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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
This story contains digivice style profiles.
Like Digimon it gets repetitive.
Not much action this chapter. The Scourge and Digidestined need ninja training. It's been three years since Enter the Maelstrom - Part 1. It only took three years (and a couple months) for Naruto to go from class idiot to S-Class Nukunin Fighter (30% Itachi Clone and Kakuzu) and prodigy Sasuke to kill Orochimaru, Deidara, and Itachi with the normal Sharingan. Even weakest Sakura became strong to crush Kage-killing S-Class Criminal Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand) like a roach post time skip (with a little help).
Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
www DOT tthfanfic DOT com SLASH Story-16199


Hi no Kuni (Land of Fire)

Assignments are being given out with Kakashi and Iruka looking embarrassed, Tsunade looking annoyed, and Sakura with Naruto in a head lock.

"Godaime-sama!" comes a voice, "T...Terrible News!"

"Now what?" says Tsunade

"We're just received word that Sand's kazekage..." says the the Konoha Kunoichi, "has been kidnapped by a member of the Akatsuki!"

The Konoha ninja look shocked, while the Scourge and Destined Nin look curious.

Tsunade nods her head in thought then flips the paper.

"Team Kakashi... I hereby amend your mission. You will leave for the sand now! Assess the situation and report back immediately!" orders Tsunade, "Afterword, you will follow sand's orders and provide them whatever assistance they require!"

Tsunade turns to the new group.

"Team Scourge."

Angel, Spike, and Drusilla step forward. Gabriel, Blaze, and Liltiha step up next to them.

"Team Tamer."

Takato, Ruki, and Jenrya step forward. Guilmon and Renamon stand next to them and Terriermon salutes on top of Jenrya's head.

"Team Light."

Takeru, Hikari and Juri step forward. Leomon stands next to Juri, Tailmon is in front of Hikari, and Patamon is on Tekeru's shoulder like a giant parrot.

"I'm sending you with Team Kakashi to Suna," says Tsunade, "According to Jiraiya's Intel, the Akatsuki has been making alliances and you will need the back up."

As the four teams leave, Tsunade turns to the others.

"Team Adventure."

Yamato, Mimi, and Izumi step forward with there partners Gabumon, Palmon, and Tentomon.

"Team Reptile."

Masaru and Ryou step forward, next to them are partners Agumon and Cyberdramon respectively.

"I would not call two people a team." says Masaru

Three people walk in.

The first is a twenty six year old woman standing five foot six, a hundred nine pounds with short black hair and black eyes. She's dressed in a black uniform with green Jounin flak jacket.

"My apprentice Shizune."

The second is a twenty four year old woman standing five foot six a hundred one pounds with odd brown eyes and chin-length dark purple hair with a spiky ponytail on the back. She a wears a fishnet mess bodysuit covered by a black mini top and brown mini shirt.

"Special Jounin Anko Mitarashi."

The third is a very pale unemotional fifteen to sixteen year old boy with pure black eyes and short black hair. He's dressed in a tight black jacket that leaves the stomach exposed, tight hip-hugging black pants, black sandals, black gloves, and a leaf head band on his forehead. He also carries on an odd weapon on his back

"Sai. No Last name on file? "I am assigning Sai to your Team Reptile and sending you lot with my apprentice Shizune and Anko Mitarashi to Wave Country.'

'There have been reports of a new criminal organization taking over that region and far too many reports Kumo (Cloud) ninja. I'm also sending Team Asuma to this mission."

Team Asuma - heavy smoker Asuma, lazy genius Shikamaru, beautiful manipulator Ino, and heavy hitter Chouji walks in.

Asuma Sarutobi stands six foot three, a hundred eighty pounds with dark brown eyes, brown hair that looks black, and a beard without a mustache. He's dressed in the black clothing and green vest of a Jounin with a red cloth symbolizing his time at the Fire Temple.

Shikamaru Nara stands a very lazy looking fifteen year old man standing over five foot with brown eyes and black haired tied back into a spiky ponytail He's dressed in a long sleeve black shirt and pants that end in fishnet. He also wears a green flak jacket, sandal-shoes, and a throwing dagger holster strapped to his right leg by white bandages.

