi is dressed in red shirt, black shorts, and toe-less black boots (sandals with leg guards). She also wears pink guard over the shorts, elbow guard, and gloves

Izumi is dressed a black shirt with dark grey pants covered by a hooded dark green rain jacket.

Takeru and Hikari awaken in time to touch there screens by accident.

Takeru wears a dark green kosode (short-sleeved under-kimono), a black kimono and dark green hakama. His hat has also change from it's original form into a bucket hat that shades the eyes.

Hikari's clothing transformation almost gives Takeru a nose bleed. A fishnet body suit with a light brown leather mini-shirt, long fingerless fishnet gloves, and a long tan jacket.

Ryou's clothing doesn't change at all beyond the red bandanna around his neck lengthening into a long red scarf and his sneakers changing like the rest, except Takeru and Mimi into black rubber toe-less sneakers (modern sandals). Takeru's foot wear are more traditional sandals made of wood.

"New outfits." says Ruki, "That still doesn't help us!."

Suddenly, they all hear the clanging of a bell and see a small ship going by the island. On the front of the boat is a Japanese man in his forties dressed in a loose coat, pants, and sandals with a Hachimaki over his balding head. The traditional head band has the Slogan "Tea Country Exports Number One in the South Sea".

"Ninja! Did your ship crash? Do you need a ride??"


A few minutes later on the ship

"He don't get many shinobi this far South." says the old man Enko, "The island of the black sand was actually found by a Suna nin after he was shipwrecked during a storm, but no body has returned in fifty years."

"Thank you for your help." says Hikari, politely.

"You don't seem surprised by our partners, old man." says Masaru, waving at Agumon.

He's elbowed by Mimi for his rudeness.

"My daughter Nami hired a Konoha ninja to escort her to and back from Nagi Island, and ended up falling for him. She kept on hiring the same ninja for other long." says Enko drinking his tea, "After he lost a leg fighting a Nukunin (Missing Nin) from Kiri he retired and married her. Satoshi told me about his village and mentioned summon animals and partners."

Enko scratches his unshaved chin, then notices the raised eyebrows.

"There's this clan called Inuzuka who have dogs as partners, some of older smarter ones can even speak like humans. There's another clan, Abu... Aburame, they actually have insect partners living inside there bodies." says Enko shuddering at thought, "There's also the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja). Jiraiya can summon giant toads, Tsunade can summon giant slugs, and Orochimaru can summon giant snakes. Oh! The person who gave them that name, Ame Leader Hanzo could summon giant Salamanders."

Enko looks at Leomon.

"Never heard of a humanoid cat or are you human with a Hijutsu (secret technique) or one of those Kekkei Genkai (Blood Inheritance Limit)?"

"It would be hard to explain." says Leomon. He never lies, but it doesn't mean he can dodge the question.

"Don't mean to pry." says Enko, "Satoshi said those Inuzuka had a secret technique that allowed them to take canine traits like claws and fangs.'

'Those Kekkei Genkai are also too strange, not to remember. Those Hyuuga in Konoha have these white eyes that can see 360 degrees and threw walls! I heard there founder Shodaime Hokage (First Leader Fire Shadow) could combine Earth and Water and manipulate plants. He grew trees by just placing his hand on the ground. I even heard about Kaguya, that extinct clan from the Land of Water. They could rip out there own bones and use them as weapons!"

The mention of "ripping out your own bones" makes several of Digidestined pale.

"So when are we going to hit land?" says a green-looking Blaze, clearly sea sick.

Enko is startled by the little devil talking, but then smiles.

"My next stop is a port in the Kaze no Kuni (Land of Wind), near the Kawa no Kuni (River Country) border. From there you can go to Suna or Konoha or what ever your village is. Hope it isn't Ame (Rain). That's a nasty civil war going on."

Kaze no Kuni - The Land of Wind

Enko's boat soon arrives at the port town. Enko proves to be very kind and generous by giving the group enough money for a small meal at a local restaurant.

The group sits around a large table and try to come up with a plan.

"We need to decided where we go from here." says Angel looking at his Digivice map under the table. He knows the people have technology excluding fire arms and automobiles, but he doesn't know how they'll react to extremely advance holographic technology.

"We could go to one of those Hidden Villages." says Takato sharing his meal with Guilmon.

"and become ninja??" says Ruki as Renamon hides in the shadows.

