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Halloween World Side Story - Scourge of Time

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hallow Rebirth, Eternal Night". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween World Side story - Where are Angel, Spike, and Drusilla? Multi Crossover Current: FMA Arc with BETA!

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Title: Halloween World - Scourge of Time
Author: Spaceman
Distribution: Please Ask
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
This story contains digivice style profiles.
Like Digimon it gets repetitive.

Halloween World: No Way Home by AkatsukiDaybreak
www DOT tthfanfic DOT com SLASH Story-16199


The Land of Wind

Sakura's medical skills and Hikari combination technique with Angewoman have speed up Kankuro's healing. Sakura also decides to get a few medicinal herbs for Hidden Sand's greenhouses. Naruto wanted to move out as soon as Sakura and Hikari finished, but Kakashi told him to rein it in.

Team Scourge is also standing with them. Spike has stepped out for a smoke, Angel is taking note to which herbs are being used for future reference, while Drusilla is softly singing to the plants. Blaze has picked up Spike's habit and is enjoying a cigarette from a pack he stole from Asuma Sarutobi. Lilitha is prowling around the plants, or getting high off the catnip. Gabriel is leaning against the door not saying a word, but hearing everything.

"What's happening with pursuit of the Akatsuki?" asks Kakashi

"Kankuro went solo and ended up like this." says Baki, "That's it."

" they're long gone?"


Gabriel sweat drops at that.

"Take me to were Kankuro fought." says Kakashi, "I must track them... even a trace of their scent remains...."

"No need for that..." comes a voice behind them. This causes everyone to turn at the sound, even the slightly high BlackTailmon.

"There were two of them..." says Kankuro, now awake and sitting up, "One has Gaara. All you have to do is follow gaara's scent. Even if they split up Karasu (The Crow) tore a piece of the other one's clothes off."

"Turning things to his advantage..." says Kakashi, " a true sand ninja."

"Kankuro, are you all right?" says Temari

"Yeah. I feel a lot better." says Kankuro, then notices a familiar face, "Uzumaki Naruto"

"Hey.." says Naruto

"Kankuro..." says Chiyo, "Are you sure one of them was Sasori?"

"Granny Chiyo and Granpa Ebizo?!" says Kankuro shocked at seeing them.

"Is it true... Kankuro?" asks Ebizo.

"Yeah... He called himself... Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand)."

Chiyo looks very sad or depressed with the news.

"Sasori of the Red Sand?" asks Kakashi, "You know more about the Akatsuki. Tell me..."

A few minutes later.

Sakura gives Kankuro a drink of herbal medicine. Team Light watches with some interest. Hikari, Takeru, and Juri all have a certain fascination with herbal medicine for different reasons. There partners, Tailmon (having reverted from Angewomon), Patamon, and Leomon stand near them.

"That should do it." says Sakura, "All he needs to is to keep still until the numbness goes away. Lie down and take it easy."

"C'mon! Let's get out of here!" says Naruto pulling his pack back on.

Naruto is then whacked in the head by Team Tamer's Kunoichi Ruki.

"Not so loud, Baka. A fighters is proved by actions, not Loud Words."

"Ok. Ok. Ruki-Chan. No need to lecture." says Naruto rubbing the back of his head.

Renamon watches her partner and Naruto interact, making several observations. It's odd, but if Ruki and Renamon's positions were reversed, Ruki would be making those same observations. Ever since the groups learned of the Kyubi no Kitsune sealed within Naruto, Ruki and her Kitsune Digimon Partner have been very close to him.

Kankuro looks at his hand as the feeling slowly returns. He remembers what Gaara told him about Naruto Uzumaki.

I know what I must do Kankuro. I must clear my own path. Perhaps then... some day... I can be like HIM. I never thought of either of you as siblings. Until I met him, ties to others only ever brought me pain and sorrow. and now, finally I think I'm beginning to understand why. To share one's feelings with others isn't weakness that is what Uzumaki Naruto taught me. He's experienced pain as I have have. His example has shown me... I can change my life..."

"Uzumaki Naruto." says Kankuro

"?" Naruto turns at Kankuto voice.

"Please save my brother."

"Of course!" says Naruto with a grin, "I'm going to be Hokage! For now, the Kazekage can just owe me one!"

Chiyo's work shop

Chiyo opens a heavy lock and opens the large wooden case to reveal two small, but thick scrolls.

"Are you taking them with you?" says her brother far behind her surrounded by hanging puppets.

"This was meant to be." says Chiyo, "No weapon will better against him in battle...I've lived a long life... "

Outside Suna's walls

The Konoha Teams are leaving to search for Gaara, when Baki and Temari rush up

"Wait for us. We'll be you backup..." says Baki

"You will...?" says Kakashi

"We'll go!" says Temari

"Temari, you stay to aid border security." says Chiyo on the wall spooking the others, "I'll represent the sand village myself."

"But..! Granny Chiyo!" says Temari

"It seems inappropriate for..." starts Baki

"Don't treat me like a fossil!" says Chiyo leaping off.

"She jumped!!" comes a voice below.

The old woman lands next to them spooking Naruto and Sakura. Teams Scourge, Tamer, and Light react far better. Team Scourge have scene a lot of weirdness in there long lives. Once Drusilla saw a Mathun-Sala Demon disguised as an eighty old woman lift a car over her head, but Spike didn't believe her because she was nuttier than a Planters nut factory. It's interesting to note, that demon or another member of it's species inspired for a short lived television show. Team Tamers and Team Light have encountered two ultimate-level Digimon who look like shrunken old man and woman,

"It's been a while since." says Chiyo rising from the crouched position on the ground, "I've taken care of my adorable grandchild...."

Land of Wave

The Problem.

"One hundred eight enemy and thirty four hostages, twenty four being children. Four guards on this side of bridge, four on the other side, and four in the middle around the children. There are a dozen in town watching the civilians and another dozen moving supplies near the piers. A dozen on the bridge planting explosives, a dozen guarding them, and a dozen more on a boat. There are also thirty six shinobi spread out, twenty missing nin from Kiri, four missing nin from Konoha, and twelve are from Kumo. The Kumo seem to be in charge and what head bands I could spot aren't slashed."

The Solution

Team Adventure - Yamato, Mimi and Izumi lead by Shizune and Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou/Sai lead by Anko. In a very short period of time, the plan is made.