Ino Yamanaka has blue eyes and long blond hair standing over five foot with a long pony tail and one long loch over one of her eyes. She's dressed in a sleeveless button-up shirt with a short mini-skirt. She also wears fishnet over her elbows and knees, and carries a Kunai (throwing dagger) holster on her right leg.

Chouji Akimichi stands over five foot with heavy build a large a wild red mane of hair as well as now bearing samurai-like plates of armor.

Leaving Konoha part 1

"We'll then." says Naruto leaving the gates of Konoha, "We're off!"

"I'll return, Lady Tsunade." says Sakura, while Spike whispers "Teacher's pet"

Team Kakashi is leading with Team Scourge and Tamer on either side and Team Light trailing behind them.

"I hope so." says Tsunade, while Naruto old teacher Iruka looks a little worried.

"Good luck!" says Iruka with a smile.

"Thank you!" replies Naruto

"Who needs luck says Spike, as Team Scourge moves next to Team Kakashi, "Will spray the big bads across the walls."

"Heh!" says Jiraiya appearing in front of Team Kakashi, "Naruto, ya heading out on a mission?"

"Yup!" says Naruto.

"Like we would do a D Rank Mission." says Spike with a sneer.

"Oh, but before that... Bad news Tsunade." says Jiraiya, "The Kazekage's been..."

"I know." says Tsunade cutting him off, "I'm about to send these three to the sand."

"Is that wise....?" whispers Jiraiya, "knowing Naruto's relationship with the Akatsuki.."

"If anyone tries to nap him, we'll rip something important out of them." say Spike, hearing the whispers clearly with his vampire hearing,

"Nothing will happen to Naruto-kun." says Renamon.

"Wha??" says a confused Naruto

"Do they all know the secret, Jiraiya?" asks Tsunade

"It's not something you can hide from them. Especially Ruki and Renamon." says Jiraiya stepping forward, ":Naruto c 'mere."


"Don't push if comes to fight against the Akatsuki, you hear me...?"

"Hey, there the one's who've got business with me.." says Naruto angry, " I'm gonna meet them on my terms!"

"You are stronger then before that's true, but if your lose your cool, you'll dig your own grave." says Jiraiya, "Your quick temper is your weakness. Remember to stay calm like Takeru does when he does That technique and you'll be OK."

Naruto forces himself to calm.

"Naruto, look... I think you know this already, but...just don't use that jutsu...Even with help from the others, it's still not complete."

"I know.."

Jiraiya stomps over to Kakashi.

"Kakashi... keep an eye on him. Don't let him go too crazy. I'm counting on you...!

"Don't worry" replies Kakashi with his closed right eye.

"Master Kakashi! Sakura! Let's go already!"

"About time!" says Takato jumpin forward.

"I was getting bored with the talking." says Spike.

"H.. Hey! Wait up!" says Sakura.

"Are you always this slow!?" says Ruki blurring with Renamon

"Why you.." says Sakura picking up the pace.

"Well then." says Kakashi saluting.

"...Hoo boy.." says Jiraiya looking worried as Kakashi runs after the Teams who are moving so fast, they are nearly out of sight already. Iruka watches them leave with a frown.

"Worried..?" asks Lady Tsunade

"Nah... not any more... Ther're no longer weak little shinobi... neither he or Sakura.

Leaving Konoha part 2


Sai falls out of an impression he made in the truck of one of the trees.

It's already been several minutes since Anko, Shizune, Team Adventure, and Team Reptile left Konoha and Sai has already ticked off the others enough to slam him into a tree.

He called Palmon a walking weed and insulted Mimi's hair. He called Izumi a nerd in need of bug spray in front of Tentomon. He called Masaru and Ryou weak and asked if they lacked penises like there partners, which resulted in the boy eating wood splinters. It's a good thing, as he was about to talk to Anko, which would have resulted in long torture and/or death by the sadistic former apprentice of Orochimaru.

"What do we know about the Land of Wave?" says Yamato

"Other than geography." adds Izumi

"The last record was a C-Rank Mission a few years ago. A bridge builder Tazuna was returning to the Land of Wave and was in charge of building a massive bridge connecting there island country to the mainland. Several facts were omitted because his extremely poor country couldn't afford a B-Rank Mission.'