"Everyone already believes we are ninja with our Digimon." says Jenrya, "It might be the only safe option."

"OK, then which one." says Masaru, "The closest village is Suna here in the wind country and I don't want to spend my time in a desert any more than I have to."

"The next closest is Ame, but that country is one with the civil war. I seriously doubt they would trust us and even if they did we would get caught up in the battles." says Izumi, "The closest after that is Konoha."

"The one with all the weird special techniques and bloodlines?" asks Mimi

"It's more peaceful than the others with no major expansionist movements." explains Izumi, then noticing the blank looks, "They don't spend there time invading others. Also, with that level of diversity, they are more likely to accept us. At worst, the council would see us as another tool to be added to Konoha arsenal."

"What about killing?" asks Hikari, looking down, "If we become Ninja, we'll have to kill people eventually."

"All Digidestined, with the possible exception for Angel, Spike, and Drusilla, are close to our Digimon." says Yamato, "We know they are more than sentient computer data, they are living creatures."

"Thanks." says Terriermon sitting on Jenrya's head

"We have also killed Digimon to survive. In the case of the Tamers, since there Digital World doesn't have a Primary Village and Digimon absorb the data of others, they knew the Digimon wouldn't be reborn." says Yamato, "We are willing to kill Digimon to protect others and we consider them people."

"So we should be able to kill humans?" asks Masaru

The group, excluding Angel, Spike, Drusilla, and there partners, look upset at the rationalization.

"When I got my soul back, I felt guilt for crimes I committed as Angelus, but I was still willing to kill a bandit that attacked a nearby traveling group" says Angel, "It's better to carry the stain than to let others die."

"Don't look at me" says Spike, drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows, "I earned my name from torturing people for fun."

The human Digidestined have odd looks on there face. They didn't have time to think about it in the Digital World, but the Scourge are demon-possessed animated corpses, actually blood sucking evil vampires with only Angel possessing a soul.

Suddenly, a group of fourteen men armed with spears and swords rush in. They are all tall and muscular to various levels with dirty hair and skin, many old and new scars, elaborate tattoos, and many small weapons like daggers. There feudal clothing also looks old, having been cut and torn, the resewed many times by semi-skilled hands.

The next to enter is a beautiful woman standing five foot four, a hundred five pounds, with very pale skin with several green marking and long yellow-brown hair reaching her waist. She's wearing a black shirt, dark green jounin vest, black pants, and the same black ninja sandals. She also wears a black bandanna, black goggles, and a long grey cloak with red markings. She has a holster of throwing daggers strapped to her upper right leg by bandages and bandages also cover her lower legs and her right arm from elbow down including the fingers.

Drusilla Digivice beeps and displays stats on the woman.

Ren Karekusa
Kusa Chunin "Withering Princess"
Nin - 4.0 Tai - 4.5 Gen - 2.5 Int - 5.0 Sp - 2.5 Sta - 3.5 Seal - 1.5
+B-Rank Nukenin from Kusagakure No Sato
A former kunoichi wanted for the death of Grass Daimyo's brother. She is skilled Taijutsu fighter enhanced by Suiton and Doton Ninjutsu. She is known for Bankon no Oukoku (Kingdom of Entwining Roots) a plant growing from her right arm and controlled by her chakra.

"Alright you bunch of scum, there's a rumor Sorano is hiring ninja. Burn his restaurant into the ground. I'll kill the old man personally."

Ren turns and is shocked to the Scourge, Digidestined, and there Digimon partners. at a table.

"Thirteen!? How the !@#$ did Sorano afford that many when he can't afford our protection! KILL THEM!"

The first thug armed with a sword tries to slice the sitting Angel, but the vampire knocks the blade away with his plate, then smashes it across the man's scarred face. Angel then jumps up from his table and catches the man's arm with his right arm as he tries to slice with a backhanded swing of the blade. Angel then rams his right forearm into the man's elbow, snapping the hyper-extended limb. As the man let's go his blade, Angel grabs it then rams the hilt into the back of the bandit's head knocking him out.

Bandit number two, a small thin man armed with a pair of butcher knives tries to attack the dark miko. Drusilla's form seems to blur, causes the blades to only pin a hair ribbon to the table. The small bandit does have time to reach as a delicate hand wraps around his throat, then cuts it open in a flash.