Yamato starts off with casting Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique). Then the eight Konoha ninja jump onto the surface of the river and runs on the top the water, bouncing off several pillars to avoid being detected by those on the bridge.

One of bombers sees something out of corner of his eye, only for a live of wire to wrap around his neck and pull him into one of the pillars. The thin wires cuts threw his throat to the spine as Izumi holds the ends of the wire sticking to another pillar. He then slowly releases the wire, lowering the corpse into the water below. The moist condition quickly clean the blood from the pillar and the harness used to lower themselves from the top of the bridges weights the body down, causing it to sink to the river bed.

Izumi swings on a wire down to where the man was working. He stains the ninja explosive tag with a smear of ink, then peels them from the bombs. He then pours out the main explosive into the river leaving the empty housing. Tentomon does the same to the bomb on the other side

"Akira, are you done yet?"

Another bomb worker arrives and sees Izumi, but before he can react a couple senbon pierce his chest and a burst of electricity travels the attached wires. The worker's muscle lock up in pain and can do another as Tentomon unbuckles him causing him to fall to his death. He hits the base of the pillar breaking his neck and then slips into his watery grave.

"Hijutsu: Zubatto Denki Harigan" (Secret Art: Piercing Electricity Wire)

Izumi sends thin wires to pierce the side of a pillar and the third bomber that had been hiding there. The wires go threw his vital area and are caught by Tentomon. Both Izumi and his partner send out pulses of electricity from both ends destroying the nerve connections to the vitals, but not producing enough visible charge to be noticed in the thick fog.

On the bridge, four large tattooed men with swords surround twenty four children. The children have ropes around there wrists and ankles, with lines connecting the wrists to ropes around there waists and one line going threw each "belt" binding them all together. The ten adult hostages are women, most likely the mothers, also with there wrists ankles bound together and a line binding there ankle binds together, which leaves there hands more open to help the children, but not escape.

The four guards look bored and keep slapping and scratching the insect bites. What they don't notice is the bugs aren't biting the women and children. Slowly, each man begins to scratch harder and harder as a rash forms , and they begin to cough as there eyes burn. One of them panics as the hand he used to cover his mouth is covered in blood and is cough begin to sound wet.

"Mokuton: Dai no Ki Tachi" (Wood Release: Huge Wooden Swords)

Suddenly, they hear a woman's voice and two objects spin out of the mist causing the four guards to drop to ground, no matter the chest pain it causes them. The two objects spin into the mist and are caught by some huge figure. The figure is revealed to be a giant cactus walking like a man with large gloves on it's arms, each holding the objects, a pair of huge wooden swords.

On the other side, Mimi walks out holding a thorny rose vine whip, several needle-like thorns on the tip stained with human blood.

One of guards still has strength to attack, tho he's unable to yell due to his swelling throat Mimi flows underneath the sword slash and snaps her whip. The vine wraps around the swordsman's throat tightly, and piercing it with those sharp thorns. The man's body shakes in the grip, his eyes rolling back in his head, and a pink foam falls from his mouth. She blocks the second man's attack with a kunai, the flings the corpse of his comrade onto him. The man lets out a silent scream underneath the body, staring at the foaming face, then is silenced forever when Mimi's whip changes into a spear and pierces both of them threw the torsos.

Mimi's partner Palmon in her adult form Togemon, brings both giant swords down on the other two with all her weight. A normal wooden sword wielded by an average human would stand little chance against real steel weapons unless you were a legendary sword master like Miyamoto Musashi, the Kenshi (sword saint). Togemon's Great Swords are larger than Claymores and composed of ironwood which is hard enough to dull steel blades.Togemon is not an average fighter, she is a cactus Digimon filled with water making her several times heavier than the four guards combined. Her two slashes with the wooden swords shatter the blades of the two weakened guards.

Both guards collapse to the ground quickly dying as there lungs fill with fluid.

The hostages look scared until Mimi shows them a headband marked Konoha, the same village Naruto came from. Mimi slices the bonds of two women and hands them some spare Kunai to cut the ropes of the others.

On the Fire Country end of the bridge, the four Western guards turn to see Yamato standing in front of them. They all pull there swords, only for four Mizu Bushin (water clones) to appear use Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique) to grab all four men in spheres of water.

Yamato makes several hand signs, inhales, then releases his Ekishou Hyougen (Liquid Crystal Ice Field) to fire a translucent iridescent liquid from his mouth that instantly freezes all four balls of water into sphere of crystal clear ice. The four Mizu Bushin then roll the extremely ugly snow globes off the bridge and into the woods.

Back on the bridge, another bomb worker looks us to see Izumi descending on his harness line and before he can react the agile ninja slashes the worker's throat so deep, the tip nicks the spine. As the worker collapses back, Izumi clicks the harness. The body is lowered until it's a foot above the waves, then comes off the line and falls with a slight sound.

A fifth worker turns at the slight noise, but before he can cry out Izumi's partner in the giant insectoid form of Kabuterimon grabs him off the bridge with his four arms, each ending in three claws. He may be far larger than his Tentomon form, but the dark coloration is hard to spot in the fog and water. Kabuterimon twists his victim snapping several bones including the spine, then quietly drops the body in the water where it quickly sinks.

A sixth worker doesn't stand a chance as a kunai pieces his neck. He collapses in his harness and as the knife falls out, Izumi recalls it using an attached wire to prevent it from making a splash. He then ninja-spiders his way over to the man and triggers the harness release slowly dropping another corpse into the water.

The dozen guards that are suppose to be protecting the bomb workers are in small boats on the water. Four boats, three guards per boat with one navigator, one short range fighter (swordsman), and one long range fighter with crossbow. They are suppose to the protect the men, while they attach explosives. The bombs are suppose to act as a control, preventing large scale invasions or escapes.

The three in Boat number one don't hear the faint whisper of a Kunoichi, but they do notice the fog gaining a purple tint. They quickly collapse after inhaling the Doku Kiri (poison mist) and die seconds. afterword. Shizune appears from the now clean mist, running on the water, and jumps in the boat. She quickly makes sure each man is dead, then attaches weights and dumps the body over board.

The three in Boat number two are shocked when a snake appears in the bottom of there boat and quickly panic getting on the seats. One man is about to use his sword on it, when a he stiffens. The other two watch as the man falls back into water to reveal Anko crouched on the water's surface. She jumps into the air and throws to poison coated Kunai that penetrates the skulls of the two remaining men threw the eyes instantly killing them.