'The rich businessman Gatou had taken over the island holding control over all shipping businesses. He was using the island to ship illegal merchandise like drugs and weapons, and using thugs, mercenaries, and missing nin to control the populace. He even public-ally executed there country's hero Kaiza to break them.'

'Tazuna's bridge would break Gatou monopoly, so he sent a group of Kiri Missing Nin."

"A-Rank Missing Nin Momochi Zabuza, Demon of the Mist. Haku, a Hyouton ninja that escaped the bloodline purge of the Wave Country, and a pair of Chunin named the demon brothers." says Yamato, "I remember now. It was Team Kakashi's first C-Rank Mission."

"We think the the leader of the new criminal group was a Kumo Nin who worked for Gatou. He abandoned Gatou after he learned the business tyrant was going to cheat him and later returned to take over what was left of the criminal forces."

"If Spike was here, he would say, they should have killed them all to make sure they couldn't return." says Masaru.

"The new group must be more ruthless and cunning because the Wave can't be bullied anymore. They were inspired by Naruto's heroism. In fact, I heard they named there immense bridge the Great Naruto Bridge." says Shizune, "Naruto has a habit of being the most surprising ninja. He changes the way people think. he even got Tsunade, who vowed never to return to Konoha to become Hokage."

"He doesn't look like he has a big penis." says Sai


Sai eats the wood fiber. Then it collapses revealing it to be an ink clone. Sai re-appears a few meters from Yamato. Yamato looks at the brush in Sai's hand.

"You remind me of a Chinese Folk Tale. China's a country close to my own.

There was a young man called Ma Liang. He was poor and kind and helped a rich man to tend cattle. He liked drawing and drew pictures everywhere. One night, he dreamed that an old man gave him a magic paintbrush and asked him to use it to help poor people. When he woke up, he found the magic paintbrush in his desk.

He learned the brush brought what ever he drew to life. When the people needed water for there fields, he drew a river and the river came to life. When he saw it was difficult for people to till lands, he drew a cow and the cow came to life.

A rich man, an evil man, learned of the brush and was filled with greed. So he sent some people to the Ma Liang's home and took him to the prison. He got the magic paintbrush and then he invited a lot of his friends to come to his home to showed them the magic paintbrush. He drew a lot of pictures, but they could not become real.

'He had Ma Liang brought before him and told him "If you draw some pictures for me and turn them to life, I will set you free." The young man knew that he was a bad man in the village. Of course he did not want to help him. He had an idea. He said to the bad man, "I can help you, but you should obey your words."

The man asked him to draw a golden mountain. Mai Liang first drew the sea, making the man frustrated, and then the golden mountain. He ordered the boy to create a boat so he could sail to the mountain and gather the gold.

The young man smiled quietly and drew a big ship. The bad man jumped into the ship first and a lot of his family and friends jumped too. When the ship sailed to the middle of the sea, the young man drew a large wave and it destroyed the ship. So the bad man and his friends died.

Finally, the young man lived with his family happily and kept on helping the poor people. So the magic paintbrush was known by everyone."

"Nice story." says Sai, "Why do you listen to folk tales?"

"Do good, good things happen to you. Do bad, bad things happen to you." says Yamato, "Open your big mouth and get a headache."

Sai doesn't have a chance to ask what he means as he hits a genjutsu covered tree he didn't notice because of the distracting story. He does a George of the Jungle impression and falls to the forest floor.

En route to Suna

Sakura manages to get ahead of the others, but she spots someone en route to the Sand. A young woman with four spiky blond ponytails in a black kimono-like outfit and a large fan on her back.


The Jounin-level Sand Kunoichi turns at the voice. She was going home after her helping Konoha with the Chunin Selection Exams "?!"

Sakura hops down and tells Temari the bad news about Gaara.

"What?!" yells Temari, her voice painful to the vampires and those with sensitive hearing. "Gaara?!"

Temari thinks back to her talk with Shikamaru when her cup cracked, a bad omen.

"I knew something felt wrong..." says Temari

"It's going to take three days to get to the sand, we'd better hurry." says Kakashi

"Right! Let's go!"

"If I was alone, I could make it in half the time." says Spike as the group continues there tree hopping

Naruto remembers his first meeting with the Akatsuki, with Itachi and Kisame. "To take Naruto with us is the supreme order given unto us by the Akatsuki."