Most mobile torture equipment is very light like daggers, thumb screws, and hooks, but Spike earned his name from using heavy iron railway spikes meaning he enjoys working with his hands. Spike grabs the wrist of the third bandit holding a short sword and snaps it. He then pulls the Bandit down, while ramming the edge of his open hand into the thug's throat crushing the trachea. While the bandit grasps his throat, Spike kicks the fool knocking his head back, then throws a punch to face. The master vampire strength punch shatters the bridge of the nose and sends bone fragments into the brain.

Bandit number four armed with a Yari (Japanese straight-headed spear) attacks Takato, but Guilmon releases a fireball into the man's face. The man screams in pain holding his badly burnt face, then attacks Guilmon full of rage. Takato stops the man's charge by smashing a liquor bottle from another table over the man's head. The bandit stumbles long enough for Guilmon to use a rock breaking blow to snap the spear and a tail whip to send the man into another table.

Guilmon rushes over to Takato to see if he's alright, but the stubborn number four pulls a dagger and tries to stab the reptile Digimon's back. The youngest Matsuda hits the bleeding bandit in the face with another bottle, which gives Guilmon enough time to turn and fire another fireball. The high proof alcoholic contents of the bottles proves to be this world equivalent to Everclear and Barcardi 151, turning the criminal into Flambé.

Bandit number five attacks Ruki with an axe, only for Renamon to appear in front of him. With a cry of "Fox Leaf Arrowheads", she summons a cloud of razor-sharp shards that she fires at the bandit. The criminal cries in pain before the Digimon Tamer delivers a brutal kick to the crotch and a punch to the face that sends the spiky haired bandit flying into another table.

Bandit pulls out a small throwing axe and tosses it at Ruki, but Renamon leaps into the air her feet and hands a raging inferno of blue flames and slices. She lands with one blowing paw at the Bandit's throat. Behind her the sliced pieces of the axe land on the ground, along with his severed hand. He looks up into the kitsune digimon's eyes and screams as if facing the legendary kyubi no kitsune.

Bandit number six has spiked brass knuckles over his huge fists and tries to crush Jenrya's skull like an egg. Jenrya is an extremely skill student of Tai Chi Chuan and is able to flow with the blows and re direct the hits. When the bandit is an awkward position, Terriermon uses his Blazing Fire attack to shoot rapid fire energy blasts from his mouth into the goon's face at point blank range. Number Six blinded and burnt badly, screams and waves his arms around wildly. Terriermon uses his small size and agility to get close and use Petit Twister, spinning around he creates a green tornado blowing the bandits feet out from under him. A blow from Jenrya knocks the bruiser unconscious with a kick.

Bandit number seven doesn't even try to attack Juri, instead swinging his sword at Leomon with his sword. Leomon counters with his own lion king sword and the two begin short sword fight. Finally, Leomon proves to be far stronger and causes his opponent's blade to snap. As the bandit falls to the ground, he pulls a dagger and tosses it at Juri. Juri manages to mostly dodge it, but it manages to create a small cut her arm. Leomon brings his sword down hard enough to crack the floor beneath his feet.

Cyberdramon leaps onto Bandit number eight before Ryou can react. The violent Digimon then proceeds to tear the bandit apart with it's claws and fangs. Ryou pales as Cyberdramon rips off the Bandit's head, remembering how many of Milleniummon's Evil Digimon threatened to cut off his head.

Bandit number Nine is very fat, covered in leather and metal armor, and carries a huge round shield with a serrated edge and four spikes in the center. A shield which he uses to block Agumon's Baby Flame fireball and his Surudoi Tsume claw attack. Masaru and Agumon manage to avoid one of the center spikes as it shoots out propelled by a gas mechanism.

Agumon uses his more powerful Baby Burner using the powerful stream of fire to turn the shield red shot. Masaru is the next to attack using his powerful punch to smash a cold water jug into the center of shield creating a massive cloud of steam. The steam blocks the fat bandit's vision so he can't see Agumon's next attack. Baby Claw, the strongest of Agumon's claw attacks, strikes the shield nearly breaks it. Bandit Nine drops the shield as the gas mechanism blows out hurting his arm. Then Maseru and Agumon both attack at the same time, delivering a double punch that knocking the bandit out several meters away.