The three in Boat number three meet a very messy end. The first one has his head grabbed by the claws of Cyberdramon, which is brief since the thug's head implodes from the grip. Ryou grabs the man with the crossbow from behind, twists, and snaps the neck. The swordsman tries to use his sword, but his arm is grabbed and twisted and Cyberdramon snaps his neck.

The forth Boat meets the oddest end. The swordsman of that boat looks into the water after hearing a odd sound, when a huge black squid wraps around his head. The other two men drop there weapons to help there comrade, when Sai appears next to the swordsman between the two men and stabs them both in the hearts with a pair of kunai. The swordsman collapses to the deck as the black squid turns back into ink. A normal squid could be fatal if it got suckers and barbs into a person's head, but Sai's creation was composed of ink mixed with poison. The suffocating fumes and injecting barbs insured death the second it grabbed the man's face.

Back on the brig, the four Northern Gate guards on Wave Country soil don't know they are the last of the bridge guards.

A heavy chain shoots out the mist and wraps around the throat of one Guard and yanks him into the darkness, before the second can sound the alarm Masaru delivers a brutal punch. Back in his home world Masaru Daimon has strong enough that he once punched out a god like ultimate level Digimon, now with his shinobi training, h can easily match the strength of the Legendary Tsunade and her apprentice Sakura. The force of the blow is enough to crush facial bones into the brain and push the head back far enough to separate the skull and spine. It also sends the guard flying over the railing to the rocks below.Masaru releases his chain and the corpse of the other guard falls, his neck snapped by the whip lash.

At the same time of Masaru's attack, his partner Agumon also attacks. He lands on the third guard with enough force to shatter the man's ribs and spine, and rupture many internal organs. He then shoulder rams the forth into a wall hard enough to damage it and snap several ribs. The guard can't scream with his lungs filling with fluid as Agumon winds up and delivers a punch that sends him threw the wall and into the after life.

En route to Suna


Team Gai is moving threw the trees at extremely high speed.

"We've been running all day!" yells Tenten, "We Need Rest!"

"You're out of shape, Tenten." says Rock Lee, while Neji frowns.

There is a rustle below as a ninja dog appears, the talking summoning ninja dog Pakkun.

"Gai!" yells Pakkun, "Wait!"

"Pakkun!" says Maito Gai (Mighty Guy).

The group lands to get the info.

"As Kakashi ordered, we eight ninja dogs fanned out in all directions and followed the Akatsuki scent." says Pakkun, "and we found out they were heading to the land of rivers located between konoha and suna. That means that you guys coming from Konoha towards suna are closest to the Akatsuki."

I see.." says Rock Lee.

"Follow me. I'll explain the details on the way." says Pakkun

"Okay everyone! Move out!" yells Gai.


Far away, a freakiest ninja with golden eyes, half white half black skin, green hair, and Venus fly traps for arms melds from the surface of a tree. He stares intently, then activates an eye jutsu and transmits the data to the Leader of Akatsuki. The Akatsuki is currently using a combined jutsu to extract the bijuu Ichibi no Shukaku from Gaara. It's a slow painful process draining chakra from the body into a spherical mass around Gaara then flowing it into the mouth of a giant six eyed demon statue. Each member of the Akatsuki stands on the up raised fingers of the statue holding there fingers in the seal position.

"Enemies approach our Lair." says Zetsu's image, "One of them is highly skilled... from Konoha... his name is Maito Gai."

"Who?" asks another, the mad bomber, Diedara of Iwa

"He's a Konoha Jounin. A Taijutsu Expert." says Itachi Uchiha's image, "He's highly skilled. best not to underestimate him."

"..Ah... THAT strange beast." says his partner Kisame, Monster of the Hidden Mist

The Leader Pain thinks about it then commands, "Use THAT Jutsu..."

"In that case, I'll go.." says one member, "I'm already frustrated about not finding our Jinchuriki sooner..."

"No.. I'll go." says Kisame, "Fate has given me a score to settle with him...."

"True... That jutsu is best suited for you since you have the largest amount of chakra... Kisame." says Pain, " We're still using 30 percent of your chakra."

The other member sounds annoyed.

"Well, Well... Finally..." says Kisame, "It's payback time!"

Kisame and Itachi's physical bodies sit on a mountain in a meditation position.

Team Gai En route

The group is out of the woods and is now moving quickly across the sand and stones.

"!!" Pakkun suddenly smells something

"What's wrong?" says Gai to the little dog in the lead

"Someone's coming."

Neji activates his Byakugan and sees with his 360 degrees of vision, we're the enemy is.

"Behind us!"

The earth behind them rips upward towards them and a wrapped blade rises from surface of the desert like the fin of an attacking shark, heading straight towards them. The Team scrambles to jump clear and onto higher ground as the "fin" collides with a huge rock.

As the dust clears they can see a huge figure standing with a huge sword on his shoulder. The sand completely clears to reveal Kisame holding his sword the Samehada. Gai looks as the shark toothed blue-skinned fish man with worry.


"Do you know him, Gai Sensei?!" asks Rock Lee


Gai's team sweat drops.

"I guess the strange beast IS as dumb as he looks." says Kisame, "Well, I'll make sure you remember soon enough..."

Team Gai vs Kisame

Neji stares at Kisame with his Byakugan with intensity.

"This guy... has incredible amount of chakra." says Neji to the others, "I've never seen anyone but Naruto with this much!"

"So this is... The Akatsuki."

Kisame tightens his grip on Samehada then tosses the wrapped blade high into the air and performs several hand seals.

"Suiton: Bakusui!" (Water Release: Exploding water shock wave!)

Kisame inhales, then opens his mouth releasing an explosion of water. Team Gai is shocked by the immense tidal wave size blast of water as Kisame catches his falling blast in one hand. The ninjas all jump to avoid the waves and Kisame slides and surfs the wave to his targets.

He's about to slash Gai, when Rock Lee kicks the Samehada out of the Kisame's hand using Konoha Shoufuu (Leaf Rising Wind!) kick technique.

Neji lands on the surface of the water and does Hakke Kuushou (Eight Divination Signs Air Palm). He thrust his palm at Kisame and releases an invisible wave of chakra that sends Kisame flying back. Kisame regains the Samehada as he flies back and uses it to block a a large sphere covered in spikes. He then notices a piece of burning paper covered in kanji on the sphere, an explosive tag meaning the spike sphere is a bomb. The explosion is massive sending spikes in all directions and creating huge splashes.