"It's not you they want. It's what's inside you." said Jiraiya, "They might be thinking of placing it's power under their control while the Kyubi is still inside you...

Naruto rushes forward with surprising speed and the other Teams race forward.

"Naruto... No matter how much of a rush we're in... we can't break formation." says Kakashi, "Calm down. Didn't Jiraiya-sama just lecture you about your temper?"

"I don't like it!" says Naruto, teeth clenched, shocking Kakashi, Sakura, and Temari with the anger behind it.

Team Scourge, Team Tamer, and Team Light understand the anger more. They were able to get close to the real Naruto, not the care free idiot he uses to hide from the world and himself.

"I know why those guys want Gaara and me...!" says Naruto, "Sakura... now you know, too, don't you..."

"I don't like it...!" says Naruto, "The Kyubi sealed inside me."

It shocks Temari the most hearing the blond is so much like her brother.

"Both Gaara and me we're carrying monsters inside our bodies and that's what they want! Our monsters! U don't like it! They only see us as monsters! I don't like the way they look at us!" says the angry Naruto, "Gaara and I had the same kind of lonely life, but it was even worse for him cuz he suffered and fought a lot longer...! So now the Akatsuki has targeted him just like they targeted me!"

The Teams listen carefully even jumping from tree to tree at extremely high speeds.

"It's not fair! Why should his life be so full of misery all the time?! Why is it always him?!! You wanna know why I can't calm down...? That's why?! Whatever happens when we get to the Sand.... I can't just stand back and do nothing! I have to be there for him! I have to save him!"

Temari almost cries in gratitude.

"Going to cry, Sand girl." sneers Spike.

"Shut up, Spike." says Angel

"I see... I see dolls, so many dolls. Pretty birdies like fireworks." says Drusilla her eyes dilated for a second.

"Naruto, who are these people?" asks Temari, "I never saw them in Konoha."

"I meet them during my training trip." says Naruto, "The jerk with the bleached hair is Spike. His partner is the little devil Impmon. The one who told him to shut up is Angel. His partner is the blond boy Gabriel. The woman is Spike's girlfriend Drusilla. Her partner is the feline Tailmon. They form Team Scourge."

"Does Spike having anything beside a big mouth?"

"Spike's a taijutsu fighter with a lot of high powered Fire and Lightning techniques. Angel does Lightning and Earth techniques and is also a good fighter. Drusilla does illusions and she's a puppet user like your other brother Kankuro."

"Who taught her? We holds our Kugutsu techniques close." says Temari, "The fist puppets were created in our country."

"We found a Missing Nins' abandoned den." says Spike, "Drusilla found a secret work shop."

The group continues there journey

"Naruto... you met him once, didn't you..?" asks Sakura

Naruto looks puzzled.

"Uchiha Itachi and he's after you."

Naruto looks spooked

"You know, I haven't been just training the past years. I secretly read Tsunade-sama's reports and snuck outside the village to snoop around as much as I could. " says Sakura thinking about Sasuke obsession and Orochimaru manipulation of that hate, "The person Sasuke keeps saying he wants to kill is his older brother Uchiha Itachi right. The one who's a member of the Akatsuki. That's why Sasuke is with Orochimaru right now, trying to gain more power. But Orochimaru wants Sasuke's body, right? and we only have a limited amount of time until he can transfer again and Orochimaru himself was once a member of the Akatsuki as well.... so what I'm trying to say is this.'

'The closer we get to the Akatsuki, the closer we can get to information about Orochimaru and from there, closer to Sasuke."

"There have been many people who have made deals with devils for power." says Angel, "They are often destroyed in there thirst for power, but there are cases were the pact is broken and the person is freed. Those people who were freed had clever friends. People who gave them strength."

Precious People, thinks Naruto remember Haku words long ago.

En route to Nami

Anko and Shizune have been traveling with Team Adventure and Team Reptile for several days and have learned they and there Digimon all possess unique traits. Even there movements are unique, while most shinobi move by leaping from branch to branch using long steps and jumps, Masaru, Ryou, and there partners hop around like Jiraiya's Toad Summons and Mimi and Izzy sometime use lines, vines and wires respectively, to swing great distances with Palmon and Tentomon gripping there backs.

"Someone was been watching too much Spiderman." says Yamato close to Anko.

"What's Spiderman?"