Yamato blocks Bandit number Ten's sword with a meat knife long enough for Gobumon to smash his "Little Horn" into the Bandit. Gobumon is disgusted and horrified to realize his horn is stained with blood and spinal fluid, but Yamato takes advantage and sends the broken bandit tumbling.

Bandit Number Eleven tries to use his club, but Palmon grabs the bandit with her Poison Ivy attack, using her whip like claws to throw him clear of Mimi. When the Bandit tries to get up and grab his club, Palmon grabs the club and swings it around, smashing the bandit's own weapon into his own thick head.

Bandit Number Twelve makes a mistake attacking Izzy and Tentomon. He's a thin man with many tattoos, piercings, many earrings, many rings, and thin chains and bells in his head and hair. He also wields a metal cord with a spearhead tip at the end as a weapon.

Tentomon releases a full charge Petit Thunder attack after Izumi receives a deep cut. The massive rod of electricity from his antenna hits the cord and travels to the Bandit's body. The electricity arcs from the cord to the rings to all the other pieces of metal. When the light show dies, the bandit's charred body with the still red hot pieces of metal still cooking his skin.

Bandit Number Thirteen is a skilled swordsman and manages to wound Takeru several times and knock him to the ground. He did make the mistake of underestimating the flying hamster creature. Patamon fires a couple Air Shots, the balls of compressed air are not much stronger than large punches, but are enough to cause the twin sword wielder to drop one of his blades and stumble back. He tries to stab the creature with his other sword, but the little Digimon child grabs the tip in it's teeth.

Number Thirteen swings the blade down knocking the Digimon off and embedding the blade in the floor. It is only then that Thirteen realizes Takeru has picked up his sword and leaped to his feet. He tries to retrieve his blade, but Takeru is already turning into a swing. Takeru brings the sword down into Number Twelve's neck, nearly getting caught in the spine before tearing it out.

Number Fourteen has knocked Hikari to the ground and is fending off her feline partner Tailmon's physical attacks. The adult level Exalted Beast Digimon's punches and kicks are powerful enough to knock down larger adult Digimon like giant T-Rex-like Digimon Greymon. The Bandit wielding a Guan dao (Kwan dao or large Chinese halberd) appears to have some training in Chakra and manages to stop blow after blow.

Suddenly, the Bandit is hit in the back several times and turns to see BlackTailmon Lilitha smirking at him. Then Tailmon's kick sends him flying over a table. Tailmon throws a look that says "What was that? I thought your kind hated mine?" and Lilitha throws a similar look that says "Only I get to beat on you.".

The Fourteenth Bandit jumps up and attacks Hikari with his spear before the two cats can react. The curved blade is stopped only inches from Hikari's wide open eyes and the reason for the sudden stop. Takeru still stained by his own opponent has one of his arms in front of the Bandit's chest. Takeru holds one of Number Thirteen's swords, the blade piercing out the back of the bandit.

Takeru looks coldly into the Thirteenth Bandit's eyes, his own eyes shaded by his bucket hat, then he pulls the sword, slicing the blade out of the bandit's body in a violent spray. The last Bandit falls, dead before he hits the ground.

Ren Karekusa, the Withering Princess, stares at the group coldly. She has removed her cloak and pulled off the bandages on her right arm. The arm is a mix of green and grey with many bulging green and purple veins. On his forearm is a mass of thin dark green almost black plant tendrils with tendrils wrapped tightly around the wrist and going into the flesh. The grey hand ends in long dark green nails. She makes several hand signs with her left hand and points her right at the floor between her and the heroes.

"Hijutsu: Bankon no Oukoku - Bankai!" (Secret Art: Kingdom of of Entwining Roots Full Release!)

If the Digimon and there partners could see chakra, they would see an immense aura form then flow into the vines on her right arm. The mass of tendrils explodes into a one meter diameter spherical mass before shooting as a hundred vines into the floor. What remains on her arm is a huge snow white lotus blossom with tendrils wrapped around her wrist and going from the stem into her arm.

Suddenly, the tendril vines shoot from the ground in the form of two meter tall vertical spikes. The heroes avoid the plant, but not the injured and dead bandits. The plants also attack the few customers that didn't flee the building when the battle began. The plants tear threw there bodies causing the few living ones to scream in pain before they die. The group can only watch as the plants begin to drain fluids and energy, and the bodies begin to get thinner, withering away into lifeless dry husks.