"No luck. he got away." say Tenten holding the scroll under her left arm and a length of scroll covering her right arm from summoning and throwing her weapon.

Kisame swims faster than the sharks he resembles and reaches the surface of the waves.

"These irritating brats" he says "Ridiculous."

"Water style ninjutsu with that huge sword..." says Gai looking confused, "You're..."

"It took you long enough to remember." says Kisame as he rises to stand on the surface of the water.

"I feel like we've met before..." says Gai

Kisame looks ready to sweat drop.

"You really know how to play dumb." says Kisame, "I'll just have to rough you up until you remember."

Land of Wave

The dozen people on the boat off shore watch as the mist clears and they can see there men and hostages on the bridge and in the four patrol boats. The men on the Pier also don't know the the explosion charges are gone, the hostages are safe in Fire Country, and all thirty six guards are dead. What they don't known is the thirty four hostages and the thirty six men have been replaced by henged kage bushin (transformed clones). With there immense chakra capacity, the five digidestined were able to learn Naruto signature technique, they just don't use it as the basis for there fighting style like Naruto.

Now that the combination of Kirakagure no Jutsu and the natural mist is gone. The eight ninja have gone into town hiding in the shadows.

Suddenly, the guards see a woman in pink jump threw the air and into the forest, drawing six of the twelve guards after her. The six men race into the woods to find Mimi standing against a tree with a pink robe discarded on the ground. The tree she's next to is a huge cherry tree and there are rows on either side of the path the guards followed her on, which is strange because cherry trees are rare in the Land of Waves and don't normally grow that big. Her hands are in a hand seal position and behind her Palmon has her roots in the ground.

"Who are you girl? A Kunoichi?"

"Mokuton: Sakura Masui!" (Wood Release: Cherry Blossom Deep Slumber).

Suddenly, the cherry blossom falls from the tree, each release of thin trail of spreading powder. The men don't have time to react as the powder comes in contact with there skin and inhaled into there lungs. They feel there body's go numb and feel the pull of sleep like the tentacles of a giant squid pulling a diver into the depths of the dark ocean. As the men collapse, Mimi releases the jutsu and the powder and cherry blossoms stop falling. It doesn't matter since she and Palmon are not effected by the spores and the men have already been exposed to enough to leave them asleep forever.

Six Nukenin (Missing Nin) from Kiri appear with there poison blades ready. With there protective water-proof outfits and the re-breathers they wear, they are not effected by the sleep spores that will be on the ground and active until the next rain.

"A Konoha Kunoichi and Mokuton? Iwa or Kumo would love the chance to steal that bloodline." says the leader of the six, "Do you surrender, little girl?"

"To you losers...?" says Mimi

"Not a chance!" finishes Palmon

The Leader makes several hand signs, then releases Baku Suishouha (Bursting Water Collision Waves). The forest floor is instantly flooded and the six slowly dying sleeping guards are drowned. Mimi jumps onto the trunk of the tree as the tree begins to snap from the force

"Mokuton: Mangrove!" (Wood Release: Mangrove!)

A mass of vines and roots explode from the waters and form a leafy canopy. The fallen tree is secure in the Mangrove forest an Mimi stands crouched in the same position. Three of the six Mist ninja shoot from the water with there swords drawn back to slice the girl into pieces, only for a mass of vines to shoot out the water and wrap around there legs. The ninjas are quickly pulled into the water leaving the other three standing on the water shocked.

"Mokuton: Palmon Moku Bunshin" (Wood Release: Palmon Wood Clone)

Underwater, the three shinobi find the source of the vines, Palmon stands on the forest floor with her poison ivy vines wrapped around them. Suddenly, six more Palmons appear growing out the grown. They all raise there arms and thorns shoot out like harpoons and pierce the Mist ninja.

The three other Kiri Nukenin appear, but when the wooden spikes go threw them they dissolve revealing themselves to be water clones. Six more water clones appear around the Wood Clones and cut them apart, only for the clones to grow back together. They begin to spin like tops and fire extremely sharp spikes in all directions, wiping out the water clones and instantly killing two of the mist nin.

The Leader rises to the surface, jumping out of the water behind Mimi, and comes swinging down to cut her in half. The Mangrove proves it's usefulness slowing the poison coated blade with it's many branches, allowing Mimi to block the blade with her hardened Rose Whip. There is a burst of pain and the Leader looks down at four tendrils piercing both of them straight threw. Then, the Mimi in front of him dissolves into a Moku Bushin (wood clone). Mimi rises from the surface of the tree, melding out of the wood.

In another part of the forest, Yamato deals with the other fourteen missing ninja from hidden mist ninjas. The Leader of his enemies has already covered the field in water and the entire group is trying to hit him with poison-coated weapons and water techniques, but Yamato is proving to be difficult with numerous agile water clones.

The real Yamato is revealed to be standing on the water, hiding in the shadows of a tree. He goes threw an odd series of hand seals, then thrusts his clawed hand forward

"Hyouton: Garou Takashio!" (Ice Release: Hungry Wolf Surge)

A giant glowing blue wolf-shaped surge of water explodes from the surface at the missing nins. The wolf turns to ice seconds before impact and smashes the seven ninja that were not able to escape the attack, crushing and killing them in an instant.

"Suiton: Mizurappa" (Water Release: Violent Water Wave)

"Suiton: Suigadan!" (Water Release: Water Fang Projectile)

Yamato avoids the counteracts by replacing himself with water clones, then releases another high level jutsu. He places his hands on the water's surface and calls out the attack.

"Hyouton: Hyoukai no Mori!" (Ice Release: Forest of the Frozen Sea)

A dozen pillars of ice slowly rise from the water, absorbing more and more water as they grow. The pillars releases more spikes like branches. In second the water is gone and the forest now has a dozen immense leaf-less trees composed of ice filled with water. The cold of the ice forest fills the the forest with a icy mist. The Former Mist Ninja race towards Yamato, whose now crouched on the ground with his hand on the snow-covered ground.

"Hyouton: Garou karyudo Bakuda!" (Ice Release: Wolf Hunter Blast Wave)

The ice trees glow a faint blue before exploding like a dozen giant bombs. The Mist nin can't escape the shrapnel and are punctured, cut, and shredded by the fragments of very hard ice. Those not killed in the explosion are quickly wiped out by Yamato wielding a pair of trench knives and moving like a supernatural wolf on the hunt.