"A manga from a distant country called America. The hero was an ordinary civvie until he was bite by a special spider and gained the abilities of human size spider. He first wanted to use his powers to earn money, but after his Uncle Ben was killed by a criminal he let go because the person he robbed cheated him, he learned with great power comes great responsibility. He then used his powers to fight crime and those who would use there powers for evil purposes."

"Sounds interesting." says Anko

"Do always chatter on missions, dick-less." says Sai near Yamato.

Suddenly, a ball lands in Sai's mouth and releases tendrils that wrap around his head preventing him from removing it, then releases sharp spines to prevent him from trying to uncoil it. The three look from the plant-based ball gag to Mimi and Palmon waving up ahead.

"Thanks Mimi!" says Yamato

"We use to think shinobi were fictional until we came to the Elemental Countries." says Yamato

"No body possesses any special abilities?" asks Shizune

"I don't even know if they understood chakra." says Yamato, "We don't have people with Kekkei Genkai (Blood Inheritance Limit) except in those same manga. Spiderman was written by a company called Marvel and there universe had mutants, many people each born with different special abilities. So many in fact, the number in the Elemental Countries would be a drop in a swimming pool."

"That must have had a lot of battles in it." says Shizune, "The Bloodline Massacre in the Water Country is one the worst parts in out history. It may have been those inbred Kaguya that started the battles, but the water country killed off all those who possesses Kekkei Genkai'

'Naruto told me the ice using ninja he encountered in wave, Haku, his father murdered his mother when he learned his wife and child possesses the Hyouten. He used his powers to save himself and was forced to kill his father and the mob he had assembled."

"How do you know so much about those manga if there foreign where your from?" asks Anko

"Mimi actually moved there for a time." says Yamato, "She wanted me to improve my foreign language skills and had a friend send me a small collection of cheap manga, what they call comic books."

"Wait! Wait! If no body possesses any ninja training or special abilities, where did your partners come from? They don't look natural and no ordinary animal can talk with human intelligence."

"If I remember what Izzy and Jiraiya told me, Summon Animals are from different spiritual world than the physical world. A Summon is born on that plane or is an animal that is transformed into a Summon." explains Yamato, "In my wo... land we have a different plane of existence called the Digital World and is the home of our partners, the Digimon. We didn't summon them, we found them. Me, Izumi, Mimi, and my brother Takeru all encountered our partners when we were pulled into the Digital World during a camping trip. Others like Team Tamer and Hikari encountered them when they managed to reach our world."

"So what is your relationship with them other than partnership."

"Each of use is linked to out partners and they draw energy from us. That allows them to Digivolve, transforming to more advance forms."

Sai makes note of this, then goes back to trying to remove the ball gag.

Sunagakure no Sato, Kaze no Kuni

"Okay!" says Naruto as they finally arrive in Suna

"That's one big sand castle." says Blaze

"Sand stone construction." says Jenrya, "Make's sense."

"It does?" says Terriermon, hading his partner with his huge ears.

A sun ninja walks up and reports to Temari.

"So you seee.. first, Lord Kazekage was taken..." says the black haired ninja, "then lord Kankuro chased after them, but was gravely wounded.."

"What?!" says Temari shocked, "Kankuro, too?!"

"Yes, and furthermore he was poisoned, but we can't identify it for an antidote." says the worried man, "They say he only has half a day left..."

That's extremely bad news, but Temari and Hikari step forward.

"Let's go, Temari." says Medic Nin Sakura Haruno, " I'll examine him!"

"I'll also help." says Hikari next to her with Tailmon by her side.

Treatment Room 3, Sunagakure no Sato, Kaze no Kuni

The sibling elders Chiyo and Ebizou, Sand Sibling Jounin sensei Baki, and several others stand around Kankuro extremely sick bandaged form when the Teams burst in with Temari, Sakura, and Hikari in the lead.

Chiyo stares at the masked white-haired Jounin in shock.

"The White Fang of Konoha!!" says Chiyo before attacking.

"Huh?" says the shocked Kakashi, hearing his father's legendary title.

Naruto stops the old woman's attack with his Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), much to the shock of many. Chiyo is knocked back, but lands on her feet and slides back.

"Why are you attacking master Kakashi?!" yells Naruto, "You shriveled up prune!"