The white lotus on Ren's wrist changes from snow white to light pink and veins spreads across all of her exposed skin. Her skin darkens, her muscles increase in size, and finally, her long yellow-brown hair turns dark green. She pulls off her goggles to reveal gold eye with sclera (whites) now pitch black.

"The Kingdom devours fools, draining them of there fluids and energy." says Rena, her voice almost demonic, "As it's Queen, my Chakra and Stamina is also increased. Now die, Fools!"

Ryou on Cyberdramon's shoulders and Masaru and Agumon together run forward hoping to stop Rena before she has a chance to attack. Rena does several hand signs...

"Doton: Doryuu Taiga!" (Earth Release: Earth Flow River!)

... and the ground beneath her opponent's feet turns into a river of mud. The two humans and two Digimon sink deep and flow back pass the Kingdom spikes that stand like bamboo reeds in a river.

Cyberdramon gets too close to one of the spikes and thorns extend cutting his shoulder badly.

As the lotus on her arm turns a slightly darker shade of pink, Rena does hand seals and inhales.


"Fox Leaf Arrowheads!"

"Blazing Fire!!"

"Fist of the Beast King."

Rena spews a line of mud onto the ground in front of her, which grows into a large purple-color mud wall. The wall blocks the concentrated ball of fire, cloud of razor-sharp shards, a stream of energy blasts, and the lion-shaped fire blast.

"Doton: Doryuu Heki" (Earth Release: Earth Style Wall) says Rena with a savage grin, then walks onto the liquid mud in front of the wall, walking on dirty water. "This one I learned from a Kiri Nukunin."

"Hijutsu: Kirigakure no Jutsu" (Secret Art: Hidden Mist Technique!"

The entire restaurant is filled with a thick fog making it impossible to see. The fog combined with the mud and tall thin plants makes the inside of the building seem more like a marshland or grassland.

The real battle begins, when both Masaru and Cyberdramon cry out in pain. They are hit by blows possessing superhuman strength and sent flying into spine-covered pillars. Ryou and Agumon are the next to be knocked down by super fast kicks.

Guilmon is grabbed by the tail and smashed into Takato. Renamon jumps into the air to avoid an attack and to perform her own Wisteria Punch, only for Rena to hit her by a complex combo. Ruki avoids her partner's falling form, then gets a punch to the stomach and a spinning back kick that sends her threw one of the few remaining tables. Jenrya receives an upper cut that nearly sends him into the ceiling and does make a Terriermon impression. Leomon shields Juri as Rena rains down hundreds of punches, each powerful enough to shatter concrete. The force is so great, Leomon slides back across the floor with Juri backing up behind him. As they near the back wall, Rena does a kick so powerful Leomon smashes into the concrete with Juri sandwiched between him and the wall.

Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi jump clear as another Kingdom spike explodes from the ground where they were. Gobumon, Palmon, and Tentomon avoid there own spike. Tentomon fires his Petit Thunder and Gabumon fires his Petit Fire, but the blue ice-like flames and electrical blast only cause minor damage, which then regenerates before there eyes.

"Hijutsu: Bankon Yari!" (Secret art: Entwining Root Spear!)

Suddenly, each of the spikes unfolds like a plastic Christmas tree, then each branch extends into six meter long razor-sharp spikes. The Digimon and there partners are nearly impaled, but manage to dodge the long lethal spikes by dropping to the muddy ground.

Rena appears in front of Hikari and Takeru grabbing both of them by the throat and raising them into the air. She is about to crush there throats, when Tailmon's claws pierce the side of her face and a burst of compressed air hits the back of her head. Distracted, Takeru swings the sword in his hand hitting Ren's side. Rena drops the two and jumps back into the thinning fog.

Suddenly, the top of a broken table shoots out the of the fog and hits TK and Hikari in the chest, knocking them against one of the walls. Rena walks out of the fading fog and picks up the bandit sword dropped by Takeru. Her face and side have completely healed leaving behind the spilled purple blood. She swings the blade and makes a thin cut across Takeru's forehead.

"I'm more of a taijutsu person. My kenjutsu (swordsmanship) is rusty so this could be very messy." says Rena, her eyes filled with sadistic glee, "I like messy."

As the fog fades, Angel, Spike, and Drusilla stand behind Rena, but are unable to move. There feet are stuck to the ground by a sticky liquid.