As the last man falls dead, Gabumon appears from behind a tree.

"Thanks for the energy, Gabumon."

"Always, Matt."

Suddenly, a bloody crazed survivor jumps from the trees with two poison kunai

"Hyouton: Reitou Kotai!" (Ice Release: Frozen Solid)

Yamato and Gabumon combine their power to flash freeze the enemy ninja, who falls pass them and shatter into ice crystal dust.

Back in village, people are about to learn that freedom has returned to Land of Waves. One tall, muscular man with no hair, a body covered in ocean-theme tattoos and holding a long sword is yelling at civilians.

"Get back to work, you worms. You all enjoyed yourself when Gatou died, but you guys are slaves! If you don't obey, those women and children will die, then the rest of you filth!"

"Hijutsu: Hachi Dengekisen: Naraka" (Secret Art: Eight Electric Shock Wire: Naraka)

The thug stiffens, then collapses in terrible pain as the sharp wire pierces his body. The released electric chakra is low amps so the thug doesn't die yet, but he's in so much pain he wish he was. He feels every muscle in his body tense and relax over and over again and organs spasm out of control causing the systems to malfunction. He can barely see the fine wires and wouldn't if his blood wasn't smoking on them.

The bridge builder Tazuna, creator of the Great Naruto Bridge, looks up as the man falls and sees a boy holding the set of wires and a familiar head band. There is also a woman with short hair behind him.


"The hostages have been freed, the guards are dead, the bombs have been dearmed, and this guy is the last of the village guards." says Izumi. He then finishes the thug with a high amp surge of power making Shizune wince at the brutality.

"I didn't hear a thing." says one in the crowd.

"We had to be quiet and covert with the hostages and bombs."



"Something Anko and Team Reptile no longer need to be." says Izumi with a sweat drop.

A few minutes ago, at a pier. The dozen men were moving boxes of ammo and supplies from the boats to the warehouse. The ware house is loaded with food, fuel, drugs, and weapons ranging from swords to more bombs to kunai-shooting volley guns from the Land of Snow. They were being guarded by the four missing ninja from the village hidden in the leaves.

The four are barely chunin level ninja who ran away from Konoha before the death of Sandaime Hokage. There clan heads were members of Konoha's council (Danzo, Homura, Koharu, and a member of the civilian council) who thought there parents made them above the law. They group was responsible for several thefts after the death of the Uchiha clan (the police force) and even raped a group of civilian girls before they got caught. There parents arranged for there escape from custody, when they couldn't get the charges dropped and escaped into the east. Even years later, there parents hide them by arranging for there names to disappear from Bingo Books and creating false leads in Rain and Wind Country.

The four were very arrogant despite knowing very few jutsu beyond Academy jutsu, which is why they don't notice the mist of Katon: Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Mist Waltz Technique). The large amount of combustible mist flows into the warehouse, across the floor, and towards the open door propelled by a faint wind.

The four ninja notice something is wrong when Cyberdramon flies above the pier holding a barrel of fuel, that he has torn open. They finally see the mist on the ground, but it's far too late since Ryou, Masaru, Anko, and Agumon all release fire techniques.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan" (Fire Dragon Flame Projectile)

"Taiyoukaken!" (Sun Flame Fist!)

"Housenka no Jutsu!" (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique)

"Baby Volcano!!"

The fire techniques blast threw the western wall of warehouse and ignites the wood and mist. The flames ignite the barrels of fuel, causes the drugs to burn, and detonates the explosives. The massive chain reaction sends fragments of the weapons threw the walls causing heavy damage and spreading the fire where they are embedded into the wood. The workers in the warehouse are either blown to pieces, incinerated, or suffocated by the fire and smoke getting into there lungs.


The fire explodes out the other end of the warehouse following the fumes of fuel spilled by Cyberdramon. Those flames ignite the fuel on the pier and the remaining explosives causing another massive explosion that kills the remaining workers.


A boat on the side of the pier is pierced by a rain of burning shrapnel and crushed by falling pieces of the pier. The one crewman not killed by the fire is badly injured and drowns as the boat rapidly sinks from the extensive damage.

Three of four Konoha Nukenin are dead, there bodies completely mangled. The lone survivor is missing his arms and legs leaving cauterized stumps and what remains of his body is covered in first and second degree burns. With his one good eye, he sees Anko standing above him.

"Filthy little snake wh..."

His insult is cut off by a pair of kunai piercing his heart and throat.

"Cyberdramon!!" yells Ryou calling his partner to land as he pulls out a storage scroll and bites his thumb. He spreads the blood over the seal on the scroll and in an explosion of smoke he reveals "Da Bomb."

Da Bomb was created by Ryou , Masaru, and Izumi after learning about this world's weaponry and Tenten's unique collection of weaponry. It resembles a one and half meter tall, half a meter radius barrel made of hundreds of sharp metal spikes resembling kunai blades. The tops are covered in smooth half-sphere domes each with four indentation. Two of the spaces have papers covered kanji, explosive tags.

"What the (CENSORED) is That!?" says Anko.

"We noticed many of our partners could fly, but only had close to mid range attacks for the most part." says Masaru, "Mad scientist Izzy came up with drop bombs and this is the largest, Da Bomb."

Cyberdramon grabs the Da Bomb by the smooth caps rises into the air and heads towards the Boat containing the last dozen men and six of the Kumo ninja. The Boat realizing the warehouse and pier is gone in a burst of flames and a demonic creature holding a spiky object is heading towards them panics.

The large boat opens fire with a ship mounted volley gun releasing a shower of extremely fast kunai, while archers fire flaming arrows, and the Kumo ninja fire bolts of lightning and blades of wind.


Cyberdramon is far too durable and far to high for most of the attacks to harm him and most of the attacks that get close are annihilated by the waves of red energy fired from the sharp claws of one of Cyberdramon's hands.

The energy in Digital World can delete partially delete the opponent's digital structure. In the real world, the energy is like a shot from a positron blaster cannon. The extremely narrow (nano scale) beams of positrons, the antimatter equivalent of electrons, comes into contact with an object and the positrons and electrons annihilate each other, which in turn causes the target to break apart on a molecular level. Cyberdramon rarely uses his Erase Claw on full power because it becomes unpredictable.