Inside he notices how good the old one is fighting.

"That day, how dare you...! Despicable White Fang of Konoha" says Chiyo blinded by rage, "Finally, Today... I shall collect vengeance for my son!"

"Oh! No, wait! I'm not..!" yells Kakashi.


Suddenly, her brother Ebizou blocks her attack

"Look closely sis, he looks just like him, but that's not White Fang."

"?!" Chiyo looks closely with her aged eyes, "Eh?"

"Oh well... never mind.... tee hee hee!"

"Phew.." says Kakashi in relief, then he notices something.

A length of near invisible wire looped around the sleeve of one of Chiyo's arm unravels and returns to Izumi's hands. If it wasn't for the lighting and a faint amount of dust in the air, he would have never scene the wire. He also notices Drusilla wave her hands and the fabric of Chiyo's other sleeve relaxes

"Now, can we all just focus on Kankuro?" says Sakura

"Please!" adds Temari.

Sakura begins her work. She moves her green glowing right hand over the torso, while holding her left hand clawed over a incision on the opposite side. Slowly, she uses her chakra to push the poison out of Kankuro's body into a mass floating without gravity inside her hand. After several minutes, most of the poison is now floating above Sakura's palm

"Phew..." says Sakura wiping the sweat off her face after dropping the poison in a container. "I've removed most of the poison. So there's no more immediate danger, but we're not completely out of the woods just yet. I still have to neutralize the minute quantities of toxins remaining in his system.'

'So someone's got to run and fetch me some medical supplies."

Naruto looks at Sakura amazed as Hikari pulls a scroll from her back.

"You remind me of that slug lass..." says Chiyo, "I never imagined a girl like you would come..".

"Yes, well... Lady Tsunade was the one who ordered me here." says Sakura with a smile, "She is my mentor, you know."

Ebizou looks at the look on his sister's face. "Sis..."

"...Time flows by..."

"All right! But we can't rest too long!" says Naruto, "We gotta go after the Akatsuki now!"

"No need to look for supplies." says Hikari as she unrolls the scroll, "I'm always loaded."

She bites her thumb and smears her blood across a couple of seals and medical supplies appear in a cloud of smoke.

"I also have a technique to help speed up his recovery." says Hikari as Tailmon begins to glow.

Kakashi, Sakura, and the Suna Nin watch in shock as the cat creature Tailmon glows white and in a flash is replaced by a beautiful woman long blond hair, and a face covered by a iron half helmet with feathery wings on the sides and a band resembling a cross. She also has eight feathery white wings extending from her back.

Chiyo and the other sand ninja almost fall back in shock.

"Wh... What are you?"

"The perfect form of Tailmon, Angewomon."

Great Naruto Bridge

As Teams Kakashi, Scourge, Tamer, and Light have reached Suna, Teams Adventure and Reptile have reached Wave Country. As they arrive at the Great Naruto Bridge they notice four people on guard duty. They aren't villagers since there huge muscular men with criminal tattoos and spears.

The Shinobi and Digimon cling to the trees to prevent from being scene.

Izumi sticking to tree branch pulls Tentomon from his back and places him on the branch. He puts on a modified range finger and fits a pin on Tentomon's chest. He makes several gestures and Tentomon flies into the air in the direction of the bridge.

"What is that?" whispers Anko, looking on the monocle on Izumi's eye.

"The thing I gave Tentomon is a type of camera. The camera transmits the image using radio and this modified range finder converts them back into images."

There is a pause, then Izumi gives his report.

"One hundred eight enemy and thirty four hostages, twenty four being children. Four guards on this side of bridge, four on the other side, and four in the middle around the children. There are a dozen in town watching the civilians and another dozen moving supplies near the piers. A dozen on the bridge planting explosives, a dozen guarding them, and a dozen more on a boat. There are also thirty six shinobi spread out, twenty missing nin from Kiri, four missing nin from Konoha, and twelve are from Kumo. The Kumo seem to be in charge and what head bands I could spot aren't slashed."

Konoha Backup

"I'm giving you an identical mission to Team Kakashi." says lady Tsunade, " Join then in the sand and see that they complete their assigned task. Understood?!"