"Mizuame Nabara" (Starch Syrup Capture Field)

Rena looks over her shoulder and explains, "My Kingdom sucks up water and chakra so I can't keep Kirigakure going for long periods. I just needed you all in the correct positions for my Kingdom's Bankon Yari to completely immobilize. I also put down that line of liquid to stop attacks from behind, thanks to the Kingdom you can't even use water walking to avoid it."

Rena makes several hand signs and yells "Doton: Yomi Numa" (Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld), and the three vampires sink into a massive swamp that appears beneath there feet. The effect doesn't last long as the chakra is reabsorbed by the Kingdom, which grows larger. It leaves the three vampires half-buried in the thick dark brown swamp.

"Just in case you were smart enough to jump out off your shoes."


A spear of light shoots threw Ren's torso, burning a hole straight threw. Ren turns, foul purple blood dripping from her chest and mouth, to see the Lucemon with his feathery wings released.

"Tenchi??" (Angel??)

"My name is Gabriel Light Lior"

Suddenly, a black spear appears inside the hole in her torso, preventing it's regeneration. Lilitha in her mask-less LadyDevimon form stands behind Ren.

"and my name is Lilitha." says the demonic Digimon licking a drop of red from Ren's face, "POISON!"

Ren's screams as her chakra and remaining stamina is converted into a tainted dark energy that burns her coils and flesh. Black energy crackles across her form and her skin begins to bubble and blister. The pink lotus on her arm is covered in black energy similar to electricity, changing from pale pink to dark green and back several times.

The Kingdom of the Entwining Roots reacts her poisoning. The sharp spike, once hard as iron, crack and crumble into gray dust. The once dark green pants themselves leak water and wither away into yellow-brown husks. The kingdom finally dies completely, collapsing into foul water and dust

On Ren's arm, the green veins covering her body have turned black and her skin turned ash gray. Ren's long hair has turned grey-white and the plant on her arm as withered into a mass of black and dark brown. The skin around the roots is peeling away like a rotten banana peel. The lotus flower is pure white again, but the petals are falling.

Lilitha pulls out her darkness spear and Ren collapses to the ground. She looks up with the glow fading from her golden eyes at the gathering group.

"Didn't ... even see them... coming." says Ren, black fluid running from her mouth, "Your good shinobi... Your worth.... more than my.... fool head is?"

The light fades completely leaving empty black eyes and her body withers leaving a mummified husk. The last petal falls to muddy ground.


Element Cycle
Chakra elements with => meaning "is stronger"
Suiton (Water)=>Katon (Fire)=>Fuuton (Wind)=>Raiton (Lightning)=> Doton (Earth)=>
If you Pokémon fans are wondering how Lightning beats Earth, the original Five Chinese Elements, know as Wu Xing, are: Water => Fire => Metal => Wood => Earth
Metal chops Wood and Wood parts Earth (think tree roots going threw a rock face)

Lucemon's name is Gabriel Light Lior
The Demon Lord of Pride not only has a first name, but a middle and last as well. For those who voted Hikaru, it will show. Strange name? The three angels used to keep Lilith away from babies in Jewish tradition are Senoy, Sansenoy, and Semangelof.
When, Where, and Who should they meet?
Naruto's training trip with Jiraiya. There will be Genin scenes like other options, but the main time line will be Post Naruto/Pre Shippudan

Primary - Ninjutsu Secondary - Taijutsu Minor - Fuinjutsu/Genjutsu
Primary - Raiton/Lightning Secondary - Doton/Earth

Primary -Taijutsu Secondary - Ninjutsu Minor - Weapons
Primary - Katon/Fire Secondary - Raiton/Lightning

Primary - Genjutsu Secondary - Kugutsu/Puppets
Primary - Fuuton/Wind Secondary - Suiton/Water Bonus - Ltd Hyouton/Ice

(1) Raiton Jutsu (Lightning Techniques) for Angel?
There are not many Raiton beyond Chidori variants and Kakuzu's Gian (False Darkness)
Raiton: Kyuuden (Lightning Release: Ball lightning)
The ninja channels electrical energy between his hands creating plasma and concentrates the plasma between his palms. Then the ninja throws his hands forward releasing an expanding spherical mass of lightning. Tears threw targets at close range, stuns at long range, like a shotgun.
Origin: Yu Yu Hakusho's Yusuke's Shotgun and Naruto's Rasengan.