A path is cleared threw the volley, raining high velocity super-heated fragments and gamma radiation down on the boat. Cyberdramon throws the Da Bomb and flies away as fast as his tattered red wings can take him.

One Kumo Nin managed to hit the Da Bomb with a Raiton jutsu, but it's too close.


The bomb explodes violently sending hundreds of metal pieces at many times the speed of sound threw the boat and it's crew. The explosion is so violently, a person can see the boat deforming and shattering into pieces before it's consumed in tower or water and steam.

Back on Land, the assembled heroes sweat drop at the huge explosion and the giant mushroom cloud that has formed from the air burst explosion.

"Izzy, you are a MAD scientist." says Masaru

Team Kakashi and Co: River Country

The group are out of the desert and at home in the trees again, passing a river.

"Hey, Naruto. Can I ask you something?" asks Sakura.

"Yes and you may ask another." quips Naruto.

Sakura smiles, then returns to her question.

"How long have you been a target of the Akatsuki?"

Naruto thinks about Itachi and Kisame, then replies, "How should I know...?"

"Two Akatsuki members came to Konoha.looking for Naruto.." says Kakashi, "about three years ago, now they're back, but I'm still not sure what they want exactly."

"Power." says Spike, "What else do the Big Bads want but more power?"

Chiyo nods at that. She has scene that the thirst for money and power are the driving forces in the Shinobi world. For the most part, the ninja villages are used to expand the political strength of the Daimyo.

"Why did they wait almost three years?" asks Sakura

"They probably couldn't do anything, not that they just didn't... after all, Naruto was with Jiraiya-sama."

"No.... According to my information, it seems there were other reasons." says Chiyo, "Extracting Bijuu sealed in a human body requires some preparation. They needed time."

"What's a Bijuu?" asks Sakura

"WHAT?!" yells Chiyo, “You’re a pupil of Tsunade’s but don’t know that..?”

“In Konoha, information about the Kyubi, the nine-tailed fox demon” explains Kakashi, “is absolutely top secret...”

“...Well...That’s not surprising..” says Chiyo “Bijuu are tailed beast spirits. From long ago, there was Ichibi, the one tailed spirit of sand, then shukaku which was sealed in Gaara.”

“Ichibi...?” says Sakura, “So, there are demonic beasts other than the fox...”

“Yes..There are Nine Bijuu in this world.” says Chiyo, “Biju are distinct in character. Each of them has a different number of tails. Ichibi means one tail, Nibi is two. Up to Kyubi, the Nine Tailed Fox Spirit. Their names represent the number of tails they have.’

‘Bijuu are huge concentrations of chakra. During the era of Great Wars, every nation’s hidden village competed for control over them for military purposes.’

‘but their power is beyond human understanding and no one could control them. I don’ know the Akatsuki’s intentions but that kind of power is far too dangerous for them to get a hold of.”

“Well in peace times, things have changed.” adds Kakashi, “I heard the Bijuu have spread and exist all over the world now.”

"Don't be so sure." says Spike, "I talked to Jiraiya. Other than Naruto and Gaara, there's another Jinchuriki containing Yonbi hiding in the forests and Nibi is a weapon for Hidden Cloud, but collectively Jinchuriki are treated like monsters Naruto and now Gaara are very rare. They have risen above the darkness that shrouds the life of those who contain the Tailed Beasts."

Chiyo seems to be in deep thought.

Akatsuki Base

The eyes of the King of Hell Statue begin to open and the drain of chakra from Gaara increases.

“More enemies approach. Many enemies.” reports Zetsu, “They’re Konoha Shinobi.”

“Well Who’s up for this...?” says Pain

Team Kakashi and the others.

Kakashi stops a problem and yells “Stop, everyone!”

In front of everyone is a man in black cloak with red clouds and a scratched Konoha headband. A man who brings a surge of fear to Naruto.

“Who?” asks Sakura with a feeling of dread.

"Oh shit!" says Spike

“So soon..?” asks Kakashi.

“He’s... those eyes..” says Chiyo seeing red eyes each with three tomoes around each eye.

"Sharingan." says Hikari

“Uchiha ... Itachi!” says Naruto.

Land of Wave

The Problem.

"One hundred eight enemy and thirty four hostages, twenty four being children. Four guards on this side of bridge, four on the other side, and four in the middle around the children. There are a dozen in town watching the civilians and another dozen moving supplies near the piers. A dozen on the bridge planting explosives, a dozen guarding them, and a dozen more on a boat. There are also thirty six shinobi spread out, twenty missing nin from Kiri, four missing nin from Konoha, and twelve are from Kumo. The Kumo seem to be in charge and what head bands I could spot aren't slashed."

Currently, the hostages are free, the bombs are gone, the enemy supplies are gone, and of the one hundred eight enemy, one hundred two have been killed. There are still problem, six big problems.

The six remaining ninja are all loyal Jounin (Elite Ninja) of Kumogakure no Sato, Rai no Kuni (Village Hidden in the Clouds, Lightning Country).

The first three are the Sansai Brothers. They are all there early thirties standing nearly six feet tall with white hair and blue eyes

Kazemaru Sansai, also known as Makaze no Kenshi (Sword Saint of the Evil Wind) is Kumo's wind affinity master, a warrior know for his skill with a pair of ultra sharp swords.

Oomizumaru Sansai, also known as Mizu no Tatsujin (Master of the Water) is Kumo's water affinity master, a warrior know for his skill with Suiton techniques as famous as Nidaime Hokage and the Mizukages.

Karyuumaru Sansai, also known as Hounoo no Ryujin (Dragon King of Blaze), is Kumo's master of fire and explosions. Kumo may not be known for Fir Techniques, but he's easily a match for Konoha's flame masters.

The Sansai are fanatically loyal to Raikage, so this mission must be official or black ops.

The fourth member is a woman with black hair and eyes standing in an impressive Jounin. She is Karai, the daughter of Raikage and one of the greatest lightning affinity prodigies, a genius of Raiton jutsu and potentially her father's successor.

The fifth member is Fubuki, a child of Water Country that was rescued from bloodline hunts and adopted as Karai's sister. She possesses an ability that was scene in Wave Country years ago, Hyouton (Ice Release), not simulated combination techniques or faux armor technique of the Land of Snow, but the dual elemental chakra affinity bloodline once used by Nukenin Haku

Th sixth and final member may be the most dangerous, most hated and most feared in Kumogakure no Sato. A person born to be a weapon of her village with the power of a greater demon. Nii Yugito, Jounin Kunoichi and Jinchuriki no Nibi no Nekomata (Host of Two Tailed Demon Cat)

Konoha Teams vs Uchiha Itachi

He’s ,thinks the shocked Sakura, Uchiha Itachi?!