"Roger!" says Gai, Jounin Leader of Team Gai

Maito Gai (Mighty Guy) is a very strange looking twenty nine year old man standing six foot, a hundred sixty seven pounds with black eyes, bowl cut black hair, and bushy black eyebrows. He is a very hard working Jounin, but his speeches about the Power of Youth can make a village sick and his smile can blind people.

Rock Lee has become even more like his idol Gai-sensei, in the past few years. He stands five foot eight, a hundred three pounds with the same hair and eyebrows as his teacher with with wider round eyes. Lee now wears a Chuunin flak jacket over his training outfit. With Lee's growth in height, he looks very close in appearance to Gai.

Neji Hyuuga stands five foot eight and over a hundred pounds with long dark brown almost black hair and pupil-less white/silver eyes of the Hyuuga bloodline Byakugan. Though a Jounin, Neji does not wear a flak jacket, instead wearing a robe-like shirt and pants. This may be to allow him to better release his chakra for his Byakugan techniques.

Tenten stands five foot five with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair done in ox horns (two balls on either side of her head). TenTen currently wears clothing similar to her previous ones, being Chinese in appearance. She also now wears a large summoning scroll on her lower back, which she uses for her new projectile throwing techniques.

"A..Achoo!!" says Gai

"Are you sick?" says Tsunade

"Nah, I'm getting allergies... Achoof."

"All right, everyone!" says Gai, " We reach the Sand in a day!"

"Nah, Master! Half a Day!!" says Rock

".. I thought it took like three days..." says Neji

"If you keep talking the whole time, it'll seem like forever.. Cut It Out!" says Tenten


"Yes, Ma'am!" says Shino, temp leader of Team Kurenai.

Kurenai was recently forced off active duty by Tsunade when the famed Medic Nin learned Kurenai was pregnant with Asuma Sarutobi's child.

Shino Aburame stands over five foot two with dark brown hair and eyes always covered by dark shades. He wears a black high collar outfit common in his family, which house insects inside there bodies for defense and attack. He also wears a large over-sized jacket, with the hood in the up position. He also wears a satchel across his back, this may be to carry more bugs or his ninja equipment. The running joke in Konoha is comparing his dress to that of a drug dealer.

Hinata Hyuga stands with long dark indigo hair grown past her shoulders and very light lavender pupil-less eyes of the Byakugan. Hinata has matured over the years, attaining a fuller figure. She wears an over-sized jacket, pants and more formal sandals. She's still very shy and has yet admitted her feeling for Naruto.

Kiba Inuzuka stands tall with black slit pupil eyes and wild dark brown (looks black) hair. His canine partner Akamaru has changed the most, growing from eleven inches in height to becoming monstrous in size. No longer the little puppy who could ride on Kiba's head, Kiba can now ride on Akamaru's back. Kiba has not changed much over the years, dropping his jacket and hood look for a form fitting black jacket and pants.

"You will be the back up to Shizune, Anko, Team Adventure and Team Reptile in the Wave Country.


Sorry about the short length, the main story Halloween World is reaching the end of the First Arc.
Sorry about the lack of action, I'm setting up an actual plot. Weird huh?
Magic Paint Brush
Why did I talk about A Magic Paint Brush (A Chinese Folk Tale)? In the Japanese version, Ma Liang is called Sai. The same way Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru are based Japanese folktale Jiraiya Goketsu Monogatari (The tale of the gallant Jiraiya), Narutoverse Sai is based the Magic Paint Brush tale.
Why am I torturing Sai?
I find him very annoying. He's like Near replacing L on Death Note. He replaced Sasuke, but he lacks a real personality. It's also good practice for Sasuke.

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The hunt in Sand, the battle in Wave, and more techniques

Suna (Sand) Teams

Team Kakashi - Kakashi/Naruto/Sakura
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Team Gai - Maito Gai/Rock Lee/Neji/Tenten
Nami (Wave) Team
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou/Sai
Command - Shizune and Anko Mitarashi
Team Kurenai - Shino/Kiba/Hinata

Keep sending in techniques and Puppet ideas, I will end using them.

Absolute Couples.

Kurenai Yuuhi x Asuma Sarutobi
Naruto x Hinata
Renamon x Kyubi
Hikari x Takeru
Spike x Drusilla

Who should be in Naruto's Harem?
Other Pairing? Naruto Char? Digimon Char? Both?

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