Raiton: Raigeki (Lightning Release: Torpedo attack)
The ninja knocks his opponent away with an electrical burst then rams into the opponent surrounded by an aura of lightning that goes into the target upon impact.
Origin: Raigeki also refers to "being struck by lightning". Inspired by Streetfighter M. Bison (Vega in Japan)'s famous signature move Psycho Crusher.

Raiton: Shiden (Lightning Technique: Purple Lightning)
The ninja gathers lightning around his hand and rushes past his opponent. The hand doesn't hit the target, but air flowing between the fingers and heated by electrical arcs is released as plasma. The thin plasma jet (high temperature ionized gas) cuts threw metal and flesh like a scythe threw dry reeds.
Origin: Plasma jet used by Gally (Alita) in Yukito Kishiro's Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita).

(2) Original Katon Jutsu (Fire techniques) for Spike?
An original bad boy like Spike needs personal fire techniques.
Katon: Kazaibon (Fire Release: Volcanic Ash)
Similar to Asuma Sarutobi's Haisekishou (Burning Ash Accumulation). After forming hand seals Spike with expel burning ash from his mouth, which will spread over his target. With a click of his teeth, the ash will implode around the enemy, sealing them in burning ash, hot enough to cook there brains in there skulls.
Origin: Discovery special on Pompeii (morbid huh?)

Katon: Senbon shouidan (Fire Release: Needle Fire Bomb)
Katon: Bo Shuriken shouidan(Fire Release: Stick Shuriken Fire Bomb)
After firing special senbon (needles) or Bo Shuriken (Metal Spikes)around the area, the chakra charged needs absorb air from the environment suffocating the weak ninja, then detonate into fiery explosions. The time between oxygen absorption and detonation can be delayed for timed explosions.
Origin: Zolf J. Kimblee (the Crimson Alchemist) vs Alphonse Elric battle in Fullmetal Alchemist

(3) Puppet descriptions for Drusilla.
No limit since Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand) had entire armies.
Doll: Miss Edith
A small doll with old Victorian clothing and very long black hair. The little doll has fangs and sharp nails loaded with hallucinogenic poison and is able to produce sound-based genjutsu, which is made more severe by auditory hallucinogen released like a perfume.The doll can also manipulate it's hair like tentacles.
Origin: "Everything in my head is singing." "I think sometimes that all my hair will fall out and I'll be bald."

Doll: Daisy
A white haired doll in a green and yellow outfit with flowers in her hair, on her waist, and on her wrists. She release flower scented mist loaded with hallucinogenic poison which doesn't effect Drusilla. The doll can extend barbed vine-like whips from her arms which can used as garrotes and used to pull the victim underground for burial. The little doll can also throw poison coated petal-like shuriken from the shadows and surrounding foliage.
Origin: She once said “Do you like daisies? I plant them but they always die. Everything I put in the ground withers and dies.”

Doll: Kitten
A human-size feline doll with black hair, one hazel eye, a striped pelt and manes lining the top of it's neck The feline's long fangs, claws, and quills hidden in it's back fur contain Hemotoxins that destroy red blood cells, disrupt blood clotting, and cause organ degeneration and generalized tissue damage. It can also spray poison in form a smoke screen or a concentrated corrosive liquid.
Origin: Kitten nickname for Xander. Hyena coloring and missing eye represents precog.

Doll: Miss Ilsa
A white skinned puppet with long black hair carrying a small gourd. Her body is extremely flexible and loose jointed go it can extend it's limbs and wrap around it's opponent Her hands and mouths are filled with blades for draining blood. She can also summon and spray giant leeches from her mouth and hands. The gourd contains beer which she sprays on opponents to allow the leeches to track them.
Origin: Leech Woman from Puppet Master.
BTVS Halloween "Do you know what I miss? Leeches."
They also showed giant leeches in the Forest of Death.

(4) Any Digimon/Partner combination attacks?
Izumi and Tentomon
Hijutsu: Ayatori Amedangeki (Secret Art: Cat's Cradle Electric Shock Web)
Izzy and Tentomon form a web of wire around the targets, then they channel chakra/Petit Thunder into the wire to create an electric web that shocks the enemy even if there victims don't touch the wires.
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