“Itachi... Yes... He’s... The boy who murdered his entire clan...” says Chiyo

“Long time no see...” says Itachi, “Kakashi... Naruto.”

He has the Sharingan... same as Sasuke..!”

This guy... thinks Sakura getting mad, He’s caused Sasuke and Naruto so much pain.

“Who do you think you are?!” yells Naruto, “You come for me, Kidnap Gaara... I’m going to take you out!”

"Calm down Naruto." says Renamon, "You can't fight some one of his skill with your emotions out of control You need to stay calm and wait for a opportunity."

Kakashi notices movement of his hand and yells “Nobody look directly into his eyes... It’s dangerous!”

“Then, what are supposed to do?!” asks Sakura

"There's more ways to fight then by sight." says Takeru drawing his sword and lowering his hat.

Kakashi remembers asking Gai how did he take Itachi on.

“Read his movements by watching his body and footwork. Itachi’s genjustu is ocular jutsu... Basically he seizes his target with his vision. You’ll be Okay so long as your eyes, don’t meet his.”

“This is NOT gonna be easy..” says Sakura

"Never is easy." says Angel, "That's life."

“The Uchiha Clan” says Chiyo “I haven’t gone up against the Sharingan in a long time, but you need to be afraid. Several tactics can handle ocular jutsu.”

“Well, what do we do?!” asks a nervous Naruto.

Ruki slaps him..

“If it’s one on one, you definitely run.” says Chiyo, “If it’s two one, get his back.”

“What do you mean?” asks Naruto, rubbing his sore face, no longer nervous.

“If it’s two on one.. even if one falls under genjutsu. they can be released if the other gets behind the enemy and lands a hit. If that doesn’t work, you can free your comrade by giving them a whack too.’

‘In other words, when you are two or more, one acts as a decoy then the others attack continuously from the sharingan’s blind spot.”

“I get it..” says Sakura

“There’s some old age and wisdom for you!” says Naruto.

“Yeah... If it’s regular genjutsu level, that’s fine. In this case it’s little more troublesome.” says Kakashi


“He uses Mangekyo Sharingan. It’s more powerful than the original Sharingan.” sys Kakashi, “If you’re caught by his ocular jutsu he has you instantly. It has nothing to do with where you can defeat genjustu or not. “

"Just when you think things can't get any worse," says Blaze, "The old bastard Murphy proves you wrong."

So much for the uplifting spirits.

“What a nuisance...” says Chiyo, “Who IS He...?”

“Well done, Kakashi.” says Itachi, “You’ve learned from experiencing Tsukiyomi, the nightmare realm, only once.”

“That’s not all after using that ocular jutsu you were spent and tried to wrap thing up and leave.” says Kakashi, “That jutsu requires a considerable amount of chakra and it seems there’s quite a risk to your eyes too... Itachi.”

“After only one fight.. That’s a pretty good analysis.” says Itachi.

He's calm on the outside, but he thinking about strangling Zetsu. The green-haired half-plant DID cannibal didn't tell him he would be facing a large group with most of members possessing unknown summons. He never even heard of a Kitsune contract outside Lord Madara's ability to control the Kyubi.

Kakashi raises his headband to reveal his scarred eye containing his implanted Sharingan, a present from his dying teammate Obito Uchiha.

“How much of your eyesight have you lost?” asks Kakashi.

Itachi looks a little surprised, then closes his eyes and bows his head for a second.

“Kakashi are you...?” he asks an incomplete question.

“Anyway! I dropped my guard last time, but I learn quickly.” says Kakashi, “I don’t make the same mistakes twice.”

“And if you think I’m the same as before...’ adds Naruto, “you’re making a Big Mistake!”

“I’ll take care of him, Naruto.” says Kakashi, annoying the blond hyper-active ninja.

“This time I need you for backup.” explains Kakashi, “ I’d like to send you on ahead, but I don’t think I can take him alone.”

Team Gai vs Kisame

Maito Gai uses the same technique as his favorite student Rock Lee to pull Samehada out of Kisame’s grip again, while the other three attack from above with Neji’s Juken, Rock’s Goken, and Tenten armed with a pair of knives.

Kisame is quick to form a set of seal and use Mizu Bushin no Jutsu (Art of the Water Clone). Three pillars of water rise out of the water around Kisame and transform into three clones. The four Kisame all block the attacks of the four Konoha ninjas with ease.

One of Kisame clone then uses Suirou no Jutsu (Art of the Water Prison) releasing water at Neji


Gai fearing for his students tries to attack Kisame with Samehada only for the living sword to tear itself from his grip

In a flash, the three water clones have captured Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee in spheres of water, unable to breathe or move.

“Lee! Neji! Tenten!” yells Gai, while the real Kisame stands in front of Gai.

“You’re better than I thought little brats.” says Kisame, “Now, we can do this one on one.”

Team Gai vs Kisame

Gai stands on the water facing Kisame and behind Kisame, three water clones hold the rest of Team Gai in spherical water prisons. The sword Samehada moves threw the water rising above the surface like a shark’s fin, before flipping in his master’s hand.

“The giant sword Samehada”, Kisame pulls the sword from the water, “Only I am allowed to wield it.”

Maito Gai pulls out his own personal weapon, Nunchaku, which he swings for second then places in defense in front of him. His students can only watch for there spheres.

“All right!!” says Kisame, “The moment has come!”

Kisame brings down the sword with such strength it creates an huge explosion of water. Gai can barely block Samehada with the chain of his Nunchaku. Kisame then smashes his other arm into Gai with a roar. The force is so great Gai is sent into the floor of newly made lake blood spraying form his mouth

“Gai Sensei!!” is the only thing Rock can say inside his water prison

“I haven’t even gotten started yet!” yells Kisame on the surface, doing several hand seals, then places one hand on the surface of the water. ”Suiton: Goshokuzame!” (Five Sharks Eating)

A shark of condensed water will emerge from each of his fingers to attack his opponent who is in the water below.

Gai realizes he has no choice and calls out Hachimon (The eight inner gates!) Keimon Kai (View Gate Release).

The surge of chakra is so immense, Kisame and Gai are left standing the dry ground surrounded by an immense vortex of water, like the eye of a huge hurricane.

At the same time Neji releases chakra from every point on his network, blowing the water prison away and freeing the others, while Kisame stares wide eyed, dropped mouth at the glowing white-eyed Gai. Rock thanks Neji then notices Gai’s stance.

Gai leaps into the air and moves with such speed Kisame can’t hit him, but Gai can hit Kisame. The fish-like Missing Nin is blown back and can only states the obvious, “He’s so fast!”

“That’s..” says Tenten

“Yup.” says Neji

“Game Over!” says Rock as Gai attacks.

“ASA-KU-JAKU!!” (Morning Peacock!)

Gai kicks Kisame into the air , then strike him multiple times, causing a distinctive peacock fan to develop. Kisame then fall back to the earth, covered in the strike's aura. He falls like meteor, burning, as he crashes into the water. He goes straight to the bottom embedding himself in the lake floor.

The water evaporates with Kisame’s death and Team Gai gathers around the shattered corpse.

“Th...This guy is..” says Gai shocked.

End of CHAPTER 12: ETM- Part 4

Jutsu List
Hijutsu: Dengekisen (Secret Art: Electric Shock Wire)
A simple wire with a sharp tip or tipped with a metal senbon/shuriken/kunai with a high amp electrical surge designed to paralyse muscles for a quiet death.
Hijutsu: Zubatto Denki Harigan (Secret Art: Piercing Electricity Wire)
Izumi sends thin wires to pierce his opponent in vital areas and he and Tentomon send electricity through them at opposite ends.
Mokuton: Dai no Ki Tachi (Wood Release: Huge Wooden Swords)
Mimi creates giant wooden swords that are wielded by Togemon.
Weapon: Mimi's Toxic Rosewhip
A long whip composed of a vine with a wooden handle and rose-shaped pommel. The whip's tip is covered in toxic thorns containing a Hyper-allergenic chemicals that cause Anaphylaxis and delayed hemotoxin that stops blood clotting and damages blood cells and internal organs.
Hyoton: Ekishou Hyougen (Ice Release: Liquid Crystal Ice Field)
Yamato inhales a large amount of air and uses his chakra to convert it into subzero liquids, the releases it as a high velocity spray that instantly freezes all water it comes in contact with.
Mokuton: Sakura Masui (Wood Release: Cherry Blossom Slumber)
Palmon digs her feet into the ground and Mimi creates a forest of cherry blossom (sakura) trees whose roots connect to Palmon’s. Palmon transfers her Sleep Spores through the roots and the cherry blossoms fall from the trees, causing everyone trapped in the forest except Mimi and Palmon to fall asleep.
Mokuton: Mangrove (Wood Release: Mangrove)
A Mokuton technique designed for watery enviroments, it causes a mangrove forest to rise from the water altering the battle field and acts as protection from Suiton Jutsu (Water Techniques).
Mokuton: Palmon Moku Bunshin (Wood Release: Palmon Wood Clone)
Mimi creates clones of Palmon out of wood that can shoot wooden spikes from its hands. The clones cannot walk and can only spin and move their arms up and down, so Palmon must hold the enemy in place with Poison Ivy.
Hyouton: Hyoukai no Mori! (Ice Release: Forest of the Frozen Sea)
A technique that converts sorrounding water into giant trees made of water-filled ice. It prevents Suiton users from using the water by sealing it inside the ice trees.
Hyouton: Garou karyudo Bakuda! (Ice Release: Wolf Hunter Blast Wave)
A technique that causes liquid water in ice to explode releases the ice shell as high velocity sharpnel
Hijutsu: Jikumonosu (Secret Art: Magnetic Spiderweb)
Izumi creates a web of wires that attracts all metal to it.
Hyouton: Reitou Kotai (Ice Release: Frozen Solid)
Yamato and Gabumon combine their power to flash freeze the enemy and can then shatter them.
Hijutsu: Hachi Dengekisen: Naraka (Secret Art: Eight Electric Shock Wire: Naraka)
A revision of Hijutsu: Dengekisen that fire eight wires, that uses different amps and current to torture the target before finishing. It can also be used to shut down Hachimon (Celestial Gates). Naraka is is the name given to one of the worlds of greatest suffering in Buddhist cosmology. A Hell devided into Eight Hot Naraka and Cold Narakas.

Author Notes
Why is Izumi (Izzy) a killing machine?
I think of him as a cross between Shikamaru Nara (Naruto) and a young Walter C. Dornez (Hellsing).
Why so much Manga copying in Suna?
The teams don't effect Gai vs Kisame battle and the battle with Itachi hasn't really begun. The changes from canon start slow, but will rapidly increase. The Sasuke reunion will go VERY different.
The Kumo Nin?
Sansai is the name given to three calamities in Japan - Fire, Storm, and Flood. Karai comes from both the Shreeder's daughter (TMNT) and Azula (ATLA). Fubuki means snow storm and like the volley guns I got from the land of snow movie.
Hyouton Theory?
There are three versions of Ice Release in my story. The actual kekkai genkai (Blood Inheritance limit) that Haku possessed (and Fabuki does possess), combination techniques in which one person uses water and other uses wind to create Ice like Yamato and Gabumon, and faux Hyouton techniques generated due to chakra weapons and devices like the ninjas from the Land Snow. They don't possess the bloodline but can pull off the techniques using the advance armor.
Around the battles with Deidara and Sasori, Nami Teams will face Kakazu and Hidan.

Next Chapter
The hunt in Sand, the battle in Wave, and more techniques

Suna (Sand) Teams
Team Kakashi - Kakashi/Naruto/Sakura
Team Scourge - Angel/Spike/Drusilla
Team Tamer - Takato/Jenrya/Ruki
Team Light - Hikari/Takeru/Juri
Team Gai - Maito Gai/Rock Lee/Neji/Tenten
Nami (Wave) Team
Team Adventure - Yamato/Mimi/Izumi
Team Reptile - Masaru/Ryou/Sai
Command - Shizune and Anko Mitarashi
Team Kurenai - Shino/Kiba/Hinata

Keep sending in techniques and Puppet ideas, I will end using them.


Absolute Couples.
Kurenai Yuuhi x Asuma Sarutobi
Naruto x Hinata (x Harem)
Renamon x Kyubi
Hikari x Takeru
Spike x Drusilla

Who should be in Naruto's Harem?
Other Pairing?

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